Hawaiian Community Resources
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Hawaiian Community Resources

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  • Knowing how to access these resources is an important tool for any person to know. Whether you are an educator, business professional, technology expert or a parent our community resources from that place that we all live in Hawaii, are what binds us.


  • 1. Concept Attainment: Ignacio Arcas U’ilani Corr-Yorkman     Alisha DeGuair Stacie Fernandez ETEC 602, Fall 2008
  • 2. Activating Prior Knowledge
    • Scenario- “Elementary School Teacher ”
      • You ARE the GLC 
      • You submit the proposal and the forms 
      • You have the last say and you are also the deciding factor 
      • Where can you take your students that is fun, educational and cultural?
      • Group Discussion HHHHHMMMMM......"Any ideas on fascinating or fun, educational and cultural field trips?"
  • 3. Guided Practice
    • Hawaii has a plethora of great community resources
    • Examples and Non-Examples
    • What is the concept that we want to teach you?
  • 4. Hawai’i State Content Performance Standards
    • SS.4.1.1     Describe both change and continuity of aspects of Hawaiian culture (including religion, land use, and social systems).      
    • SS.7HHK.1.1     Analyze both change and continuity during unification and the monarchy period.
  • 5. 21st Century Skills
    • Communication and Collaboration
      • Articulating thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively through speaking and writing
      • Demonstrating ability to work effectively with diverse teams
      • Exercising flexibility and willingness to be helpful in making necessary compromises to accomplish a common goal
      • Assuming shared responsibility for collaborative work
    • Information Literacy      
      • Accessing information efficiently and effectively, evaluating information critically and competently and using information accurately and creatively for the issue or problem at hand 
  • 6. Why is it beneficial to know about the Hawaiian Community Resources available to us?
    • “ It takes a village to raise a child.”
    • ~ Ancient African Proverb  
    • “ `A`ohe pau ka ike I ka halau ho`okahi.”
    • All knowledge is not taught in the same school.
    • ~ Hawaiian Proverb- Mary Kawena Puku`I
      • Community Services Available
      • Students learn about Hawaiian Culture and the place where we all live
      • A United Community/Community Pride
      • Connect you to the history of Hawaii
      • Access these resources through technology
  • 7. Concept Attainment: Content (What we want you to know) A brief overview of some of each island’s Hawaiian Community Resources
  • 8. Hawaii Island’s Hawaiian Community Resources
  • 9. Hulihe’e Palace
    • Located in Kailua-Kona, Hi
      • Phone # 329-9555
    • Was once a home to many of Hawaii’s Royals. Today it serves as a museum holding many historical artifacts, photos and spiritual connections.
    • Services offered:
      • Museum Tours of each palace room and an overview of each historical artifact.
      • Cultural practices such Hawaiian arts and crafts.
      • Tour and overview of the fish pond/trap used for the Ali’i.
      • Website: http://www.huliheepalace.org/history_palace.htm
  • 10. ‘ Imiloa Astronomy Center
    • Location: Hilo, HI
        • Phone #808-969-9700
    • Overview: 'Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawai'i tells dual stories of the renowned Maunakea volcano, with its world-famous astronomy and rich traditions of Hawaiian culture. 'Imiloa, which means "exploring new knowledge," reflects both the Hawaiian voyages of discovery and the explorations of astronomy
    • Website: http://www.imiloahawaii.org/video/
  • 11. Oahu’s Hawaiian Community Resources
    • ‘ Iolani Palace
    • Bishop Museum
  • 12. Oahu’s Hawaiian Community Resources
    • Dole Plantation
    • Pearl Harbor Memorial
  • 13. Maui’s Hawaiian Community Resources
  • 14. Hawaii Nature Center Iao Valley
      • Location: 875 Iao Valley Road, Wailuku, HI  96793 Phone:  808.244.6500
      • Services Offers:
        • Hands-on field programs for preschool through 5th grade
        • Community programs for children and adults
        • Guided hikes for residents and visitors
      • Website: http://www.hawaiinaturecenter.org/about/
  • 15. Liko A'e Hawaiian Scholarships
    • The goals
      • Support Native Hawaiians students’ entry into and completion of a program of higher education 
      • Sustain the cycle of improvement among Native Hawaiians through education
    • Service Offer:  Multiple sets of grants and scholarships available to Native Hawaiian students to assist with college tuition and educational advancements.
    • Website:  https://likoae.org/scholarship_info.asp
  • 16. Kauai's Hawaiian Community Resources
  • 17. Kaua`i Museum 
    • Location:  4428 Rice Street, Lihu`e Kaua`i 96766
    •   Resources offered:
    •      -Hands on learning experiences
    •      -Art and Artifacts of Native Hawaiians
    •      -Cultural Events/Celebrations
    •      -Craft Fairs
    •      -History of Hawai`i
    •   Website: http://www.kauaimuseum.org/
  • 18. Kilauea Lighthouse
    • Location: Kilauea Point, Kaua`i
    • Resources offered:
    •      - Intact Stone Lighthouse
    •      - Bird Sanctuary
    •      - Wildlife Sanctuary
    •      - 203 acre Wildlife Refuge
    •      - Guided Tours
    •      -Hands on activities
    •      - Fundraising Gala Site
    • Website: http://www.kilauealighthouse.org/
  • 19. Achieving the Dream
    • Achieving the Dream is a multiyear national initiative to help more community college students succeed. 
    • The focus for this initiative is Native Hawaiian Students Success
    •   Website:   http://maui.hawaii.edu/inside/dream/
  • 20. Collaborative Group Practice
  • 21. Assessment
    • Self Assessment/Evaluation of Presentation
    • Check each box that applies to you and what you have just attained
    • Mahalo!