Anatomy torso arms
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Anatomy torso arms



Anatomy: Torso, Arms and Hands

Anatomy: Torso, Arms and Hands



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Anatomy torso arms Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Anatomy Muscles Torso Arms and HandsCollected by Honoria Starbuck for CA 115
  • 2. Objectives• Determine a logical approach to the study of muscular anatomy• Identify specific muscular forms that affect the contour of the figure
  • 3. Will StevensA Balancing Act
  • 4. Edmond J. FarrisArt Student’s Anatomy (1935)
  • 5. Edmond J. Farris Art Student’s Anatomy
  • 6. Edmond J. Farris Art Student’s Anatomy
  • 7. Pierre-Jean David (1788 -1856)Human AnatomyMuscles of the Torso and Shoulderpencil & red chalk on paper
  • 8. Scott Eaton is an artist, technical director and anatomy consultant residing in London, UK.
  • 9. Venice, 1627. Copperplate engraving. National Library of Medicine. Giulio Casserio [anatomist] Odoardo Fialetti [artist]
  • 10. Frank Porcu teaching anatomyNew York Academy of Art
  • 11. Terry Brown Rest In GreenColored Chalk - 19"W x 25"H
  • 12. Marcelo GuimaraesShadow drawing charcoal Lima, Peru
  • 13. Build from a simplified figure.Plan for foreshortening arms and hands.
  • 14. The hand is a very expressive element in the human figure.Study and copy the forms in Peck’s hand anatomy… Frank Porcu teaching anatomy New York Academy of Art
  • 15. Sketchbook page by Sharon Frost
  • 16. Drawing hands is very good practice. Hands are an odd shape, anintricate collection of muscles and bones, which makes them quitedifficult to draw convincingly. Paul
  • 17. Draw your hand every day!
  • 18. Life Drawing in Austin• Art Scene Alliance "Naked Lunch" group. This group is organized by and for animators, you will meet animators and see them work and chat with them in casual yet professional setting. The best spot for you each month is with this group! Tuesday and Thursday Morning 9:30-12:30 RSVP open studio Austin Visual Arts Association (AVAA) has Sun. afternoon and Mon. evening sessions, plus Sun. from 6:30-9:30 pm, with a male model: The Sunday evening session has its own website: Windberg Art Center in Georgetown has open studio on Monday evenings: 868-8183 Hancock Recreation Center has a Sat. morning group: 453-7765 for details. Austin Figurative Gallery has life drawing on Monday evenings. Email Pump Project in East Austin: Email to confirm. Check out the monthly meetings of Dr. Sketchys Austin Museum of Art offers a life drawing class, not an open studio. Not for credit: