Starvation in ethiopia

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My presentation on starvation in Ethiopia and what you can do to help

My presentation on starvation in Ethiopia and what you can do to help

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  • 1. By Dominic Phillips
  • 2. Ethiopia’s in NeedThe people of Ethiopia are starving. Men, women, and children are dying every day. Nations all over the world are sending food to the country. But it still isn’t enough.
  • 3. Draught in Ethiopia•Ethiopia is experiencing itsworst draught in over 60 years•It hasn’t rained in Ethiopia asit usually does in February toMay•If it dosn’t rain by Augustthere will be no harvest thisyear.
  • 4. How many are starving?•There are over 6.2 peoplestarving right now inEthiopia. Including270,000 children.
  • 5. Effects of the Starvation•47% of the children under 5are moderately to severely overweight•Only 22% of the populationhas clean drinking water•About 3 people die everyminute in Ethiopia due tohunger•More than 4.5 million peopleare starving in Ethiopia
  • 6. The Ethiopian Government The Ethiopian government has multiple longterm food programs that give out food The government is relocating people from over- populated areas to areas that are less populated and more fertile
  • 7. The United Nations•The United Nation’s“World Food Programme”is getting emergency foodassistance to about 3.7million people in Ethiopia.
  • 8. Relief Organizations AmeriCares sends medicine and food to Ethiopia. They feed over 25,000 people a day RICE International Relief Organization has set up two medical clinics in Ethiopia Ethiopian Red Cross (ERC) has 11 branches within Ethiopia giving out food and medical care
  • 9. What Can You Do?•There are many ways tohelp Ethiopia. The mostdirect way is to volunteer toteach children and work atfeeding center(this can bedone But there are manyother ways to help likedonating to a releiforganization or spreadingthe word about Ethiopiascrisis.
  • 10. 