Paymentwall 2012 Timeline


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This is a yearly book we publish to document our experiences throughout the whole year. This is the second of our books, it was printed and will be distributed to our merchant partners and business partners and employees. We would like to inclue you in our book next year, as our adventure in becoming the global payments platform continues...

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Paymentwall 2012 Timeline

  1. 1. Add your Paypal, Skrill (Moneybookers), Google Checkout, Amazon Payments accounts and process them allin one customized and localized interface. Paymentwall Gateway can also provide Paymentwall’s advanced reporting, risk management, CRM, dispute management and optimization functions to complement the basic free service.
  2. 2. HTML5 widget works in any modern mobile browser.Made specifically for smartphones and tablets touch screens. Simple user flow leads to more purchases.
  3. 3. Over 100 payment options globally.Customer support and user interface available in more than 20 languages. Various customizable widgets.
  4. 4. Global coverage with over 180 ad networks in over 200 countries. Unique offers to target relevant audience. Customizable design and layout that appeals to end users.
  5. 5. Uniquely identify each payment plan (i.e. Bronze, Silver, Gold). Set subscription periods (i.e. 1, 3, 6 months, 1 year, life time).Localized pricing per country along with custom discounts and promotions.
  6. 6. Designed for mobile web browsers and tablets.Features DRM solutions including unlock key, download link and more. Simple to use payment flow allows users to easily make purchases.
  7. 7. TMCompact frame allows widget to be easily added to any website. Can be used in conjunction with our 100+ payment options. Localized currency helps attract your global users.
  8. 8. Widget gives you mobile payments in over 200 countries.Allows you to automatically receive best payout and conversion rate based on user’s location. Ultra compact layout that can be displayed as an ordinary iFrame.
  9. 9. Paymentwall enters the space brush stroke by brush German Customs (after many pleadings) finally releasesstroke in Paymentwall Gold our furniture shipment 10 Paymentwall team members carefully lift the quarter tonThe unboxing glass onto the LED table 10 minutes before the opening party
  10. 10. For our Berlin office, we conceived a custom LED table, and Our European HQ had to combine Silicon Valley technologyexecuted it thanks to Vela Design out of Istanbul with creative designs of EuropeTo reduce energy consumption, we only used LED lighting in Disco balls are ready to engagethe entire office
  11. 11. Berlin’s history brings together Germans, Americans, Russians and Turks but it divides them up sometimes. As Americans,Russians (Ukrainians), Turks and Germans, we decided to reunify them in together once and for all
  12. 12. We received valuable cargo fromaround the world
  13. 13. Our collaborative work spaces, that turn into a bar forextended work hoursPaymentwall Gold brightens Kiev’s work space Professional kitchen for the Chief Cook Officer
  14. 14. Paymentwall European HQ in Berlin hosts leading voices in the startup scene for a Web Panel to discussthe truths and myths about cloning and innovation coming out of Berlin. Accompanied by drinks
  15. 15. Paymentwall CIS HQ in Kiev gathers pioneers of the Kiev tech community at our new penthouse office. We combineSilicon Valley’s networking culture, with German sausages, and Ukrainian cocktails
  16. 16. Paymentwall bridges together American, European and Chinese gamecompanies along Huang Pu River with amazing views on both sides:European built historical The Bund on one side and modern and powerfulPudong skyscrapers on the other
  17. 17. We released Paymentwall colored balloons into the Shanghai sky with our guests
  18. 18. Overlooking the beautiful country of Philippines - our next base for our South East Asia Headquarters Dragon fruits sold at coffee storesHistorical parts of Manila Manila downtown - view from our office
  19. 19. Penthouse office in Manila allows team members to enjoy a fantastic work atmosphere
  20. 20. Casual Connect attendees prepare for Paymentwall’sCome Rock the Boat sunset cruise in Seattle It was fucking amazing
  21. 21. Amazing meals provided by Chief Cook
  22. 22. Paymentwall prepares to take over GamesComBouncer Vanya checks in guests Paymentwall welcomes guests from all over the world to our GamesCom cruiseWe welcomed our guests with champagne and smiles Rhine River provided a nice backdrop for our conversations
  23. 23. We welcomed international and local Casual Connectattendees with Ukrainian hospitality in our office lounges
  24. 24. Paymentwall will be expanding to the CIS region to cover Russia and Ukraine with new partnerships in the payments space toenhance the experiences of developers and end-users in the region
  25. 25. Hammering is the easy partTo make room for our future growth and to create a center of innovation for the payments space,we purchased an entire building in the heart of SOMA. We called it FAHQ
  26. 26. Lira Paymentwall joined us this fall, and she is a real rock star!
  27. 27. Conversations in technology around food and drinks on the LED table
  28. 28. Victor Bacre welcomed guests to the final and most attended Plug-In Event of 2012
  29. 29. In 2012, Istanbul became more of a hotspot for startups, games and payments companies to explore the market
  30. 30. Our Istanbul office had many international visitors this year. As Istanbul attracted many companies, Paymentwall bridgedpeople from the International technology scene to the local market and the local startup scene
  31. 31. Seattle Beijing Shanghai Las Vegas
  32. 32. Paymentwall team heads to Cologne for GamesCom Our CEO announces the Paymentwall wave in China Miami Beijing Manila Berlin
  33. 33. Paymentwall Manila Team reached out and delivered supplies to those who lost their homes due to typhoon. We wereproud that as a young international company, we were not only able to collect money but also distribute something outin communities that we service
  34. 34. We wanted to pay our dues and respect to Babushkas (grandmothers) who worked hard back in the day to leave us thiscountry (Ukraine) but who now live a faint life with little to eat. Our Kiev team was happy to put smiles on their faces