How To Blog and Make Money - Hypnotic Language - Step 3


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How to Blog and Make Money- Hypnotic Language

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How To Blog and Make Money - Hypnotic Language - Step 3

  1. 1. e m po we rne t wo m http://www.empo wernetwo m/startmassivesuccess/blo g/ho w-to -blo g-and-make-mo ney-step-3/How to Blog and Make Money – Step 3Hey all, welcome back to step 3 in the series How to Blog and Make Money … tips f rom Rob Fore($40,000+ per month using f ree methods) and David Wood ($300,000+ per month) (see income disclosure).Make sure to check out Step One- how to blog on purpose f or prof it, step 2 – on page SEO, f or step 3…here we go…I will also be including tips f rom David Wood and Chris Record..Some you may already know, some you maynot- stay tuned f or the whole series…see it in written f orm below f or all you who like to read and ref er backI will also be including tips f rom David Wood and Chris Record..Some you may already know, some you maynot- stay tuned f or the whole series…How To Blog and Make Money – Step 3 More TipsHave a Blockbuster First SentenceSo.. One easy tip when learning is to have a f irst sentence that catches attention or at least let’s you knowyou’re in the right place..what to expect.T hink of a blockbuster movie – they always start with a f irst catchy sequence to catch your attention andgive you an idea what to expect.. T hink of James Bond movies – or even the f irst scene f rom Toy Story 2and Toy Story 3…Have a Call To to blog and make money also requires a call to action.What the heck is that? T hat’s guiding people to what you want them to do.Leave a comment, like and share.Direct and indirect instructions, f or me–the best way to explain is to show… To learn the simple three step formula so that you can F-I-N-A-L-L-Y get away from the computer and that job that you hate listening to your boss nagging about this or that , after you click here and put in your email address, and click submit, and watch the video,… you’ll notice getting excited when you see how your life is going to change with this autopilot system, When you decide to join, you can connect with our team, and get our bonus trainings and support
  2. 2. If you decide not to join us, not to start making GREAT money blogging with our turnkey system, that’s OK…you just may not get the lifestyle you want for you and your family as fast as you want…or at all.Some examples from David Wood After you read this, you’ll immediately feel more confident in your ability to get others to take action… After you put your name and email in the form, you’ll see a video that will immediately give you power to get money like politicians do… During the video that you’ll see when you hit the button that says “Get Instant Access” you’ll notice that you are drawn in to my words… As your bank account starts filling up with direct, 100% commissions, you’ll laugh at how easy it really was… Before you decide to join, you’ll notice that you always get a certain kind of feeling, and maybe you’re even feeling it now…I’ll be covering later in the series a couple tips on how to blog and make money even if you don”t have f irstpage on google…even though if you f ollow our can get it…so basically icing on the cake!…manymore tips in the our training..but its a great start!P.S. FEEL FREE TO SHARE AND COMMENT ..let me know what ELSE YOU’D LIKETO LEARN AND WHAT HELPED YOU.P.P.S. Stay tuned f or next steps in my how to blog and make money series..…in the meantime…if you want to F-I-N-A-L-L-Y be in a position f inancially to go out and spend time withyour f amily and f riends the way you REALLY want to …… and learn the three things that make money now online everytime, with part time ef f ort, without picking upthe phone, without here…as you watch the FREE video, take notes, and af ter you f ollowinstructions, let me know!About The Aut hor: Karen Valerie JampolskyHi, Valerie Jampolsky here (yes, I go by my middle name,just like my mom). Im a single mom with two amazing twintwo year old boys (f or you parents of multiples out there!).Im here to inspire you to bring out your best, your innerBadass!..with practical easy, ninja tips f or InternetMarketing (I learned it all here at Empower Network..the training is amaaazing), how to createthe lif e you want so you can spend it with those you love, and how to build a strongerconnection, a better relationship with your kids (yes, trained as a f amily therapist/parentingcoach. and will provide tid bits on anything else I f ind cool, f un or inspiring.. Im here to helpyou create massive success in your f inancial and f amily lif e!