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Becoming a Digital City with HootSuite
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Becoming a Digital City with HootSuite


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In 2011 the City of New York, set out on a mission to become a world leader in social media initiatives. Recognizing the importance of implementing an effective social media strategy to disseminate …

In 2011 the City of New York, set out on a mission to become a world leader in social media initiatives. Recognizing the importance of implementing an effective social media strategy to disseminate this information, the City of New York and more specifically NYC Digital, used HootSuite as their social media management tool.

Find out how NYC Digital increased the City’s digital reach, built a social media audience of 2.8 million and made New York city a leading digital city.

For more information about HootSuite Enterprise, please visit

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  • 1. Becoming a Digital City with HootSuiteIntroduction “Day to day,Municipal, civic, state and federal governments strive to keep their citizens NYC Digitaland visitors up to date with the information they need. In an attempt toincrease accessibility and transparency, these governments are turning to streamlines digitalsocial media to amplify information that their citizens need. Using HootSuite, communicationthese government groups are able to securely disseminate the right with the public andinformation while at the same time listening and engaging with their citizens. creates meaningful public-private partnerships that At HootSuite we offer a robust set of social serve New Yorkers media tools to help government organizations and support local effectively and securely manage their social industry.” media strategies. Use HootSuite to listen and track your social conversations, securely collaborate with team members, engage with your followers, schedule messages, and analyze your social media metrics.In January of 2011, the city of New York (NYC Digital) set out on a mission– they wanted to provide New Yorkers with an easy way to stay informedon the most critical information from City government in emergencies andeveryday life. NYC Digital recognized the importance of implementing aneffective social media strategy to disseminate this information, and sawan opportunity for the City of New York to become a world leader in socialmedia initiatives. Through their Digital Roadmap initiative, NYC Digital setout to make the city of New York, the world’s leading digital city. NYC Digital RoadMap 1
  • 2. Case Study: Becoming a Digital City with HootSuiteThe Challenge “Crisis managementNYC Digital wanted to make the city of New York the world’s leading is about makingdigital city. By creating their Digital RoadMap Initiative, they set out to sure thereach the following goals: information people• Provide New York citizens an accessible and easy way to stay need is consistent, informed about news and information to do with their city through accurate, and easy social media. to access.”• Create a strong social media presence• Maintain a consistent social media voice as one entity, while at the same time decentralizing communication to all of the various departments and agencies. Facebook:• Provide emergency information that is consistent, accurate, and easy to access. New York City Fire Department: 113,000 - Stories and news from the New York City Fire Department NYPD: 87,649 - Latest news, information and crime prevention tips from the New York City Police Department NYC: THE OFFICIAL GUIDE: 54,115 - Find tips on events, things to do and places to eat in the City.Disaster Response Twitter:During Hurricane #Sandy, the City of New York met the storm with acoordinated social media effort. The city used HootSuite to integrate all @NYCMAYORSOFFICE:of its social media presence. Whereas previously during Hurricane Irene, 127,208 - Updates straightit was separated on 5 different platforms. Streamlining the social media from the Mayor’s Officepresence allowed the different Government agencies, and emergency @NYCGO: 69,189 - Theresponse teams to share accurate information with each other ensuring official guide to New Yorkmessaging had a consistent voice. City @NOTIFYNYC: 57,138 - Emergency notifications and alerts from the Office of Emergency Management 2
  • 3. Case Study: Becoming a Digital City with HootSuiteAchieving Success During the #SandyIn order to accomplish all of the objectives of NYC Digitals initiative, they storm recovery, therelied on the following tools in the HootSuite Dashboard: Mayor of NYC, issuedHootSuite Teams with Limited Permissions an emergency orderThe City of New York needed to be able to add team members with for a schedule of whendifferent levels of permissions. With HootSuite Teams, they were able to gas was available togive each user a different level of access and responsibility. For specificindividuals in their organization, they were given approval permission, purchase. NYC Digitalso that every message had to be approved before being sent out. Team used scheduling tomembers with less responsibility were given a level of permissions pre-schedule tweetswhere they could use HootSuite to monitor the conversation withoutoverwhelming them with the responsibility of publishing. Lastly, the team that outlined whenmembers that had limited permissions used to HootSuite to flag and send citizens could purchasetweets and comments to supervisors. gas. This made it easyScheduling / Publisher for morning commutersFor the dissemination of daily city information at certain times, the City already checking forof New York needed a functionality that could help them plan ahead and city updates, to nowschedule messages. Using the Scheduling functionality, they were able to find out which day theyschedule messages like daily tweets for Alternate Side Parking rules right could purchase gas on.when it was most effective - during the morning commute.AnalyticsThe City of New York needed metrics on the most re-tweeted tweetsas well as snapshot of the level of engagement of their social mediaengagement. HootSuite Analytics allowed the City to pull metrics on thetop most re-tweeted tweets. This information allowed them to gaininsight on what information was of most value to the public. NYC Digitalalso compiled these metrics to measure account growth during theHurricane #Sandy.Keyword and Hashtag Search StreamsNYC digital needed to track what was being said about certain topics.They used Keyword Search Streams to track responses, monitor inquiries,and correct misleading messages. 3
  • 4. Case Study: Becoming a Digital City with HootSuiteResults Learn MoreThe 2012 Digital RoadMap continues to outline a path to realizing theCity of New York’s potential as the world’s leading digital city. Among an For more information onimpressive list of digital initiatives, NYC Digital has: HootSuite Enterprise, visit:• Increased the City’s digital reach each month to nearly 5.5 million individuals through social media, managed by HootSuite, smartphone Follow us on Twitter: apps, SMS programs, newsletters and @HootBusiness• Doubled their social media audience to 2.8 million (since May 2011) with the launch of the central NYC Gov social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube and Foursquare.• Seen a social media growth of +180,657 followers/Likes• Had a 71% increase in followers from 74,016 to 127,154 for the @NYCMayorsOffice during and after Hurricane #Sandy. 4