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Rand city
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Rand city


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When Suburbs become Urban …

When Suburbs become Urban
RAND CITY: The Case for a Full-Scale Urbanization of the Rand around Brussels.
A presentation from Proff Alexander D'hooghe, Director, MIT
Platform for Permanent Modernity, ORG

Published in: Spiritual

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  • 1. When Suburbs become UrbanRAND CITY: The Case for a Full-Scale Urbanization of the Rand around Brussels.
  • 2. Early suburbanization in Los Angeles
  • 3. A Levitt development company postcard: its early post-war suburban homes celebrate 25 years of ongoingdevelopment success.
  • 4. The USA East CoastA case of sociological urbanization: increased diversity,density, poverty-wealth oppositions, and a completedominance of hardscapes, tarmacs and infrastructures
  • 5. = SUBURBIA is a development spacedefined by an idealized nature:
  • 6. GREY GOO =A development space form whichnature as a perceived dominantstructure has been exhausted, but inwhich the city as a form of culturalattraction is not present
  • 7. No r t h- Ea s t e r n Gr e y Go oDar k e s t = hi gh e s t i nt e n s i t y of d e v e l o pme n t Bo s t o n M l wa uke e i De t r o i t Ne w Yo r k/ Ne w J e r s e y Cl e v e l a nd Chi c a g o Phi l a de l phi a Pi t t s bur g h Ba l t i m r e o Washington DC St Lo ui s
  • 8. 70,000,000 12,00060,000,000 10,000 oo Grey G n in latio50,000,000 opu es P ver ed Stat Co rn Unit nd 8,000 easte La oo North ry G40,000,000 Ge es tat dS i te Un 6,000 er n30,000,000 east rth No 4,00020,000,00010,000,00 2,000 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000
  • 9. The material apparatus of grey goo is aging - it has gone through more thanone cycle of users or inhabitants, and as a result it has been depreciating,deteriorating, and patched up one of the first parts of the worldsubjected to a long and merciless suburbanization, it is here that the long-term resiliency of the post-urban logic will be first tested.
  • 10. Los Angeles:A case of gradual densification: lot by lot, parcel by parcel,this has become from the thinnest city (in the 1950s), bynow the densest city.
  • 11. Edge Cities:Tyson’s Corner, VA is an example of an edge city – fasturbanization of an area with a priviliegd centrality in theinterstate and highway network, but no longer close to anyhistorical city.
  • 12. The RANDAn urbanizing suburbia that dares not speak its name
  • 13. ShenzhenThis suburb simply out-accelerated the city it firstdepended on and became bigger in size in less than 20years.
  • 14. New Infrastructural Thinking for an Urbanizing Rand
  • 15. Promenade Samuel de Champlain, Quebec, Canada
  • 16. Burle Marx
  • 17. Burle Marx
  • 18. 2 De nieuwe Gordelboulevard. PrecedentenCopacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazilie