Positive mindset   top 3 percent tips how to google your mind for success
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Positive mindset top 3 percent tips how to google your mind for success






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    Positive mindset   top 3 percent tips how to google your mind for success Positive mindset top 3 percent tips how to google your mind for success Document Transcript

    • e m po we rne t wo rk.co mhttp://www.empo wernetwo rk.co m/startmassivesuccess/blo g/po sitive-mindset-to p-3-tip-ho w-to -go o gle-yo ur-mind-fo r-success/Positive Mindset – Top 3% Tip – How To Google Your Mind ForSuccessDid you know you can google your brain f or a powerf ul positive mindset mindshif t? (say T HAT ten timesf astPPMS instead of PMS!OK corny – couldn’t help itSomething we talked about tonight on the Super Women Elite Bootcamp and I just had to share it with you…how do I access that group? Click HereSomething the top 3% do.. Google your brain to ref ocus it..For Positive Mindset – Google YourBrain!!For a positive mindset … Ask the google of yourmind a question that assumes you already have yourresult… so ask.. “why am I so happy?” — your mindthen – assumes “I’m happy” and looks f or theanswers to prove it… genius!Instead of saying ” I’m happy” — which might result inthe response -”really???”Have you ever experienced that?Lets f ace it..you wouldn’t be even considering thisunless you’re struggling with NOT having a positivemindsetI was told, when in the dumps.. to look in the mirror and say positive stuf f to myself ..which I did..–I’d look in a mirror and sayI’m happy, I’m successf ul, I’m beautif ul…...and- because the whole reason I was doing it was because in the moment IDidn’t f eel that way…so .. what did my mind do?It questioned the statement!! “you’ve got to be kidding me” “really?” ..”why do you f eel crappy right now?”
    • Have you ever experienced that???So… instead of giving statements to your mind…Google your brain f or answers with the assumption that you ALREADY have the result..“Why am I happy?” “Why am I successf ul?” “Why am I inspiring?”“Why am I a great leader?” “Why am I a great parent?”…Do it right now.. compare how it f eels.Say…to yourself …“I am happy”then ASK yourself .“Why am I happy?”How did that f eel? …. pretty wild huh?and this is just the tip of the iceberg…Success starts with mindset (right thinking) and (right actions)YES– THEN you take right actions – based upon the right thinking..What right actions?Come join us… we’ll give you the simple three step system that works.If you’re tired of negative crap in your head and in your lif e… if you’re ready to transf orm yourselfpersonally and f inancially… to join the top 3%..Your powerf ul positive mindset mindshif t journey starts by clicking the button below….–try it – f eel the dif f erence – its WILD – so subtle but so powerf ul…Share below.. what positive mindset questions are YOU going to google yourmind with?opportunity.php?id=startmassivesuccess