New users guide to setting up wood r4
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New users guide to setting up wood r4



New users guide to setting up wood r4

New users guide to setting up wood r4



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New users guide to setting up wood r4 New users guide to setting up wood r4 Document Transcript

  • users guide to setting up Wood R4(Updated as of Wood R4 1.15)(Before anyone asks, yes Wood R4 works with Pokemon Black/ White)Wood R4 by the yellow.wood.goblin will give your R4 the look and feelof an Acekard, but at less than half the cost. Game compatibility isvery good, over 99% games work clean without the need for patching.Contents1. Buying an R42. Extracting from Archives.3. Setting up your MicroSD card.4. Installing Wood R45. Introduction to the Wood R4 Graphical User Interface6. Putting games onto your MicroSD card.7. Favorites8. Saves9. Cheats.10. Soft Reset.11. Installing Skins.12. LinksStep 1. Buying an R4The R4 has been out of production for sometime due to Nintendofilling a lawsuit against the original R4 Team. Because of thisalmost every R4 you see for sale today is a clone. The problem isthat while many call themselves R4s, many are infact clones of theAcekard, EZVI or DSTT and not the original R4. Officially Wood R4only works on the Original R4, or 1:1 clones of the original R4. The1:1 clones are almost impossible to identify, they are to the samespecification and use exactly the same components as the original R4.You can identify which clones are of the original R4 from the websiteaddress on the R4 packaging:
  • clones which work have, their website and look like this:The original R4 and its clones are limited to using MicroSD cardswith a maximum capacity of 2GB, MicroSDHC cards are not supported. Ifyou want to use MicroSDHC cards, you should consider purchasing anAcekard instead. dwtechz have the Acekard 2i for $15.50 with freeshipping, and Acekard 2.1. These R4s will also only work on the DSPhat or DS Lite, they will not work on a DSi or DSi XL. There arepeople such as Xenon++ who are working on getting R4-SDHC cards towork with Wood R4, their thread is Here. The thread for WAIO is herewhich is the Wood GUI adapted to work on other carts. I will not becovering WAIO in this guide, it doesnt interest me.Currently the best place to purchase an R4 from is Theyguarentee the R4 they supply will be compatible with Wood R4. It alsocomes with a MicroSD card reader, carry case and a strap. This can bedelivered to your door with free shipping, which is less than theprice of almost any DS game.
  • 2. Extracting from Archives.Most DS games/ software along with Wood R4 are compressed into asingle file to reduce their size and to make it easier to transferover the internet. These files will normally have the .7z/ .rar/ .zipfile extensions. You will need to install an application touncompress these files, you can use 7zip or WinRar .Once installed both should give you a new context menu. Rightclicking on an archive (.7z/ .rar/ .zip) will give you to theoptions, "Extract Here", "Extract files..." and "Extract to Directory[archive name].Select the archive you wish to extract, then right click, and selectExtract Files. Select the destination to extract to and click ok. Youcan select multiple archives by holding down the Ctrl key on yourkeyboard and left clicking on the archives.
  • • Directory: This is another term for Folder. • Root directory: This is what you will see if you double click on your MicroSD card in Windows Explorer. The root directory is just a single and is the first directory on the card. For example if your MicroSD card is F: its root directory is F:Step 3. Setting up your MicroSD card.Most computer operating systems dont format MicroSD cards to the SDCard Associations standards, this can cause problems later on. Toavoid this problem, use the official SD Association Formatter whichcan be downloaded from Here. You wont be able to select the blocksize or file system, as the SD formatter automatically selects thosebased on your MicroSD card and the SD Card Associations standards. • This was previously known as the Panasonic SD Formatter, but has now been adopted by the SD Card Association as their ownWhen you want to remove your MicroSD card from your computer, itsimportant you goto My Computer, right click on your MicroSD cardand select Eject. This can prevent data corruption.
  • can give your MicroSD card a custom Wood R4 icon when insertedinto a PC, this allows you to easily identify your R4s MicroSD card.This is optional and isnt required to use your R4.To download click on each image, and extract the downloaded archiveto the root directory on your MicroSD card.
  • can change the MicroSD drive name by opening autorun.inf andediting "Wood R4" on the second line.Icons for other flashcarts can be found in This thread along with anicon for the original r4 by Twiz.Step 4. Installing Wood R4You can setup Wood R4 to be your R4s main OSMenu, or if you alreadyhave your R4 setup with the R4 official OSMenu/ YSMENU you can setupWood R4 as a secondary OSMenu. • OSMenu: This is your R4s Operating system, and is stored on the MicroSD card. Many people refer to this as firmware, which it isnt.To install Wood R4 as your main OSMenu (recommended):Download the lastest version of Wood R4 from Here (which is currently1.15). Extract this to a folder, once extracted double left-click onthis folder. You should now see a folder called "Wood R4 v1.15",double left-click on "Wood R4 v1.15". You should now see a foldernamed _rpg, a file called _DS_MENU.DAT and two text files:changelog.txt and readme.for.r4.users.txt. The two text files containinformation revelant to this release, you should consider readingthem before installing although it isnt necessary. Select_DS_MENU.DAT + __rpg and copy them to the root directory of your
  • card.Your MicroSD card should now look like:The file _DS_MENU.DAT is Wood R4, and __RPG contains files used byWood R4, so dont delete them. The autorun.inf and icon file will beonly be present if you installed an icon as above.If you have Auto Mode enabled in your DSs system menu, your DSwill automatically load Wood R4 when powered on if the R4 isinserted. You will however still get the Health and Safety screen onpower up, but you wont need to press (A) or tap the screen when itappears.You can hide the __rpg folder so its wont appear in Wood. To dothis right click on __rpg, select properties, put a tick in thehidden box and click ok.
  • you later want to view the __rpg folder to add skins or cheatsdatabases, you can do this put adding __rpg to the Micro SD driverletter address in Windows ExplorerUnless you want to install Wood R4 as a secondary OSMenu,you should now go to Step 5.
  • install Wood R4 as a secondary OSMenu:If you already have your R4 setup with another Operating Software,you can setup Wood R4 up as a secondary operating software. Wood R4will peacefully coexist with both the Official R4 software and YSMenuon the same MicroSD card, you can download the last version of theofficial R4 software (v1.18) from Here. To set Wood R4 up as asecondary operating software, create a directory called WoodR4 andextract the downloaded Wood R4 archive to this directory. Downloadand extract R4CRYPT to this same directory. Now Copy R4CRYPT.EXE intothe wood_r4_v1.XX directory. Hold down shift key and right click onthe wood_r4_v1.XX directory and select "Open command window here".In the black box that pops up type "r4crypt.exe -d _DS_MENU.DATWOODR4.NDS" and press enter.
  • the wood_r4_v1.XX directory, delete _DS_MENU.DAT andr4crypt.exe, now copy the entire contents of the directory to yourMicroSD card.Alternatively a premade Wood R4 v1.15 as secondary Operating Softwarecan be downloaded from Here or HereStep 5. Introduction to the Wood R4 Graphical UserInterface • The (Up) button will select the ROM or Folder above. • The (Down) button will select the ROM or Folder below. • The (Right) button will select the page of ROMs/ Folders to the right. • The (Left) button will select the page of ROMs/ Folders to the left. • The (Y) button will bring up the properties for the selected file or Folder. • The (A) button will load a game, open a folder, or confirm within dialog boxes. • The (X) button will go to the favorites folder. • The (B) button will go up a directory, or Cancel within dialog boxes. • The (L. Trigger) functions as Shift button while in the file browser or use to navigate through settings pages. o Shift + (Select) Will display all files within the file browser. Press again to go back to the previous setting. o Shift + (Y) Will display Settings. This is the same as selecting Settings from the Start Menu o Shift + (X) Will display Cheats. This is the same as selecting a ROM, Pressing (Y) and pressing (X). This will only work if there are cheats for this game in the cheat database you have installed. • The (R. Trigger) button will change the backlight brightness, or use to navigate through settings pages. • The (Select) Button will change the file browser listing layout. Modern: Filenames + Icons, 4 displayed per page >> Internal: ROM name as taken from the ROM header + Icons, 4 displayed per page >> Old School: Filenames with no icons, 10 displayed per page • The (Start) button will bring up the Wood R4 Start menu.
  • Read Only Memory. This is the memory inside a retailcartridge, People use ROM to refer to the image dumped from acartridge.Start Menu • Copy -> Will copy the highlighted file, you will have to navigate to the destination directory, press start again and then paste to complete the copy operation. • Cut -> Will move a file, you will have to navigate to the destination directory, press start again and then paste to complete the move operation. • Delete -> will delete the highlighted file. • Paste -> Will copy the file previous selected by the copy/ cut option to this folder. • Settings -> Will show the System settings. The L and R buttons will change which settings page is displayed. • Help -> Quick button reference, along with the Wood R4 version you are using. • File Info -> Displays the properties for the hightlighted item. Its the same as selecting a ROM/ folder and pressing (Y). • Tools -> Allows you to change the 3in1 expansion settings (if installed).File Information
  • Information -> Cheats • A square outlined box indicates a tree list, pressing (A) on the box will expand or collapse the branch. • Pressing (A) will enable or disable the selected cheat. A small filled square box indicates this cheat is enabled. • More (Y) -> Display the key combination to activate highlighted cheat. • Generate (X) -> Create the CC file for the selected cheats.SettingsUsing the L and R trigger will change which settings page isdisplayed. Compatibilty >> FeaturesFile Information > Settings > Compatibilty
  • • Select a save type -> Different games use different size save files. This will allow you to choose the save size for the game, this should normally be set to auto unless you are having issues with a particular games saving. • Link with GBA -> Used with the 3in1 expansion pack. • Rumble strength -> Used with the 3in1 expansion pack.Pressing (Y) will allow you to copy your save to another file. Thesource save will be whatever save slot is selected under Features.File Information > Settings > Features • Cheat in Game (AR) -> Enables or Disables cheats only on this game. Global means it will use the setting from the patches menu. AR stands for action replay, which are the same cheat codes R4 Wood uses.
  • • Reset in Game -> Enables or Disables Soft Reset only on this game. Global means it will use the setting from the patches menu • Choose Save Slot -> Wood R4 allows you to have upto 4 save files for each game, this selects which one to use. The first (default) will have the nds.sav file extension, the second will have nds.1.sav , the third nds.2.sav and the 4th nds.3.sav • Show icon -> Control how Wood R4 displays the game icon.SettingsUsing the L and R trigger will change which settings page isdisplayed: System Settings >> Interface Settings >> File SystemSettings >> Patches >> GBA settingsStart Menu > Settings > System Settings • User Interface style -> This is your Skin selection.
  • • Language -> Interface language. • Set file list type (NDS/NDS+SAV/ALL) -> Control which file types are displayed in Wood R4s file browser.You can hold down the (select) button and press the (L. Trigger) toquicklly switch between displaying all files, and the setting in Setfile list type. For this reason you should have Set file list typeset to NDS or NDS+SAV.Interface Settings • Scrolling Speed -> Changes the scrolling speed in Wood R4s File browser. • Filelist Style -> Will change the file browser listing layout. Modern: Filenames + Icons, 4 displayed per page >> Internal: ROM name as taken from the ROM header + Icons, 4 displayed per page >> Old School: Filenames with no icons, 10 displayed per page>> Filenames (10 per page). The is the same as pressing the (select) button while in the file browser. • Animation -> Changes wether or not the icon of the highlighted file/ folder is animated in the file browser (The icon will shrink/ expand)Start Menu > Settings > File system settings
  • • Show hidden files -> Controls wether or not hidden files/ folders are displayed in the file browser. Files can be hidden by inserting the MicroSD card into a PC. From Within windows explorer right click on the file/ folder and select properties, put a tick in the hidden box and select ok. • Trim rom when copy -> Controls wether or not Wood R4 will trim the padded space from a file when copying/ pasting. Its easier to trim these using a an external application like NDStokyotrim.Start Menu > Settings > Patches • Cheat in Game(AR) -> globally enables cheats, AR = Action replay. • Reset in Game -> globally enables Soft Reset, pressing the (A) + (B) + (L) + (R) + (Down) buttons within a game/ application will take you back to the Wood R4 file browser.
  • Menu > Settings > GBA settings • universal Sleep -> Requires a 3in1 expansion cart. • Backup save at startup -> Requires a 3in1 expansion cart. • Slot-2 mode -> Requires a 3in1 expansion cart.Step 6. Putting games onto your MicroSD card.Normally you should use clean ROMs, Wood will already include loadersto circumvent any Anti Piracy methods present in all games presentbefore the release of the version you are using. If you use a patchedROM, it will mean this will be applied twice, once by the patch andonce by Wood and so may cause problems.You can copy your nds files to the root directory, or place them insubdirectories. For example you could have a directory for each gamegenre (Adventure, RPG, racing etc), by alphabetical (A-C,D-F,G-I etc)or just put them all in a games directory. • You can use This batch file to quickly create alphabetical directories inside a games directory. Download and extract to the root directory of your MicroSD card, then double click on makedir.
  •• You can use This batch file to quickly create genre directories inside a games directory. Download and extract to the root directory of your MicroSD card, then double click on makedir.Do not ask for or post links to commercial ROMs on here, you will be banned.
  • R4 cannot load games from archives, you must place the nds filesthemselves on the MicroSD card. ROMs can be reduced in size by usingtrimmer such as NDSTokyoTrim, these remove the padded space from theROMs. If you trim a DSi enchanced game, you will end up with a badROM so dont do it until the trimming tools have been updated.NDSTokyoTrim will be updated shortly and will no longer suffer fromthis issue. An alternative trimmer which is also very popular isTinyTrimmer which you can download HereYou can use software such as RToolDS or Rominator to manage your ROMsand copy them to your MicroSD card, you can also use software such asNdsCRC or OfflineList to rename/ repackage your ROMs (into archives).RtoolDS:Homebrew should normally be placed in the root directory, as thereare one or two that expect that to be their location. • Homebrew is software people have created at home using flashcarts such as the Acekard and R4. Its normally free to use.Step 7. FavoritesWood R4 has a favorites folder in its root menu. You can placeshortcuts to your favorites games within here. You can quickly jump
  • the favorites folder by pressing the (X) button. To add a game tothe favorites folder, highlight your game, press (start) and selectCopy. Now press the (X) button, press (Start) and select paste.You game should now appear in the favorites folder. It doesnt copythe ROM, only a shortcut to the ROM.Step 8. SavesWood R4 uses the *.nds.sav file extension for its save files. Thesave files need to be located in the same directory and have the samefilename as the game ROM they refer to.Other R4 OSMenus may use the *.sav file extension instead, the sameapplies to the OSMenus of many other carts. If you have saves fromthese and which to use them with Wood R4, you will have to renamethem. You can download a tool Here which will quickly do that foryou. To use download and extract to the root directory of yourMicroSD card, then double click on SaveManager and select option 5.It will rename all the saves on the MicroSD card, including those insubdirectories. If you want to rename them back again, you can do soby selecting option 4.Data on MicroSD cards can often become corrupted, which could causeyou to lose all your save files. For this reason its a good idea toregularly backup your save files. You can do this by using the sametool and selecting option 1, it will copy all your save files to MyDocumentsDS-Saves[date][time] or option 2 will back them up to abackup directory on your MicroSD card.
  • 9. Cheats.Before using cheats you will have to install a cheat database,GBAtemp provides an upto date cheat database for you to use. The NEWmassive CHEAT DataBase maintained by Narin , elixirdream and theCheat Code Crew. Currently its normally updated 1-2 times per week,so will normally contain the latest cheats, you can find out more byvisting the Cheats forum. To install, download This file and extractto the __RPG/Cheats directory on your MicroSD card.Cheats can be enabled globally for all games, or just for individualgames. To enable cheats globally, from within Wood R4 press (start),select Settings, press the (R) button 3 times and next to Cheat InGame (AR) select on. Now Press (A) to confirm.
  • enable cheats for an individual game, highlight a game and press(Y) to bring up the properties. Now press (Y) again, press the (R)button, next to Cheat in Game (AR) select On, press (A) toconfirm the changes. This will override the setting under the patchesmenu, By default it will be Global which means it will use whatever setting is present in the Patches menu. Off will disablecheats overriding the setting in the Patches menu.Now you have to select which cheats you want to enable for your game.To do this this highlight your ROM, press the (Y) button to bring upthe properties, Now press the (X) button. Press (A) to select the
  • to enable, and when you are done press (X) to confirm.As of Wood 1.10, a shortcut has been added which allow you to quicklyview the cheats for a game. Simply highlight a ROM, hold down (L) andpress (Y).Wood R4 will then save these cheats to a file which has the samefilename as the ROM, but with a .CC file extension. The .CC file willbe in the same location as the ROM. Most cheats will require a keycombination to be pressed for them to activated within the game. Toview the key combination select the cheat and press the (Y) button.Step 10. Soft Reset.Soft Reset allows you to use a key combination to go back to the WoodR4 file browser from within a game. This saves you having to poweroff/ on the DS. The Soft Reset button combination is: (L. Trigger)+(R. Trigger) +(B)+(A)+(Down), these need to be pressed at the sametime.This can either be enabled gloablly, or on a per game basis. Toenable Soft Reset globally, from within Wood R4 press (start), selectSettings, press the (R) button 3 times and next to Reset in Gameselect on. Now Press (A) to confirm.
  • enable Soft Reset for an individual game, highlight a game andpress (Y) to bring up the properties. Now press (Y) again, press the(R) button, next to Reset in Game select On. This will overridethe setting under the patches menu, By default it will be Globalwhich means it will use what ever setting is present in the patchesmenu.Off will disable Soft Reset, overriding the setting in thepatches menu.Step 11. Installing Skins.
  • completely change how Wood R4 looks and feels. Because of itsAcekard background, Wood R4 uses Acekard skins and not R4 skins. Youcan download skins from places such as NDSthemes. To install,download and extract the akin archive to the __RPG/UI folder on yourMicroSD card. Each skin needs to be in its own folder. Wood will usethe folder name to identify the skin within the Wood interface.If its not already done so in your skins archive, The files:clock_colon.bmp, clock_numbers.bmp, day_numbers.bmp, year_numbers.bmpwill need to be placed into a folder named "calendar" within theskins folder. Take notice of the spelling of "calendar", as itseasily misspelt.
  • change your skin from within Wood R4 press (start), goto settings,next to User Interface style select your skin. Now press (A) toconfirm the changes.Sometimes the skins you install may be corrupted or missing requiredelements which can cause problems. When you select the skin, it mayprevent the GUI appearing which means you cant change the skin back.Fortunately this is very easy to fix, to do this insert the MicroSDcard into your PC and open the globalsettings.ini file which is
  • in the __rpg directory on your MicroSD card. Near the top ofthe file you will find the line:Which will change the skin back to the Zelda skin which is one of theskins included in the Wood R4 installation archive.Step 12. GBA.Wood R4 natively supports the EZFlash 3-in-1 slot-2 expansion for GBAcompatibilty. No other slot-2 GBA devices are natively supported,this includes 3in1+, ewin, Super Card Slot 2 and M3 Perfect. If youhave one of these and want support added to Wood R4, you will have tomail the device to the yellow.wood.goblin.If you have a 3in1+, there is a thread Here by qwertymodo which istesting a patch which adds native support for the 3in1+ with theintention of getting this added to the main Wood code if it proves tobe sucessful.GBA frames should be supported, each skin will normally include agbaframe as gbaframe.bmp. If you have a skin which is missing one,you can copy it from another skin. AKAIO also allows you to have askin for each game, this should also apply to Wood. Place thegbaframe.bmp in the __rpg/frames directory and then renamegbaframe.bmp to the GameID of the game. Next time you load that game,Wood will use this frame overriding any frame present in the skin. Tofind out the GameID you can use switch the file browser listinglayout to Internal.12. Links.DWT
  •, Wood R4 DeveloperAnother World, Wood R4 AnnouncerWood 1.15 DownloadWood 1.14.2 DownloadWood 1.14 DownloadWood 1.13 DownloadWood 1.12 DownloadWood 1.11 DownloadWood 1.10 DownloadWood 1.09 DownloadWood 1.08 DownloadWood 1.07 DownloadWood 1.06 DownloadWood 1.05 DownloadWood 1.04 DownloadWood R4 SourceWood R4 Sources ThreadWood R4 1.15 threadWood R4 1.14.2 threadWood R4 1.14 threadWood R4 1.13 threadWood R4 1.12 threadWood R4 1.11 threadWood R4 1.10 threadWood R4 1.09 threadWood R4 1.08 threadWood R4 1.07 threadWood R4 1.06 threadWood R4 1.05 threadWood R4 1.04 threadWood R4 FAQ threadWood R4 for clones thread (for clones other than that of theoriginal)Wood R4 bugs and compatibility threadWood R4 Language files threadWood R4 Suggestions thread request any additions or changes to WoodR4 here.Wood R4 3in1+ Patch thread
  • FormatterSD Formatter ManualR4CRYPTNDSTokyoTrim ThreadTinyTrimmer ThreadRToolDSRominator Thread Database update ThreadNdsCRCOfflineListHashTabAK Edit 1.2.1 by Dan TaylorAcekard SkinsNDSthemesGBA Frame TemplateVague Rants AKAIO GBA Frame CollectionThe NEW massive CHEAT DataBase maintained by NarinThe Temporary NDS Cheat Database maintained by elixirdreamGBAtemp Cheats ForumElixirdreams R4CEE guideCurlys R4CEE GuideR4CCE (R4 Cheat Code Editor)R4CCE (R4 Cheat Code Editor) MirrorAlphabetical games directories batch fileGenre games directories batch fileWood R4 Save ManagerWood R4 Save Converter (Linux, Mac OS)