Gooti vitraažmaal


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Gooti vitraažmaal

  1. 1. Gooti vitraažmaal Merille Hommik
  2. 2. • Sainte Chapelle, Paris, France
  3. 3. • Sainte Chapelle, Paris, France
  4. 4. • Sainte Chapelle, Paris, France
  5. 5. • Stained glass windows from Sainte- Chapell e in Paris
  6. 6. • Stained glass in Sainte- Chapelle, Ile- de-la-Cite, Paris
  7. 7. • Scene of baptism. Stained glass,las t quarter of the 12th century• Sainte- Chapelle of Paris
  8. 8. • Four characters. Stained glass (white and coloured glass, grisaille painting, lead), Paris, middle of the 13th century. From the Sainte-Chapelle of Paris, window of Numbers.
  9. 9. • Le diable et une femme Avant 1248 Provenance: baie D (Judith et Job) Vitrail de la Sainte- Chapelle (Paris) Musée National du Moyen-Âge (Cluny), DS 1887
  10. 10. • Joseph vendu par ses frères XVe siècle avec remploi XIIIe siècle Provenance: baie N (Exode) Vitrail de la Sainte Chapelle (Paris) Musée National du Moyen-Âge (Cluny), DS 1888
  11. 11. Chartres’• Original stained-glass from the 12th century and made by the craftsman of the atelier St-Denis. It is located at the beginning of the ambulatory, on the right side, in the southern transept. Exactly opposite, in the northern transept, is a 13th century rose window (Atelier of Notre Dame de Paris). Chartres has hundreds of large stained-glass windows, nearly all of them are over 800 to 900 years old.
  12. 12. • Early 13th century stained- glass window in Notre Dame de Chartres Cathedral, France
  13. 13. Chartres’• From Wikipedia article about Chartres Cathedral: Dating from the early 13th century, the glass largely escaped harm during the religious wars of the 16th century; it is said to constitute one of the most complete collections of medieval stained glass in the world, despite "modernization" in 1753 when some of it was removed by well-intentioned but misguided clergy. From the original 186 stained-glass windows, 152 have survived. The stained glass windows are particularly renowned for their vivid blue colour, especially in a representation of the Madonna and Child known as the Blue Virgin Window (Pictured)
  14. 14. Chartres
  15. 15. • North Rose Window c. 1220 Stained glass window Cathedral, Chartres
  16. 16. • South Rose Window c. 1220 Stained glass window Cathedral, Chartres
  17. 17. • Miracles of the Virgin c. 1220 Stained glass window Cathedral, Chartres
  18. 18. • St Eustace (detail) 1200-10 Stained glass window Cathedral, Chartres
  19. 19. Chartres
  20. 20. Chartres• The cathedral was dedicated in 1260, 54 years after the cornerstone was laid. The cathedral has the worlds largest collection of medieval stained glass, with over 150 early-13th-century windows (about 80% of the original)
  21. 21. Chartres
  22. 22. • Chartres• This glass was given by Canon Thierry in 1328. He is shown in the centre praying before the Virgin and Child, while he is surrounded by saints. to the left are St Cyr, St Julitta, St Maur and St Radegund; to the right are St Sulpice, St Marthurin de Larchon and St Liphart. The glass is noteworthy for being done almost entirely as grisaille relieved only with yellow stain, recently then introduced to Europe.