A Fairytale Legacy: Chapter 3, Part 8b


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A Fairytale Legacy: Chapter 3, Part 8b

  1. 1. Welcome back! In our last update, the family prepared for the huge ball where they would save Vassilissa’s life. Vassilissa went from being an innocent girl into an unknowing hateful teenager. She was confused about everything, but decided to go through with the ceremony anyway…
  2. 2. Vassilissa stared at her reflection in the mirror. Tonight was the night. She had hardly any idea of what was going to happen, but she knew that something good was going to happen, she just knew it. She didn’t know who Caroline invited, she didn’t know what she was going to do, but she knew that for once, she was being appreciated by people who loved her.
  3. 3. “Alright, ready,” she said. A figure suddenly appeared. “Oh my, Vassilissa… you look beautiful.”
  4. 4. “Who are you?” Vassilissa asked, even though she knew. “You know who I am.” “You’re a crazy woman then, and you had better leave before I give you a taste of revenge. You hate me… why bother coming to torture my heart anymore than it already is.”
  5. 5. “I came here because I love you, and any pain I gave you was never my intention. How could I miss such an important date for my own little girl?”
  6. 6. “Go away… go away now! I hate you! I HATE YOU!” “Vassilissa? Who are you talking to?”
  7. 7. “Oh, I didn’t see you! I’m sorry… I was just… nevermind.” “Alright…”
  8. 8. “Remember what you have to do tonight. Hetty will begin the ritual that will grant you power and magic that not even she possesses. Once we do this, then we will leave and strike this whole town into pieces, so that we can rebuild it in our… in your image.” “I… okay.”
  9. 9. “Thank you. When I call you out, just come on in… our guests will be waiting to see you in all of your beauty, dear.” She grabbed her shoulder and elbow and reached over and gave her a kiss. It was a freezing cold exchange to Vassilissa, but for a moment, Caroline’s pupils dialated as she felt the warmth of Vassilissa’s skin. The blood inside her was ready to be transformed into that of a destroyer, a villainous queen to take over the world.
  10. 10. It would seem that everything was going well, but in the highest room of the mansion, in Hetty’s hiding lair, a witch teleported in.
  11. 11. “Mmm… perfect… Good job, Hetty. You have done a marvelous preparation of this potion… I should hope that it will be used well in the ritual and that it does not fail.” *** *** ***
  12. 12. “Come on,” Robin said quietly to his son, niece and son and daughters in law. “There’s no turning back now.”
  13. 13. “Hello?” They called out? Their voices echoed out in the room. Ivory heard the door shut, and a tiny locking sound was heard. “Vassilissa? Hello? Anyone here?”
  14. 14. In a split-second, a bat came racing past them, out of nowhere. It screeched loudly, and then slowly…
  15. 15. It materialized into a girl. “CAROLIIIIINE! LEEEE! JAAAAAN, HETTY! We have VISITORS!”
  16. 16. Suddenly, they could hear footsteps coming from the other rooms of the house, and screeching bats and cackles. At that same moment, however, Ivory suddenly squirmed– she was phasing from human to werewolf. “Look what we have here, Davey! A werewolf for you to play with!” Heather called out mockingly.
  17. 17. “Who wants to play games? I’ll rip their head off,” Dave said, trying to be the tough guy of the villains. “Come on, who is it?”
  18. 18. “You stay away from me,” Ivory said. “Think you’re tougher than me? Come on, and fight me then!” “You stupid idiot! We’re here for one reason, and that is not for me to fight a little ass like you.”
  19. 19. “Oooh,” Dave said, his mood changing entirely, from violent to perverted. Seeing that Vanessa wasn’t in the room, he muttered, “You’re a pretty feisty wolf. I like that… let’s call this ball done with and get—” “You are disgusting,” Ivory said. “And my husband is right there, so if you don’t hand us over Vassilissa, not only will you all taste my fist, but you’ll get yourself beaten by my husband. Got it?” He growled.
  20. 20. “Enough.”
  21. 21. “You all made it! I’m so thrilled,” Caroline said, catching the attention of the whole family. “I am Caroline, the soon to be ruler of you filthy peasantry who call yourselves legacy folk… you know, I only expected two people to attend tonight, thinking that the rest of you would be cowards, but look at this… such familial love. It disgusts me.” The family tried to keep their composure, but the vampires could see their anxiety.
  22. 22. “You want Vassilissa, though, I’m sure? Well, let’s not disappoint, right Hetty?” “Of course, your Excellency.” “Vassilissa! Come and greet your guests!”
  23. 23. The family all turned around to see a beautiful girl with her hair in buns and face painted in a masquerade pattern identical to the Caroline’s. They looked at her, seeing two images in their minds: one of a girl in gothic garb, taking her steps to their enemy, and the other of a tiny little child, smiling and playing with the people around her.
  24. 24. “Come, my dear. Tonight is your special night, and your guests are here to witness your ceremony. Come, stand in the middle, and Hetty will begin the ritual.” It was sickening to see the sight of the vampire and Vassilissa hugging each other.
  25. 25. “Hetty! Begin the ritual!” “Aha.. Hmm… Ah, here,” she said, and she began to speak in odd tongues. Her voice ringed as though she were more then one person. In nox noctis a forensis puella vadum exsisto nostrum populus
  26. 26. “Per venenum nos mos virus suus cruor vacuus laying a manus manus in suus, Suus prosapia hic, Nos vadum offendo per suus manus manus,”
  27. 27. “Please!” Robin yelled while Hetty was screaming. She faltered, and Caroline commanded, “Stop it, Hetty. It appears that our guests would like to negotiate. What is it? What do you want?” “Please, stop this nonsense! We just want Vassilissa back!” “She does not want to go back with you fools! Now Hetty, continue, please!”
  28. 28. “Not on my watch,” Robin said. “Attack them! All of them!” He pulled out a sword, and all of a sudden, the vampires and werewolves and an alien and the rest of them were attacking each other violently.
  29. 29. Begonia kicked Heather hard in the rear end, which sent her crashing into Dave the wolf. Jack kicked him as Robin tried to slash him open with the blade of his sword. Although Dave missed the Robin’s swings, he was injured from his collision with Heather.
  30. 30. Chris kicked Jan and Lee the vampires out of his way as well. Lee was a skilled fighter, but he was finding it hard to match with Christopher’s anger. Caroline sat down calmly, watching her servants fight. At first, they faltered, but the humans grew tired…
  31. 31. “Seize them!” she cried. The humans were tired, and even Ivory had lost strength. They were held back by their opponents. “Now,” Caroline continued. “Before we proceed with the ritual, I think we should jump ahead to a little performance that we’ll be showing you legacy people. Before you dare to challenge us again, let us show you what happens to those who cross us. Bring out the prisoners!”
  32. 32. Slowly, the captured family tried to glance and shee who exactly these prisoners were. They saw an alien girl with her face painted, and behind her, a woman, also with her face painted, who looked a lot like Caroline. “These two ladies are our sacrifices tonight. I was almost thinking about showing them mercy, since they would die eventually, but let’s see what Vassilissa will do to them to punish them.”
  33. 33. “Punish?” Vassilissa asked, her smile fading immediately. “Yes, dear. Hetty will help you, don’t be afraid. Killing someone is not as hard as it seems. Why not show our guests how we punish people who act against us?” “I.. I.I.I c.c.can’t…”
  34. 34. “STOP THIS!” Chris exclaimed. “She’s just a girl! My daughter isn’t a killer! Just… just let her go! We can work this out! What do you want from us?”
  35. 35. “SILENCE! How DARE you even ask me what I want? Your daughter is staying her with me.” “But you promised us—” “You Fantasies are fools! You have all of the power to take over this waste of land and make it into your own Utopian society, but instead you sit around doing nothing! What have you to say now?”
  36. 36. “Please don’t cry,” Carla said to Andromeda. “It’ll be fine… It’ll be alright,” she said, even though her own voice was shaking with the fear of what Caroline was going to do to her. Judy looked over at the alien girl with sympathy.
  37. 37. “Ivory… We have to do something.” “What can we do, Judy?” “Silence, the both of you,” Vanessa hissed.
  38. 38. “Caroline, please… I beg you,” Carla said, bowing her head into her sister’s knees. “I love you, you are my sister… let us work this out. Don’t kill us.”
  39. 39. “Get AWAY FROM ME! I HATE YOU!” “Please… Please,” she said. Her sobs were so shaky, and she was sweating furiously. “Please don’t let us have this agony… I’m begging you Caroline… You will rue it if you do this to us, and I will as well.”
  40. 40. The crying and tears continued as Caroline shoved her sister back to Andromeda, and Chris was apprehended by Heather once more. The family watched pitifully– there was nothing they could do without getting their own lives taken as well. They all focused on the two women crying in the center of the room, all feeling an ache in their heart that Vassilissa was being put up to killing them. Begonia, however, turned around after hearing a noise.
  41. 41. Someone had decided to be a guest after all.
  42. 42. Caroline saw her next, and instantly shot up from her seat. “W… wh.wh.what is she doing here?!”
  43. 43. “Who invited her! I’ll rip you apart for intruding on my ritual, you foul witch!” Caroline said insultingly, forgetting that this was a member of one of the most dangerous covens known, called the Crimson Witches. “Normally, my dear Caroline, I would blast you into nonbeing for your derogatory rudeness, but tonight I will let it slip. You will leave these people alone.”
  44. 44. “Get out of here, witch. We have a party to run, and you’re ruining all the fun.” “Do pardon me then, Caroline, for I came dressed for a killing and not a party.” The witch started to twirl in her spot.
  45. 45. She twisted into a magnificent dress and painted masquerade so that she would fit in with the rest of the crowd. Scarlet Fantasy, clearly sane and unusually happy, was radiating beauty. The whole family suddenly felt a rush of hope.
  46. 46. Regardless of all the pain and suffering that they had felt in their relationship, Christopher was never more pleased to see the love of his life. “Scarlet… it’s you…. Scarlet!”
  47. 47. “Come here! You’re not through being captive!” Heather said, grabbing him. “Scarlet, I—” “Listen to her Christopher. Don’t fight.” Her voice was strong.
  48. 48. “I have had enough of you! I should kill you all now!” “Nobody is going to die tonight, Caroline. You’ll leave my family be and leave this land.”
  49. 49. “And what’s going to stop me?” “I will, Caroline. This fight of yours is over– you’re delusional and completely insane. All you want is power to compensate for your past. But it won’t happen… you will never touch my family, ever again. Do you hear?” Scarlet’s voice was very strong and demanding, but she still retained a smile.
  50. 50. “Oh really?”
  51. 51. “We’ll see about that.”
  52. 52. Hetty called out a spell, and Caroline grabbed the both of them in her hands. In two seconds, a strong surge of electricity spread through their bodies so quickly. They were both dead.
  53. 53. Even in the death of her own blood, Caroline laughed loudly. “Hahahahaha! And to think that this alien girl had been a part of my original plan! Hahaha!”
  54. 54. “ENOUGH OF THIS! Why are you doing this? GIVE US OUR GRANDDAUGHTER BACK NOW!” “Ah, yes. Time to get back to business.”
  55. 55. Still laughing, Caroline spoke to Hetty. “We still have time to perform the ritual, right?” “Ahaha, of course!” “Perform it on me then. I grow tired of this!”
  56. 56. “Lee. Lee,” Jan whispered. He ignored, so she whispered louder. “LEE!” “What, Jan? What is it?” “We need to do something to stop this!” “Shush, Jan, don’t be foolish. There’s nothing… there’s nothing we can do,” he lied.
  57. 57. “Caroline, the spell?” “Change it! Use your imagination!” “Nos noxicus, Carolina et benedictus con f—”
  58. 58. “Fight me Caroline! Fight me, now, so we may see who the true victorious one is! And when I defeat you, I will walk out of here with my daughter and my granddaughter and the rest of my family unscathed. Do you hear? Fight me now, if you think you are so powerful.”
  59. 59. “I grow very, very tired of your game!” she said. Coyly, she took a leap back as Robin swung, then with all the might she could muster…
  60. 60. …she swung.
  61. 61. He crashed to the floor, his head hitting hard on the metal of his helmet. He felt his mind going somewhere else…
  62. 62. “Mm… now that smells delicious…”
  63. 63. All of a sudden, the lobster burned up. “What the…?” Even with the burning smoke that the charred lobster emitted, the room suddenly felt chilly.
  66. 66. “But I haven’t even gotten to say goodbye to my family! They’re still at the enemy’s house… please, don’t do this! Come back for me, give me more time!”
  68. 68. Robin regained his consciousness, but did not move from the floor. His heart was aching with the pain that he was beginning to feel. It felt like a dream, but reality told him that there were three deaths tonight, instead of the two he had witnessed in person.
  69. 69. Lee saw Robin on the floor, and as much as he did not want to admit it, he knew that Jan was right. There was no more restraining of the family. He let go of Begonia a final time and stared at the man, hoping that he would regain consciousness.
  70. 70. “Anyone else want to fight me? ANYBODY!? Continue with the spell, Hetty! I’m not going to wait a minute more!"
  71. 71. “Nos noxicus, Carolina et benedictus is has pallium nox noctis per suus decor, suus vox mos addo is terra ut utopia”
  72. 72. “Aha… hahahahahah… HAHAHAHAHAAAA! It’s working! I am filled with power now! Hahahaha!”
  73. 73. Scarlet rushed forward to knock over Hetty in her place, but Dave blocked her off. “You’re not getting past me, girl.” “Get out of the way!”
  74. 74. “You know,” he said, coming as close to her as he could, “you’ve grown up so so much since I last saw you. Let’s screw this little ball here and go play another game of hide and seek… my bedroom is the perfect playing spot…” as he trailed off, his hands started reaching for Scarlet’s body. “Get off me! You psychotic… you pervert!”
  75. 75. She turned around, looking desperately for a means of distraction. There was an axe by the foot of a piano. She thought of what she could do, to get Dave out of the way. Vanessa the vampire wasn’t paying attention, because she was focused on holding the others still. Heather was holding Chris, and the other vampires seemed dazed. At the same time, it was something she didn’t want to do, for Scarlet was not a murderer.
  76. 76. But she was not going to stand by a let a killer murder thousands.
  77. 77. “Whatta– ARGH!”
  78. 78. “Get out of here! All of you!” Scarlet screamed. “Get back to safety!” Scarlet screamed. Hetty was still chanting, and Caroline was glowing more and more each minute.
  79. 79. Robin looked back at his daughter for what could have been the last time.
  80. 80. The rest of the family followed Scarlet’s command, and ran out of the house to safety.
  81. 81. Two bats followed closely behind, screeching out furiously, as though to call back the family.
  82. 82. Jan and Lee went running after them and transformed back into bats.
  83. 83. “What do you want from us?” Ivory asked angrily. “Peace, werewolf. Although our species do hate each other, Lee and I are in your debt for what has happened tonight. We aren’t servants of Caroline, and we promise to escort you and your family back to safety. Caroline is far too evil, even for us vampires, and although tomorrow we will wake up and know that it is forbidden to make contact with each other, by law and for the purpose of you and your family’s safety, please let us help you escape so that we’ll protect you in case they pursue us.”
  84. 84. And they began to follow the others, running as fast as they could, away from the evil house. As they ran, Ivory began to cry silently, tears being pushed into her fur by the pressure of the wind. They had failed.
  85. 85. As Death glided past, Scarlet forgot the reason why she killed him in the first place and held her body together. She was shaking a little bit, her heart racing. She murdered Dave.
  86. 86. “Please! I beg you, Grim Reaper, let me put his life at your challenge! I promise I will save him!” Vanessa cried, begging for the mercy of the Grim Reaper.
  88. 88. “NOOOO!”
  89. 89. Amidst all of the chaos and escaping, Hetty did not stop chanting. It was too late.
  90. 90. “OOOF! What on…?”
  91. 91. “I have had it with this charade.”
  92. 92. “There will be no more ritual, Hetty! I will finish this on my own, without any magic or spells! Now GET OUT! Vanessa, Heather! Leave me to kill these fools while I have the chance!”
  93. 93. Vanessa made sure to elbow Scarlet as hard as she could. “Mark my words, bitch, I promise that you’ll pay for what you have done to Dave.”
  94. 94. “I’ll start by getting rid of you! You ruined everything when it was at the peak of being successful! You are a dirty little rat, and in a moment you’ll be nothing but pieces of burnt flesh out on the street.”
  95. 95. “Get your hands away from my daughter. You’ll let her go. I’m the one who’s going to be fighting a fair fight, and when I put you in your place, all of the hurt that you have caused will disappear. You will never, ever hurt my family like you have hurt us this time.”
  96. 96. Vassilissa began to cry. All of the time that she had been away from her family and the words that she heard from all of the people around her for this time of her life came crashing back in seconds, and she remembered her mother and father’s faces smiling at her. “I’m s.s.s.s.s.so.so.sorr.rry!” she said, trying to speak.
  97. 97. “Wait, Caroline. I’ll fight you under one condition.” “Well?” “If I win but you still live, which I hope does happen, so you can repent for all that you’ve done, you promise never to hurt my family again and let Vassilissa and I go.” “And if I win, then I have everything my way, and I promise that your family will suffer for it,” she replied plainly. “Deal.”
  98. 98. “Vassilissa, honey, please don’t cry.” “Y.y.y.y.you c.c.came f.for m.me and I thought y.you were e.evil but you l.l.l.l.lo.love me and I l.l—” “Stop crying, Vassi… I need to do this, and I need you to be brave and go stand behind, far away. I promise that it’ll be okay.”
  99. 99. “I’m ready, Caroline.”
  100. 100. “Come then, and give this fight all of your game! Do you have the energy and the will to kill me Scarlet? I think not!”
  101. 101. “There is a lot you don’t know about me Caroline! But I know you… You’re alone. You have nobody to look to for help! You just need someone to be there for you because nobody was there when you needed it most. You can’t love because it was taken away from you… I know you better than you know yourself.” “Fight me, you coward! Kill me if you can, Scarlet Fantasy!” “Why avoid the truth? I can help you!”
  102. 102. Scarlet suddenly swung furiously at her, catching Caroline off guard. “Help me? Nobody can help me, you idiotic girl!” “Then there’s nothing else I can say to help you. Goodbye, Caroline.”
  103. 103. “Vassilissa! Stand back!”
  104. 104. Scarlet’s sharp sword protruded through Caroline’s frozen heart and a loud cracking sound came from her. It was like a stone ripping through marble.
  105. 105. Scarlet pulled the sword out and ran away. Caroline crashed to the floor, blackened, cold blood pouring out from her body, staining her dress.
  106. 106. Scarlet was completely haunted by the sight of it, as was Vassilissa. But with nobody to stop them, the both of them left the house, never to return to it again. Vassilissa cried the way through, but no longer did she think of her mother as her enemy. She saw this lady as a hero, and all of the years of hate were forgiven over one long walk to remember back to the castle. It was time to go home.
  107. 107. As for Hetty, she decided that without her master, she was useless. She carried Caroline’s body, clearly dead, down many streets. They were no longer a threat.
  108. 108. “… and we ran as fast as we could. We lost them, but I was so tired and I fell asleep. And then, when I woke up, they weren’t there. I went crazy! And I started to feel dizzy, and I had weird, WEIRD dreams. And then in one of those dreams, I found myself falling, until I ended up here.”
  109. 109. “Well, you’re welcome to bunk with one of the simselves until we learn more… about…” “Are you alright?”
  110. 110. “No, I just have a bit of a head…ache…”
  111. 111. “Oh my gosh!” Lucinda squealed. She extended her hands, but I had already fallen to the floor.
  112. 112. Instantly, my head shot up. “Mikey, are you– Oh my god.”
  113. 113. “Mikey? You didn’t have wings two seconds ago!” Ana came in through the door. “Mikey, do you really have to make so much noise?”
  114. 114. When children lay them down to sleep,
  115. 115. Two Angels come, Their watch to keep,
  116. 116. Cover them up. safely and warm,
  117. 117. Tenderly shield them from ev'ry harm
  118. 118. But when they wake at dawn of day, The two Angels go away, *** *** ***
  119. 119. It took a long time to get to this place And now that I'm here, no one can ever erase The joy that I feel..way down deep inside The love that I have for me will never, never die I can see in color
  120. 120. The first sign of spring, the rose buds are blooming I got a new song new song to sing Life looks so amazing I never knew that it could open my eyes and for the very, very first time I can see in color
  121. 121. Everything looks beautiful sky so baby blue I'm anxious to know where the rest of this road will go If April showers bring flowers then I need I need more rain To quench the drought in me so rain on me rain on me
  122. 122. I can see, see in color, color, color, color It’s clear. *** *** *** With the sudden death of Jasmine on the night they returned home from the epic ball that turned into a chaotic evening resulting in two deaths of their greatest villains, the family felt immense pain at her absence.
  123. 123. Scarlet was so hurt inside, because the last words she had said to her mother were those of hate, and she could never take them back again. Her mother had only cared for her, and Scarlet felt a great hole inside of her that nothing could fill, not even Vassilissa or her husband or her daughters that she knew nothing of.
  124. 124. But in the midst of their mourning, Robin suddenly stopped. He heard a noise coming from the window. It sounded like a melodic singing. “Do you hear that?”
  125. 125. May they fill you with their presence, May they show you love untold,
  126. 126. May they always stand beside you And make you ever bold.
  127. 127. Suddenly, a great flow of magic exploded from the flying figures. Light blasted across the sky, but nobody was there to see it. They continued to cry out in song.
  128. 128. Vassilissa heard it.
  129. 129. May angels rest beside your door, May you hear their voices sing.
  130. 130. May you feel their loving care for you, May you hear their peace bells ring. “Peace.” *** *** ***
  131. 131. “Heather,” Hetty whispered hoarsely to the vampire who trudged near behind. “Bring her here!”
  132. 132. “This is the place.”
  133. 133. Heather threw Caroline’s bloody body onto the dusty floor. The hole in her chest seemed to have healed itself with her venom, but there was an enormous black wound in that spot. Her eyes were wide, but distant.
  134. 134. “What the… hell?” Vanessa asked, looking through another room as though a hurricane had run through it and ripped it apart. “Is this…?”
  135. 135. “Why are there all of these dolls?”
  136. 136. “They’re all over the place,” Heather answered, finding another with covered in soot.
  137. 137. “Silence your blasphemous tongues!” Hetty called out, as Caroline’s broken body was settled into the coffin. “This is Caroline’s old hiding place from when she left the disgusting people who called her family. She hasn’t been here for years, but the objects and the books, and even the dolls are all Caroline’s, and you are not to get rid of any one of them.”
  138. 138. They found odd writings on the wall. Heather read some of them and gulped. There were formulas, and tiny stick figures, and images of stick figures being hung and beaten. “SHE’S NOT HERE,” was etched on the wall, under a huge eye, a date and other markings. “Do we have to s.s.stay here?”
  139. 139. “Yes, you pathetic excuse. Unless you’d rather run off and commit treason, like the depressed Jan and red-headed Lee.” “I miss them,” Heather said, sniffing. Jan was her best friend. “Silence, Heather! They are fools, and they’ll die off in the world. The Fantasies will find them, because they are not with us. They won’t make it, especially not Jan, with that blasted mind of hers.” She then walked over to put the dolls on a broken table. “Start cleaning this place up, Heather, get a mop and wipe the floor with your tears, before I do so with your tears and your sad excuse for a hairdo. Now.”
  140. 140. “Quit the whining,” Vanessa groaned. “We’re not going anywhere from here, and there’s no point in crying Heather, so get a tissue and stop acting like you’re three.” “O.okay.” Knock, Knock, Knock. The three ladies could hear the sound of wooden feet walking on the floor outside.
  141. 141. “Why, hello there Hetty. Long time no see, eh?” “You.”
  142. 142. “That’s right. Me. Helga. I’m baaaack. Miss me?”
  143. 143. “And what in the HELL, I pray you tell, possessed you to bring yourself to this house? How did you find us? Why are you here? Why the devil are you marching in after all this time, when your help could have been useful earlier on? Why have you come here? State your business, now, or I’ll blow your head off.”
  144. 144. “I can see that your precious Miss Caroline here seems to need some help. And don’t ask how I knew– I’m a criminal mastermind, dear. We know everything.” “What do you want?”
  145. 145. “I’m here to make a deal with you.” “Oh?” “I know for a good fact that Jasmine Fantasy is dead… I can feel that relentless bitch’s soul gone… And I know that she did want us dead and gone from here as well. I’m gonna have to save myself. When they find her will, she’s going to beg for her family to get rid of us all, and that’s the last thing I need. But together, we can get rid of them, and bring Caroline back to the top, it that’s what you’re trying to get at.”
  146. 146. “What in the High Witch’s name do you suggest?” “We wait for the opportune moment. We send them a dash of fear, and gain their trust… we infiltrate their minds, corrupting them, until they are so unstable that they cannot stand on their own and they crumble. We make them fall by the way of the people.” “And how do you plan to do this? What are you going to do first?” “We’ll wait for the opportune moment… and then, we strike.” ================================== And that’s the end of Part 8!
  147. 147. Author’s Note: First off, a big thanks to you for keeping up with the story so far. I’m really hoping that you liked this and I’m glad that this major plotline has come to a bit of an end, but also a beginning if you want to look at it that way. ;) The scenes in this chapter were difficult to do, and they took a lot of time. I want to thank all of the Custom Content Creators who have made the posing mods and hacks necessary to get this done, as well as those whose swords and props, clothing and makeup and other stuff helped. A big thanks to Dicreasy and DocGirlP for their constant putting up with my ranting and all the advice they gave me for this chapter! Thanks guys! Chapter 3.9 shouldn’t be up for another two-three weeks, but I’ll be working on it and posting picspam on my Livejournal. Until then, Happy Simming!