Top 6 nissan models


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Have you ever owned a Nissan? Well, on top of being very reliable and drivable cars, Nissan has a long history of producing class roadsters cars.

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Top 6 nissan models

  1. 1. Top 6Nissan Models Nissans may seem like pretty generic cars, but they have a long history. Over the years, Nissan dealerships have sold everything from roadsters known to be tuner-friendly to electric cars designed to be the ultimate city commuter car. Nissan Fairlady Z Nissan has been making Z cars for decades, but the Fairlady is what began the whole line. Another name for it is the chassis-code S30 Datsun 240Z, and this care earned the nickname "The Poor Man's Porsche" because of itslow price combined with incomparable driving thrills. The original 151-horsepower 2.4-liter straight-6 engine doesn’t seem like much compared today’s Nissans and other cars, but this car was intended to be lightweight for increased drivability. Nissan dealers even offered a factory-sponsored program at one point to restore the original 240Z cars to showroom-new. Nissan GT-R In July of 2008, Nissan dealerships finally offered United States car buyers a shot at the latest and greatest in the long line of GT-R luxury sport cars. The new R35 GT-R moved the car from sports car to supercar, and Nissan dealers have continued to make performance alterations and improvements all the way through the 2013. The newest model has 545 horsepower and 463 lb- ft. of torque. Nissan LEAF Because the LEAF is so new, it’s more important than most people imagine. Decades in the future, when electric cars with high-capacity batteries and powerful motors are everywhere, people will look back on the LEAF as the first true series production electric car. Also, it’s the first electric car to sell in any significant numbers. It’s considered to be best for people who live in the city. Nissan 240SX Much like the Scion FR-S, the 240SX represented an everyman's sport car with a low cost and potential for easily implemented upgrades. Finding a top condition chassis-code S13 Nissan
  2. 2. 240SX in a Nissan dealershiptoday is difficult, but if you find the right car the S13 will still makes an excellent, cheaply-maintained daily driving car more than 20 years after it hit the road. Datsun 1500 While Nissan dealers actually started importing these small roadsters a few years earlier, the 1963 model made a name for itself with a more powerful engine and a larger platform. This is a roadster like the classic British MG and Triumph, except it has a distinctly Japanese style. It won't move you too fast with only 77-85 horsepower, but you'll be able to enjoy some sunshine touring this car around. In good conditions, these carsare basically priceless. Nissan Skyline GT-R This car wasn’t actually sold in the United States, but “top Nissan” list would be complete without it. Through the 1990s, Nissan dealers refined this AWD sports car into an authentic luxury performance car that was a true joy to drive. It’s likely that no one in the United States owns one of these cars today because it would have had to be illegally imported. Many true Nissan believers argue that the R34 GT-R's RB26DETT engine is the most tuner-friendly motor ever made. About Hooman Nissan Hooman Nissan is located in Long Beach, California and they serve Los Angele and Signal Hill. Since opening, Hooman Nissan has been commitment to their customers and they offer a wide selection of cars and trucks with competitive pricing for your automotive maintenance needs.