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David wood also explain s on pag e SEO really well h ere…bottom lin e..buy SEO Pressor foryour blog ..or g et th e bad ass...
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How to Blog and Make Money Secrets Revealed - Step 2


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How to Blog and Make Money - Secrets Revealed- On Page SEO

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How to Blog and Make Money Secrets Revealed - Step 2

  1. 1. empowernet work.comhttp://www.empowernetwork.com/startmassivesuccess/blog/how-to-blog-and-make-money-secrets-revealed-step-2/?id=startmassivesuccessHow To Blog And Make Money – SecretsRevealed – Step 2Here is th e secon d in a series of videos sh owin g secrets about how to blog and makemoney th at I recen tly learn ed from Rob Fore ($40,000+ a mon th with just on e th in g h e’smarketin g via blog g in g , with out paid advertisin g an d with out ran kin g on th e first pag e ofg oog le- th oug h h e can - h e just doesn ’t n eed to in order to make mon ey blog g in g )I will also be in cludin g tips from David Wood an d Ch ris Record..Some you may alreadykn ow, some you may n ot- stay tun ed for th e wh ole series…also see it in written form below for all you wh o like to read an d refer backHow to Blog and Make Money – On Page SEO..What the heck is On Page SEO andSEO Pressor?First, wh en learn in g how to blog and make money you’lln eed to kn ow a bit about SEO ..wh ich is Search En g in eOptomization ..wh ich just mean s h ow people fin d yourpost on lin e.Th ere is On Pag e SEO an d Off pag e SEO (wh ich I’lltalk about later in th e series). On Pag e SEO (wh ich cantake about five min utes with SEO Pressor or a blogth at already h as SEO Pressor built in ) is just wh at youn eed to do ON your blog post itself so th at your blog post is foun d wh en people search forit.After you’ve ch osen your keyword or keyword ph rase th at you will base your post on (seemy prev post in th is series for more in fo), an d after you write your post..just en ter yourkeyword in to th e SEO Pressor box on th e top rig h t of your Empower blog an d h it savedraft. SEO Pressor will th en tell you wh at you still n eed to do to in crease your on pag e SEOscore. Its THAT simple!Th ere’s ton s to kn ow about SEO..but th e lazy-easy version is wh at I’m talkin g about.. I’mNOT real g ood tech n ically an d it works for me.an d for .David Wood (wh o also is n ottech n o savvy) an d th ousan ds of oth ers.–some examples are wh ere your keyword must appear, do you h ave en oug h keywords inyour post? 1-2% den sity is best of ONE keyword.500-600 word blog post is a g ood ran g e.
  2. 2. David wood also explain s on pag e SEO really well h ere…bottom lin e..buy SEO Pressor foryour blog ..or g et th e bad ass automated blog system th at I h ave with all th e bells an dwh istles, in cludin g SEO Pressor h ere for on ly $25.How to Blog and Make Money – Other AutomationWh en learn in g h ow to blog an d make mon ey- if you’re really lazy – you can simply h iresomeon e to write your posts an d do th e on pag e SEO for you, even do th e off pag e SEO–fiverr.com, odesk.com to n ame a few ..or even train a colleg e kid to do it – g reat g ig for anIn tern too. Outsourcin g is also covered in Empower Network train in g ..I’ll be coverin g later in th e series a couple tips on h ow to blog an d make mon ey even if youdon ”t h ave first pag e on g oog le…even th oug h if you follow our tips..you can g et it…sobasically icin g on th e cake!…man y more tips in th e Empower Network train in g ..but its ag reat start!P.S. FEEL FREE TO SHARE AND COMMENT ..let me know whatELSE YOU’D LIKE TO LEARN AND WHAT HELPED YOU.P.P.S. Stay tun ed for n ext steps in my h ow to blog an d make mon ey series..in th emean time.if you wan t th e autopilot system I use..an d learn th ree th in g s th at make mon eyn ow on lin e everytime..click h ere. As you watch th e video, take n otes, an d after you followin struction s, let me kn ow!About T he Author: Karen ValerieJampolskyHi, Valerie Jampolsky h ere (yes, I g o by mymiddle n ame, just like my mom). Im a sin g le momwith two amazin g twin two year old boys (for youparen ts of multiples out th ere!). Im h ere toin spire you to brin g out your best, your in n er Badass!..with practical easy,n in ja tips for In tern et Marketin g (I learn ed it all h ere at EmpowerNetwork..th e train in g is amaaazin g ), h ow to create th e life you wan t so you canspen d it with th ose you love, an d h ow to build a stron g er con n ection , a betterrelation sh ip with your kids (yes, train ed as a family th erapist/paren tin gcoach . an d will provide tid bits on an yth in g else I fin d cool, fun or in spirin g ..Im h ere to h elp you create massive success in your fin an cial an d family life!