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What is a Good Domain Name?
What is a Good Domain Name?
What is a Good Domain Name?
What is a Good Domain Name?
What is a Good Domain Name?
What is a Good Domain Name?
What is a Good Domain Name?
What is a Good Domain Name?
What is a Good Domain Name?
What is a Good Domain Name?
What is a Good Domain Name?
What is a Good Domain Name?
What is a Good Domain Name?
What is a Good Domain Name?
What is a Good Domain Name?
What is a Good Domain Name?
What is a Good Domain Name?
What is a Good Domain Name?
What is a Good Domain Name?
What is a Good Domain Name?
What is a Good Domain Name?
What is a Good Domain Name?
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What is a Good Domain Name?


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Learn What a Top Domain Name Is & How To Choose a Good One! …

Learn What a Top Domain Name Is & How To Choose a Good One!

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  • 1. What is a Good Domain Name?!
    Discover the TOP 9 Characteristics!
  • 2. The Importance!
    Why Is It So Important?!
    Domain Name is an Online Real Estate. A Better Location On the Web That Gets Always Better Exposure.
    So a Good Domain Name is Like Gold. Whether It is Converted to a Real Website or Resold to Another Domainer (a Person Who Buys & Sells Domain Names), It Becomes Huge Success!
  • 3. 9 Characteristics!
    Main Characteristics of a Good Domain Name:
    .com Extension
    Short Name
    Easy To Spell
    Easy To Remember
    Unique & Brandable
    No Hyphens
    No Numbers
    No Misspelling
    Well-Combined & Descriptive
  • 4. 1) .com Extension
    • It’s More Popular.
    • 5. It’s More Favorable.
    Other Popular Extensions:
    .org & .net
    Also, Local Extensions For Targeting the Local Population.
  • 6. 1) .com Extension Example
    Which One Does Sound Familiar?
    • 7.,,
    If You Want, Buy Also the .org & .net Extensions and Redirect Them To Your .com Domain.
    In Some Cases, Local Extensions Are More Powerful.
    • In Sweden, is More Familiar Than the .com Version.
  • 2) Short Name
    • It’s Easy To Spell.
    • 8. It’s Easy To Type.
    • 9. It’s Easy To Pronounce.
    • 10. It’s Easy to Remember.
    There’s No Strict Rule. However, Try to Choose a Name Shorter Than 20 Characters. Less Than 10 is Perfect!
  • 11. 2) Short Name Example
    Which One Do You Think is Better?
    • 12.
    • 13.
    • 14.
    Remember! The Shorter Name, The More Premium.
  • 15. 3) Easy To Spell
    • It’s Obvious. You Want Your Visitors To Easily Type and Remember Your Domain For Future Visits.
    There’s Not any Written Guideline. However, You Should Use Simple Words In Order To Avoid Misspellings.
  • 16. 3) Easy To Spell Example
    Which One Do You Think Your Visitor May Spell Correct?
    • Or
    • 17. Or
    Note! Try to Put Yourself In the Shoes Of Your Visitors! Would You Simply Spell Your Domain Name Without any Mistake?
  • 18. 4) Easy To Remember
    • Not Only It Should Be Easy To Spell, Buy Easy To Remember. It’s Logical. A Successful Website Has a Nice Memorable Domain Name.
    There’s Not any Strict Rule. However, Try To Stay Away From Complex Words, Long Names, Incorrect Combinations, etc.
  • 19. 4) Easy To Remember Example
    Which One Your Visitor Might Remember Better?
    • or
    • 20. Or
    You See! The Length Has 2 Sides. Not All Short Names Are Easy To Remember!
  • 21. 5) Unique & Brandable
    • A Unique Domain Name Makes a Name Outstanding and Very Easy To Brand.
    This Feature is Made By Innovation & Creativity. No Rules. Just Come Up With a Nice, Short and Appealing Unique Name & You’re Good To Go!
  • 22. 5) Unique & Brandable Example
    Which is More Unique & Brandable?
    • Or
    • 23. Or
    Don’t Worry If You Think Your Name Doesn’t Mean Anything! Honestly, What Do Yahoo, Google, Twitter and Facebook Mean?! If You Find a Meaning in the Dictionary, Please Let Me Know, Too!
  • 24. 6) NO Hyphens
    • It Just Makes Your Domain Difficult To Spell and Remember. Although It May Have Some SEO Advantages, Try To Stay Away From Them!
    Some Domainers Buy Domains With Hyphens Just Because The Non-Hyphenated Version Is Not Available. BIG Mistake! Go & Get Another Name!
  • 25. 6) NO Hyphens Example
    Which is a Desired Name?
    • Or
    • 26. Or
    Hyphens Also Give Your Domain Name an Amateur Look. At the End Of the Day, You Want To Be Seen as Professional. Hyphenated Domain Names Were Highly Recommended Before. However, They are No Longer Suggested By Top Domainers in the Industry!
  • 27. 7) NO Numbers
    • Like Hyphens, They Make Your Name Hard To Spell, Write & Remember.
    You Should Avoid Anything That May Confuse the Visitors To Write Your Domain Name in Their Internet Browsers. Letters Combined With Numbers Cannot Create Good Domain Names! So, Avoid Them!
  • 28. 7) NO Numbers Example
    Which One Is Better For Visitors?
    • Or
    • 29. Or
    Although Numbers Could Shorten the Name and In Some Ways, Make the Domain Look Like a Brand, But Generally, They Are NOT Recommended!
    Remember, Domains Consist Of Only Numbers Up to 4 Digits are Different. They Are GOLD! Like: or
  • 30. 8) NO Misspellings
    • Again, They Cause Confusions In Your Visitors & Obviously You Don’t Want To Lose Them.
    Imagine You Have a Successful Website With a Name That Has Misspelling. Your Visitors Type the Correct Name, But They Won’t Reach Your Site and It Hurts When They Go to Another Website With the Correct Name!
  • 31. 8) NO Misspellings Example
    Which Is Correct?
    • Or
    • 32. Or
    However, There Are Some Exceptions. In Some Cases, You May Use Informal Words. Still, It Depends On Your Audience:
    • Instead Of
  • 9) Well-Combined & Descripitive
    • Since Many Visitors Come To Your Site From Other Websites Especially Search Engines, They Need To Have an Idea What Your Site Will Be About.
    Therefore, Having a Well-Combined & Descriptive Domain Name Encourages Them To Click Through and Visit Your Site. It is also Easy to Remember For Your Audience to Recommend Your Site to Their Friends, Because It Just Makes Sense.
  • 33. 9) Well-Combined & Descripitive Example
    Are These Really Descriptive?
    • About Internet Marketing
    • 34. About Dog Training
    With That Being Said, Try To Choose a Name Which Explains Your Site Topic Or Industry Or Select an Appealing Brand Name. Some People Register Their Own Names as the Domain. It is Not Really Recommended. However, Some Exceptions:
    • (Oprah Winfrey’s)
    • 35. (Make Money)
    • 36. (Weight Loss)
  • What’s Next?!
    Choosing a Good Domain Name May Seem a Difficult Task for Beginners, But Once You Take Action and Register a Few, You Will Find It Very Easy and Exciting. Remember Only During Time You Will Become a Professional Domainer in the Industry. So, Don’t Expect Wonderful Results Overnight. It TAKES Time To Succeed!
    In the Meantime, Improve Your Knowledge. Also, It’s Good To Follow Some Good Resources. Visit: