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Summer2010 Key Categories 6

  1. 1. 12.2.09 Summer 2010 Key Categories Update The Evolution of Spring 2010 Published On: 9.16.09
  2. 2. Tops Knits Wovens Novelty
  3. 3. Tunics Iconic to Summer, and a nod to designer Tory Burch, the tunic is at the peak of its fashion cycle. Maximize in knits and wovens. This flattering silhouette is newest for Summer ‘10 when embellished and/or boldly printed. Novelty Bottomed Tops It is important when assortment planning to look through the eyes of the consumer and ask “What looks really new to me?”, to get the consumer to spend. Critical to note: Asymmetry, blousons, and band-bottoms dramatically update the top category. Interest at the bottom of tops will play to new proportions and therefore modernize “the look” of sportswear.
  4. 4. Open Stitches Stitch interest drives newness in the cut-and-sew and Summer sweater categories. Expect the unexpected with crochet and macrame, done as laser cuts in bias stripes, as a new way of expressing Summer’s tribal message. Crochet, however, most saleable in conventional feminine florals, but done in flirty skirts and dresses for breezy Summer days. Cut-Outs Reserved for the advanced segment of our business, but to be interpreted for more traditional segments, cut-outs provide innovation to apparel. Most saleable will be the “cold shoulder.” Watch for cut-outs in artfull placement (e.g. bodice, back, sleeve, waist...), it seems this is a season of “peek-a-boo” for the feminine form. Use this as a sellling point for exercise gear, skin care, age defying products, and all products to keep a woman’s body fit.
  5. 5. Printed Knits Printed knit category evolves importantly for Summer 2010, from all-over sublimation prints to bold expressive graphics. Shift 20-30% of all-over print knit dollars to exploded graphics. Newest graphics are bi-colored, hand-sketched, engineered, and expressive and whimsicle. Tank Tops The tank top is the #1 under pinning, gaining in importance from Spring into Summer. Continuing to revolutionize streetwear, is Shapewear, and the #1 above the waist piece is the tank top to be maximized in solid and print. Newness, in keeping with all apparel, will come from metallic finishes and ornate embellishments.
  6. 6. Roll-Tab Sleeve This key woven shirt silhouette evolves from the important military/uniform trend that has been so influential. Roll-tab sleeves are also key for our viewer, as she has proven to enjoy multi-end uses from her wardrobe. Offer this key shirt idea in traditional lengths as well as tunic lengths. Plaid Wovens Yarn-dyed plaid wovens represented significant volume in the third and fourth quarter across most retail venues, specifically in the Junior segment. The Missy consumer was under-served, therefore we see this as an opportunity. In voile, intensify yarn-dyed plaids for Summer 2010.
  7. 7. Bottoms
  8. 8. Cargo Pants & Shorts The cargo pant/short is essential in the bottoms category for Summer. Versitility is key with the cargo trend, pants that can adjust to capri lengths create multiple looks and added value. Cargo pants/shorts should represent 20-25% of your casual bottoms assortments. Leggings Leggings have been a highlight in all venues of retail for Fall/Holiday 2009, we see this trend continuing. The newest legging will be cropped either as a capri, a skimmer, or a bermuda. The legging is driving, very importantly, this new proportion for our viewer (e.g. long-over-lean) with a new footwear stance. THIS IS WHAT IS NEW ABOUT DRESSING. (RADARinsights will help ShopNBC interpret this for both traditional and contemporary).
  9. 9. Tie-Dye Denim While denim historically drops off in the second quarter, we do see novelty approaches continuing. Tie-dye is the newest and should be tested in jeans, leggings, shorts, and skirts for Summer in order to maximize for third quarter. Our shopping, as noted in the Retail Landscape we published, identified this trend in Los Angeles at Holiday. We predict momentum to gain as this is innovation in apparel. Wide-Leg Trouser For tailored dressing, the wide-leg trouser silhouette is important for Summer 2010. The slouchy trouser from Spring evolves into cleaner lines, creating a more crisp finished look. Note: Maximize this silhouette in suiting, casual twills, and white denim for second quarter.
  10. 10. Jackets
  11. 11. Cropped Jacket The cropped jacket is leadership in Summer 2010’s lightweight outerwear category. This look should represent 5-10% of total Summer outerwear assortments. Details include exposed zippers and military/uniform buttons. Boyfriend Blazer The boyfriend blazer has been a significant trend for Fall/Holiday ‘09, and moves into Summer as a lightweight outerwear piece. Newness in the boyfriend blazer is embellishments, color, and sleeve length (e.g. 3/4 sleeves). The boyfriend blazer is this Summer’s outerwear alternative.
  12. 12. 2-Piece Dressing
  13. 13. Athleisure Athleisure is always an important category, as Summer attire is casual and playful. Athleisure is the mainstream consumer’s wardrobe and dressing for Summer in french terry, terry cloth, and jersey knits. This category can be injected with newness by adding shapewear to the mix. Jumpsuits & Rompers The jumpsuit/romper is an important emerging trend for Summer 2010, we felt ShopNBC should become aware of its quick growth in contemporary consumer acceptance. RADARinsights does not recommend this trend for ShopNBC until validated.
  14. 14. Knit Dressing Historically, knit dressing always peaks in 2nd quarter. Newness to this category includes shapewear and embellishments. Key fabric will be ITY in prints and solids, black and white will be the most commercial color combination.