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Hong Kong Travel Pass Visa Documentation Required


Published on - this is the brief SlideShare introduction of the Hong Kong Travel Pass as found in the Hong Kong Visa Handbook. On the Hong Kong Visa Handbook website you will discover every possible resource required to effectively finish a Hong Kong visa application at the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

The Hong Kong Travel Pass is a kind of supercharged visitor visa and you are eligible to apply for a travel pass if you have made, at a minimum, three separate trips to Hong Kong in the previous 12 months entering via the airport. Therefore, this excludes side visits to Macau and China by the Immigration control points at the boundaries. You are expected to have a pre-existing employment in another country which will continue after you have successfully received the travel pass and you have to be able to satisfy the Director of Immigration that granting you a travel pass will positively benefit the economy of Hong Kong. In special circumstances, the Immigration Department are prepared to waive this three trips rule; and to be eligible for travel pass, you must be a citizen of a country which enjoys ‘visa upon arrival’ access to Hong Kong which means when you arrive at the airport you don’t actually need a visa to enter.

There are eight really key considerations to discuss in the context of a travel pass. The first is that you need to be a citizen of a country that has visa upon arrival privileges in Hong Kong. So, if you are from country like Pakistan, for example, you will need to secure a visit visa before you arrive in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, you are not eligible to make an application for travel pass. Condition precedent is that you are a frequent visitor to the HSKAR, and this means that you need to be able to demonstrate to the Immigration Department you have made three trouble free trips in the previous 12 months, and if you haven’t made three trouble free trips, you need to be able to show that being granted a travel pass, specific proof of special benefit to Hong Kong. Those three trips that you make have to be via the airport, they cannot be via a side trip to the Macau Special Administrative Region or to Shenzhen; the boundaries don’t qualify. There is a condition precedent to being granted a travel pass and that is you will have a continuing employment in your home country and that it will not be in any way compromised by your granting of the travel pass.

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Hong Kong Travel Pass Visa Documentation Required

  1. 1. Pre‐Submission  Checklist  Travel Pass  Hong Kong SAR Travel Pass Application Form ID 888 (to be completed and executed by the  applicant along with a recent passport sized photograph duly affixed on the space indi‐ cated the same).  Duly completed Acknowledgement Card ID 889.Address Labels ID 839 (duly completed  with full correspondence address of the applicant).  Photocopy of valid passport (relevant personal particulars pages and records showing the  minimum three visits to Hong Kong in the preceding 12 months).  Second passport sized photograph of the applicant which is identical to that appended to  the Form.  Prescribed fee of HK$575 in the form of a cashier order or bank draft   Letter from your current employer in support of the application (indicating the background  information of the company).  If the visits are mainly for business purposes, a supporting letter from your major business  contact in Hong Kong.  If the visits are for purposes other than business, detailed representations illustrating to  the HKID how your frequent/extended visits will be of ‘especial benefit’ to Hong Kong.  Notes