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  • 1. We are now introducing how to order a Japanese food in a restaurant.
    Smart English Group
  • 2. Waiter : Are you ready to order now, madam ?
    Guest 1 :Mmm. Not really. Could you help us a little with the
    menu. There are lots of the dishes we don’t know.
  • 3. Waiter : Certainly, madam.
    Guest 1 : What’s sushi?
    Waiter : Sushi (壽司) are bite-size rice and seafood delicacies
    wrapped in seaweed. They have a delicate, salty taste.
  • 4. Guest 1 : Interesting . What about teppanyaki. What’s in that ?
    Waiter : Ah, teppanyaki (鐵板燒) is very different. Teppanyaki
    is grilled slices of beef. Very tender.
  • 5. Guest 1 : That sounds nice. And shabu shabu? That
    sounds strange.
    Waiter : Shabu Shabu is the Japanese equivalent of a
    Singaporean “steamboat”.
    Guest 1 : I’ve never heard of that either!
  • 6. Waiter : Well, shabu shabu is like a fondu (涮牛肉) where you
    dip your own steak into boiling stock with chopsticks.
    Guest 2 : Sounds dangerous to me!
    Waiter : Mmm. Maybe.
  • 7. Guest 1 : What is sashimi?
    Waiter : Ah, sashimi (刺身) is very simple and delicious. Sashimi is slices
    of raw fish fillet that are so tender they melt in your mouth.
    Guest 2 : Raw fish? I ‘d like to try that.
  • 8. Guest 1 : And sukiyaki (壽喜燒),what’s that?
    Waiter : Er, sukiyaki is quick fried beef strips and vegetables.
    Traditionally, before you eat the pieces of beef, you dip
    them in raw egg.
  • 9. Guest 3 : I’m getting hungry!
    Guest 1 : Hang on a minute –
    one last thing.
    What’s tempura?
    Waiter : Well, tempura (天婦羅)
    is one of our most
    popular dishes with
    western visitors. First,
    we take seafood
    straight from the sea.
    Then we dip it in a very
    light batter. Finally we
    fry it very quickly at a
    very high temperature
    so that we don’t lose
    the taste of the
    seafood. Everybody
    loves tempura.
    Guest 3 : Well, you’ve told me.
    I‘ll take the tempura….