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Empowernetwork.com joe-flacco-drops-f-bomb-on-national-television-after-winning-super-bowl--parents--what-do-you-think Empowernetwork.com joe-flacco-drops-f-bomb-on-national-television-after-winning-super-bowl--parents--what-do-you-think Document Transcript

  • e m po we rne t wo rk.co mhttp://www.empo wernetwo rk.co m/startmassivesuccess/blo g/jo e-flacco -dro ps-f-bo mb-o n-natio nal-televisio n-after-winning-super-bo wl-parents-what-do -yo u-think/Joe Flacco Drops F-Bomb On National Television AfterWinning Super Bowl – Parents – What Do You Think?Karen Valerie Jampo lskyby Karen Valerie Jampolsky | on February 4, 2013Joe Flacco Drops F-Bomb On National Television Af ter Winning Super Bowl –As Parent – What Do You Think?So Joe Flacco drops F-Bomb af ter winning the Super Bowl. T he Parents Television Council is alreadypushing f or FCC sanctions on CBS. I’m a parent of twin 3 year olds. I doubt they picked it up. But if theywere older…would I care? Do YOU care?What would YOU say if you just won t he Super Bowl? Would you be perf ect ? If Joe FlaccoDrops F-Bomb Does That Mean He Doesn’t Deserve MVP?I have to say..whether you are religious or not…I can completely understand in the excitement of thatmoment what Joe Flacco drops f-bomb. Now I might upset some of you..but the word wasn’t used inanger..or to hurt anyone..he was expressing joy – pure joy – and sometimes..that’s what expresses it best ”“F”ing Awsome” is actually what he said. T hat’s how Joe Flacco Drops F-Bomb. I know there are religiosuf olks that say to themselves..no matter what..they would never use “that” word..but alot of people do..andyou may judge that Joe Flacco drops f -bomb..but Joe Flacco may not have your religion. In some religions,there is nothing wrong with cussing..all that matters is how you actually treat people and think about them.
  • Do f ootball players now need to only abide by certain religions?Does CBS need to only abide by certain religions? If Joe Flacco drops f -bomb of joy, to express joy af teran amazing personal and team success…should that be sanctioned?If YOU just f ound out YOU Achieved a Lif elong Dream …or If YOU Just Won theSuperbowl – What Would You Say? Comment Below – Also – If You Have ADif f erent Opinion – Comment Below – I SUPPORT FREEDOM OF SPEECH – AndThank you f or sharing!P.S. If you want to know how talking about Joe Flacco drops F-Bomb and anything else that interests youcan make you so much money that YOU express your lif e in pure joy – the way YOU want…click here or thebutton beckoning button belowT his entry was posted in Empower Network, Sports, ViralBloggingTags: JOE FLACCO DROPS F-BOMB, MVP F-BOMB,PARENTS TELEVISION COUNCIL F-BOMB, SUPERBOWLF-BOMB« Previous PostAbout The Aut hor: Karen Valerie JampolskyHi, Valerie Jampolsky here (yes, I go by my middle name, just like my mom). Im a single momwith two amazing twin two year old boys (f or you parents of multiples out there!). Im here toinspire you to bring out your best, your inner Badass!..with practical easy, ninja tips f orInternet Marketing (I learned it all here at Empower Network..the training is amaaazing), how tocreate the lif e you want so you can spend it with those you love, and how to build a stronger connection, abetter relationship with your kids (yes, trained as a f amily therapist/parenting coach. and will provide tid bitson anything else I f ind cool, f un or inspiring.. Im here to help you create massive success in your f inancialand f amily lif e!