Create a Citation Race


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Help students develop the habit of making properly formatted citations for images from the web.

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Create a Citation Race

  1. 1. Make-a-citation race Honoria Starbuck Ph.D. for classes at the Art Institute of Austin • Teams of 2 students each to drive the computer • Timer 1. Drivers ask class for an idea for an image to find. 2. Search and find image 3. Evaluate source as reliable such as a museum, artist blog , or artist collection; not a poster store 4. Find the biggest and best version 5. Copy image to use in your textbook 6. Copy the URL where you find the image 7. Paste URL into 8. Click Cite This 9. Assess if the information is complete. Compare information on the image page to the empty textboxes on 10. Fill in all the empty text boxes for which there is information on the image page. 11. When you have as complete a form as possible click Create Citation 12. Copy the MLA formatted citation into your sources list at the end of your chapter under the title Works Cited.Works CitedVan Gogh, Vincent. The Starry Night. 1889. Museum of Modern Art, New YorkCity. MOMA the Collection. Museum of Modern Art, 2010. Web. 7 Apr. 2012.<>. Tip: If you register for it will keep track of all your citations and you may find it very convenient to use a resource for more than one class assignment.
  2. 2. Test Run: Van Gogh’s starry night Find the Image • Image search for “Starry Night” • Search for Van Gogh Starry Night • More reliable search include the word “museum” • Most reliable search use our AIA databases • Try Google Art Project then locate source click DETAILS • Found reliable source: The Museum of Modern Art Google Art Project You may use blogs, deviantart, museums, Google Art Project, our library databases, Youtube, etc. Links ToUse this URL topaste Museum of Modern Art The Museum of Modern Art owns the painting and has a lot of information about this painting and other Van Gogh paintings within a few clicks.
  3. 3. Cite the Image Plug information from Museum of Modern Art website into and click “Create Citation” 2010 Create Citation Copy CitationPaste citation in alphabetical order under the title “Works Cited” in your textbook.