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Hila Hawk Newsletter - September 2012


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September 2012 Edition of the HILA school newsletter.

Published in: Education
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Hila Hawk Newsletter - September 2012

  1. 1. PRIDE party Parent Workshop Did your child earn 20 points? Training on Pearson Success Net September 28, 2012 October 13, 2012The Hope Institute Learning AcademyHawk NewsSeptember 21, 2012 Volume 2012/Number 1A Word fromMr. JakubowskiDear Parents and Friends:There are many exciting events going on at HILA this month.Please make sure you communicate often with your child’steacher to ensure your child is making both academic andsocial/emotional growth.•Wednesday, September 26th – Parent Social in the SensoryGarden – 6PM-7PM. FREE food and drinks will be provided.Families of HILA meeting in the auditorium from 5PM-6PM•Friday, September 28th – HILA’s first PRIDE Incentive Partyfor students who have earned twenty signatures (twenty points) Students arrived with smiling faces for the first day of school! HILA Students toon their HILA PRIDE cards.•Thursday, October 4th – Pearson’s Read for the Record – K-2Students only – School auditorium.•Saturday, October 13th – Parent Workshop (9AM – 11AM)– Training on Pearson Success Net. “Read for the Record” Kindergarten through second grade students at HILA will be part•October 22nd-29th – HILA School Scholastic Book Fair in of an international attempt to set a world record on Thursday,the school library. October 4. Our students will join with kids around the world to set a Guinness World Record for the largest number of personsPlease make sure your children enter the building before 8AM reading the same book at the same time. The event – Read for theeach day. If a student comes in after 8AM, they are marked tardy Record – is co-sponsored by our friends at Pearson and Jumpstartfor the day. If your child is absent, please make sure the office to stress the importance of reading and to raise money for earlyreceives documentation (doctor’s note, etc.) in regards to your education programs.child’s absence. Unexcused absences and tardies negativelyaffect our Chicago Public School Performance Policy. We have More than 2.2 million people read together during the 2011 editionthe opportunity to earn 3 points if our student’s attendance and of this annual event.tardy rate is above 95%. The more points we earn, the greater This year’s Read for the Record book – Ladybug Girl and the BugHILA’s chances are for renewing our school contract. Please Squad by David Soman and Jackie Davis is about a young girl who,prepare for inclement weather to ensure your children arrive to with her friends Bumblebee Boy, Dragonfly Girl and Butterfly Girl,school on time each day! learn important life lessons of friendship, feelings and courage.If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email Each participating student will receive a copy of this year’s directly. Your support is essential, and I look forward Since the beginning of the program, Read for the Record hasto seeing many families next Wednesday night at the Parent engaged more than 7,000,000 children, raised more than $7Social. million for early education programs and distributed millions ofMichael Jakubowski, M.Ed. free books.Principal Immediately following the October 4 event, HILA will dedicate Sensory Garden. Parents are welcome to attend the reading at 9:30, and the dedication at 10:15 a.m.
  2. 2. September 21,2012 Hawk News Volume 2012/ Number1Families of HILA SeeksParticipantsThe Families of HILA group (formerly the Parent AdvisoryCouncil) will meet Wednesday, September 26 at 5 p.m. in the Volunteers Needed forauditorium. The meeting will be followed by a Family SocialEvent from 6 until 7 p.m. in the Sensory Garden. All families arewelcome, and food and soft drinks will be provided.This can be the best school year in HILA’s history, but only with thehelp and involvement of all HILA families. Many great activitiesare planned, but our teachers, staff and administration can’t do October Book Faireverything on their own. Parent involvement is key to making this The Scholastic Book Fair will be at the Hope Institute Learningyear a success! Academy Monday October 22, 2012, through Monday October 29, 2012.Families of HILA meetings are held on the fourth Wednesdayof the month in the auditorium. Please mark this date on your The exciting theme for our fall 2012 book fair is All-Star Book Fair:calendar and plan to join us every month! Every Reader is a Star! We need volunteers to help put on a one- of-a-kind book fair. We hope parents and other famiy membersHILA to Host Monthly will share their talents and join us as we bring this memorable reading celebration to our school. If you have some time to help us plan or conduct the book fair,Parent Workshops please contact Ms. Katherine Thurston in the library, or fill out a Book Fair Volunteer Form available at the school office. About The Hope InstituteParents are invited to join HILA faculty and guest speakers formonthly parent workshops. The workshops will be held on thesecond Saturday of each month, beginning at 9 a.m.Parent workshops provide a great opportunity to keep up with the for Children & Familieslatest events at the school, and to learn new skills that can helpyour student. The October 13 workshop will provide training From its beginnings in a small Springfield home, The Hope Institute hason Pearson’s Success Net, an online portal that can help parents grown to annually impact more than 23,000 children in every part ofmonitor their child’s progress and follow the subjects being taught Illinois. In addition to The Hope Institute Learning Academy, Hope’sin the classroom. programs include: • The Hope School Learning Center - a state-of-the-art SpringfieldOnline Resources facility dedicated to serving children with developmental disabilities and autism. • The Hope Center for Residential Services - providing home-We want to help parents stay connected online! Here like residential services 24/7/365 on Hope’s 26 acre campus inare some important links that may help parents and Springfield and in group homes throughout the community.students: • The Hope Health and Wellness Center - providing a full range of health care services for children who live and learn at Hope. HILA Website: • Noll Medical Pavilion - a 53,000 square-foot facility bringing together a variety of outpatient health care services for Central HILA Facebook Page: Illinois children with developmental disabilities and mental illness. • Noll Dental Clinic - providing compassionate care for all patients, with a special focus on those with developmental disabilities. Academy/73261023779 • The Autism Program of Illinois - the nation’s largest statewide CPS School Lunch Menus network for autism resources and services. • Illinois Crisis Prevention Network - in partnership with Trinity (Use the pull-down menu to find “Hope Academy” Services, Inc., working to preserve residential placements for persons with disabilities experiencing a crisis. The Hope Institute Website At Hope, we support children and families to reach optimum growth, independence and joy.