Role of homoeopathy and homoeopath in multispeciality centers by dr anupam sethi malhotra


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Role of Homoeopathy and Homoeopath in Multispeciality Centers by Dr Anupam Sethi Malhotra

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Role of homoeopathy and homoeopath in multispeciality centers by dr anupam sethi malhotra

  1. 1. Dr Anupam Sethi Malhotra
  2. 2. A medical establishment run by several specialists working in cooperation and sharing the same facilities.  an establishment where patients come for the treatment by a group of medical professionals practicing together.
  3. 3. बात सब से करा कीजिये न ऐसे गम सम रहा कीजिये ु ु पहचान अपनी अलग साथ सब के रहा कीजिये लेक े
  5. 5.  Usually  Often Charitable Poly Clinics. independent of each other.  Nearly equal weight-age to all.  Mutual referential system.  Understanding about other systems develop.
  7. 7.  Usually big hospitals or Medicities  Dominated by modern system of medicine, given only little weightage to alternative systems.  Alternative system physicians expected to refer to all specialties.  Mutual reference is comparatively less.
  9. 9. The bitter truth: The homoeopathy has been given the image of mumbo jumbo or placebo effect. (for the reasons, one can guess…..)  The homoeopath in type 2 has to show the mettle to make a niche.  Or else becomes victimized/ depressed/ mongreal sect.
  10. 10. मेरा अज्म इतना बलंद है ु क पराये शोलों का डर नह ं े मझे खौफ आततश ए गल से है ु ु क ये ह चमन को िला न दे े
  11. 11. Let us accept…..  Lack of knowledge regarding LIMITATIONS of homoeopathy. SCOPE  Want of TECHNICAL language to express the efficiency.  Lack of exposure to the latest in the field of medicine, including the investigations and pharmacology.  Paucity of fully equipped, homoeopathic hospitals. self and sufficient
  12. 12.  More exposure to patients and diseases for the upcoming doctors.  Understanding the other systems medicine.  Extensive CMEs for all practicing doctors.  Superspeciality Homoeopathy hospital. of
  13. 13.  Baptisia has a prophylactic power over typhoid, clears carriers of the disease, and could be of service in typhoid Vaccinosis caused by orthodox immunizations. William Boericke (Pocket Manuel of Homoeopathic Materia Medica)  "Baptisia in low dilutions produces a form of anti-bodies to the bacteria typhosus, viz., agglutinins. Thus it raises the natural bodily resistance to the invasion of the bacillary intoxication, which produces the typhoid syndrome. Typhoid carriers. After inoculation with anti-typhoid serum." Google
  14. 14. A homoeopath Can have a very interesting role to play. (SOCIAL LEARNING THEORY) ALTERNA TIVE SYSTEMS HOMOE OPATH MODERN MEDICINE
  15. 15.  UNDERSTANDING the other systems / modern medicine.  PROVING the own system.  INTEGRATING medicine. with other schools /modern
  16. 16. Almost all system have 3-4 basic disease types  Homoeopathy :MIASM - psora , sycosis, syphilis, (tubercular)  Ayurveda : DOSH – vat, pitt, kaph  Allopathy : METABOLIC VARIATIONS: endomorph, mesomorph, ectomorph  Unani Sauda : HUMOURS – Balgham, Dam, Safra,
  17. 17. Almost all system say that priority is patient.  Homoeopathy : aphorism 1 (The physician's high and ONLY mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed.)  Ayurveda : सचैव भिषजाम ् श्रेष्ठ रोगियोोः योः  Allopathy : ref chamberlane clininicals प्रमोचयेत ्
  18. 18. Almost all system  Homoeopathy : mind –body -vital force – Harmony in trinity of life  Ayurveda : The goal of integrating the spirit, soul, and body is the only way to bring about healing  Unani : Any cause and or factor is countered by Quwwat-e-Mudabbira-e-Badan (the power of body responsible to maintain health).
  19. 19. Areas where we have made a dent for sure …  Immunity.  Psychological problems. (not psychiatric problems yet)  Opthalmology (remember cineraria for catarct )  Dermatology allergies…. – warts, millium, psoriasis,
  20. 20. Areas where we have made a dent for sure …  Antibiotic for tooth extraction.  MDR TB or any drug resistance case  Side effects of antibiotics.  Paediatrics (calc phos)
  21. 21. Homoeopathic used for medicine Parallell to allopathic medicine Side effects of allopathic medicines Cactus g Ca channel blockers blurred vision, dry mouth, nausea, vomiting Anti angina, Diastlic dysfunction (sorbitrate, nitrate) Cratagus Systolic dysfunction ACE inhibitor, LV remodellar, Medicine ending with “pril”, headache, cough, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, hyperkalemia Lycopus Diastlic dysfunction Medicines ending witj ‘lol’ Beta blocker, Nausea, dizziness, alopecia,
  22. 22. Homoeopathic used for medicine Parallell to allopathic medicine Side effects of allopathic medicines Allium sativa Thickening of blood, as anti platelet Aspirin GI bleeding, tinnitus, Hives, oedema Rauwolfia Hypertension, shizophrenia reserpine nasal congestion, nausea, vomiting, weight gain Digitalis Heart failure, atrial fibrilation, arhythmias Digoxin, lanoxin, yellow green vision, visual halosnausea, vomiting, dizziness, Amyl nitrate angina sorbitrate Vasodilation, headache, dizziness
  23. 23.  Nososde  Nosode for chikungunya for herpez  Tautopathy  Tapering of allopathic medicines
  24. 24. Homoeopathy is a THERAPEUTIC METHOD which assumes that a deviation from fundamental mean within reversible limits can be restored to normal by means of stimuli, usually applied in the form of drugs, only sub physiological doses of which are necessary because of hypersensitivity in disease and whose action is always directed towards normal by virtue of altered receptivity of tissue to stimuli. W E BOYD
  25. 25.  Heteropathic relation between disease and medicine.  Basis of diagnosis is usually pathology.  Medicines are in physiological doses.
  26. 26. Nanomedicine is the medical application of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology has provided the possibility of delivering drugs to specific cells using nanoparticles. The overall drug consumption and side-effects may be lowered significantly by depositing the active agent in the morbid region only and in no higher dose than needed. This highly selective approach would reduce costs and human suffering.
  27. 27.  Any medicine from allopathic system of medicine (pain killer, tranqiliser, statin etc), on which patient is dependent fron long time use  potentisation from the methodology of homoeopathic system of medicine.  Mixed the two taking clues from nanotechnology.  Result : tapering of medicine, finally removal of allopathic medicine
  28. 28. Day 1 Date Pain Location Onset/ Duration Pain Type Pain Severity Day 7 Day 14 Day 21 Day 28
  29. 29. Aggaravation Amelioration Concomitant Pain Score (010) Previous pain killers Acidity Medicine (any other) Any other
  30. 30. Name Pain 1 B. Dhar left shoulder 2 B.P. Singh 3 knees 4 Darshan Singh Dr. Gupta 5 Jiya Misra heel 6 Kamal Jain Knee 7 Kamlesh Kukreja Left shoulder Response +ve No relief Left out physiother apy 10 % temporal thought its useless 30%
  31. 31. Name Pain 8 Laxmi knee 9 Madhu Arora Right foot 30% 10 Neelam Mohta Omvati Dhaiya S.C. Jain Back 50% Back 50% Sandeep Arora Sandhya Gupta back 11 12 13 14 Response +ve stitches Left foot No relief Left out Not interested 100%
  32. 32. Name Pain 15 Sanyukta Whole body 16 Shabnam back 17 Right hand Shaija Gautam Shiv Mahipal Neck 50% Subhash Paul Sudha Aggarwal Sumedha Upadhyaya Right shoulder Right knee 60% Right knee - 18 19 20 21 Respon No relief se +ve 30% 100% 75% 0% Left out
  33. 33. Left out 3 No relief 1 Cant say 3 Amelioration Below 30 % 1 Amelioration30-50 % 6 Amelioration50-70 % 4 Amelioration70-90 % 1 Amelioration100 Total % 2 21
  34. 34. 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Sales
  35. 35. I shall ever be grateful and thankful to Prof. Dr. V.K. Khanna, M.D. (Hom.), who is (and will always be) my teacher and has reaped the seeds of organon in me preventing me to be mongreal sect.  My humble and respectful thanks to Padamsri Dr K K Aggarwal, my esteemed guide in all these experiments and ventures of integration of two systems, for the help he provided me in countless ways.
  36. 36.  AUDE SAPERE INSTITUTE AND Dr M S Bindra  He has been certified by American Heart Association for Blue Code Emergency CardioVascular Advanced Life Support. Practicing in the field of Homoeopathic Cardiology Medicine since last 5 years. Running Dr. Bindras Homeopathy Clinic and Cardio Life Care, Ludhiana and serving as Medical Director of Faculty of Cardiovascular Medicine, Aude Sapere Institute for Advanced Learning in Hahnemannian Homoeopathy. Areas of special interest are CAD, CHD, Emergency Medicine, RHD and Epidemic Cardiology.
  37. 37. Running courses in ….  Cardiology  Nephrology  General medicine  Endocrinilogy  Paeditrics  Gynaecology  psychiatry
  38. 38.  Although at present a very few blessed homoeopaths have IPD’s in their hospitals or clinic premises but still i am very sure that time is not so far when every homoeopath will be managing such cases in the exclusive homoeopathic ipd’s in their specialty fields.  THIS IS OUR DREAM,  OUR AIM,  OUR COMMITMENT.
  39. 39.  Where lies the difference?  What special cells do brains of allopaths contain that they can handle emr_?  And what is deficient in brains of us homoeopaths that we run away from emr_?  They have nothing other than`passion,confidence and knowledge’ which gives them a fire to save lives in seconds.  And here we lack, we have no strong clinical database,we donot carry passion and confidence while managing such cases…  But we just follow a stonehard-spoonfed myth that homoeopathy cannot work in emergency?
  40. 40.  We should be equipped with a strong sense of Clinical assessment, the vital knowledge of symptomatology and keen power ofobservation. Information on pathology and investigations, knowledge of clinical medicine and skills to use all these, the knowledge of MateriaMedica, repertory and susceptibility– ALL ADDED ONCE MAKE YOU AS A COMPLETE EMRGENCY PHYSICIAN.
  41. 41. We have just two options as of now;  1. To work as a second stream of the medicine for life or  -2. To enter ourselves into the world of innovation where after 1796, our Stalwarts grew us up from an embryo and now again the time demands same sort of growth in the field of EMRGENCY Medicine.  For that we need our own EMR_system approach, our own EMR_Protocols and our teams trained for EMR IPD’s/ICU’s.  Nobody from any other system can teach us our science as we have our own principles, our own methodology, our own basics. We need to work ourselves to bring up the confidence and skills in emr_medicine to make it possible in reality, apart from the dreams. 
  42. 42. The time has came to break the chains of limitations & spoon feeding… come forward and make a brand new start in the world of Medicine as HAHNEMANN had a dream to see his science to SOAR (TOP) where ‘The Physicians’ could ‘restore the sick to health, to cure’ as termed in Organon of Medicine Dr M S Bindra
  43. 43. I am neither an emplyee of Aude Sapere Institute  nor this is an paid advertisement.
  44. 44. कहते हैं राहे इश्क़ में बढ़ते हुए ़दम अब तुझसे दर, मंज़िले दशवार हम नह ं ू ु
  45. 45. Dr Anupam Sethi Malhotra Editor DREAMS -e -homoeo 9810545958