3 religions power point


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3 religions power point

  1. 1. Birthplace of Three ReligionsThree of the worlds religions-- Judaism,Christianity, and Islam have their rootsin SW Asia (Middle East).●Judaism- Abraham (Mesopotamia)●Christianity- Jesus Christ (Israel)●Islam- Muhammad (Saudi Arabia)
  2. 2. Jerusalem/ Dome of the RockJudaism- Abraham & Isaac, King Solomons templeChristianity- Abraham & IsaacIslam- Spot where Mohammad ascended into heaven.
  3. 3. Judaism• Judaism is the oldestmonotheistic religion.• Abraham is regardedas the father of theJewish people..
  4. 4. Beliefs/Sacred Texts• Jews believe God made acovenant with Abrahamthat his descendantswould be God’s chosenpeople. In return theywould have to keep God’slaws.• God gave the Jewishpeople the 10Commandants and otherrules to live by (containedin the Torah, the first fivebooks of the Bible).].
  5. 5. • Moses led the Jewsout from captivity inEgypt.What it may have been like fishing withMoses.
  6. 6. Jewish beliefs• The Torah consists of thefive books revealed toMoses, also called thePentateuch, and is themost important part of theHebrew Bible.• The name for a Jewishplace of worship is asynagogue.• The Hebrew word for Godis Yahweh..
  7. 7. Has anyone heard of theseJewish Holidays?• Rosh Hashanah: Thebeginning of the Jewish NewYear.• Hanukkah: An eight dayfestival whichcommemorates the re-dedication of the temple inJerusalem.• Passover: Week longmemorial retelling theIsraelites’ release fromEgypt.
  8. 8. Christianity• Christianity takes its namefrom the Greek word ‘Christ’,meaning Anointed One, whomChristians believe was Jesus,the son of God.• Jesus was born in Bethlehem,near Jerusalem and grew upas a Jewish boy.• At about the age of 30 hebegan three years of travelingand teaching. He taught a newway of drawing upon theJewish tradition.
  9. 9. Spread of Christianity• He revealed himself tobe the Son of God.• He claimed to be theMessiah.• The holy book ofChristianity is theBible.• The place of worshipfor Christians is achurch.The yellow areas show the spread of Christianityfrom 200 CE to 400 CE.
  10. 10. Have you heard of theseChristian holidays?• Christmas (December 25): Thecelebration of Jesus’ birth• Easter: The holiest period of theChristian calendar. It begins withGood Friday, which solemnlycommemorates Jesus’ crucifixion,and continues until Easter Sundaywhich celebrates the resurrectionof Jesus.
  11. 11. Islam• Islam meanssubmission to Allah(God). Islam wasrevealed to theProphetMuhammad (thefounder of Islam).Location of the holy city of Mecca inSaudi Arabia
  12. 12. Islam continued . . .The Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
  13. 13. Islam continued . . .• Muhammad continuedreceiving messages fromGod throughout the laterpart of his life.• He memorized thesemessages and passedthem on to his followers.After his death they werecollected and writtendown in the Qur’an(Koran).The Qur’an, holy text of Islam.
  14. 14. The Five Pillars of IslamThe Five Pillars of IslamThe practice of religious faith is also built on the five pillars of Islam:Declaration of faith: "I bear witness that there is no god, but God; I bearwitness that Muhammad is the prophet of God." By reciting this, one entersIslamic faith.Prayer: Muslims are required to pray five times a day and facing in thedirection of Mecca while praying.Charity: Muslims are required to give away a percentage of their earnings tothose less fortunate, regardless of their religion.Fasting: Muslims fast for one lunar month each year, a period called Ramadan.During this time, Muslims reflect on their behavior and strive to purify theirthoughts.Pilgrimage: If it is financially possible, Muslims are required to travel to Meccaonce in their lifetime.
  15. 15. Understanding Political CartoonsHey, Jack!Which ways Mecca?In this political cartoon, why isthis man’s question silly?
  16. 16. Have you heard of any of thisIslamic holiday?• Ramadan:Celebrates the gift ofthe Quran. During themonth of Ramadan,Muslims must fastbetween sunrise andsunset.