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Wine And Social Media
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Wine And Social Media


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Published in: Business

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  • Also mention Murphy Goode wine blogger contest and Rick Bakas
  • Get Engaged: Share interesting and relevant topics. Write a blog post in response to someone else. Leave a comment on a blog. Other influential blogs: (Gary Vaynerchuk) out to influential bloggers by sending them samples, pr news and engage on posts. Wineries can strengthen their brand awareness by having these people blog about their products. Wineries can also collect direct feedback to recognize trends. Social media research can also assist with monitoring your competitors.
  • Sonoma and Napa Valley lead.Barefoot Wine & Bubbly – most fans on facebook (20,144)Facebook – communication channel for:Customers (fans): sharing favorite wines, questions on locations, tasting events and etc.Winery: information on upcoming events, virtual tasting, wine contests, PR articles and answers to distribution locations, etc.Excel on Facebook by:Participating more with fans’ posts/discussionsOffering informative Wine reviewsOffering exclusive discountsSetup rewards for:Wine reviews contestVoting for favorite winesGenerate more discussions:Share wine pairing info: food, sauces, snacks and etc.Engage with feedback on distribution locationsIdentify hot topics/trends; post questionsPost wine recipes/cocktailsMention any green methods of making winesPhotos/Videos should be used more for:Virtual tasting eventsWine clubs’ activities (charity, etc.)Wine-making processes
  • Lots of questions about where to buy their wines!!
  • Duplin Winery has 7,328 fans.They engage on wall by posting:Event invitationsNew winesThank you’s to fans Distribution infoPR articles
  • *stats pulled from on 1/11/10
  • Talking points ideas: Wine Tasting: “an event that unites a geographically dispersed community (scattered all over the country/globe) of wine lovers to taste wine & share/post/twitter their individual thoughts on website/blog/forum.”
  • Influential website for wineries to promote their online wine tasting events
  • Youtube is an effective channel to show wineries’ personality. This is especially important for those wineries that offer tour packages.
  • “Pairing food with wines” videos are a good way to increase # of viewsWineries should create theirown youtubechannel to market new products and events. Also, monitor comments to gain direct feedback. Engage to increase positive sentiment.
  • Date range: 12/1/09 – 12/31/09
  • Social media wine community is very active.
  • Females are mentioning more cooking related topics with wine than men.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Wine And Social Media
      The hottest new pairing
      An industry analysis from Lift9
      Image:T in DC
    • 2. An experiential product
      Considered to be the most social of beverages, social media takes the wine drinking experience to a whole new level.
      Image: AI404
    • 3. A year ago
      • When we thought of social media and wine, we thought of GaryVee.
      It’s a little different now...
    • 4. Today, it’s a whole new world
      Image: Omar-G
    • 5. Let’s blog about it
      1,290 U.S. Wine blogs 586 U.S. Wineries have blogs
      California and Oregon have the most winery blogs
      Influential wine blog:
      1wine Dude blog traffic
      24 blog posts just in December with 366 comments
      Ranked number 1 on Postrank for social engagement
    • 6. CA Wineries on Facebook
      230 wineries in CA have a Facebook page
      703 average number of fans
      Barefoot Wine & Bubbly has over 20,000 fans
    • 7. Facebook: Examples of Winery Engagements
    • 8. What are they doing on Facebook?
      Note: Results from 12/13/2009 – 1/13/2010
    • 9. What are fans saying?
      Note: results from 12/13/2009 – 1/13/2010
    • 10. Best practices: Duplin Winery
      Communicate and receive direct feedback from fans
    • 11. Best practices: WollersheimWinery
      Sharing your wine-making process and methods is a good way to get people talking about your wines
       Peak interest by sharing pictures and updating your fans on process.
    • 12. Best practices: Murphy-Goode Winery
      Share experiences and give wine pairing tips.
      • Catch consumers’ interests and curiosity
      • 13. Create more demand for Zinfandel wine
    • Interesting Twitter Trends
      • 123 Wineries have Twitter accounts
      • 14. 56,027 Tweets by wineries
      • 15. 1,352 Ave. # of followers
      #Winewednesday: Twitter weekly event -Twitter wine community sharing wine recommendations and information.
    • 16. Virtual Wine Tasting Events
      • 8,429 Tasting Events in total
      • 17. 205 in December 09
      • 18. 27 Virtual Tasting Events
      • 919 Tasting Events in total
      • 19. 68 in Jan 2010
      • 20. 23 Virtual Tasting Events
    • Virtual Wine Tasting:
      97 Total mentions
      • TasteLive! - Online wine and beer tasting community- using social media tools -Twitter, Facebook, Blog to “create a community that brings together consumers, bloggers, press, suppliers, brewers and winemakers across the world together to share in their favorite beverage”
      • 21. 5 virtual wine tasting events on Dec 2010
    • What’s happening on Youtube?
      Uploaded “wine” videos
      (12/1/2009 – 12/31/2009)
      Winery channels
    • 22. Example Winery channel:
      Top Video
      Content: “A Man fishes for Black Drum and puts together an awesome dish with his catch, paired with Firestone 2007 Riesling!   “
      Total views: 1,229
      Total channel views: 11,595
      Total uploads: 29
      Total upload views: 23,970
      Joined: June 24, 2009
      Pos:“It makes my mouth water!!!!! The Black Drum and the Firestone 2007 Riesling - YUMMY! Way to go Jay!”
    • 23. 5 Popular Grapes Discussed in December
    • 24. Why is there such a jump in the number of Chardonnay conversations at the end of the month?
    • 25. Wine & Holidays
      *keyword cloud from 12/28 to 12/31
      25% of conversations talked about choosing Chardonnay for New Year’s.
      Only 18% talked about drinking Chardonnay on Christmas Eve.
      Whereas, 27% talked about Merlot for Christmas Eve
    • 26. Where are the conversations happening?
      Top States:
      New York: 7,006 results (29%)
      California: 2,270 results(9%)
      Washington: 567 results (2%)
      Top 100 authors show an average of 17 posts per month
    • 27. Men are posting more about wine than women
      * Men talk about (in order): Chardonnay-Pinot-Merlot-Cabernet-Zinfandel
      * Women talk about (in order): Chardonnay-Merlot-Pinot-Zinfandel-Cabernet
    • 28. Top states for wine conversations
      Different States emphasize different grapes
      (in order)
      New York: Chardonnay-Merlot-Cabernet-Pinot-Zinfandel
      Cali: Chardonnay-Merlot-Pinot-Zinfandel-Cabernet
      Washington: Zinfandel-Cabernet-Chardonnay-Merlot-Pinot
    • 29. Regional Conversations differ…
      Chardonnay in California
      • Many Californians talk about pairing Chardonnay with various foods:
      “Enjoying some pre-dinner snacks at in-laws in Phoenix with some #RodneyStrong Chardonnay and Brie #cheese: an excellent combination”
      “Crisp Salmon with Citrus Avocado Salad…And who knew that this dish was a spot on pairing with a lemon creamy California Chardonnay?”
      Zinfandel in Washington
      • When Washingtonians talk about Zinfandel, they usually also mention cooking related topics:
      “Home made chili served with a green salad and corn bread paired with Zinfandel”
      • They are also mentioning/comparing with Syrah:
      “Zinfandel is actually a much lighter varietal than Syrah”
      Merlot in New York
      • When talking about Merlot, New Yorkers often compare with Cabernet:
      “try cabernet or merlot if u like red wine. They r smooth.”
      “@strangerdaze13 @scoslow is quite buzzed. In my research merlot should only be stored 4 years. So this red is a bit biting-less flavorful.”
    • 30. New Media Influencers
      Social media is now the top activity on the web, even overtaking porn.
      New Media
      78% of consumers trusts their peers
      • much more than companies or ads
      The top 20 wine bloggers in aggregate have a larger audience than the Wine Spectator online.
      34% of bloggers post opinions about products and brands
      54% blog or tweet daily
    • 31. Thank you
      For more information
      please contact:
      Warren Sukernek