Hooduku - Cloud and Big data practice


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Hooduku is a solutions company to have implemented Cloud and Big data solutions in real world.

We have stuff to showcase our work. We are not buzz word experts.

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Hooduku - Cloud and Big data practice

  1. 1. Hooduku IncWe refined SaaS!“SaaS is Solutions as a Service and not justSoftware as a Service”“One of the best open source experts to work on a highly visible SaaS service, deliverwithin budget and timelines and ‘professionally’! ”
  2. 2. Summary• Over 50 years of combined techno-functional experiencebuilding enterprise systems and products for companieslike Amazon, SeeBeyond (Oracle), HP, Microsoft, severalstartups and industry verticals such as BakerHughes, EaglerockEnergy&AmericanMidstream, CISCO&Netgear• Background and experience building enterpriseapplication integrations, Systems integration, Datamining, Big data analytics , Data visualization productsand solutionsHow can we help?• We can help startups, medium and large enterprises toquickly adapt to new game changing and disruptivetechnologies such as Cloud and big data.• With background in both startups and enterprisecompanies, can deliver turn key products and solutionsfrom concept to implementation for cloud and traditionaldata centersWhat we are not?We are “not” buzz word experts.Skills & ExpertiseAgile Methodologies/Project ManagementSoftware Project ManagementExecutive ManagementProcess ImprovementWeb DevelopmentProject ManagementStrategic PlanningBusiness Process ImprovementBusiness Process DesignWeb ApplicationsUser InterfaceProgram ManagementProject CoordinationUser ExperienceBusiness AnalysisMobile ApplicationsBusiness Process Re-engineeringBig Data (Hadoop)Software DesignDesktop Application DevelopmentData ModelingE-CommerceMulti-Tenant/Multi User PlatformCloud IaaSAmazon Web Services (AWS)Rackspace Cloud/HP CloudMicrosoft AzureSpecialization•We specialize in providing tangible technical/business solutions, which impacts employee/staff productivity measured immediately,but will deliver substantial returns gradually over 3-6 months or longer.
  3. 3. Cloud Computing PracticeWhat we bring to the tableWe offer following Cloud & Virtualizationservices,• Cloud Focused Consulting Services• Infrastructure on Public Cloud• Building Private Cloud (POC only)• Cloud Management Setups• Big Data Setups• Infrastructure Management andSupport• Custom Software & Solutions forCloud• Deploying Package Apps for CloudReduce operational cost of your existing IT infrastructureincrementally by starting from low cost/low risk navigating aroundmore advanced services.Build Customized Solutions - Get efficient and cost effective solution,based on your current IT and business needs, and corresponding ROI.“Whether you are a startup business looking for a low cost highly scalable hostingsolution or a Medium/Large business looking for a geographically distributed andreliable cloud infrastructure, for your compute, storage and networking needs; Wecan help transform your ideas into reality.”How do we do it?
  4. 4. Cloud ComputingPlexiCloud/Hooduku Cloud• Architected and built multi user cloud hosting servicefor Hooduku Cloud. One of the earliest and onlycloud hosting solution for SMB segment.• Helped customers to migrate to Cloud providers suchas Amazon AWS, Rackspace Cloud and WindowsAzure from traditional shared servers, VMs anddedicated servers.Linux Foundation• Migrated user generated content such as images andvideo to AWS S3• Built and implemented backup strategy for the webassets• Built BI reports for Linux events leveraging enterpriseCRM and Pentaho. Both deployed on Amazon AWSIaaS.• Built mobile apps to use in Linux events world wide.• Architected and built an end-end highly scalable andavailable/visible web asset for one of the largesttechnological non- profit organization• Scaled an Open source CMS like Joomla by nativelysupporting Mysql Master/slave architecture.3D-Media Group• Built Custom Social media based web appleveragingthe expertise I had on Joomla andHooduku Cloud to serve media and exhibitors.• Enabled the service on mobile devices and builtlocation/geo aware applications to help attendeesnavigate the new location. II2P• Helped build the self serve Help desk and knowledgebase portal – similar to Service Desk/Service Now.• Contributed to building enterprise class workflowengine for the portal.Startups & SMB• Have helped several startups to adapt to Cloud, buildSaaS services leveraging open standards, frameworksand libraries covering CRMs& loyalty programs.• Helped customer host/migrate custom apps andsolutions on Amazon AWS, Rackspace Cloud andGogrid• Built enterprise grade monitoring tools to monitorboth cloud and non-cloud assets from a singledashboard and control panel.Microsoft & Joomla Organization• The first and the only team to support Joomlaplatform/CMS on Microsoft Azure Cloud platform.• Helped Microsoft partners build web assets leveraging thesolution we architected and built.• Hooduku is gold sponsor for Joomla project.• Implemented and rolled several enterprise class web appsfor customers like EcoInsight & Brown Printing Press
  5. 5. Big Data – Hooduku LandscapeRelationalOperational..moreAnalytics..moreAs a Service..moreInfrastructureAppsOperational IntelligenceSplunkNew Relic ..moreData as a ServiceFICO..moreAd / MediaLinuxEventsIAEEBusiness IntelligenceOracle SharepointSAP/Business Objects..moreWe have implemented Big data solutions four clients. Hire the experts to providethe flawless solution for your big data problem. Our Big data landscape shows theareas of our expertise currently.
  6. 6. Big data Solutions• In year 2006 – built a verticalized search engine foremployers and job seekers. The Nutch Search engine wascustomized to provide the search capabilities.• Hadoop clusters were used to run parallel job crawlers andcustom crawlers.• Drupal CMS was the front end to show filters and searchresults.• Project was shelved in 2007, since the idea was new andlack of funding.Xervmon: CloudManagement analytics• Leveraged HadoopClusters to run map reduce jobs toexecute projection algorithm and store real time costprojections in shardedmongodb in order to scale projectionson large data sets• Helped Build data visualization charts leveraging D3 andGoogle Charts leveraging LAMP Stack – custom app.• Currently extending the architecture to support GraphiteDB, Hadoop and mongodb to support System and applicationperf. stats.• Built a home grown data collection engine to supportmultiple cloud providers such as Amazon AWS, RackspaceCloud, HP Cloud, Softlayer and several ISPs such asTimewarner and Comcast.• Helped build home grown Analytical framework to projectcosts on dynamic costing scenarios for Cloud within in SMEsegment.• Currently team is executing plan to provide enterprise gradeturn key cloud management solution.Big data technologies allow you to deal with massively large datasets.Technologies like Hadoop, Pig, Hive, R and many others are thereto help you overcome limitations ofcapturing, storing, search, sharing, analyzing and visualizing oflarge datasets.We can help you configure and deploy such technologies to suityour particular needs.Mobile Apps• We have developed several Big data enabled apps for Apple and Google Play devices.• Several apps developed by us is available on Itunesor Google Play store.
  7. 7. Industry - Oil & GasSparkEnergy• Hooduku Consulted to help the customer find gaps inexisting enrollment process, which delayed theenrollment and on-boarding process• Helped build an end-end commercial customerenrollment process integrating the callcenter, customer relations and the home grownenergy platform covering pricing engine and Customerrelations management.• In the end – the new system improved theenrollment, on boarding process and eventually salesby 25%.American Midstream• Integrated oil inbound and outbound data from oilfields into Sharepoint infrastructure for reliable andquick data access.• Enabled and rolled out services to field staff on mobiledevices increasing productivity and saved additionaldelay in data entry.• Developed BI reports to help C level executives makeright decisions.Chris Thomas – IT Director“Hooduku team have raw talent in understanding clientconcerns and building relationships.”Eagle rock Energy•Helped field staff to be productive by integrating thecapture/list/search of daily oil production/refinery, accounting andrefinery assets with Sharepoint Portals• Enabled and rolled out services to field staff on mobiledevices increasing productivity and saved additional delay in dataentry.Baker Hughes• Built Enterprise wide knowledge portal that linked data fromvariety of data sources and delivered to field users access onany data, from any where and any how.Peter Jackson (Project Manager)“Hooduku was hired to create an enterprise wide knowledgeportal that linked information and business data from avariety of sources, including static documents, SQL databasesand an SAP database. We had an idea of what we wanted toachieve, but were unsure of the database links and otherfunctionality that would be required.Hooduku team listened carefully to our explanations, andworked with us to better define our needs, frequentlysuggesting new and innovative approaches. They brought awealth of prior experience and was able to guide us throughany potential pitfalls. They also integrated workflowcapabilities to help streamline existing manual processes.Altogether a very good customer experience that definitelyprovided value for our organization.”
  8. 8. Technology - ProductsHP – PartnerDirect/Ecommerce• Helped build partner portals to providecompetitive tools and products to sell HP productsacross Americas (US/Canada and Latin America).• Helped build tools to improve productivity toolsto sales, there by increasing sales by 5-7% yearover year.HP – Sales COMP IT• Multi-million dollar & highly visible global toolfrom ground up, collaborated with technofunctional teams across 3 regions and over 25countries to architect, develop and implementQuota Execution for Sales Teams (QuEST) tostreamline sales assignments(Accounts, Territories), quota, generation of salesletters and Outbounds.• Exceeded C-Sat scores by 10% year overyear, helped sales teams to be more productive &improving sales by 15 % across the organizationcovering all major business units• Assisted with project economics: riskmanagement, planning and budgetingSeeBeyond/Sun/Oracle• Hooduku team led and architected best in classenterprise grade ETL product• Hooduku team led and managed the ETLintegration with Integrated CompositeApplication Network (ICAN) product suite.• As part of solution implementation, Hoodukucollaborated with teams within SeeBeyondServices, VISA and GM to process andtransform million transactions/sec data warehouse.Microsoft• Hooduku helped the sales/business andevangelist teams to develop battlecards, competitive analysis and demos forBiztalk suite of products• Using competitive battle cards, Microsoft saleswere able to make inroads into competitionlandscape and improved the sales chances.
  9. 9. Q & A• Thank YouPartial Clients