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Evaluation question 4

  1. 1. Evaluation question4 How did you use media technologies in the construction, research, planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. Internet The internet was a main help in our group collecting our research we needed for our subject and research into Channel 4 and its past documentaries. We used the internet to also research into other documentaries which we were able to watch and evaluate ourselves on www.youtube.com. We also used the internet to collect archive footage used in our documentary. We again used www.youtube.com but along with www.nylon.com , which is a fashion magazine and helped us by having footage of photoshoots.
  3. 3. Microsoft Word Microsoft Word was used throughout our research and planning stages of our documentary. It helped us to create timelines of our filming progress and also to write scripts for our radio advert. Microsoft Word also helped when we had to write our questionnaires.
  4. 4. DV Camera and tools We used a DV camera to record all the footage for our documentary. The camera uses a tripod and microphones. The tripod helps in the way we could set out the screen for our interviews and keep the camera steady. Microphones are used to record the interviewee’s voice, and made sound much clearer whilst editing and the finished product.
  5. 5. Digital stills camera We used a digital stills camera for various aspects of the construction of our documentary. We uses it to take images of us recording and using the cameras whilst filming. We also used them to take images for our print advert when we had to take pictures of different people’s outfits and create a collage of them.
  6. 6. Adobe Premiere We used Adobe Premiere to edit our production. We sued it for a range of editing techniques such as making cutaways for our film from footage we gathered. We also used it to put sound over the top of our documentary and music, as well as adjusting this to fit in with he timing. We also used this program to create effects such a pictures fading in and out of peoples outfits. We also used it to create the radio advert by putting the recording we had onto premiere then adjusting the sound and connecting it together.
  7. 7. Adobe Photoshop We used Photoshop to create our print advert for Channel 4. We were able to use this software to take our own pictures and manipulate them into designing and making our own poster in the style of a scrap book.
  8. 8. Mobile Phone We used mobile phones to record our filming and editing progress. We used camera mobile phones where we were able to take pictures of us filming for evidence on our blogs. We have also used mobile phones to record audience feed back for our evaluations.
  9. 9. Microsoft PowerPoint I have used Microsoft PowerPoint in my answer to question 4. With this I am able to present work I have completed in a presentation form along with explanations of why I have used these particular methods.
  10. 10. Blogger.com www.blogger.com has been a useful website to record all of our information from our coursework. We were able to upload videos and pictures from our progress and show and present all our findings supporting our documentary and our research.