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Highest paying affiliate programs   with residuals - are you worth it
Highest paying affiliate programs   with residuals - are you worth it
Highest paying affiliate programs   with residuals - are you worth it
Highest paying affiliate programs   with residuals - are you worth it
Highest paying affiliate programs   with residuals - are you worth it
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Highest paying affiliate programs with residuals - are you worth it


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$100,000 a year extra part time? $100,000 a moonth! some are doing to find the highest paying affiliate programs

$100,000 a year extra part time? $100,000 a moonth! some are doing to find the highest paying affiliate programs

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  • 1. e m po we rne t wo mhttp://www.empo wernetwo m/startmassivesuccess/blo g/highest-paying-affiliate-pro grams-are-yo u-wo rth-it/?id=startmassivesuccessHighest Paying Affiliate Programs – Are You Worth It?Karen Valerie Jampo lskyClick Here f or the Link Lawrence Talks about in the hangout -not sure how much longer it will be availableWhich companies have the highest paying af f iliate programs?If you’re going to give Internet marketing a chance you might as well look into the highest paying affiliateprograms.T here is some serious money to be made by promoting other people’s products.In f act, there are programs that you can pretty much white label that pay out 100% commissions.T hen again, one of the largest af f iliate programs pays out only about 6%…Obviously a list of the highest paying af f iliate programs is devised using f act and not opinion. T his list wascreated by checking out the Clickbank numbers.Under each af f iliate program name and description, you f ind the most important numbers: commissionpercentage, average sale, and gravity. BUt what the heck is “Gravity’?“Gravit y” – Single Out t he Highest Paying Af f iliat e ProgramsClickbank defines its Gravity Index as:Gravity: Number of distinct af f iliates who earned a commission by ref erring a paying customer to thevendor’s products. T his is a weighted sum and not an actual total. For each af f iliate paid in the last 8 weekswe add an amount between 0.1 and 1.0 to the total. T he more recent the last ref erral, the higher the valueadded.In some sense, this gravity index f igure is used to gauge the current temperature of af f iliate programs. Ahigh gravity index pretty much means that product is hot. A little word of warning though, a high gravity indexcan also mean that there is a considerable amount of competition in that specif ic market.T hat last tidbit wasn’t meant to conf use or scare you. As ageneral rule, the higher the gravity index- the more prominentan af f iliate program is. Just be sure to consider the numbersas I review the highest paying affiliate programs.Highest Paying Af f iliate Programs OnlineInstant Autopilot Profits
  • 2. Instant Autopilot Prof its is an online traf f ic generation system created by George Brown. T his program f irsthit the market back in October of 2009. T his af f iliate program is commonly ref erred to as “T he $4 MillionMonster”.So why is this considered to be one of the highest paying af f iliate programs? Let’s check some numbers. Commission: 60% Average Sale: $75.15 Gravity: 326.43Dat ing Advice f or Men—The Tao of BadassWell, this is an interesting af f iliate program…T his program claims to have the exact blueprint f or instant attraction in the dating world. Great f ormarketing to people looking f or love or…Now back to the numbers… Commission: 75% Average Sale: $58.48 Gravity: 333.37Get Ripped Abs wit h Mike GearyIf you buy this product you have access to Mike Geary’s ab ripping system. T he system includes bothinstructional workouts as well as dieting guidelines. Commission: 75% Average Sale: $18.48 Gravity: 278.86The Magic of Making Up- Get Your Ex Back“T he Magic of Making Up” claims to help you get your f ormer signif icant other back by of f ering advice.T he f olks behind “T he Magic of Making up” claim there is a desperate/hungry crowd that will lead to tons ofeasy sales. Commission: 75% Average Sale: $24.08 Gravity: 215.11Peoplesearchaf f iliat es.comT his af f iliate program allows you to take a phone number and do a reverse look-up. T his search claims toprovide the caller’s name and address and works f or cellphones, landlines, and unlisted numbers.Peoplesearchaf f, or Reverse Phone Lookup f or Cellphones, has been the most prof itableprogram of it’s kind f or years; … probably why it’s one of the highest paying af f iliate programs. Commission: 75%
  • 3. Average Sale: $15.31 Gravity: 250.13The Fat Loss Fact orT his af f iliate program claims to have the highest conversion rate of all Clickbank af f iliate products. “T he FatLoss Factor” claims to show you exactly how to lose 20 pounds and get a f latter stomach f ast. Especiallyaf ter the holidays – in the new Year with resolutions – probably a large market f or this.-One of the highest paying ClickBank commissions.. Commission: 75% Average Sale: $44.02 Gravity: 331.47Get Cash f or SurveysT his af f iliate program only requires a simple explanation. T his program of f ers you a chance to earn moneyby just f illing out surveys. “Get Cash f or Surveys” is aimed at the market of people who want to work f romhome. Commission: 75% Average Sale: 24.81 Gravity: 220.22The Muscle MaximizerT his program includes inf ormation on how to work out and nutritional inf ormation as well. T he health andwellness industry is one of the f astest growing in the world. But what are the numbers? Commission: 75% Average Sale: $45.95 Gravity: 211.68Blogging wit h John ChowT his is a viral blogging system designed by…John Chow. Any af f iliate program that promises to make peoplemoney is obviously going to draw some interest. T his product is obviously aimed at those interested inhome-based businesses as well. It’s not the only one of it’s kind out there, and its not the completepackage. Commission: 50% Average Sale: $22.20 Gravity: 191Highest Paying Af f iliate Programs: Amazon?–do do do daaa..Average Commission: 6%
  • 4. In other words, you’d have to sell A LOT of products to make a decentamount.Want to know what I recommend as the Highest Paying Af f iliate Program ?Af ter looking at each of these highest paying af f iliate programs, its clear I’m sitting on something REALLYspecial here.What I Recommend – Highest Paying Af f iliate Program:My business partner Lawrence Tam has been building f or over a year and I just want to show you someNUMBERs…. Commission: 100% Entry Level Sale: $25.00 Avg Earnings Over 1 Year: $918.28 Gravity: N/A (not on clickbank)so that means… f or ever $25.00 sales he generally make $918.28 f rom that person in a 1 year time span.T he reason I had to include “time” is due to this program having a residual monthly income payout…. somembers are worth MORE over time. So with that math…. the commission percentage of Sell $25, Earn $918.28 = 3,673% commission*income disclosure – these are Lawrence Tam’s personal results and not an avg like the other numbersabove f rom other products.So when I say… “I KNOW” what the highest paying af f iliate programs are… what I’m really saying is I knowwhat is T HE highest paying af f iliate program is….What I found … and it does more than 100% Commissions…. Click the button below. P.S. If you want to access the f ree webinar (while stillavailable) Lawrence talks about in the Highest PayingAf f iliate Programs hangout regarding how to make $1000-$3000 a day part time online click hereP.P.S. As a reminder..Last month over had over 80 peoplemaking $100,000 and we’re on pace to 100 people –someof them making $100,000 plus a month – will you be one of them?Even if you have a good paying job like an attorney or “extra” $100,000 or more a year (made parttime online) can give you options.I know, as an attorney– it appeals to also appeals to me the ability to make $100,000 or more a monthf or part time ef f ort online – no this does not involve parties or hitting up your f riends and f amily …click heref or more inf o (income disclosure- updated every 24 hours..see the link at bottom of this page)…we can’tpredict if you will take,,,highest paying af f iliate’s the highest the buttonbelow