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Set up a free accoun t an d type in th e or ph rases th at you th in k may be related tosometh in g your “buyer” mig h t b...
How to blog_and_make_money__rob_fore_secrets_revealed__step_1__karen_valerie_jampolskys_empower_netwo(1)
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How to blog_and_make_money__rob_fore_secrets_revealed__step_1__karen_valerie_jampolskys_empower_netwo(1)


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How to Blog and Make Money - Rob Fore Secrets Revealed

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How to blog_and_make_money__rob_fore_secrets_revealed__step_1__karen_valerie_jampolskys_empower_netwo(1)

  1. 1. empowernet work.comhttp://www.empowernetwork.com/startmassivesuccess/blog/how-to-blog-and-make-money-rob-fore-secrets-revealed-step-1/?id=startmassivesuccessHow to Blog and Make Money – Rob ForeSecrets Revealed – Step 1 | Karen ValerieJampolskys Empower Network Blogby Karen Valerie Jampolsky | on Jan uary 3, 2013Here is th e first in a series of sh ort videos I made revealin g some of Rob Fore’s secretsabout how to blog and make money th at I recen tly learn ed from Rob Fore ($40,000+ amon th with just on e th in g h e’s marketin g via blog g in g , with out paid advertisin g an dwith out ran kin g on th e first pag e of g oog le- th oug h h e can - h e just doesn ’t n eed to inorder to make mon ey blog g in g )I will also be in cludin g tips from David Wood an d Ch ris Record..Some you may alreadykn ow, some you may n ot- stay tun ed for th e wh ole series…also see it in written form below for all you wh o like to read an d refer backHow to Blog and Make Money First Steps…Have a Clear IntentionTh e first th in g to focus on wh en learn in g h ow to blog an d make mon ey is your in ten tion .Wh at do you wan t people to DO after readin g your blog post? Do you wan t th em to en g ag ean d opt-in to your list? Do you wan t th em to en g ag e an d buy someth in g ? Wh atever youfocus on is wh at you’ll g et an d if you focus on n oth in g ..g uess wh at you’ll g et……?What is Your T ar g et/ Who Do You Want to Read Your Blog Post?Wh en learn in g h ow to blog an d make mon ey…its REALLY importan t to n ot just blogran domly, but as Rob Fore would say, Blog ON Purpose For Profit..so wh at th e h eck doesth at mean ?It mean s – how to blog and make money in cludes blog g in g about th in g s th at th e person youwan t to buy your product would be in terested in . In stead of on ly talkin g about h ow muchmon ey you can make, th e lifestyle ben efits, th e problems solved an d all th e features of th eproduct (wh ich you CAN do) its best n ot to do th at all th at time. Th e majority of your blogposts sh ould really be about th in g s th at ENTERTAIN, EDUCATE an d ADD VALUE to th eperson wh o would be in terested in your product.How T o Blog And Make Money Free T ool – Google Keyword T oolA g reat free tool wh en learn in g how to blog and make money is g oog le keyword tool –th e best way to access it is to just g oog le — “g oog le keyword tool”(just th in k -kin d of wacky– “g oog le” is n ow a verb
  2. 2. Set up a free accoun t an d type in th e or ph rases th at you th in k may be related tosometh in g your “buyer” mig h t b e in terested in – a problem th ey may n eed solvin g th at YOUh ave th e an swer to. Th e look at th e g lobal mon th ly search es for keywords an d ph rasesth at folks use wh en search in g – you wan t at least 5000 an d best if low or mediumcompetition ..th ere is SOOOOOO much more th at I could g o in to h ere..in fo provided to ourteam..but th is is a GREAt START.aLSO..stay tun ed in future posts for a Nin ja trick th at VERY few kn ow or teach to fin dkeywords for your Nich e or to test wh eth er th e product you are in volved with h as a realmarket-are alot of people really lookin g to buy someth in g like th at?Most folks create a product th en try to market it before makin g sure th at th ere IS a marketfor it in th e first place..Better to actually fill a n eed th en try to stick a square in a roun dh ole …if you wan t to g et started asap with all th e don e for you blog g in g tools RobFore an d David Wood use, click h ereBlog About What your Learn That Relates To The ProductYou SellIf you are n ew to sellin g th e product….or even season ed..an d learn someth in g from th eproduct or h ow to use th e product th at solves a problem th at your buyer h as..blog aboutth at! …you don ’t n eed to be perfect to make mon ey blog g in g !P.S. FEEL FREE TO SHARE AND COMMENT ..let me kn ow wh at ELSE YOU’D LIKE TOLEARN AND WHAT HELPED YOU.P.P.S. Stay tun ed for n ext steps in my h ow to blog an d make mon ey series..in th emean time.if you wan t th e autopilot system I use..an d learn th ree th in g s th at make mon eyn ow on lin e everytime..click h ere. As you watch th e video, take n otes, an d after you followin struction s, let me kn ow!Th is en try was posted in Empower Network,Internet Marketing TipsTag s: chris record, David Wood, for money,how to blog and make money, make moneyonline, rob fore, work from home, work fromhome jobsAbout T he Author: Karen ValerieJampolskyHi, Valerie Jampolsky h ere (yes, I g o by my middle n ame, just like my mom). Ima sin g le mom with two amazin g twin two year old boys (for you paren ts ofmultiples out th ere!). Im h ere to in spire you to brin g out your best, your in n erBadass!..with practical easy, n in ja tips for In tern et Marketin g (I learn ed it all h ere atEmpower Network..th e train in g is amaaazin g ), h ow to create th e life you wan t so you canspen d it with th ose you love, an d h ow to build a stron g er con n ection , a better relation sh ipwith your kids (yes, train ed as a family th erapist/paren tin g coach . an d will provide tid bitson an yth in g else I fin d cool, fun or in spirin g .. Im h ere to h elp you create massive successin your fin an cial an d family life!