Anatomy The Skull
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Anatomy The Skull

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Skull deck for anatomy class.

Skull deck for anatomy class.

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  • Grad for drawing skulls by J. Francis
  • Skull perspectiveby CAS
  • Image illustrating Robert Beverly Hales’s 5 eyes across measure.
  • Stan Prokopenko
  • Pancho Simpson


  • 1. Skull
    Week 3
    Sites of Interest for skull drawings
    Honoria Starbuck Art Institute of Austin Anatomy and Drawing
  • 2. Leonardo da Vinci
    Contemporary artist J. Francis
    Methods for measuring are handed down through the ages.
  • 3. When studying the perspective of your subject, first establish the horizon line (purple) - which is horizontal - is situated.
    Once this is placed, all reference lines below and above your horizon line should converge on imagined vanishing points to either side of the subject.
  • 4.
  • 5. How to Draw the Head From Any Angle
    Stan Prokopenko
  • 6. Visualizing the underlying forms
    The head deconstructed into its basic form
    a sphere as the cranium and a block as the jaw and cheek bones.
  • 7. A Sphere as the Cranium
    The sides of the head are flat, so we can slice off a piece from both sides of the ball.
    From profile, this plane will be a perfect circle, but when drawing it from any other angle, it will appear to be an oval because of perspective. 
    Divide this oval into quadrants. The vertical line represents the beginning of the jaw. The horizontal line represents the brow line.
  • 8. A Block as the Jaw and Cheek Bones
    Attach the shape of the jaw.
    The top will start at the brow line and the back will start at the center of the oval.
    This is a 3-D volume with a front plane, side planes, and bottom plane (bottom plane is seen from some angles).
  • 9. Step 1 - Determine the angle of the ball
    The angle of the head is established at the very beginning of the drawing with the ball. All three axes must be addressed:
    Up & Down
    Side to Side
  • 10. Step 2 - Find the thirds
    After establishing the angle of the ball, divide the face into thirds. 
    The distance between the hairline and brow-line should be the same as the distance between the brow-line and bottom of the nose.
    Add that same distance to find the chin. 
    Imagine the head as a box.
    The thirds must be wrapped around the side plane and front plane.
  • 11.
  • 12. Step 3 - Add the jaw
    Make sure to measure your thirds correctly and that they relate correctly to the ball.
    A common mistake at this point is to make the jaw too long in comparison to the ball.
  • 13. Step 4 - Add the features
    With a basic structure established, it becomes easier to add features in the right places.
  • 14. Pancho Simpson
  • 15. Emilie Lee
  • 16. Source URLs
    OriginalFake t-shirt design
    Grid for drawing skulls by J. Francis
    Stan Prokopenko head tutorial
    Skull perspectiveby CAS
    Pancho Simpson
    Emily Lee