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Homeschool magazine newest issue


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Homeschool is produced by one of the oldest, family-owned homeschooling companies in the country. We have been homeschoolers since 1993 and have been professionally serving the …

Homeschool is produced by one of the oldest, family-owned homeschooling companies in the country. We have been homeschoolers since 1993 and have been professionally serving the nationwide, non-religious and religious homeschooling community since 1995.

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  • 1. Pa sch ning g 8 lin M ge oo m gin HO ESCHOOLHo Be e Yes, My Grown Celebrating Our How Much Homeschooled Children and History Do Children Are Ourselves Kids Need? Odd -- And Page 14 Page 16 Yours Will Be Too! Page 18 Ad & Article Index Page 4
  • 2.©2010 Learning By Grace, Inc. and other copyright holders. All rights reserved.
  • 3. Ad Index Ace Ministries .............................. 17 Hemisphere Travel ....................... 56 Online Science Mall..................... 77 American Science Surplus ........... 47 Herbal Healer ............................... 27 Our Learning Folio ...................... 70 Apologia....................................... 29 Hewitt Homeschooling Resources73 Pearson VUE ................................ 88 Apprentice Doctor ........................ 55 Hilaria & Ludi .............................. 86 Peterson Direct ............................. 53 Art Instruction School .................... 2 History at our House .................... 50 PhonicsQ ...................................... 30 Bilingual Press ............................. 71 Home Tutoring Plus ..................... 72 Portland State University ............. 39 Birdcage Books ....................... 23,66 Homeschool Spanish Academy.... 71 Practical Learning Online ............ 34 BluTrack....................................... 83 Hugg A Planet .............................. 61 Professor in a Box ........................ 49 Bright Lines Paper ....................... 16 iPrep Press.................................... 40 Rod & Staff Publishing ................ 31 Building Blocks ........................... 83 Ivy Bound..................................... 34 Schola Publications, Inc. ......... 18,68 Cedar Valley Publishing ............... 47 Keen Skills, Inc. (QuickCert)......... 7 Schoolside Press........................... 81 Center on Congress ................. 10,11 Kitchen Specialties....................... 60 ScienceWorks ............................... 85 Children’s Software Online.......... 34 Kits For Kids ................................ 12 Scotto’s Place .......................... 30,77 College Plus ................................. 54 Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum ..... 16 Sea Mineral .................................. 79 Continental Academy ................... 16 Laurelwood Books ....................... 28 Sierra Madre Games .................... 84 Crafty Secrets ............................... 59 Learning By Grace ......................... 3 Sing N Learn ................................ 83 Creative Crafthouse ..................... 21 Lekha Publishers .......................... 67 Soft Star Shoes ............................. 45 Creekbed Tech......................... 46,76 Literacy Unlimited ....................... 74 Stanford University ...................... 37 Curriculum Design for Excellence32 Little Pim Company ................ 30,46 SuperCamp................................... 78 Databased Intelligence, Inc.. ........ 48 Maestro Learning, Inc. ................. 84 Swansbury, Inc. .............................. 6 Dee Walden Learning Solutions... 85 Maine Cloth Diaper Company ..... 23 Talking Fingers .............................. 9 Design a Study ........................ 23,79 Math Mammoth ........................... 72 Tattler ........................................... 26 Dianne Flynn Keith ...................... 61 Michigan Tech University ............ 87 The McHale Report...................... 35 Discovering ................. 40 Microscope Store, The ................. 13 The Oaks Private School.............. 67 Earth & Sky Magazine ................. 57 Middle School Science Activities 78 The Writing Musician .................. 41 eHarvey ........................................ 18 Monart School of Arts.................. 24 Toy Garden................................... 74 E-Tech .......................................... 36 Montessori Services ..................... 52 Troy University ............................ 61 Excellence In Education .............. 20 Moonjar ........................................ 13 University of Nebraska ................ 38 FACE............................................ 79 Mother Board Books .................... 66 Wall Words ..............................62-63 Find the Fun ................................. 80 National Institute for Genealogical Websters Academy ....................... 15 Fire Station Buddies, Inc.............. 64 Studies .......................................... 58 Wholesale Chess .......................... 76 Folkstyle Productions................... 15 Needak Manufacturing................. 19 Winsor Learning, Inc. .................. 75 Fraction Kits................................. 86 NEMC National Educational Music Woodloch Resort .......................... 44 Gotham Writer’s Workshop ......... 26 Company ...................................... 40 Wordsmiths Jensen Grammar ...... 80 Haan Crafts ............................. 68,85 New Jammies ............................... 14 Workbox System .......................... 35 Harris Communications ............... 22 Noodle Head Inc .......................... 14 Writing C.L.A.W, Inc. .................. 47 Article Index Is Your Child Employable .............. 6 Scheduling a Charlotte Mason Day by Woodloch Resort .......................... 42 Homeschooling Intrigues Me - Where Do Sheila Carroll and James Carroll . 22 History of US Series by Joy Hakim I Start? by Greg and Moira Bell..... 8 Non-Judgmental Drawing: The Monart Review by Michael Leppert ......... 43 Primary Sources and a Virtual Way by Mona Brookes................. 24 Waiting for “Superman” by Stacey Congress....................................... 10 Art Instruction School .................. 26 Kannenberg .................................. 46 Why Can’t Saltwater Fish Live in Fresh Writing With Sharon 30 Dr. Maria Montessori by Linda K. water? by Connor Bernstein......... 12 AHA! Unit-based Instruction by Dr. T. Foster............................................ 52 Celebrating Our Children and Ourselves Roger Taylor and Dr. Beverly M. What Do You Mean by by Mariaemma Pelullo-Willis, M.S.14 Taylor ........................................... 32 “Normalization?” ......................... 53Rock ‘n’ Roll How Much History Do Kids Need? by Ivy Bound SAT and ACT Prep ..... 34 Hemisphere Educational Travel by Scott Powell ................................. 16 You Bought it, Let’s Use It! by Sue Michael Leppert ........................... 56 Yes, My Grown Homeschooled Children Patrick .......................................... 35 Giant Energy Bubbles in our Milky Way Are Odd by Diane Flynn Keith .... 18 The Increasing Prevalence on Online Galaxy by Beth Lebwohl and Deborah When All Else Fails, Play a Game! by Learning in Education .................. 36 Byrd.............................................. 57 Carolyn Forte ............................... 20 Michigan Technological University Pre- Genealogy: A New HomeSchooler Do Smart People Play Chess or Does College Outreach ......................... 40 Opportunity by Louise St Denis, National Playing Chess Make People Flink Learning by Emerson Institute for Genealogical Studies 59 Smart ............................................ 21 Sandow......................................... 42 Our Learning Folio ...................... 70 Page 4 • (805) 499-3306
  • 4. Dear Readers: After all these years of producing The Link andnow Homeschool, it is still excit-ing to send our magazine to so many homeschool-ing families and those interested in alternative HO M ESCHOOL Editor-In-Chief: Mary Lepperteducation. While I realize that homeschooling is not “for”everyone, more than ever, I believe it is the best Managing Editor:way to raise children. Not only does it provide for michael@homeschoolmagazine.comthe best academic environment, because it im- Publisher: Mary Leppertparts to children an interest in life and finding outabout all sorts of things, it also weaves the deep Layout: Lennon Leppertand close fabric of family that has been significant Advertising Sales:to the human race throughout history. I am proud to be a part of this homeschoolingworld and to be able to bring great information General Office: info@homeschoolmagazine.comto all of you who wish to read our publications. Editorial & Advertising Offices:In this issue, we are pleased to offer you usefuland interesting articles from a variety of origi- 3541 Old Conejo Rd, Ste 112nal sources. Diane Flynn Keith, homeschooling Newbury Park, CA 91320mom of two grown sons and well-known editor Main Number: (805) 499-3306of, puts your “socialization” is- Toll Free: (855) 499-3306sues to rest with “Yes, My Grown Homeschooled Fax: (805) 499-3303Children Are Odd -- And Yours Will Be Too!”Carolyn Forte, homeschooling mom of two grown Web: www.HomeschoolMagazine.comdaughters, owner of Excellence in Education reserves the right toand educational game expert, presents “When refuse advertising space at its sole discretion.All Else Fails, Play a Game.” Conner Bernstein,15-year-old homeschooled entrepreneur offers To Receive a copy of HomeschoolMagazine.comhis Science Experiment. Homeschooling dad & in the mail for free, send your address to:history teacher, Scott Powell, answers the ques- subscriptions@homeschoolmagazine.comtion: How Much History Do Kids Need? We alsohave articles on genealogy, Congress and art. Fi- Our Missionnally, we offer a new piece by regular writers, the’s mission is to provideLearning Success Coaches™, Mariaemma and information and resources to anyone interestedVictoria. in homeschooling, regardless of religious or non- Please e-mail me at mary@homeschoolmaga- religious beliefs, teaching philosophy or any, if you have suggestions for articles or agenda. While we do our best to scrutinize all adstopics you would like addressed, or have written and material submitted, we cannot make guarantees; therefore, we do not accept responsibility for adan article – and we do pay for articles we publish. content or product quality. We reserve the rightI will be pleased to consider them for the future. to refuse any and all advertising at our discretion.Love, Mary Leppert The entire contents of this publication, including artwork and all editorial, are copyright 2010 by All rights are reserved. (855) 499-3306 • Page 5
  • 5. Is Your Child Employable?A lthough the na- job seeking, interviewing, “Not only do they have individually or in a combi- tionwide unem- acceptable work habits, to find a job,” Hoernlein nation pack). ploy ment rate coping with criticism and continues, “but, then, po- T h e E m ploy a bi l it yaverages about 10%, that career management. Plus, tential employers put them Skills and Microsoft Of-rate for 2009’s high school the course’s interactive through a battery of tests f ice Training coursesgraduates is as high as exercises will ensure your to prove they have both the range from $99 - $299,35% (according to the U.S. child has his or her own knowledge base – and the are designed for self-pacedDept. of Labor). This star- resume and networking ability to use the tools – to learning and are availabletling statistic is a wakeup list ready to go by the time do it.” through the Internet or oncall that our school-aged it’s over. No matter the type of DVDs. This makes learn-children have to do more With more than 15 mil- job, at the overwhelming ing inexpensive, flexiblethan earn an education so lion people out of work, majority of corporations and convenient; whetherthey can someday perform your child needs every those “tools” include Mi- you prefer to guide yourthe job they want; they also edge he or she can get to crosoft Office’s Excel, child through each lessonneed to learn how to find, be competitive in a tight PowerPoint, Outlook and or let him or her learnsecure and keep it. job market. Sharp employ- Access. around other studies and T h at’s wh at m a ke s ability skills can help him These writing, database, recreation.QuickCert’s new Employ- or her stand out to hiring presentation and emailing Find out how QuickCertability Skills Training so managers filling a limited computer programs are can help prepare your childtimely. Developed and number of jobs … so can sometimes taught as school today for the career he ortaught by a 30-year Hu- strong and demonstrable curriculum; but not always. she wants tomorrow. Callman Resources vet, the computer skills. And when they are, it’s not one of their Career Advi-12-lesson course provides “Young adults new to necessarily done so with sors at (888) 840-2378 andstudents with the know- job hunting have it tough,” on-the-job use in mind. For mention this article; or gethow they need to secure says Ku r t Hoer nlei n, these reasons, QuickCert started with a free demolong-term employment; QuickCert CEO and father also provides training for lesson by visiting www.and includes insider tips to Barry (a recent high Microsoft Office’s entire resume preparation, school grad). suite of applications (either School. Barchowsky Fluent Handwriting The premier, yet economical program for all ages See it all at www.bfhhandwriting, or call 410-272-0836 Page 6 • (805) 499-3306
  • 6. Give your Child an edge in a tight Job Market Employability Skills Training Combo Preparing a Resume Job Interview Techniques Organizational Skills Managing Your CareerConducting a Job Search Acceptable Work Habits Accepting Criticism 12 Complete Lessons! Computer Skills Training Courses Microsoft Word Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Access Microsoft Excel Microsoft Outlook & Many MoreGet Start Today (888)
  • 7. Homeschooling Intrigues Me - Where Do I Start?By Greg and Moira Bell of time with their age MAY FACE(20-year veteran homeschooling parents of seven) mates to develop impor- Be prepared for theN tant social skills? unleashing of adult peer owadays, it is solving opportunities, What do well-social- pressure if you decide rare to meet an wh ich a r e t hei r ow n ized kids look like any- to pursue homeschool- American par- best tutorial. way? ing. This is a hot issueent who hasn’t at least Yo u m ay s t a r t h o - • Are they the teens and one that causes peo-heard of home school- meschooling thinking you see hanging around ple to react defensivelying. Those looking at about “academics” and the mall? about their own schoolho m e s cho ol i ng f r om “subjects”, but as you • The kids who take choices, no matter howt he out side rout i nely progress, you’ll discover weapons to school and gracious you may two chief con- that the essence of suc- use them? Try not to be shockedc e r n s: 1) “ H o w c a n cessful homeschooling • The kids who dis- when you’re hit with un-homeschooling parents is less about “school- cuss last night’s sitcoms solicited judgment. It’stolerate being with their i ng” a nd more about as though the actors and wise not to announce akids 24 hours a day?” “ h o m e ”. Yo u m i g h t situations are real? decision to homeschooland 2) “What about so- realize that families are • Those subdued with until you’ve done thecialization?” the building blocks of d r u g s t o m a ke t h e m research you need to SO W H AT IS HO - human life and see that “manageable”? become firm in the ideaMESCHOOLING R E- each child is constituted • Those that pressure and observe for awhile.ALLY? differently right from each other to look, act, You will be char t i ng In a nutshell, home- the beginning and their speak, and believe just your own course. Whatschooling is the process s t yle of nu r t u r e a nd like the rest of the ado- other people think ho-whe r e by r e s p o n si ble needs are unique. lescent herd? meschooling is may beparents choose to train, AT HOM E W I T H When we’re willing to quite unlike your expe-equip, and launch their MY KIDS ALL DAY?!! face the facts, it’s obvi- rience. Many critics areow n c h i l d r e n a s r e - Much of the surliness ous that a well-social- silenced when they seesponsible, literate, and that kids exhibit toward ized person is one who your children thrivingskillful on-going adult parents and siblings is can respect and interact and learning.learners. It differs from an outcome of spending w it h t hose older a nd If you’ve ha d ch il-traditional public/pri- too much t i me ever y younger than himself; dren in school and arevate schooling in that day receiving the verbal m o r e k n owle d ge a ble br i ngi ng t hem home,parents are the direct a nd e mot ion al abu se and less so. give yourself and themoverseers of the child’s of other children in an Some say that chil- a g r a c e p e r i o d of 6l e a r n i n g p r o c e s s . It i n st it ut ion al set t i ng. dren need to be with a months to decompress.results in family glue When your kids realize room full of age mates When your kids realizerather than family frac- they have innate value all day to learn to “face they have you all day,ture, fostering real-life and uniqueness that is real it y” a nd toug hen ever y day, and sensematurity, from a young not being th reatened, up. This does not har- that your attention isage, and can be cus- they change for the bet- monize with the “real t u r ne d t owa rd t he m ,tomized to the learning ter. world” adults inhabit. they will need you less!style of each child. It SOCIALIZATION You do not work with Don’t envision yourselffosters genuine social What’s the real ques- others your age, or so- chained to your kitcheng races th rough inter- tion behind “What about cial or economic back- t able, t e a ch i ng m at haction with people of socialization?” Are we g rou nd; why should facts ‘til you’re blue inall ages. It is bursting laboring under the no- children? the face.with real-life problem- tion that kids need lots C R I T I C I S M YO U continued on page 50 Page 8 • (805) 499-3306
  • 8. Talking Fingers Software can now be played ONLINE! Visit our web site and try lessons free! • Engaging • Affordable ($35 ) • Self-paced • Systematic • Multisensory SPECIAL DISCOUNT FOR • Research-based Order on our web site before 02/28/11 and receive 20% off! (Online or CD Editions) Coupon Code: TFALL-HSM-0211 Award-winning, Read, Write & Type Phonics-to- uency Softwarefor Hands-on Reading and SpellingRecommended by Sally Shaywitz, her best-selling book, Overcoming Dyslexia. “Among all the commercially available computer software claiming to offer WORDY QWERTY reading instruction, we like Read, Write and Type the best.” Susan L. Hall & Louisa C. Moats, Ed.D. Straight Talk About Reading Try lessons free at:
  • 9. Primary Sources and a Virtual Congress THE CENTER ON – New Resources from the Center on Congress CONGRESS G ive students the artifacts, and more. TPS real story about resources, offered free of at Indiana University historical events. charge to all educators, are Help them understand how organized in collections our government works around five themes: and what it’s like to be a Public Criticisms of Con- Member of Congress. Find gress: A Look at American new, engaging resources to Political Cartoons – Get a teach about Congress, rep- historical perspective on resentative democracy, and the place of political car- citizen participation. toons in our representative The Center on Con- democracy, explore public gress at Indiana University criticisms of Congress, and (www.centeroncongress. develop your own views org) has developed a rich about Congress. collection of resources – in- Critical Thinking: Ana- teractives, lesson plans, pri- lyzing Congressional Floor mary source sets and more Debates – Examine the – that gives students unique main components of an access to primary sources, effective, thoughtful argu- bringing government and ment in Congress, analyze history to life – and takes examples of Congressional YOUR SOURCE FOR them inside the workings debates, and learn how to TEACHING ABOUT CONGRESS of our government to ex- present a case on a particu- perience first-hand what lar issue. • Interactive learning modules it’s like to be a member Consensus Building • Facts of Congress short videos of Congress through the and the Virtual Congress • Videos on compromise and Virtual Congress. To help – Delve into consensus how Congress works educators learn more about building in the legislative • Lesson plans these resources and how process by examining • Teaching with Primary Sources to use them, the Center is historical examples and ex- offering a series of webi- perience the process first- • Virtual Congress nars throughout spring and hand by taking on the role • and more… Visit summer 2011. of Members of Congress The Center’s Teaching with Primary Sources within a virtual world – the Virtual Congress. (TPS) project ( Still in development are “Our mission is to improve the is designed two more themes: The public’s understanding about to help teachers access and Impact of Congress: A Congress and to encourage civic use the digitized online Look at the First Congress, engagement.” primary source materials 1789-1791 – Examine bills of the Library of Congress passed in the first Congress THE CENTER ON – documents, photographs, that still impact our lives CONGRESS AT INDIANA UNIVERSITY maps, speeches, cartoons, today; and Importance letters, songs, journals/ of Citizen Participation: diaries, autobiographies, American Social Move-Page 10 • (805) 499-3306
  • 10. ments – Explore the roles Create lists of activitiescitizens have played in to assign to students orkey 19th and 20th century groups. THE CENTER ONsocial movements and getinvolved in an issue impor- View, grade, and mark up your students’ work CONGRESStant to you. online. at Indiana University Homeschool educators View and customize les-can use the Center’s TPS sons that are aligned withsite in several ways. Let’s state standards.take a quick tour. Registering on the TPS When you go to www. site also gives you and you can students access to an excit-enter the site as a teacher ing new resource – the Vir-or as a student. To begin, tual Congress. The Virtualenter as a teacher and you’ll Congress is a fully func-be taken to a “TPS Home” tional online 3D replica ofpage. Then you will be the U.S. Congress. In the TEACHING WITH PRIMARY SOURCESinvited to preview the Virtual Congress, you andresources in each theme. your students can take a Engage middle and high school students inSelect a theme and access virtual tour of the Capitol learning about Congress, representativevideos, lesson plans, and and experience role playing democracy, and citizen participation!student interactives – all of as members of Congress:which you can either use or Proposing your own ideas • Lesson plans • Guides for searchingdownload right away. Back for legislation, discussing • Student interactives & using Library • Teacher & student of Congress digitalon the TPS Home page, them in-world with other workspaces collectionsyou will also be invited student-members, andto register. Registration trying to find commonis simple and free, and it ground in order to moveallows you to use the TPS your proposals along. In the THE VIRTUALsite and resources in a Virtual Congress, your stu- CONGRESSunique way. Although you dents can meet up in a safe,can use the TPS resources password-protected online Experience this fully functional onlinewithout registration, by world with students around 3D replica of the U.S. Congress.registering you will get a the community, region, • Take a virtual tour • Involve students inpassword-protected space or country to learn what role playing as of the Capitolon our server — accessible it’s like to be a Member of members of Congressto you and your students Congress.any time of day from any When you take a tour of www.tpscongress.orgcomputer with Internet ac- the Virtual Congress, youcess. Registration provides will find information signs Provided free of charge www.centeroncongress.orga simple and powerful that lead to collections of by the Center on Congressway to choose, assign, and primary source materi- at Indiana University through funding from the For more information:grade the student activities als providing historical Library of Congress congress@indiana.eduavailable on the TPS site – background of the variousa personalized workspace locations in and around thefrom which you can: Capitol – the Capitol Build- THE CENTER ON Provide students with ing, the Rotunda, House CONGRESS AT INDIANA UNIVERSITYtheir own workspaces to do and Senate committeeand save their work. continued on page 85 (855) 499-3306 • Page 11
  • 11. Why Can’t Saltwater Fish Live in Fresh water? By Connor Bernstein In this article I’m going as stenohaline. There are to discuss a topic that I also euryhaline fish, like thought about a lot when salmon, that can survive I was younger. Have you in salt water OR fresh wa- ever wondered why, ex- ter. Why are fish so picky actly, saltwater fish can’t about what kind of water live in fresh water and they live in? Read on to freshwater fish can’t live find out. in salt water? When I was The key to the answer creating my Insta-pets is osmosis. To explain kit (see end of article) osmosis, let’s start with a and watching the little cell -- the building block guys swimming around of life. Cells are responsi- in their saltwater tank, I ble for the vital functions decided to find out why of all living things. We’re the amount of salt in their made of them, plants are water was so critical to made of them, and so are their well-being. fish. Before I talk about As most of us know, osmosis, let’s take a look there are two main types at two important parts of of fish: Saltwater and a cell: the cell membrane freshwater. Saltwater fish and the cytosol. can’t survive in fresh Think of the cell mem- water, and freshwater fish brane as the “skin” that can’t survive in salt water. In nat ure, they live in different en- vironments (t he ocea n vs. a stream, for example) and in cap- tivity, we keep them in surrounds a cell and think different types of aquari- of the cytosol as the sub- ums. If a saltwater fish stance that fills the cell somehow makes its way and surrounds its contents. into a freshwater aquari- The cell membrane’s job um, it will die after only is to keep ever ything a few hours. Most fish inside safe, and to keep a can survive in just one balance between the lev- type of water. These are els of chemicals (mostly referred to by scientists salts) in the cell and in thePage 12 • (805) 499-3306
  • 12. surrounding environment. tion below to get a bet- water fish get rid of saltIt’s made up of water and ter idea of how osmosis because they live in such alots of different kinds of works: ®dissolved chemicals that salty envi-a cell needs to work prop- ronment. Freshwa-erly. Cells like to keep the An example of osmosis: ter fish concentrate salt inconcentration of chemi- Water is moving from an their bodies because theycals on the inside the same area of low concentration live in an environmentas on the outside. For of salt, outside the cell, where salt is harder toexample, if a cell that was (notice the cell is smaller) come by.previously surrounded by to an area of high concen- Saltwater fish’s cellsa fairly diluted solution tration of salt, inside the naturally contain a very(like fresh water) is sud- cell. Once the process is high concentration ofdenly exposed to a salty finished, the concentra- continued on page 28solution, the cell mem- tion of salt is the samebrane will allow most of on the outside and insidethe water inside the cell of the cell (now the cellto leave. This makes the is larger because there iscell shrink, and increases more water in it). Before isthe concentration of salts on the left and after is onin the cytosol so that the the right.concentration inside the Fish need a cer taincell becomes equal to the amount of salt in theirconcentration outside the bodies to stay healthy.cell again. Too much or too little can Confusing? Think of it cause problems. Sincethis way: The cell mem- fish’s natural habitats arebrane lets water move always changing, due tothrough it from areas of weather and other forces,low concentration (less they have to be able tochemicals, more water) adapt to small changesto areas of high concen- in salinity by controllingtration (more chemicals, how much salt is presentless water). This helps in their bodies. This iskeep the concentration called osmoregulation,of chemicals the same on and it’s one of the func-the inside and outside of tions of the kidneys, fora cell. both fish and people. The Check out the illustra- gills and kidneys of salt- (855) 499-3306 • Page 13
  • 13. Celebrating Our Children and Ourselves By Mariaemma Pelullo-Willis, M.S., How can we celebrate all 100% Organic Cotton Learning Styles Specialist for School & Life Success of our children and ensure T that they see themselves as he New ebrate their children for the marvelous individuals Ye a r who they are. Every single they are? Here are a few has be- one of our children has ways: gun! For many unique gifts and unique 1. Celebrate your chil- of us that means contributions to make dren for who they are, leaving behind the holiday to our world. If children NOT for the quality or parties, perhaps making are not celebrated and quantity of their school New Year resolutions and, ack nowledged for the work. in general, looking for- wonders that they are and 2. Get into the habit ward to new beginnings. for their unique contribu- of pointing out what is 20% o Checkout Perhaps we are getting tions, they will not be able RIGHT about your chil- Code: ready for the next round to discern their natural dren. HmSch20 of parties and celebrations: gifts and talents and their 3. Acknowledge their birthdays, Valentine’s Day, true “calling” during their interests, talents, and the graduations, etc. We love growing-up years. contributions they make to to celebrate! Too often, children are the family. As we move into 2011, evaluated in terms of how 4. Encourage them to I challenge parents (and they perform in school, pay attention to their own teachers!) to really cel- and only those who do positive characteristics and “well” receive acknowl- actions. edgment. Children quickly 5. Teach them to rec- lose heart when day after ognize their accomplish- day they don’t do well ments. on assignments, or fail a Compare these two sets test, or are told they are of comments: not measuring up. Or, “When are you going to they become unmotivated get it right?...Well, if there’s Get out and play! and even depressed when a way to mess it up you’ll urged to go in a direction find it...You’re so clumsy...I Travel & Adventure that is counter to their tal- know you’ll lose it...You’ll ents and natural gifts -- in probably forget like you many cases, the adults in a always do...” child’s life force the child “Wow, thanks for re- into a career or life of the membering to pick that Pawparazzi adult’s choosing. up...I noticed you put Jelly Flyers The adults in a child’s your ring in a safe place... life need to be mentors, Thanks for helping your guides, coaches…helping brother...That was tricky that child discover who he/ and you managed to get it Fun Kits she is. We are to celebrate done...I admire your will- our children in our hearts ingness to do a few math as well as outwardly with problems even though you Creative Fun for Active Kids! support and encourage- really dislike math...” ment.Page 14 • (805) 499-3306
  • 14. If children live with the So now, how about you?first set of comments, it’s How do you celebrate How to Write Excellent Essaysnot a big surprise if they yourself ? Do you ac-themselves say things like: knowledge your many“I’m so clumsy...I’ll loseit for sure...I can’t do it...I daily accomplishments? Do you focus on your in 7 Easy Stepsnever finish things, that’s strengths, talents, and Digital Box Set Includes:just the way I am...” gifts? Have you found your • Downloadable pdf guidebook • 7 hours of online video Children who live with calling in life? If you didn’t Physical representation of a digital product. No books or DVDs are shipped with this offer. Preview atthe second set of com- discover it while growing learn to be confident up, get started now -- it’sand to pay attention to never too late!what they do right. You Be a model for yourare liable to hear them say children by celebratingthings like: yourself and them, in little “Well, it’s hard but I can ways and in big ways. Cre-try it...Next time I’m going ate celebrations that bringto do it this way...Maybe out the stars that are shin-I can make a plan so that ing inside all of us. Makedoesn’t happen again...I 2011 the best year ever produced byknow I can do it...I did it!” by truly celebrating the Webster’s Academy Remember that school people in your lives that For Excellence in Writingis not life. In the end, in matter the most. Happy LIVE, Online Writing Coursesthe real world, it won’t celebrating! www.webstersacademy.commatter whether your childconquered dangling par- ©2010 by Mariaemmaticiples or still doesn’t get Pelullo-Willis & Reflective Folkstyle ProductionsAlgebra...what will matteris whether your child be- Educational Perspectives, LLC Bring You and Yourlieves in himself, whethershe is confident about her Mariaemma Pelullo- Child World danCeown abilities and what Willis is a Learning Stylesshe CAN do. It is our job Specialist for School & Lifeas parents and teachers to Success. She is co-author DVDsbring out the star in our of Discover Your Child’schildren and show them Learning Style, Midlifewhere they shine. Crisis Begins in Kinder- What do you love about garten, and Learning Styleyour child…that delightful Profile Online. She is co- learn ValuaBle lessonslaugh, boundless energy,terrific memory, knowing founder of LearningSuc- cess™ Institute, offering CDs Through Folk danCe!just what to say to put oth- Life Launch High School, Dance and movement activitiesers at ease, love of animals, customized programs for can encourage community,a green thumb, being the homeschool/independentlife of the party, ability to study, and LearningSuc- teamwork and promote creativity,fix anything, an amazing cess training for parents concentration, and culture!imagination…? These are and teachers. m@learn- s (800) 894-4378examples of characteristics, Book www.folkstyle.comto be celebrated! 805-648-1739 (855) 499-3306 • Page 15
  • 15. How Much History Do Highlighted Paper Kids Need? By Scott Powell, History at Our House I The Simple SolutionLaura Ingalls Wilder to Improve Letter n my opinion, children of history, which stems MUSEUM AND TOURIST CENTER Formation & Placement should start learning from history’s stories not 330 Eighth Street Walnut Grove, MN 56180 history as early as six being fiction, but fact. They Come and visit the home of years of age, and no later must be encouraged to “On the Banks of Plum Creek” in southwest Minnesota than eight. They are ready glean for the first time to learn it then, and they history has universal les- Toll Free (888) 528-7298 Try Our New need to start creating the sons about life to offer, and Raised foundation of knowledge that actors and events from Open April-October Choose From Line Paper that enables their intellectu- the past helped shaped the See website for hours Three Widths... al growth through elemen- world around them in tan- Visit our Regular, Narrow & Wide tary, middle school, and gible ways. Online (with Optional Picture Area) high school. It’s that growth When this is done right, Gift Store Accommodates that I’d like to discuss this students can become ex- the young printer, time around. tremely invested in his- older student or Once kids start learning tory at an early age. For challenged learner! history, they need to keep instance, when discussing learning it, regularly, rigor- the history of Athens re- ously, and over the duration cently, I had seven year old of their academic career. students unselfconscious- Each stage of this process ly saying that what they allows students to progress were learning was “cool.” through natural levels of (When was the last time awareness and ultimately you heard a student call his- to emerge as historically- tory that? We were study- minded adults. ing the Athenian Golden The proper goal of early Age, which by any proper history education is to standard certainly is one help children develop the of the coolest things in the “history habit.” To put world–ever!–but do most the matter plainly, to learn kids think so?) Students history children first have were learning for the first to develop an interest in it. time what a democracy is For that to happen it must by studying the example of be presented in a manner Athens. When this same that is compatible with their class of lower elementary level of thinking and their students learned that Ath- natural interests. History ens had lost the Pelopon- has to be taught as an excit- nesian War against Sparta, ing story, with characters I could hear voices crack- and story lines as amazing ing. (Yes, I have actually as any work of fiction. But seen tears shed by young children must also learn to students in history classes, appreciate the unique value continued on page 72Page 16 • (805) 499-3306
  • 16. SM Lighthouse Christian Academy AFFORDABLE CHRISTIAN HOMESCHOOL ACADEMY BENEFITS INCLUDED WITH ENROLLMENT  Discounts on All Initial Orders Each Year  Full-Service Accredited Homeschool  Experienced Christian Academic Advisors  Annual Graduation Ceremony  Diagnostic and Stanford 10 Online Testing  Servicing Grades K Through 12 ACCREDITE D HO SM ME SCHOOL Where the Scriptures Remain Paramount FREE Information Packet • Visit or 1-866-907-4636Lighthouse Christian Academy does not discriminate against members, applicants, students, and others on the basis of race, color, gender, or national or ethnic origin.
  • 17. Yes, My Grown Homeschooled Children Are Odd -- And Yours Will Be Too! See what By Diane Flynn Keith real Online I am sick and tired of They stand out from the defending homeschool- crowd, and a trained eye Learning is ing from the ques- can spot them a mile away. all about! tion, “What about social- Now, please understand ization?” Members of that for years I’ve been a The Harvey School has been a bricks and mortar the modern homeschool champion for homeschool- boarding school in New York for 94 years, providing personal attention to each student. movement have insisted ing and have countered for thirty years that home- the socialization argument Now, eHarvey, the online schooled children are well- with rational explanations socialized. We laughingly and practical examples of division of The Harvey refer to socialization as the how homeschoolers are School, brings the “S word.” We deflect the well-socialized. You know same personal socialization question by the drill: attention to your home! insisting it’s a myth. And Homeschool parents yet, it persists. model appropriate social Visit us at We trounced the aca- behavior and teach their demic argument long ago. children how to interact w w w. e H a r v e y. o r g Very few people challenge and get along with others. the notion that home- Homeschoolers inter- schoolers are intellectu- act and play with oth- The PHONICS Road ally curious, self-directed er children and students to Spelling and Reading learners who match or ex- ceed the academic prowess through homeschool sup- port groups at Park Days, of their school-going peers. in co-op classes, and on So, why do you think we field trips, etc. can’t shake the socializa- Homeschooled children tion issue? participate in (and win!) I’ll tell you what I think. math olympiads, spelling The truth is, homeschool- bees, geography bees, sci- ers are not well-socialized. ence competitions, and There. I’ve said it. Some- debate teams. one had to. Homeschoolers join I say this with the great- choirs, orchestras, book est respect and affection clubs, athletic events, and for the homeschooled or they even go to home- Complete 4-year curriculum: unschooled. Nevertheless, school proms! spelling, writing, reading, grammar, in my experience, home- Homeschoolers take composition, and intro to Latin schoolers deviate from the classes and compete aca- norm. They are not well- demically in community For a FREE brochure/sample DVD: socialized in the traditional college, adult education school sense. They are odd programs, museum events, Schola Publications Inc, 215 Lake Blvd. #610, Redding, CA 96003 ducks swimming in a big, online forums, summer 530-275-2064 standardized social pool. school, and at camps, etc.Page 18 • (805) 499-3306
  • 18. Homeschoolers partici- are more likely to be civi-pate in community activi- cally engaged than familiesties such as Scouts, 4-H,Little League, Pop WarnerFootball, AYSO soccer,theater classes, martial arts who send their children to public and private schools. Homeschoolers display fewer behavior problems Get Into Shape!classes, dance classes, etc. than do other children. as seen on NBC’s Homeschoolers volun-teer in the community. Homeschoolers have higher levels of parental “The Today Show” Homeschoolers play interest and communica-with neighborhood kids tion, peer independence, a Rebounding Benefits thefrom both public and pri- sense of responsibility, andvate schools. lowered anxiety levels. Body in 30 Healthy Ways! I’ve also pointed out the Homeschooled childrenadvantage homeschoolers have higher achievementhave because instead of and mastery levels.being socialized by inter- Homeschooled childrenacting with the same 30 have good self-esteem.children in a classroom, Homeschooled childrenwho are the exact same are more socially mature.age, on the exact same aca- Homeschooled childrendemic track, from the same have better leadershipgeographic and socio-eco- skills than other children.nomic area – homeschool- Homeschooled childreners get to interact with who attempt higher educa-people of varying ages, tion are successful.abilities, ethnicities, and Homeschooled graduatessocio-economic diversity experience no prejudice re-on a day-to-day basis in the garding employment.real world. Homeschool graduates I’ve pointed people to- function effectively asward the always-positive members of adult society.research studies that have One research study evenbeen conducted on ho- concluded, “The socializa-meschoolers over the past tion of home-educated Great for the entire familythree decades by the U.S. students was often betterDepartment of Education than that of their schooled A fun exercise for all agesand other government and peers.” The research provesprivate organizations. Here homeschoolers surpassis a random compilation of standard social expecta- Call Todayfindings from the reports: Homeschoolers are notisolated. tions, and in exceeding them, they fall short of social mediocrity. 1-800-232-5762 2675 232 008 1 2675 232 008 1 2675---232---008---1 Homeschool parentsactively encourage their I hate to be the one to break it to you, but there’s Or Order Onlinechildren to take advantage nothing “normal” aboutof social opportunities out-side the family. our kids. Your home- schooled child is odd com- moc rednuoberkadeen www moc..ssrednuoberkadeen..www Homeschooling families continued on page 60 (855) 499-3306 • Page 19
  • 19. Looking for the Best in When All Else Fails, Play a Game! By Carolyn Forte of and cook a special din- Homeschooling Support? Excellence in Education ner for Daddy, or play a T here are days when game. Most children love nothing seems to games and a clever mom work. The children can sneak a lot of learning can’t concentrate on math into an otherwise hope- and complain loudly about less morning by inserting the writing assignment. games and activities into They constantly invent the day. Often, physical excuses to leave their work. activity is what is needed. Even their favorite books Children need much more and story CD’s are met with activity than adults, a fact glazed eyes and whines of which is often overlooked discontent. by parents. A physical- You can bluster and activity-break is needed at Bring the Joy of Learning Into bully, trying to force some least once every hour until children reach age 12-14. Your Homeschool With EiE’s... “learning” into their heads Simple games like hop – or you can recognize the obvious: “Today is not a scotch, Frisbee, catch, jacks, • Books day for formal academics.” marbles, juggling, jumping rope, foursquare or shoot- • Products When faced with this situ- ation, many homeschool ing baskets are wonderfully • Games moms will dig in their refreshing for both mind heels and demand compli- and body. Childrens’ bod- Huge selection of ance, turning the day into a ies were not designed to sit quality books and contest of wills of Olympic still for very long; if we try materials in all proportions. I remember to fight the creator’s design, many such days when my we’re asking for trouble. subjects that are blood started to boil with Active games develop both both interesting frustration. I knew I faced mind and body. Accurately and educational, catching a ball or pick- a choice: Continue to fight at all reading and ing up jacks develops and the reality of childish bio- educational levels! rhythms, accomplishing refines hand-eye coordina- New online nothing more than ruining tion and fine motor skills – everyone’s day, or take an important component in catalog! charge of the situation by penmanship, math and any changing gears and doing writing activity. Log-on today at: Games can teach many something else. Happily, I learned early to take the of the skills practiced in Our website has many articles of second option. workbooks – without the interest to all homeschoolers! There are many pos- complaints. A few minutes sibilities for a change of spent playing a game with 2640-A7 S. Myrtle Ave. Monrovia, CA 91016 pace: Bake some cookies dice or cards can accom- Store Hours: M-F 11am-5pm and take them to a friend plish more than the same or neighbor, take an im- amount of time working (626) 821-0025 with flash cards. This is promptu field trip, go to Over 25 years’ experience in homeschooling the park for awhile, plan continued on page 74Page 20 • (805) 499-3306
  • 20. Do Smart People Play Chess or Does CREATIVEPlaying Chess Make People Smart CRAFTHOUSEW ith all the tech- chess first began.” nolog y out Nobody really knows there, it is a bit just how old the game ofironic that Chess, arguably chess is. However, Mrs. Handcrafted Woodenone of the oldest games in Graham said, some experts Puzzle & Gamesthe world, is still leaps and claim that chess is more FOR HOMESCHOOLER’Sbounds ahead of today’s than 2,000 years old. Someelectronic games in help- evidence suggests that Traditional and Uniqueing youth improve their chess, in its earliest form, designs forcognitive skills and learn was played in India in the - Focusreal lessons about life, ac- 6th century AD and fromcording to Lyndia Graham, there spread around the - Determinationmanager of Wholesale world. Of course, over the - Problem SolvingChess. years, the pieces and rules - Spatial Visualization “Chess not only teaches changed somewhat. In the - Math skillschildren critical analyti- 15th century, chess began & more all while having FUNcal skills, but it teaches to more closely resemblethem about choices–that the game we now play,each action is followed by she added. But chess re-a natural—but very real– ally started taking off in theconsequence and that each 1800’s when tournaments,of those choices must be chess clocks, champion-carefully considered” she ships, and titles like Grand-said. “Chess can help the master were introduced.IQ, memory, pattern rec- Chess is now the mostognition, analytical skills, popular game in the world Math Gamesoverall comprehension, as and growing especially fast Dexterity andwell as develop patience.” among children, as schools “It is an ideal game to and parents recognize Creativity Puzzlesuse in a homeschool settingbecause the implications the social and intellectual benefits associated with the Classic Wooden Gamesof choice and consequence game. There are hundredscan be casually discussed of millions of players inand reinforced in a positive, thousands of clubs around Call us for help onbut fun setting,” she said. the planet. Women and selections and how“Bad choices — or chess girls are learning chess in to teach with traditionalmoves — have immediate record numbers. Younger puzzles & gamesconsequences and will im- and younger players arepact the rest of your game achieving Grandmaster— or the rest of your life. status and a few are not AND MUCH MUCH MORE!!There are rules of play that even teenagers yet, shemust be followed, or the said.end result is not what you The overall skill level Dave Janellewant. It’s an age-old lesson of chess players is also in- www.CreativeCrafthouse.comas relevant today as when continued on page 86 352-683-6649 (855) 499-3306 • Page 21
  • 21. Scheduling a Charlotte Mason Day By Sheila Carroll and James Carroll I magine that it’s Mon- D o e s t h is s c e n a r io day morning. It’s about sound possible to you? It 9AM, and after fin- is. Charlotte Mason under- ishing their chores, your stood how children really children sit down at the learn and laid out a set of kitchen table and begin principles to make it pos- school. Because they have sible to inspire children to learned that all real learn- learn by their own self-ef- ing begins with disciple- fort. To bring this wonder ship, they study the Bible about, the teaching parent with you. Following that, must first understand his each knows they must or her role. “The children, check their schedule of not the teacher, are the re- readings and written work sponsible persons; they do to be sure of the learning the work by self-effort.” for the day. Your chil- There is a table at the dren look forward to this end of this article outlining because each book they a 4th grade student’s day read is full of interesting and week. Don’t rush to it. and memorable events of First take in the principles history, science, nature or that lead to the creation of “Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire.” —William Butler Yeats people. such a schedule. As they complete a sec- Charlotte Mason taught tion of work they come that when books are many, to you for oral narration. varied, and living, the Science, by your choice, child is able to take up the is a family learning time ideas in them like a plant and so the books are read taking nutrients from the aloud together and the soil. The result is “full whole family narrates. happy living, resource- History is also a family af- fulness, expansiveness, fair, in fact, the book you expression, power of ini- are currently reading is tiative, serviceableness— so interesting the children in a word, character.” are talking about how Charlotte Mason believed they can “hardly wait” till children learn best when after lunch for family read given abundant, high- aloud. quality books; time in thePage 22 • (805) 499-3306
  • 22. outdoors; and are taught my daughter’s 4th grade,gently using methods such I went all out with narration, short lessons, She is now the equivalentand “masterly inactivity.” of a sophomore and what AFFORDABLE, UNIQUE CURRICULA The Basics of CM we call an Independent What is the “bottom Learner. Very self taughtline” for a Charlotte Ma- and self motivated. She isson curriculum in my re-reading, on her own,homeschool? The answer books such as Nariño andis: 1) Understand the prin- Lord of the Rings. Whenciples of CM; 2) Consis- in Jr. High, she checkedtently apply the principles; out of the library and read Visit Our Website for:3) Plan your school day to over 100 books on horses. •Natural Spellersupport those principles. She made horses her fo- •Comprehensive Composition •Critical ConditioningIt really is that simple. To cus, and they still are. She •Maximum Math •Science Scopelearn the principles of a is raising one and riding in •Guides to History PlusCharlotte Mason educa- competitions. •The Maya: Unit Study •Teaching Tips & Techniquestion, visit our website for Your child or children •Workshop Audio Cassettesthe Seven Keys to Learn- have some subject(s) they Movies As Literatureing and for Charlotte Ma- will connect with like that Grade level: 9-12son’s 20 Principles. and out of it other subjects Price: $32 The foundational princi- will blossom because theyple for a Charlotte Masoneducation is that a child will be seen as useful in pursuing more informa- 1.800.965.2719 www.designastudy.comis a person. Children are tion about their favoriteborn complete and full subject. Give them theof endless possibilities. freedom to find thoseChildren are not incom- subjects.plete adults; they become Once, in Jr. High, we be-adults. They do not lack gan using some textbooks,maturity, but rather guid- such as the Apologia Sci-ance, nurture, and oppor- ence Textbook series, buttunity. Your role as their retained the living booksteacher is to provide these reading for history, geog-things. When you grasp raphy, picture study andthis single truth it will composer study.change your understand- Ms. Mason once re-ing of your homeschool counted her response to aand your children. question which included My Own Story the phrase, “I use your For three years I waffled method more or less . . .”in my consistent use of . Mason said, “Then youCharlotte Mason’s prin- will achieve the results Iciples such as narration. I promise . . . more or less.”also “curriculum hopped”. The Magic of Short Les-But I wasn’t seeing the sonsresults I thought possible; Recently a mother askedBridgett had a very short for guidance in prevent-attention span. Finally, in continued on page 68 (855) 499-3306 • Page 23
  • 23. Non-Judgmental Drawing: The Monart Way By Mona Brookes ply come from what one but if you praise t he ent teachers. It wasn’t has been told is “good” actual drawing it begins until after graduation Author: Drawing with o r “ b a d ”. W h a t yo u to control the student’s that I was finally free Children and Drawing for think is bad art might experience. They lose to explore what I really Older Children and Teens Founder: Monart Drawing be seen i n Nat ional focus on their experi- liked and find my own Schools Museums and is worth ence and get consumed creativity. T millions. w it h lo ok i ng for t he his article needs W hen I talk about praise. When teaching to be understood non-judgment, the av- a dva nce d t e ch n ique s f rom t he ba sic erage person assumes l i ke p e r s p e c t ive a nd premise that I do not I am referring to criti- shading, a teacher needs believe that there is “a cism. But if there re- to show the student the r ig ht way t o do a r t ” ally is no such thing correct skills, but once and that “everyone can a s “go o d ” o r “ b a d ”, those skills are learned learn to draw”. I realize then I see no need to the student should have that there is a right way i m p o s e o p i n i o n s o r the right to disregard to do many subjects; preferences on a child. t h e m , t h e s a m e w ay l i ke pl ay i ng a s o ng, When I explain this to many famous artists do. solving a math problem, a child who is fishing As a serious art stu- or reading a language. for compliments, they dent, I knew I had to Inspired by “Arty” However, if you f re - truly understand, seem f ind out the teachers’ a stuffed toy q ue nt a r t ga l le r ie s I relieved, and quickly prefe re nce s a nd p e r- challenge you to tell me become more creative for m i n t hat st yle i n what is “really” right or and confident. Yes, I am order to get good grades wrong or good or bad actually suggesting that a nd receive pr aise. I a r t. T here is end less you refrain from prais- eventually noticed that variety in preferences ing a child’s drawings. the same piece of work and judgments in the You can praise a child could end up with praise visual arts. Sometimes for the way they work, or criticism from differ- eduarts_HSM_onethird.pdf 12/7/10 11:34:00 AM Hollan-Age 5 these preferences sim- C Drawing M Y thru the AlphabetCMMYCY by Mona Bro Author of Drawin g with Childre okesCMY n and Founder of Drawing Schools For Ages 3 – 8 K Page 24 • (805) 499-3306
  • 24. tion before committing 3. When a child is un- to the page and create happy with a drawing, colorful drawings that don’t try to praise him everyone loves. Learn- into liking it. That does i ng to d r aw is about not work. Tell them the learning to see! Avoid truth. Artists never like crayons, colored pen- everything they do. This cils, and cheap markers, gives them the opportu- w h ic h c r e a t e b u m py nity to solve problems lines or streaky, imma- and explore options. ture affects. 4. Ma ke s u re t h at 2. Once a ch ild is children under 8 also over 9, and has some have free time to draw conf idence with two- by t hem selve s. St ick d i me n sion a l i m a ge s , Figure Drawing is ex- they can begin learning t remely i mpor t a nt to the skills of accurate language development perspective and three- a n d s el f- e x p r e s s io n . dimensional shadi ng. Monar t is a Realistic Krisztianna-Age 12 Pencil and pastels are D r aw i ng prog r a m. It Holla n a nd K r isz- people never knew that t he most appropr iate is a completely differ-tianna created totally the silent classrooms media in this case. ent subject. It does notdifferent results from and the safe non-judg- i nt e r fe re i n a ny waythe inspiration of the ment al envi ron ment with the child’s con-st uf fed A r t y toy and were just as responsible t i nu e d e njoy m e nt ofobserving other graphic for these results as the t he sy mbol ic i m age smaterials. Hollan used structured and academ- that they will draw byonly marker and Krisz- ic-based lesson plans. t he m s elve s. Mon a r ttianna blended marker A f ter yea rs of expo - st udent s who ca n doand colored pencil. sure with home school Jed-Age 6, using Markers. unbelievably realistic Monart became very groups, I am more than 2 dimensional work d rawings still d rawwell known for unbe- excited that those lesson inspired by Laurel Burch stick f igure drawingslievably skilled results plans are now expand- designs. by themselves, until 8from very young chil- ing into a Drawing thru or 9 years old. Symbolicdren to beginner adults, the Alphabet workbook st ick f ig u re d r aw i ngthe side benef its that for 3-to-8-year-olds. stops around that agewere seen in academic So, where do you start and does not eventuallyperfor mance, and the if you intend to draw lead to realism. Exceptfact that everyone could with children? for a rare few, peoplebe so successful. It was 1. Start with two-di- need structured infor-hard for people to be- mensional f lat images, mation to learn realisticlieve that children in the with children under 8 drawing. Do not eversame class could have or beginners of any age. compare the two typessuch a variety of results Avoid p e n c i l , w h ich of drawing. Childrenfrom the same instruc- e n c o u r a ge s c o n s t a nt can, and will, happilytions or that such young erasing and sloppy vi- do both, if given thatch i ld r e n c ou ld d r aw sual observations. Use Michelle-Age 14, using oil non-judg mental envi-from objects as well as markers, which encour- pastel. 3 dimensional work ronment. M.B.graphic materials. Most age closer visual atten- done from observing a vase of sun flowers. (855) 499-3306 • Page 25
  • 25. Art Instruction School – Distance Education Since 1914! W hen we think demand for cartoonists of “distance would be growing, so education” as they added cartooning, part of homeschooling, color work and perspec- we might not realize that tive d rawing, as well Art Instruction School, as other specialized art with their ubiquitous classes to their curricu- “Draw Me” ads, is one lum. of the oldest distance Today, AIS is recog- educators in the country. nized as the top home AIS was founded in 1914 study art school in the and began its distance country. Much of this art instruction programs success is a result of shortly thereafter --long AIS graduates, such as before the Inter net or Charles Schultz of “Pea- even a-radio-in-every- nuts” cartoon fame, suc- home level of technol- cessful fashion design- ogy! ers, landscape, portrait, The Bureau of Engrav- wildlife artists and art ing, Inc., (not a govern- teachers in all walks of ment agency) founded life. A IS i n M i n ne ap ol is , In terms of the actual as a bricks-and-mortar process of their lessons, school to train illustra- each new subject begins Creative Writing tors for the burgeoning with a package delivered printing industry – es- by mail or UPS, contain- pecially its own segment ing a large-format, easy- of that indust r y. T he to-follow, personalized Online Classes for Teens Bureau’s methods and textbook that takes you The professional writers at NYC’s leading creative writing school materials were so suc- through the art lesson now offer online classes for teens! cessful that soon all of in detail. When needed, Presented in collaboration with Teen Ink, these workshops are the advertising, newspa- new art tools and sup- designed to foster creativity and self-expression in a supportive per and general printing plies are included with atmosphere. Each class is taught by a professional writer adept at helping young writers discover and develop their unique voices. industry were seeking the lesson. their teaching and train- Throughout the text- In these engaging and pressure-free online classes, students develop thinking and writing skills that will prove valuable in ing. The AIS building books you have plenty of and beyond. could not accommodate opportunities to practice or serve the needs of in- the assignment activi- “This course was great. My school doesn’t offer a creative writing course, so this was the perfect way to enhance my writing skills terested, prospective art ties. When you are satis- and have fun along the way. I really enjoyed the smaller class size, students from all over fied that you have com- and the fact that everyone received personal instruction based on their writing style.” — CH Hollis, NH the nation, so they began pleted the assignment their distance education and done your best work, “Absolutely amazing and totally worth it! It had to be the best thing I’ve done in a long time!” — EB Youngsville, LA art instruction. you send it in, using the The Bureau realized envelope provided, just LEARN MORE AT WRITINGCLASSES.COM that cartooning was in like academic distance continued on page 79 high popularity and thePage 26 • (805) 499-3306
  • 26. 1-870-269-4177
  • 27. Why Can’t Saltwater Fish Live in Fresh water?continued from page 13 to freshwater fish in a saltwater tion); in the middle are the cells inchemicals so that they don’t shrink environment - water flows out of a solution with the same amount ofwhen exposed to the salt water their cells, dehydrating the fish and salt in it as there is inside the cellsthey live in. When a saltwater fish disrupting cell function. Here’s how (an isotonic solution); on the rightis exposed to fresh water, all of osmosis can affect the size of blood are cells in a solution with less saltthat water floods into their cells in cells: in it than there is inside the cells (aorder to dilute the hypotonic solution).chemicals inside Most fish are stenohaline,and keep a bal- and will die when exposed toance with the sur- the wrong environment (saltrounding environ- water vs. fresh water). Butment. Two things what about euryhaline fish likecan happen when salmon, eels, and some trout?water f loods in: Salmon, for example, can sur-Some cells fill up vive in both fresh and salt wa-with so much wa- ter because of their life cycle.ter that they burst Salmon are born in freshwater(scientists call this cytolysis), while An example of osmosis in blood streams, but then migrate into theothers just stop working because cells: On the left are cells in a solu- ocean where they mature and spendthe chemicals inside them are too tion with more salt in it than there is about 1-5 years. After that, theydiluted. Both of these things will inside the cells (a hypertonic solu- continued on page 45kill the fish. The opposite happens Homeschooling? Need Help? Helping you is our pleasure, encouraging you on the way is our joy New and Used Books • Educational Books Featuring: • Homeschool Curriculum Mary Ellen Tedrow • Classics Little Yellow Book • Large Selection of Publishers Study Guides • Closeouts and Specials Based on Historical Fiction by Rosemary Sutcliff Call: 540-554-2670 Fun to read and an excellent supplement to your history lessons! One FREE GIFT with purchase and mention of this ad! www.laurelwoodbooks.comPage 28 • (805) 499-3306
  • 28. Do Your Children Know What They Believe? “This engaging series is a wonderful tool to help Christian parents keep family discipleship front and center. This is one curriculum choice in a class by itself.” Debra Bell Co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling “This is a vital resource, extremely well done, and one which I predict will become a standard text in many churches, homes, and schools. I highly recommend the entire What We Believe series.” Alex McFarland President of Southern Evangelical SeminaryOur children are bombarded daily with competing messages. Every song, movie, book, TV show, blog, andgame is full of ideas—ideas about God, people, truth, beauty, and right and wrong. Not all of these ideas aretrue. Some are deceptive and even destructive. The What We Believe series helps children learn to discern thetruth by using God’s Word as a lens through which to view the world around them—to see everything theway God sees it.Easy to use at home or in the classroom, this multi-part study of biblical worldview introduces young people,ages 6–14, to the basic truths of the Christian faith. Through engaging stories, creative discussion topics, andfun activities, they will come to know what they believe and why they believe it while building an unshakablefaith to last a lifetime. Visit or call toll-free 1-888-524-4724 in partnership with
  • 29. Writing With Sharon Writing for the SAT student a quotation based Little Pim makes it Apologia’s Creative Writing developer, www.Writing- on a topic (just as the SAT easy and fun to test gives) so he can prac- introduce young This is an FAQ from Sharon’s tice thinking about the top- children to a website. ic (brainstorming ideas and foreign language. Q. I’m concerned that my examples) and organizing student(s) won’t be ready his paragraphs (putting his E I NN R OF W for the essay portion of the points and examples in or- SAT. What can I do to pre- der). Do this several times TOP C AR D S pare them for it? with several quotations/ W N A O SU MER A. First, your student topics -- without his ever needs to understand that writing the essay. Break- the SAT essay is a persua- ing the tasks down, first sive essay. That means he untimed and then timed, has to choose a side. He has will allow your student to to support a view. He has get used to the rhythm of to try to convince that hy- the process without getting DVDs, Teacher’s Kits, and pothetical audience that he bogged down in the writ- Deluxe Teacher’s Kits is right. Expository essays ing. Check to make sure Available in 10 languages. he is actually supporting a that explore the pros and Teachers cons of each view will not view and choosing points earn a high mark. that will persuade readers Second, your student will to that view. After he has PhonicsQ Cueing System The Complete benefit from practice. Bas- gained some proficiency in ketball players practice free thinking and organizing, throws so that when the add the writing portion to The System That Enhances Reading, opportunity arises in the the practice session. Later, Spelling and Pronunciation big game, they will step up add the three minutes to the to the line with confidence end of the session so he can Features: and hear the swish. Give fix his mistakes. your students some “free- Third, I recommend go- The Alphabet throw” practice. How? ing to the College Board’s Short & Long Single Vowels Inside the New SAT, Web site, http://sat.colleg- Vowel Combinations written by the staff of Ka- Consonant Combinations plan Test Prep and Admis- practice-questions. It has sions, advises the following practice questions and aids schedule for the 25-minute to help your student write a Choose from a complete SAT essay: better persuasive essay. set or purchase as individual components. Think about the topic (2 minutes) Sharon is the author of Great for all ages! Organize your para- Apologia’s popular Jump graphs (5 minutes) In Middle School Writing FREE SAMPLES Write your essay (15 Curriculum. She home- Visit the website today! Card Front Card Back minutes) schooled her children for 18 Now Offering... Fix your mistakes (3 years and has taught high PhonicsQ Playing Cards (206) 325-7989 minutes) school composition, fiction Make Learning Fun! I recommend giving your writing, and literature.Page 30 • (805) 499-3306
  • 30. Public Schools, spending hundreds of millions of dollarsAHA! Unit-based Instruction only to generate the lowest achievement results in the past 30 years.The Recipe for Homeschooling Unit of study instruction focuses on in-depth under- standing, meaningful project-centered learning, higher-By Dr. T. Roger Taylor and order thinking skills of analysis, synthesis and evalua-Dr. Beverly M. TaylorW tion, creative thinking, and character/ethics education, hy Teach via Unit of Study? which are woven throughout the fabric of each lesson. Among the many reasons parents choose The disciplines of literature, history, mathematics, sci- to leave the public, private or parochial ence and social studies are integrated so that learners un-schools is the perception that there is very little, if any, derstand the relationship among the disciplines based onrigor or substance in much of the instruction. This has a thematic topic or Big Idea. The curriculum unit of studybeen referred to as teaching “an inch deep and a mile is differentiated by integrating media, literature, fine arts,wide” vs. an inch wide and a mile deep. cultural literacy, social studies, science and mathematics The cognitive domain in Bloom’s Taxonomy (1956) to create an environment where learners are successful incenters on the skills of knowledge, comprehension, appli- understanding the connections among disciplines rathercation, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Burns (1984) than memorizing facts within each discipline. (Taylor,found that 75-95% of activities assigned by teachers to 2004)their students focused on knowledge and comprehension, The Recipethe two lowest levels of the taxonomy. By definition, Take one Big Ideathis form of instruction is without depth, where concepts Add the following disciplines…history, science, math-are answered with a yes/no, true/false, or which of the ematics, literaturefollowing is correct: a,b,c,d. This type of instruction has Mix with higher-level thinking skills, moral/ethicalresulted in public school districts, such as the Chicago dilemmas, creative thinkingPage 32 • (805) 499-3306
  • 31. Add a pinch of state and national standards machines/tools were perfected and, therefore, they be- Integrate the arts, music, media and technology come the focus of the science unit. The mathematics unit Sprinkle with communication skills, cooperative of study centers on linear measurements of distance andlearning and project-centered learning time. The units make interdisciplinary connections and Fold in formative and summative assessment…divided tie the curriculum together. Title? How about, “Onceinto self, peer and teacher Upon a Friend: Living Happily Ever After with Pipers, Bake for four weeks Pigs and Princesses?” Makes a motivated, intellectual, creative, ethical and Higher-Level Thinking Skills and Project-Cen-productive learner tered Learning Choosing the Big Idea or Theme With unit-based instruction, each lesson becomes The Big Idea is often centered under the umbrella of so- totally relevant to the student’s life and experience be-cial studies; however, science, mathematics and literature cause there are connections between and among theare all equally powerful in anchoring the theme or Big disciplines. Each lesson is project-centered, with schoolIdea. Themes can focus on a specific time period such as to career connections so that learners never have to ask,medieval times, U.S. Revolutionary War, U.S. Civil War, “Why do I have to learn this?” Each lesson has writingWorld War II, the 1950s and the Industrial Revolution or woven into the content so that students learn creativeon a specific Big Idea in science (aeronautics, micro-or- writing, grammar and syntax within every lesson insteadganisms, animals and their habitats, oceanography, plate of being taught in isolation. Because of the relevancetectonics and the solar system), mathematics (quadratic and depth in unit study, the ultimate result is not only aequations, exponential growth, palindromes, patterns, highly-educated, knowledgeable student but, also, oneand geometric shapes) and literature (character-building whose mastery learning and critical thinking skills willand man’s search for meaning through literature, study maximize results on admissions exams, such as SAT andof authors, loss of innocence in literature, WWII and the ACT. Each lesson is aligned with state and national stan-English Renaissance through literature or specific pieces dards so that exemplary performance on standardizedof literature such as “The Diary of Anne Frank,” “The tests is assured. Even though standards are not mandatedDoor in the Wall,” “Johnny Tremain” and “Macbeth.”) for homeschooling, it is recommended to use the state Add the Disciplines standards as a guideline and comparison. In unit-based instruction, there is a series of in-depth Creative Thinkinglesson plans connected to content within that specific Ultimately, the love of learning is nurtured and de-unit. The lesson plans are created to be interdisciplinary veloped in unit-based instruction. While much of tradi-and connect to other teaching units during the day. For tional school learning is rote and non-engaging, the bestexample, if the theme is the Holocaust, the history unit unit of study is compatible with how the human brainis based on World War II, the literature unit may include functions. For learners who are naturally creative, each“Diary of a Young Girl, the Anne Frank Story” or Elie lesson includes six levels of creativity to satisfy the learn-Wiesel’s “Night.” The science unit may focus on genet- ing style of these students while demanding that learnersics (Hitler was trying to create the super race) and the who think more in a linear manner open their mindsmathematics unit may center on chromosomes, DNA and to more creative and divergent thinking. In addition,probability. Each unit of study for the theme Holocaust students who are the creative thinkers must stretch theiris interdisciplinary, thematic and integrated among the minds to think in an inductive/deductive manner. Thecontent areas. A fun and interesting title for the Unit of hands-on project-centered approach is equally creativeStudy creates an interest in the theme. When creating and academic, as is the moral/ethical dilemmas wovenyour own unit of study, think of a title that is engaging to into each lesson.the learner. A suggested title for the holocaust theme is Multiple Intelligences and Assessment“No Light in the Attic: Let’s be Frank. It’s up to you.” “If students do not learn the way you teach, teach the A popular unit of study for younger children is fairy way they learn.” (Taylor, 2008) The Eight Intelligencestales. Since many of the fairy tales we know come from of Howard Gardner (1983) are integrated into each lessonthe Middle Ages, this is a perfect time to align instruc- so that verbal/linguistic, logical-mathematical, musical/tion so that the history unit is taught in parallel with the rhythmic, visual/spatial, body/ kinesthetic, interpersonal,fairy tale unit. During the Middle Ages, the five simple continued on page 64 (855) 499-3306 • Page 33
  • 32. Learn LIFE SKILLS & CAREER SKILLS with Practical learning online Ivy Bound SAT Fun and Educational • Consumer Education • Entrepreneurship and ACT Prep I Strategic real-World Software BuSineSS KnoWledge taught vy Bound wishes to introduce parents of weaknesses, and mold the lesson plan to focus through PoWerPoint, lectureS & textBooK homeschool teenage on the needed areas of children to the services improvement. There is t h at we p r ov id e. We a definite strategy in- are familiar with home volved in studying for schooling and believe and taking these tests. we can help, by provid- While that strategy may i ng a dd it ion al a ssis - differ across individualVisit: Live Chat tance in required exams st udents, there is al- www.childrens Forums! for college acceptance ways a way to help each software or for academics, espe- st ude nt r e a l i z e t hei r cially with math and the maximu m test-t ak ing or call: sciences. potential. 866-774-8505 Iv y Bound is a test We prov ide classes ENTER “thelink” prep f ir m specializ- as well as individual, for a 10% discount 877-429-9522 i ng i n SAT and ACT and semi-private tutor- pre pa r at ion desig ned ing. Parents have the You’ve been with them every step of the way. to improve a student’s f lexibility of the tutor Let us help with extra support. college acceptance and coming to your home scholarship potential. o r o t h e r l o c a t io n of We now have more re- your choice convenient sources than any other for you. O u r t utor s national company for w i l l wor k w it h you r helping students excel schedule to ensure you in these tests. Not only get the greatest benefit do our tutors have a top from each session. 1% score in these tests, With a combination of but we have developed our excellent curricu- our own materials spe- lum and teaching strat- c i f ic a l ly t o e n h a n c e egies, we are confident st ude nt s’ t e st t a k i ng our program will instill strategies. the confidence needed Our instructors are in- to achieve the best test Private tutoring for the SAT, ACT, telligent, talented, and score the st udent is Subject tests, and most classroom subjects trained in our program capable of produci ng IVY BOUND and method of teach- i n g. O u r e x p e r ie n c e – that is our goal. Our test prep advisors will TEST PREP allows our instructors to quickly evaluate a be happy to answer any que st ion s or prov ide student’s strengths and more information. I.B. 877-975-1600 · info@ivybound.netPage 34 • (805) 499-3306
  • 33. You Bought it, Let’s Use It! than teaching in a way that makes sense to that child, they are seeking out Learn More Effectively,By Sue Patrick, Creator/Developer of With Better Organization! the least time-consumingSue Patrick’s Workbox System with Sue Patrick’sH curriculum, or searching Workbox System ow much “extra” viewed as a commitment for curriculum to take care cu r r icu lu m do -- a commitment to follow of teaching an academic you have? Not so through like no other task. detail and not a discipline.long ago, homeschoolers It is not part of a to-do list. I am never going to choosedidn’t have much curricu- It should not be something a curriculum based onlum to choose from. In the your family does simply how little time and effortpast, if I asked a home- because they are not doing will be required of me.schooler what curriculum anything else. It is what I am also never going tothey were using, no matter you should do first. There search for an entire cur-what it was, I was familiar is an entire industry out riculum to teach a detailwith it. Now, there is so there that loves home- such as tenses in gram-much out there, there is schoolers simply because mar, the periodic table in Compliment:no way I can be familiar they are “available” during chemistry, or graphing in n Homeschoolwith it all. The more cur- the day when the rest of math. Homeschoolers will n Homeworkriculum that is available, the school-age population greatly benefit from roll- n Chores For Allthe greater the chance we is not. Why are they so ing up their sleeves and Ages!have of buying too much available? Your children learning to discern how n Projectsand having it sit on our will benefit from your their child benefits most workboxsystem.comalready too-full shelves. example of putting your continued on page 48 I have another question homeschool first and den-for you. Do you consider tist appointments and Taeyourself a “professional” Kwon Do lessons later.homeschooler? What I I bring all this firm com-am referring to is a ho- mitment up because as Imeschooler taking their speak with homeschoolersjob seriously. I work very all over the world, twohard at homeschooling questions are universallyand make it no less of a asked of me regarding mypriority than when I was Workbox System, as wellin the corporate world. as curriculum.In fact, I consider it more 1. How long does it takeimportant and I dedicate to prepare for school everymyself to it like no other day?job I have had. With that 2. I n e e d a c u r -dedication comes making r icu lu m t hat t e a che sit such priority that the _____________, do youwork I put into it is not know of one?extra work, but simply Both of these ques-the work required for this tions are revealing theposition. My position as a need for homeschoolers tohomeschooler is a real job. think about teaching their Dedicating yourself children with the great-and your family to ho- est advantage we have inmeschooling should be homeschooling. Rather (855) 499-3306 • Page 35
  • 34. The Increasing Prevalence on Online Learning in Education Jovana Knezevic, Ph.D. line courses and programs. Education Program for According to a Sloan Con- Gifted Youth, Stanford sortium study, 50,000 A Window University students at the K-12 level O of Opportunity were enrolled in wholly n li ne lea r n i ng or partly online courses in Awaits Your is a broad and 2000, a number which had dynamic area of Students... education whose signifi- risen to more than a million by 2008. The International cance is receiving increas- Association of K-12 Online ing attention. Bill Gates Want to EMPOWER your kids? recently predicted that in Learning has predicted that 10% of courses will be five years much of college computer-based by 2014, Looking for more CHOICES education will have gone increasing to 50% by 2019. online. In keeping with this in education? prediction, the Gates Foun- This trend is reflected in the increasing number of dation and the Hewlett studies examining the ef- Need to prepare your children Foundation, together with fectiveness of technology nonprofit educational or- for the REAL WORLD? ganizations, have invested in improving education. In its report, “Evaluation of $20 million in accelerating Evidence-Based Practices the development and use We provide of online learning tools in Online Learning: A Meta-Analysis and Review for post-secondary on- VOCATIONAL line courses, with another of Online Learning Stud- ies,” based on twelve years EDUCATION round of grants for high of comparative research school programs scheduled through online, for next year. The United funded by the Department of Education, SRI Interna- States Department of Edu- interactive cation has been develop- tional concluded that online learning on average bested classes with ing a National Education face-to-face teaching by Technology Plan, aimed LIVE INSTRUCTORS primarily at kindergarten a modest, but statistically significant, margin. A to high school education, study by the Open Learn- which urges the use of Take our FREE Career Assessment Survey technology for individual- ing Initiative at Carnegie Mellon, which compared www.e— ization of learning experi- students engaged in a hy- ences for students and for brid model of digital and professional development classroom instruction in for teachers. a college statistics course This attention that online 855-680-0858 education has been getting with students enrolled in the conventional course, in both the private and demonstrated that the public sectors is justified students’ scores in the hy- by the increasing numbers brid courses were as high of students enrolling in on-Page 36 • (805) 499-3306
  • 35. or higher, even though it dents to pursue academiclasted half as long. While programs that are bestnot all studies have found suited to their individualpositive benefits from needs and goals. The timeonline learning, with re- students do spend engagedsults varying for different in online learning is thuspopulations of students more productive and ef-and online learning mod- fective. Online learningels, underlying economic often resolves schedulingrealities coupled with the problems that preclude stu-convenience of online dents enrolled in brick andeducation for students and mortar schools from takinginstitutions ensures these the courses they need totrends will continue. meet their educational and Accounting for this intellectual needs. It alsoTrend allows students to find aca- While the reason for the demic challenges beyondgrowth in popularity of what might be available inonline education differs the curricular offerings atfor different populations of their local schools. Onlinestudents, generally speak- learning also has the poten-ing, online learning attracts tial to better accommodatestudents because it presents students whose particularbroader opportunities by learning styles or excep-eliminating obstacles.The tional talents and interestsreach of online education cannot be accommodatedis unfettered by geography, through existing educa-allowing students access to tional and programs they The growth in onlineotherwise might not have learning is supported byhad. It also creates learn- continual developmentsing communities that bring in the technology; par-together students from all ticularly developments inover the world who share video-based web confer-similar academic and intel- encing and social network-lectual interests regardless ing facilitate the growthof their location. Real-time of increasingly interactiveonline instruction also models of online learning.brings together students Mo d e l s of O n l i n ethat are not only from dif- Learningferent places, but actually The possibilities forin different places, giving online learning span thea unique and otherwise spectrum from fully asyn-unattainable perspective to chronous, fully synchro-class discussions. nous to blended learning Online learning typi- models, which combinecally provides flexibility in online instruction withscheduling and enrollment face-to-face class time. De-options, thus allowing stu- continued on page 38 (855) 499-3306 • Page 37
  • 36. The Increasing Prevalence on Online Learning in Education ment software. Some online coursescontinued from page 37 fully accredited, diploma- work during the academic utilize the computer as anciding on which model best granting institution like year is supplemented with intelligent agent in dif-suits a student’s learning the Education Program for an optional summer resi- ferentiating instructionneeds depends both on the Gifted Youth Online High dential session on Stanford for students. The Stanfordstudent’s purpose in pursu- School (EPGY OHS) at campus. EPGY OHS also University Education Pro-ing online learning and the Stanford University pres- offers part-time and single gram for Gifted Youthkind of learning experience ents a good option. EPGY course enrollment options (EPGY) offers coursesa student seeks. Another OHS offers a full, rigorous for students seeking to in Kindergarten-Algebracentral question to consider academic program for stu- supplement the core edu- mathematics and elemen-is what role the technol- dents in grades 7-12, which cational experience they tary-middle-school levelogy plays in the learning includes a Core curriculum receive elsewhere. English that make non-experience, whether it is as well as a broad offering Florida Virtual School trivial use of the computerbeing used to facilitate of Advanced Placement (FLVS), founded as the to instruct and differentiateteacher-student interaction, (AP) and university-level country’s first, state-wide instruction. Similar ap-for asynchronous delivery courses across disciplines. Internet-based public high proaches are taken by theof course content, or as an EPGY OHS uses a syn- school, which today serves ALEKS program, whichintelligent agent. chronous course model, students from kindergarten is grounded on research For students who seek bringing students together through twelfth grade, is a done by Professor Jeana core educational experi- with their instructors in supplemental online pro- Claude Falmange at theence online, a school at real-time seminars using gram whose course model University of California-which they can be engaged web-based video confer- combines asynchronous Riverside into knowledgein a school community encing software. Online and synchronous learning. spaces, and by Cognitiveand also earn a degree, a FLVS offers courses in Tutor, growing out of work core subjects, world lan- in cognitive science done o College? guages, electives, honors, by John Anderson. These Headed t curriculum and Advanced Placement. three programs, and others Students work indepen- like them, are frequently dently in the courses and offered both directly to Accredited have regular contact with students and indirectly on your terms. teachers over email and through schools, with telephone. It is free of varying amounts of tutorial charge to Florida residents support available. and for a fee to out-of-state Identifying Viable On- students. line Learning Options More asynchronous on- As online learning be- Ask about our transcript line learning models are comes increasingly main evaluation offer, a $30 value! content-centric, focusing stream and as online offer- heavily on course devel- ings continue to proliferate, opment by subject matter it will be increasingly im- experts. In this model, portant to distinguish the Toll-free (866) 700-4747 the learning experience is viable educational oppor- reminiscent of traditional tunities among them. Ac- distance learning. This crediting associations, such approach is generally sup- as the Western Association ported by dominant pub- of Schools and Colleges lishers and companies that (WASC) have been ap- provide course manage- plying the same standardsPage 38 • (805) 499-3306
  • 37. the quality of traditional costs and maximize ef-educational institutions in ficiency. Ideally, thesetheir evaluation of online measures aim at increasingschools. T he “WASC access, but consumers will Prepare Them for the FutureSupplement for Schools need to be wary that suchwith Online Learning as objectives are not pursuedthe Primary Delivery Sys- at the expense of the basictem,” which is based on quality of education stu-publications generated by dents receive. Other pro-the North American Coun- grams will use the technol-cil for Online Learning ogy to drive quality. Here,(iNACOL), the Southern the difficulties will be inRegional Education Board controlling costs to ensure(SREB), and the National that high quality educationCouncil for Private School is available to all. Regard-Accreditation (NCPSA), less of how these issues areidentifies the quality of addressed by online edu-curriculum (its cultivation cation providers, onlineof critical skills of analysis, learning is an endeavorcomprehension, com- whose time has come, andmunication and research as with all developments inas well as its meeting education, will raise newof state standards), ad- questions and challengesequate assessments of even as it addresses cur- Independent Study courses offer an academicallystudent performance, the rent ones. rigorous option for students to get college credit,academic qualifications of Further reading and make up missed high school credits, or take a collegeinstructors, the nature and resources: course for dual of student-teacher Allen, I. Elaine and Jeffinteraction, and academic Seaman, “Class Differ- Quality – All courses are accredited byintegrity as among the ences: Online Education NWCCU and NWAC.central criteria upon which in the United States, 2010,”online educational insti- Babson Survey Research Convenience – Students work at their own pace;tutions are evaluated. In Group, Sloan Consortium, PSU admission is not required.addition to these, WASC 2010. Value – Courses are available for high school,considers whether an on- U.S. Depar t ment of college, and dual credit.line school offers adequate Education, Evaluation ofand adequately maintained Evidence-Based Prac- For more information:technology platforms and tices in Online Learning: 1-800-547-8887 ext. 54865training in their use and A Meta-Analysis and Re- istudy@pdx.eduhow it addresses issues of view of Online Learningstudent socialization. Studies, Washington, D.C., Register today at: Commercial companies, 2010. (w w as K12, are also rschstat/eval/tech/evi-increasingly entering the dence-based-practices/online education arena, finalreport.pdf)often working with charter InternationalAssociationschools. Moving forward, for K-12 Online Learningsome programs will use (iNACOL): www.inacol.the technology to control org (855) 499-3306 • Page 39
  • 38. Michigan Technological University Learning Pre-College Outreach Apps director of outreach and or 906-487-2219 engagement for Michigan W Tech’s Center for Pre- hen was the last College Outreach, and his time you had group of high-energy staff the opportunity and Michigan Tech student to walk on water? Students volunteers—attends expos attending the recent Ein- and events throughout stein Project Science Expo the region and across the in Green Bay, Wis., can tell nation—wherever large you all about it; they spent groups of impressionable the day dashing, running, young people gather. Their  Video/Audio Lit and dancing across the goal is simple: To get kids Study Guides surface of a non-Newto- hooked on science.  Video Math Tutors nian liquid called oobleck, According to Patchin, - Algebra a sticky white substance the experiments aren’t just - Geometry that will grab your feet and - Trigonometry fun—they’re educational hold them fast if you dare to students in a meaning- - Calculus to slow down. ful way. “It’s a once-in-a-  More... Oobleck is just one of lifetime opportunity for the exciting hands-on ex- students to discover for periences that Michigan themselves the fun and Technological University’s excitement of science and Arts + History + Culture = Mind Trekkers STEM technology,” he says. (Science Technology, En- Discovering Music gineering, and Math) road STEM education is an extremely important topic show uses to illustrate in our country right now. A 300-year romp what a blast science can Some of tomorrow’s most through Western music, be. They also give stu- important careers—those literature, and the fine dents the chance to make in engineering, healthcare, (and taste) liquid nitrogen arts...within the history, alternative energies, and ice cream, see “dragon’s more—will require indi- politics, philosophy, breath” (graham crackers viduals who are thorough- and culture of the times! frozen in liquid nitrogen), ly educated in STEM. Yet make their hair stand on research shows that stu- A Unique Multi-Media end by touching a Van de dent interest in these areas, • 8 DVDs course for families and • 3 Audio CDs Graaff generator, ride a as well as understanding high-school credit. • 236-page soft hovercraft powered by a about career opportunities, cover textbook Ideal for college prep! leaf blower, try a Rubens’ is on the decline. There Tube (a physics experiment is currently a call to rede- No music background needed that demonstrates the re- fine STEM education, to lationship between sound change the way it is taught Professor Carol Reynolds Ph.D. waves and sound pressure so that students engage brings a mix of humor, substance, by making flames dance to with it. and skilled performance to make music), and more. Michigan Tech’s Center the arts more accessible, meaningful, and valuable. T he Mi nd Trek kers for Pre-College Outreach team—Steve Patchin,Page 40 • (805) 499-3306
  • 39. is answering that call. oping a handmade batch the laser communication Summer TransportationRecently formed in an of biodiesel fuel. Who are and biodiesel projects Institute, was created twoeffort to meet the grow- they? Not the scientists and mentioned above, but also years ago to stimulateing demand for dynamic researchers you might be strengthen their team and interest and create knowl-K-12 STEM outreach, the picturing. They’re partici- group work skills, experi- edge about the opportuni-Center encompasses a pants in Michigan Tech’s ence university residential ties and careers availablevariety of Michigan Tech Women in Engineering life, learn how to succeed within the transportationinitiatives. By involv- (WIE) Summer Youth in engineering and science industry. Similar to WIEing students in hands-on Program—and they’re all undergraduate programs, and ESP, the program isactivities, the Center is high school girls. and interact with role built around group work,working to show students WIE at Michigan Tech models. hands-on learning, and lotsthat there’s more to STEM is a unique learning expe- WIE is a competitive of field trips—last year,than periodic tables and rience—a weeklong sum- scholarship program open students toured the Macki-flashcards—science is all mer exploration focusing to young women academi- nac Bridge Authority, thearound, and it’s exciting. on careers in mechanical, cally talented in math and Soo Locks shipping canal Mind Trekkers, how- environmental, electri- science, with associated in Sault Ste. Marie, andever, is only one piece of cal, chemical, civil, geo- costs funded by endow- more.the puzzle. The Center logical, and metallurgical ments—and it’s not the The students who attendoffers a variety of ways for engineering, as well as only one. Michigan Tech these programs are enthu-students to explore, enjoy, mathematics, engineering also offers the Engineering siastic—both about beingand engage with Michigan technology, technical writ- Scholars Program (ESP), at Michigan Tech andTech’s innovative STEM ing, and computer science a program similar to WIE about learning in general.programming. fields. It features a combi- but designed for academi- “I was excited about Scholarship Programs nation of discovery-based cally talented high school coming here, but it’s even They’ve examined ris- learning opportunities, st udents f rom u nder- better than I thought,” saiding sea levels to study team projects, and one- represented engineering a participant of last year’sglobal warming, built a on-one time with talented and science populations WIE program, a 16-year-laser communication de- role models and peers. (including minority and old junior from Flint,vice that can project audio Students not only have the economically disadvan- Mich. Her group visitedsignals across the room, chance to perform hands- taged students). Michigan Michigan Tech’s foundryand even studied green on research in 10 fields Tech’s newest scholarship and learned firsthand aboutenergy initiatives by devel- of engineering, including program, the National continued on page 84 The Contemporary Music Course 120 Video Lessons Online for Beginners, Songwriters and Arrangers Teach Or Learn... With No Prior Music Study! Great for • Understand harmony, rhythm, basic counterpoint and more traditional, or a homeschool • Learn at your own pace, from your computer or iPad teaching • For beginner, intermediate and advanced environment Created by Clive Cockburn, Visit the website for a tour, or to purchase this amazing product today! Award Winning Film & Television Soundtrack Musician See the review of The Contemporary Music Course in this issue. (855) 499-3306 • Page 41
  • 40. scription (free of charge) you have access to all ofFlink Learning - engages children at grades the activities in the Com-the place to play, make, learn and share for Free! K-5 with ready-to-play munity section. You can learning games. And only form a private communityBy Emerson Sandow will appreciate it, too. Flin k Lear ning gives with other specific fami- Using the Internet for You and your child can parents, teachers and kids lies, too, so if you havelearning and fun is widely choose from thousands of the ability to easily make a smaller group of yourpopular in the home- teacher-created games, e- and share a wide variety of children’s friends withinschooling world. A brand books and tutorials cover- interactive learning games the larger support groupnew idea, Flink Learning, ing a broad range of topics with their professional- you belong to, that smallerhas a developed a tremen- and best of all -- you can looking graphics. group can have a privatedous website that will create your own as well! Ever yone who sub - community of its own. Ifenhance your experience Flink Learning offers scribes automatically be- one of your child’s friendsby offering both of these top-quality, professional- comes a member of two has created a phonics ac-elements in a secure envi- looking graphics, so your online communites: The tivity game and your childronment. Flink Learning child’s experience with Private Community which has created one for math,has been in development working with the visual is your’s or your family’s you can copy the phonicsfor 3 years and has only aspects will also be en- own material and The activity and paste it intobeen live for a couple of hanced. It is very satisfy- Flink Learning Commu- your private communitymonths, but it is already ing to create a visual piece nity, which is comprised and vice versa. You re-becoming popular with that does not look home- of every Flink Learning ceive a url and bookmarkteachers who have used it made. subscriber. As a member it and that is where yourand homeschool parents A Flink Learning sub- of the broader community, continued on page 87Woodloch Resort – downhill and cross-coun- try, along with other winter for group trips, so if your support group is in theYear ‘Round Poconos Family Fun & Rest activities are offered in geographical area, you 731 Welcome Lake Road, land” because it offers ac- full force at Woodloch. If may want to consider a Hawley, PA 18428 tivities such as a Broadway an activity requires snow, field trip or even overnight style theme show, 18-hole Woodloch has it. And adventure in the beautifulT 1-800-WOODLOCH golf course, spa treatments their Package Specials are woodlands and mountains ucked into the Po- and a wide array of games incredible deals. One is – especially considering conos Mountains and diversions to maintain “Kids Stay, Eat and Ski for Woodloch’s Eagle Nesting of Northeast Penn- a high level of enjoyment FREE” This is midweek Platform construction plan,sylvania, is the Woodloch for all ages and interest and the kids have to be 12 which will provide greatResort. The Kiesendahl levels. and under, but imagine opportunities to see theseFamily has been operating In summer, you can en- how perfect this package is incredible birds up “close”!Woodloch since 1958, and joy kayaking, sailing and for homeschoolers who can Woodloch is locatedbecause it is a family busi- boating on Woodloch’s often get away in midweek! close to New York, Con-ness, they know how to en- own Lake Teedyuskung And the “Value Ski Pack- necticut, Maryland andsure that Woodloch caters or out of Woodloch to the age” offers a low midweek Philadelphia and not farto family vacation needs nearby Delaware or Lacka- price for an entire family. from most of the rest of theand interests. Their Mis- waxen Rivers, which offer And high-speed Internet mid-Atlantic region. Pleasesion Statement is “Wood- world-class fishing and access is available through- visit Woodloch’s website,loch’s staff will strive to bird watching – and not just out the entire resort, so you, fortreat each and every guest little birds, either, but Bald don’t have to be “isolated” complete information andas if they are company in Eagles, as this area is one of if you don’t want to. give your family a specialour own homes.” their prime nesting locales! Woodloch also offers treat in 2011 with a trip to Woodloch is often re- Of course, being in the environmental programs the Poconos!ferred to as a “cruise on Poconos, skiing, bothPage 42 • (805) 499-3306
  • 41. History of US Seriesby Joy HakimPublished by Oxford University Press information that can be used as a and provide a keen and unusualCustomer Service Department study tangent itself by the imagi- insight into how these events and2001 Evans Road, Cary, North Caro-lina, 27513 native parent-teacher. In fact, this people actually lived and died;Phone: 1-800-445-9714 series could be the centerpiece for worried and celebrated; a Unit Study on one or more of the and loved. She does not merely periods covered. The photos and recount serial events or people,10 volume set, plus Sourcebook/ side-bars tie-in intelligently and but offers clues as to their deeperIndex beautifully with the text, offering existence and how that much information for discussion has come to be ours. The playAges 10 to adult and deeper study. on words “History of US” is ac-By Michael Leppert Some other titles in the series curate. We are not reading aboutT are: Book 3, From Colonies to people separated from ourselves, his excellent set of U.S. Country, 1735-91; Book 6, War, but those who actually came be- History “storybooks” is Terrible War, 1855-65 and Book fore us and made our present day fun to read to your child 8, An Age of Extremes, 1880- world possible.and discuss for hours! Long after 1917, which covers the era of To accomplish this, the seriesyour history “lesson” time should the so-called “Robber Barons”, often offers some little-known in-end, you may find yourself wish- Carnegie, Rockefeller, J.P. Mor- formation as well as that which ising to push further into knowing gan, Henry Ford and others, who commonplace, so that the readerwhat Ms. Hakim is going to pres- shaped much of our country’s can gain a great deal of knowl-ent next. current industrial and general edge. Joy Hakim writes with clar- These attractive, sturdy, hard- economic landscape and set the ity and ease so that nothing is lostcover books will last through tone for our modern idea of free in complex sentences or archaicrepeated readings to many chil- markets, free enterprise and the “high brow” styles. She speaks asdren and even grandchildren! The government’s developing role in plainly as if she were your well-inside covers are maps relating to protection and regulation. traveled aunt or friend, coming toan important topic of the book. The author refers to her method visit with entire photo albums ofSo, Book 1, The First Americans, as stor ytelling and her books her travels, to spellbind you withcontains a U.S. map of some of the come alive with historical infor- her most recent exploits – exceptAmerican Indian tribes’ original mation that forms a tapestry-like that in this case, they may havelands. Book 2, Making Thirteen view of life past. As we know, this occurred 200 years ago!Colonies, has a simplified “map” is how life present occurs – the Do yourself and your child aof the Mediterranean area; Book threads of people’s ideas, desires, great service and acquire this8, has a simplified map of the hope and dreams with their striv- excellent series and read themworld titled “Immigration: 1820 ing for satisfaction, all intertwin- aloud. It will be a great pleasureto 1920” showing how many peo- ing, knotting, sometimes break- and you will barely be able to waitple from each country came to the ing, but always pushing forward until the next history lesson timeUnited States. These and the ex- creating the fabric of life as we to come ‘round! Please see thecellent photographs and illustra- live within it. Because Ms. Hakim website totions sprinkled throughout each writes of the past just as we live see and read about each volume.volume, provide interesting topics the present, her books breathe MjLfor discussion and supplemental (855) 499-3306 • Page 43
  • 42. “TOP TEN WINTER RESORTS”~PARENTS MAGAZINE“10 MOST LUXURIOUS SPAS IN THE US” ~ForbesAn award-winning resort, championship golf course & destination spa NESTLED IN THE PICTURESQUE NORTHEAST POCONO MOUNTAINS LAKE REGION “One of America’s Best Family Resorts” ~ Better Homes & Gardens 800.WOODLOCH/800.966.3562 |
  • 43. Why Can’t Saltwater FishLive in Fresh water?continued from page 28 and very bendable. Like-migrate back to the same wise, the celery should befreshwater streams they bendable, too.were born in so they can Why did this happen?reproduce. Their bodies Check out the draw-have adapted to use osmo- ings above of osmosis andregulation to either retain blood cells. As the vegeta-or get rid of salt depend- ble absorbed more of theing on their surroundings. salt water, the fresh water O s m o s i s i n Yo u r left its cells, making theKitchen cells smaller. This shrank If you want to see os- the whole vegetable, andmosis in action, here’s a made it lose the firmnessquick and easy experi- you noticed earlier. Thement you can try at home! vegetable will bend a lotAs always, make sure you further before it breaks.have an adult’s permis- More informationsion first. For another cool osmo- Materials: sis experiment and some About 5 tablespoons of links for further readingtable salt about osmosis and fish, Large glass that fits your check out my website atvegetable (a large drink- glass works great) homeschoolmagazine. Fresh, crisp carrot orstalk of celery About Connor Instructions: Connor is the 16-year- Measure about 5 table- old founder of Connor’sspoons of table salt into Science Un iverse foryour glass, and fill it with Kids, LLC. Connor’s Sci-water. Stir to dissolve ence Universe was found-most of the salt. ed in 2004 to show kids Drop in a fresh carrot or of all ages how much funstalk of celery (or both). science can be, throughBefore you put it into the kid-designed science kitssalt solution, notice the and free classroom visitssize of the vegetable and to struggling schools. Tohow it will break if you learn more, please visitbend it too far. Leave your carrot orcelery to sit in the glass P.S. An Insta-pet is aovernight. brine shrimp, from my When you check on it in Awesome Insta-pets™the morning, you’ll notice science kit.that the carrot is smaller (855) 499-3306 • Page 45
  • 44. Little Pim makes it Waiting for “Superman” easy and fun to By Stacey Kannenberg Francisco. They all have system resistant to change. O introduce young dreams and goals. They The film, from the mak- n ly t h o s e l iv- children to a all agree escaping public er of An Inconvenient ing in the land of foreign language. Metropolis might schools is the only option Truth, shares the grim E have missed all the recent for each of them to suc- and depressing news that I NN R OF W national media buzz and ceed but sadly, a lottery comes as no big surprise to system is their only chance those in the homeschool- TOP C AR D S hoopla over the release to get into a more success- ing community: America’s W N A of Davis Guggenheim’s O SU MER educational documentary ful charter school. The current public educational Waiting for “Superman”. film highlights renegade system has been failing Waiting for “Super- reformer and “Superman”, since 1970 and spending man” shares the plight of Geoffrey Canada, who more and more money has five compelling children tried and failed to change not made any significant who are hungry and eager the public school system. difference! to learn, but stuck inside So he started his own char- As many immersed in DVDs, Teacher’s Kits, and the walls of a failing public ter school, The Harlem the homeschooling world, Deluxe Teacher’s Kits Children’s Zone, where his maybe you sighed loudly school. We learn the heart- Available in 10 languages. breaking saga of Anthony, educators start with a child and rolled your eyes over Teachers Daisy, Bianca, Emily and and family at birth and this “breaking” news, stay with them until they because it has been your graduate from college. We mantra for decades; thus, are also introduced to the your immersion in home- KIPP Academy, another schooling. Were you a for- successful charter school mer public school teacher but we are also told in the who was exhausted from movie that many charter trying to change all the schools are also failing things that didn’t add up schools. We meet another at your school and instead superhero, Michelle Rhee opted for homeschooling and her battle to change for your own children? Or the system by cutting the a former PTA/PTO parent central office and firing who grew tired of con- bad principals and teach- stantly battling the public ers who were ineffective, school system who avoided inside an already failing using simple common system. She found educa- sense and practical solu- tion to be more about the tions? Maybe you finally needs of the adults. Since snapped and said, “I can’t the September, 2010, re- help but do better” since lease of the documentary, the public system seemed Michelle Rhee was let go to purposely make your from her position at the top child’s life difficult? of DC’s public schools. She The fall of our public became another victim of a educational system fuelsPage 46 • (805) 499-3306
  • 45. the debate on whether it when it was riddled withis our failing schools that all those ridiculous stereo- AMERICANis leading to the downfall types! The inconvenient SCIENCEof our great country and truth for public education SURPLUS INCREDIBLE STUFF, UNBELIEVABLE PRICES!neighborhoods or is it the is that Waiting for “Super-downfall of our great coun- man” will add more ho- School Suppliestry and neighborhoods that meschooling families to an Educational Kitsis leading to our failing already multi-billion dollarschools. Regardless, this industry, that according to Arts & Craftscrisis has created the suc- the National Home Edu- Science Suppliescessful homeschooling cation Research Institute,boom which, according to is already outperforming Microscopesthe National Home Edu- public school test scorescation Research Institute, regardless of the educa- Lab Supplieshelps over 2 million-plus tional background of the Gadgetschildren and saves the teacher and has collegesAmerican taxpayers an es- lining up and drooling over Toys & Giftstimated $16 billion dollars the homeschooling high Fun!each year. performers. We are living in what So what does this mean All at low surplus prices!should be called the ho- for the future of public FREE CATALOG!meschooling “I told you education and why is it im- 888-724-7587so” moment! It’s long portant for homeschoolers Shop onlineoverdue for homeschoolers to join forces with public www.sciplus.comand virtual learners to pat school families to be athemselves on the back and part of this united voice?congratulate, celebrate and America needs you! Ho-validate all the brilliant ed- meschoolers are renegadeucational thought leaderswho did not wait around thought leaders with some- thing of value to say! Let’s Get Ready Get Ready for Kindergarten get ready for First Grade...for “Superman” to do what Those that have battled the Award-winning, state-approved books for Kindergarten Award-winning, state-approved books for and First Grade Grade that are used in homes and schools Kindergarten and First currentlyneeded to be done. Instead, public school system and currently used in homes and schools across across the nation, helping for that first day of school. the nation, helping for that first day of school.the non-paid homeschool- the organized teacher’sing teacher elected the hard union in the past knowway, becoming “Superhu- what a magnanimous taskman” to tackle, balance this will be. Already theand juggle the education national media spotlight onof the family from home. public education has faded Age s2 -6 años Let‛s Get Ready For Kindergarten! Let‛s Get Ready l / i ition nglés 2- 6 d pa ish E For Kindergarten!These brave leaders turned and all but a few sporadic ño n gl /E s ish n e Grow Span ión e ¡A Prepararse with the Edic Cedar Cedar Valley Publishing™ Valley Para Kindergarten! Kids™ Crece con los Cedar Valleyhomeschooling from a cries for change have been Kids™ ¡A Prepararse Para Kindergarten! Cedar Valley Publishing™cult-like stereotyped ex- silenced. For America’s 10% of profits will be donated to literacy programs. Un 10% de las ganancias será donado a programas For and by parents, kids and teachers. Para y por padres, niños y maestros.istence into a mainstream future we need to all fight de alfabetización.vogue movement, making together for change and we A perfect storehouse of all the basic information every child should the fastest-growing seg- need those who have al- These books will help ensure you won’t miss a thing.ment in education. ready been in the trenches Durable books that resist the trials of little hands - you can even write Let’s hear a special to rise up and lead the on them with a dry erase marker!standing ovation for those charge. The fate of our (920) 994−9906 (920) 994-9906 www.cedarvalleypublishing.comthat elected homeschool- country will not be decideding back in the early days continued on page 66 Cedar Valley Publishing (855) 499-3306 • N6854 Cedar Valley Road Fredonia, WI 53021 Page 47
  • 46. You Bought it, Let’s Use It! ter sentence. First filling in the blank: future.” He is willing to do that activity every daycontinued from page 35 cabinet and teaching with 1. Billy _________ to and actually looks forwardin teaching style. Not your the curriculum you have? the store. to it. He will review onteaching style, but from You bought it for a reason 2. Billy is __________ any subject long after heyou teaching in a way that in the first place, so let’s to the store. “gets it” because not onlyyour child learns best. use it! Use it in consid- 3. Billy ... does he get it, it is fun and We certainly do not eration of your child. If Filling in past, present it even seems like a breakhave to teach to our indi- the only thing wrong is and future options over during the school dayvidual children, but that that your child doesn’t and over will probably when he is really workingis one of the huge benefits understand tense from the supplement the curricu- on valuable review.of homeschooling. Given grammar curriculum you lum enough to help him Hands-on, visual, sup-that educational philoso- purchased, you don’t need understand. But what plemental materials arephy, no longer do you another, you need to find a if instead of paper and motivating. They are mo-need to keep searching fun activity that works on pencil, you spray-painted tivating for your childfor the just the right math teaching, and then review- a square tissue box and because he can lear ncur riculum or a writ- ing tenses. I say “fun”, glued library pockets to all things easily that he didn’ting curriculum that will because that is what your four sides.** Then, inside learn before. Even audi-finally coerce your child child will be willing to do the tissue box are strips tory learners will benefitinto writing. You could and that is what will really of paper with sentences greatly from visual mate-spend 10 times your bud- cement the material in his and verbs underlined. He rials. Many homeschool-get that way -- and some head. You could give him pulls out a strip of paper ers emphasize to me thatof you have. How about pencil and paper and have and sorts it in the pocket their children are auditoryopening your homeschool him work on sentence af- labeled “past, present or learners and then e-mail “I just learned the building blocks of our Wired World!” Every day, 1 million gigabytes of data are added to the Web. But what is data? And how can your child succeed if she doesn’t understand the building blocks of today’s connected world? That’s why we created “Introduction To Data” – a 6-part video series created by the company that practically invented the database: dBASE. Plus, our series comes with a FREE copy of dbEverywhere, the software that makes it easy to display live data anywhere. Learn more and order at: Just $149 (Includes a FREE copy of dbEverywhere!) 48 • (805) 499-3306
  • 47. me back, with total sur- That may mean something tables? I made hands-on, read the quiz questionprise, to tell me how much as little as scanning it into fun manipulative activi- and click on a drop-downtheir auditory learners your computer so you can ties to help them learn menu choice to select theirbenefited from the visual print it out with enlarged what multiplication really answer. They will actuallymaterials. These types of font size and white space, meant so that they were look forward to a quiz likesupplemental materials making it less overwhelm- not just memorizing a fact, this.are motivating for you ing for your child.** Or they were learning the _________________because you will see how perhaps you make an out- meaning behind it all.** **Please feel free toyour children light up line of the most important If your child is struggling go to my website: www.when they “get it.” While material in the curriculum with learning to tell time, andat first this may sound like -- the material that is there is nothing wrong click on the menu itemmore work for you, you pivotal to understanding with the math curricu- Homeschool Magazinewill find yourself excited the subsequent chapters. lum, she just needs a little Article Examples to seeto think of new ways to Use that outline to make supplement to help it make these examples and get apresent materials rather supplemental projects or sense to her.** I have better idea of what I amthan assessing a curricu- to highlight and explain known people who have talking about. You willlum on how little time it it in ways your child will purchased every timeline benefit from visuals too! Itakes on your part. better understand. For available trying to find the believe you will be able to I believe any of the main- instance, if the curricu- one that “works.” They imagine how much yourstream curricula will work lum is teaching the three all work -- with repetition children will learn and en-for your child. There is no types of heat: Convection, and fun ways to work on joy their curriculum, anyreason to buy Saxon, then conduction and radiant, recall. I make interactive curriculum, with simpleMath-U-See, then Teach- who would really learn MS Word documents to changes and additions likeing Textbooks and more, it well and remember it quiz them on the mate- these. And with your greatjust trying to find the right all by just reading it in a rial.** These documents attitude of professional-one for your child. They paragraph in the textbook? are more enjoyable for ism and priority in home-all teach math well. I cer- Create experiences with children than using a schooling, you will be abletainly have my favorites. each type.** There is no black and white piece of to roll up your sleeves andBut if you have already substitute for hands-on ex- paper and pencil to fill in start using all that materialspent the money, use it. perience in learning. Why answers. With the interac- you have already investedJust find a way to make it make your child “memo- tive Word document, they in. S.P.make sense to your child. rize” the multiplication can go to the computer, Learn Financial Accounting FinanCiaL aCCOunTing (or) Principals of Marketing 1) Watch the lectures with Professor in a Box 2) Do the problems 3) Check the solutions Each course will prepare students to pass the 4) Take the exams CLEP Exam and earn 3 college credits • Will help current and future business owners PrinCiPaLs OF • Easy to follow, with no textbook to read MarkETing • 30-day money back guarantee 1) Watch the lectures 4 Learn in Easy Steps! 2) Work the problems 3) Check your answers Now Discounted at below $100, for a Limited Time! 4) Take the exams (855) 499-3306 • Page 49
  • 48. Homeschooling Intrigues Me - Where Do I Start?continued from page 8 covering Your Child’s and philosophies: Classical or Trivium BEGINNING STEPS Learning Style by Wil- Delayed Academics (“ t h r e e r o a d s ” ) A p - Where do you really lis and Kindle-Hodson. - based on the work of proach. This view em-start? Observe, read and K nowi ng how you r lifelong educators, the phasizes thinking andask questions of other child takes information late Drs. Raymond and com munication skillshomeschoolers. in will save you time, Dorothy Moore, en- by learning fundamen- Attend a homeschool energy and money. courages cultivating a tal factual knowledgeconference. They un- VA R IO US H O M E - heart to worship, work, (t h e “ g r a m m a r o f aveil the vast and rich SCHOOLI NG A P- and serve others before subject ”); t he u nder-net work of ideas and PROACHES mov i ng i nto for mal standing of the reason-resources available to You’ll encounter some academics. It advocates ing and relationshipsyou. You’ll probably be major approaches to ho- waiting until a child’s behind knowledge (theimpressed by the fami- meschooling in the mar- rea d i ness to lea r n is “logic” of that subject);lies and children you ket place. Read about evident (often not until and the ability to orga-meet. Attend a support those that resonate with a ge s 9 -12). T h i s a p - nize and assimilate thisgroup meeting or park you. It is not uncommon proach often explains a understanding to gener-day. Inquire about your for new homeschoolers lot to parents whose son ate new discoveries orstate’s homeschooling to buy a prepackaged or daughter just can’t sit convey this knowledgerequirements (see www. curriculum in order to still at a desk in the ear- t o ot he r s (cal le d t hehomeschoolmagazines. feel that they are cover- ly elementary grades. “rhetoric”).com, State pages.). ing all the bases. With Charlotte Mason P r i nciple Approach Study your child. This time, experience, and Method - Emphasizes - Using the four “R’s”is important if you want g reater conf idence, “Living Books” (rich, of r e s e a r c h , r e a s o n ,to have a satisfying and you may want to pick f irst-person literature relate, and record thissuccessful homeschool wh at work s f rom al l of all genres) and real- is popular among cer-adventure. Look at his/ these approaches. This l i fe ex p e r ie nc e s , i n - t ai n Ch r ist ia n home-her strengths, special is r efe r r e d t o a s t he cluding interaction with schoolers who believeinterests, free-time ac- “Eclect ic Approach”. original sources in art, America was foundedtivities of choice, and Here are some popular music, literat ure, and as a Ch r istian nationappa rent wea k ness- homeschool approaches the natural world. with a Christian form ofes. Work through Dis- History At Our House An easy and convenient way to bring History into your curriculum! The Ultimate History Resource for Homeschoolers A comprehensive, integrated, and exciting program of instruction in Ancient, European, and American history! • Live Classes • Online Audio • Geography & Art Included Taught by historian, teacher, writer and Homeschool dad Scott Powell. www.historyatourhouse.comPage 50 • (805) 499-3306
  • 49. government. They seek to learn until they are Here are some materials that Better Late Than Early, andto raise young people blocked from doing so. can help you in your home- other titles, Dr. Raymond &well-grounded in Bibli- Mistaken critics think schooling journey Dorothy Moorecal principles who can that these families just For more extensive Resource The Moore Foundation,govern themselves and let their kids run amok. information, visit www.home-, Product Charlotte Mason Methodpa r t icipat e i n r e pr e - SUMMARY Information Guide and www. The Original Homeschool-sentative gover n ment The reasons to home- ing Series - 6 volumes, Char-wisely. school include getting Homeschooling - lotte Mason c.1900 Unit-Study Approach away f r om u n s avor y The Big Picture: A Charlotte Mason Educa- Dumbing Us Down -- John tion, Catherine Levinson (253-- This method centers scho ol e nv i ron me nt s Taylor Gatto (author of many 879-0433)on one topic at a time to gaining family free- other titles) Unit Studies:and uses it as the theme dom, unity or teaching The Homeschooling Alma- Design-a-Study (302-998-to study all other dis- a special-needs child. nac 2000-2001 & 2002-2003, 3889), www.designastudy. Mary & Michael Leppert comciplines. If baseball is Once you’ve researched, Homeschooling - Taking the Starline Press, 877-543-5443,the central topic, they read, and decided that First Step, Borg Hendrickson www.starlinepress.comstudy the history of the homeschooling is right Homeschooling: The Right Classical/Trivium Approachsport (and the world), for your family, take the Choice, Christopher Klicka The Well-Trained Mind: A How to Stock A Quality Guide to Classical Education atit ’s ke y f ig u r e s , t h e plunge. Home Library Inexpensively, Home, Jessie Wise and Susanmath of baseball stats, • Purchase materials Jane A. Williams Wise Bauerthe physics of pitching, for a particular interest Legal Requirements Teach i ng t he Tr iv iu m,etc. -- all as part of an of your child’s, not just State by State: numerous resources, 309- www.homeschoolmaga- 537-3641, www.muscanet.integrated whole. “school” books. – See State pages com/~trivium W o r k b o o k s / Te x t - • Homeschooling National Home Education Principle Approach:books/School in a Box won’t magically trans- Research Institute, www. Renewing the Mind, Paul– Many publishers fur- form your family over- Jehle Learning Styles: Radical Christianity, Pauln ish c omplet e cu r r i- night but it will soften Discovering Your Child’s Godeckecula offering textbooks, a nd re sh ap e t he m i n Learning Style, Mariaemma Unschooling:workbooks, interactive healthy ways. Pellulo-Willis and Victoria How Children Learn andC D s a n d /o r o n - l i n e • Allow for decom- Kindle Hodson other titles, John Holt In Their Own Way, Awak- Homeschooling For Excel-le a r n i ng. Ma ny lo ok pression f rom school ening Your Child’s Natural lence, David and Micki Colfaxand feel like “school” as and its negatives. Genius, and others by Thomas The Relaxed Homeschooler,we remember it. When • Find a support group Armstrong The Joyful Homeschooler,children first leave an yo u e njoy. T h e y i n - The Way They Learn, Cyn- Mary Hood thia Tobias Prepackaged Curriculum:i n s t it u t io n a l s ch o ol , clude moms networking Recommended Catalogs: A Beka (textbook approach)these programs can pro- nights, field trip gener- Excellence in Education (Christian)vide a good transition ators, park days for fun (EIE) (Secular and religious) 800-874-3592, www.ABe-because they mimic and couples meetings. 626-821-0025, www.excel- Alpha Omega (workbooks)school to children and • Steadily improve the My Father’s World (Chris- (Christian)new homeschooli ng learning value in your tian) 800-622-3070, www.home-parents. home with good books, or Unschooling - One of toys and games. www.homeschoolmagazines. Calvert School (complete com school in a box) (Non-religious)the most misunderstood • Relax - No matter Rainbow Resource Center 410 - 2 43 - 6 0 3 0 , w w w.ter ms withi n home- where you start or how (primarily Christian) calvertschool.orgschooling, unschooling faltering your first steps 888-841-3456 www.rain- Sonlight Curriculum (greatsimply means not fol- may feel, your kids will books/read alouds) (Christian) Harris Communications 303-730-6292, www.son-low i ng t he c onveyor not be ruined by your (Deaf teaching products) light.combelt school model, be- lov i ng i nvest ment i n or www. Home Study Internationallieving that children are homeschooli ng them. (Non-religious)born curious and eager G&MB Delayed Academics 800-782-4769, (855) 499-3306 • Page 51
  • 50. Since 1976 Dr. Maria Montessori By Linda K. Foster Instituto, she developed A century ago, Dr. a love for biological sci- Maria Montessori ences and tried to pursue a founded an educa- career in medicine. When tional movement that has she was denied entrance been remarkably consis- to the medical program of tent, despite time and loca- the University of Rome tion. Throughout her life, because of her gender, Find 1000s of child-size Dr. Montessori broke the Montessori enrolled at the items for ages 3 to 9 traditional roles between University to study phys- ics, mathematics and natu- male and female, teacher and student and lived her ral sciences. Again, she Every item selected excelled at the University life as though she could to support success and earned her Diploma and would affect it. & guaranteed to stand di Licenza two years later. up to everyday use. Maria Montessori was born August 31, 1870 in Her educational success Cooking • Sewing Chiaravalle, Italy, to a could not be overlooked Gardening civil servant father and and she was allowed to Woodworking a mother who was an study medicine. In 1886, Art • Music avid reader and unusually the brilliance of her thesis educated for her time. A impressed the all-male Geography precocious, confident and board of review and they Science • Language strong-willed girl, Maria awarded her a full medical Peace Education degree, making her Italy’s followed in her mother’s Resource Books first woman doctor. footsteps in her quest for education, excelling in Next, Dr. Montessori school and often proving interned at the Psychiatric herself a leader in games Clinic of the University of and conversation. When Rome where she became she was a young child, her interested in psychology family moved to Rome, to and human behavior. This take advantage of better included regular work in educational facilities. Ma- insane asylums, with men- FREE SHIPPING ria decided to venture into tally deficient children. on orders of $50 or more the field of engineering Montessori felt strongly February 1 – March 31, 2010 that mental deficiency was Use Code: FREE SHIP 50 technology, enrolling in a boy’s technical school at more of a pedagogical age 13. In this school, she problem than a medical FREE 100-PAGE received such high marks one and that with special CATALOG that when she graduated, treatment, these children she was able to enter the could be helped. In time, Regio Instituto Technico her methods resulted in Leonardo da Vinci where improvement in their abil- she studied math, natural ity. sciences, and languages, In 1907, Dr. Montessori again excelling beyond all took charge of fifty poor Orders/Customer Service 887-975-3003 continued on page 54 expectations. At the RegioPage 52 • (805) 499-3306
  • 51. What Do You Meanby “Normalization?”– Montessori Vocabulary Made Clear If you sometimes wonder tessori coined the neces-whether your child’s Mon- sary terms. tessori teacher is talking Tod ay’s Montessor i about science or children, the answer is yes! In this teachers still learn from two-part article, 12 key observing behaviors and Handwritingterms are defined by expe- assessing the individualrienced Montessori parent, child’s development. And teacher, school founder, even though they still use Problems?school director, and colum- Dr. Montessori’s scientificnist Maren Schmidt M. Ed. vocabulary to describe the • Normalization process, understanding Montessori is not as hard • Cosmic Education • Four Planes of Devel- as it sounds. Peterson Directedopment Montessori Vocabu- Handwriting • Freedom & Respon- lary Made Clearsibility These 12 definitions are FREE Tutorials on our • Going Out representative of the key • Absorbent Mind terms you’ll find defined website for the following: • Point of Interest in Understanding Montes- • Practical Life sori, by experienced Mon- tessori parent, teacher, • Prepared Environment • Sensitive Periods school founder, school di- The Impact of Fluency rector and columnist Mar- • Work en Schmidt M. Ed. Note: Please, No Pencil • Work Cycle Understanding Mon- in the interest of space, Tracingtessori’s Terminology examples were edited out Montessori’s was one of some definitions. Holding the Paperof the first educational Normalization:theories to spring from The natural or normal Right Handeddirect, ongoing scientific state for a human beingobservation of children. is characterized by four Coaching ADr. Montessori did not attributes: Left-Handerhave a ready-made vo- 1. A love of work orcabulary with which to activity Holding the Pencildescribe the behaviors 2. Concentration on anand developmental stages activity Mr. Pencil’sshe observed. As a scien- 3. Self-disciplinetist, Montessori expected 4. Sociability or joyful Grip Exerciseteachers to use her same work The understanding ofscientific methods of ob-servation and analysis to normalization doesn’t re- the children in their quire a leap of faith whencharge. In order to shareher knowledge, Dr. Mon- you consider those mo- ments you feel most alive continued on page 78 Online Training Classes! (855) 499-3306 • Page 53
  • 52. Dr. Maria Montessori her Scientific Pedagogy as Applied to Child Education ing in the advancement of early education. Dr.continued from page 52 in the Children’s Houses. Montessori believed that out that the “environmentchildren of the streets of should reveal the child, not Ironically, she did not de- education begins at birththe San Lorenzo slum mold him/her. Casa dei rive her methods from any and that the first few yearson the outskirts of Rome Bambini developed in its extant pedagogical wis- of life (the formative years)and opened the first Casa first year into a revolution- dom. She had sidestepped are the most important.dei Bambini (Children’s ary new kind of school that the more traditional edu- She believed that childrenHouse) for children under gained immediate world- cation path for women pass through sensitivefive years of age. wide fame for the Mon- — teacher’s training — to periods, phases of devel- She described the child’s tessori system. Even Dr. pursue a career in science. opment appropriate to themind as the “absorbent Montessori herself could Montessori believed in learning of specific motormind” because of its ability never have imagined the respecting children and and cognitive skills. Dur-to learn and assimilate ef- potential realized by the their abilities to learn and ing these periods, childrenfortlessly and unconscious- tiny students of Casa dei her methods promoted her show their spontaneously from the surrounding Bambini. The astonishing belief that children have an interest in learning andenvironment. Based on her success of Montessori’s innate drive to learn. Prior should be allowed to learnbelief that a child absorbs early efforts generated a to Montessori’s time, it as much as possible.learning from the physical large following, not only was assumed that children Montessori discoveredenvironment in which s/he of parents desperate for could only learn through that children grouped withlives, she created the pre- her help, but of teachers instruction -- being lec- other children in a smallpared environment of Casa desperate to learn her tured by an adult. range of ages, i.e., birthdei Bambini, at the same methods. Her “discovery of the – 3, 3-6, 6-9, 9-11, etc.,time being quick to point In 1909, she published child” was an awaken- continued on page 83Page 54 • (805) 499-3306
  • 53. Your students can’t miss this! More Info / Registration: www. Address: The Apprentice Corporation, 275 Woodward Avenue,Kenmore, NY, 14217, USA Enquiries (Toll-free): (+1) 855 - 445 - 7444 Voice-mail / Fax: (+1) 916 - 724 - 6415
  • 54. Hemisphere Educational Travel – Educational Offering Custom Educational Tours The company then pro- Group 800-323-6439 vides the following tools By Michael Leppert for the tour leader and tour participants; Custom Travel Focused travel and ho- itineraries, tour paperwork meschooling go together for each participant, online like a hand in a glove. It is access for tour leader and one thing to read about the participants (including on- Battle of Gettysburg, quite line registration), baggage another to read about it and tags, lanyards, emergency then visit it with the read- contact cards and a 24/hour ing fresh in mind. Nothing emergency assistance line. cements information into Hemisphere also offers the one’s consciousness like convenience of a payment real-life relating, which is plan depending on the time why many homeschooling of your registration in rela- families love taking tours Showing Student and Youth Groups and field trips that provide tion to the departure date. the World Since 1970 For groups that plan well a learning opportunity. ahead, your tour cost is Hemisphere Educational typically divided into 3 or Travel understands this 4 payments. To encourage and offers custom-made registration, Hemisphere tours for student groups has a 100% refund policy of 20 people or more that if a tour cancels within 2 originate from the same de- weeks of its initial deposit parture point and travel to date due to lack of partici- the same destination. LosCostaChicago Rica New York Canada pation. Angeles to Washington, As a family owned com- DC for instance, makes a Italy perfect support group func- pany since 1970, Hemi- Spain Washington D.C. tion. Hemisphere requires sphere has provided cus- tomized tours to thousands a person from the group to Group should consist of 20 or more function as the tour leader of groups to many popular departing from the same destination destinations including and be the point person for Washington, DC, New Customized tours include air, organizing the tour group, York City, Chicago, Or- thus acting as liaison with motorcoach transportation, hotel Hemisphere. The tour lando and Europe. Their accommodations, sites, attractions, tour volume and experience leader provides Hemi- guides, meals and more…. have allowed them to cre- sphere with the group’s ate numerous partnerships objectives and Hemisphere Call Today or Visit Our Website then prepares a proposal for with travel suppliers and vendors resulting in a For a Free Tour Proposal that tour. If a tour leader is high quality tour that be- unsure of which direction comes an unforgettable, 800-323-6439 to go, Hemisphere will be happy to provide their ex- educational experience for your students. Hemi- pertise to create a custom- ized tour. sphere Educational Travel continued on page 85Page 56 • (805) 499-3306
  • 55. Giant Energy Bubbles in ourMilky Way GalaxyBy Beth Lebwohl and Deborah Byrd You might be familiar originated. He said eachwith images of our home bubble is about a third ofgalaxy, the Milky Way. the size of the visible MilkyIt’s a huge spiral-shaped Way and that the hot gaspinwheel of stars, spinning inside the bubbles producesover vast timescales in the gamma radiation. In fact,dark space of the universe. that gamma radiation hasAlthough we live inside enabled astronomers tothe galaxy, and although find the bubbles.astronomers have learned “Gamma radiation ismuch about it, the Milky very high energy light,”Way can still surprise us. said Finkbeiner. “TheseA recent discovery filled photons have about a bil-astronomers with wonder. lion times as much energy A team of astronomers as visible light.”announced this discovery Dr. Finkbeiner’s teamin late 2010. Harvard astro- found the bubbles extend-physicist Doug Finkbeiner ing from the Milky Way’sled the team that found two core with the aid of NASA’slarge, mysterious “bubbles” orbiting Fermi Gamma-rayerupting from the Milky Space Telescope. LaunchedWay’s center. The bubbles in 2008, this telescope hasappear to be filled with hot, the job of exploring somecharged gas. They extend of our universe’s mostnorth and south from our extreme environments;galaxy’s core -- above and places where nature har-below the center of the nesses energies far beyondspiral -- and are so large what’s possible on Earth.that a beam of light would Just as we can see in visiblehave to travel 25,000 years light, so this telescope canfrom one sharp edge of one see in gamma rays. That’sbubble to the other edge. how it was able to see the If you consider the two Milky Way’s giant bubblesbubbles on either side of the of hot, charged gas.galaxy, they look like a gi- Finkbeiner said that theant number “8” painted in edges of the bubbles arethe center of the galaxy. very distinct. Their sharp- Doug Finkbeiner said ness in contrast to thehe and his team don’t re- overall structure of theally understand what these bubbles is a possible clue tobubbles are, and they’re their origin. In other words,not sure how the bubbles continued on page 65 (855) 499-3306 • Page 57
  • 56. 5 orcal:1-80 580-165ES GENEALOGY COURSES ONLINEES e W Longest Running & Most Comprehensive Online Program in the World! orld!ESNE GENEALOGY COURSES ONLI OVER 60,000 COURSE REGISTRATIONS TO DATE FRE OURSE! E COU e World!vis e Online Program in the World! Longest Running & Most Comprehen Since 1999 RSE !CALL E-MAIL OR CALL AN TO DISCUSS AN Are you just starting your family tree? FREE* APPROPRIATE FREE* We’ve got courses for you! OVER 60,000 COURSE REGISTRATIONS TO DATE O COURSE TO ! Researching for a while? Hitting a brick wall? TRY OUT! We’ve got courses for you! Want to become a professional genealogist? ited to one We’ve got courses for you too! *TRY IT! Limited to one r student. free course per student.0 Enhance Your Knowledge: Choose from over 150 courses, from $44.50 — for all — for all En levels of researchers — from beginners to experts... lev Formal Education: Several Certificate Programs in records a untries and of many countries and a For Cer Certificate in Librarianship, in affiliation with an accredited university… STUDENT COMMENTS: ‘I am learning so many new skills! Ito decent knowledge base to ledge base STU felt I had a program; had not even considered! Great program; only discover that there were several things that I onl enjoying it very much.’ Gretchen L. enjo advice ‘I am very excited about being a partin ‘I of this program.aI am receiving professional advice in a a very courteous manner; I am upgrading my skills, and can my frustrations of my trations of very share my joys andprisingly with my classmates all through this surprisingly easy research with a sympathetic professor and easy rese own Though I can learn through theelec electronic medium. home, flexibility and privacy in my own home, I Ioger a larger class environment throughtru truly feel part of H. the constant interaction.’ Roger H. 1999! Leaders in genealogy education since 1999! The National Institute for Genealogical Studies 65 or call: 1-800-580-0165
  • 57. Genealogy: V age int withA New HomeSchooler Opportunity GoBy Louise St Denis, National Institute for RAFTYGenealogical Studies ECRETSH Vintage Paper Arts ave you ever felt obvious documents such as Clear Art Stamps you r ancestors birth, marriage and death calling you from certificates -- referred to asthe past? You have always vital records. But through- RAFTYwanted to do something out your life (or the life New Farm Freshabout finding them, but of your ancestors), your Creative Scraps ECRETS Vintage Paper Arts Clear Art Stampsnever knew how. You name and information alsocould hire a professional appear in census records,researcher, or you could do religious records, land re-the research yourself! cords and probate records. Genealogical research is They may also appear ina satisfying pastime for the court records, immigrationfamily historian and a re- & naturalization records, Warm somewarding occupation for the institutional records, edu- hearts with ourprofessional genealogist. cational records, military lovable imagesThere are several ways records, newspaper records & stamps into get started. Years ago, and occupational records. every theme!some would simply jump Did you know that youin with both feet and start can access many of these in spired wi Tips & Tricks th getthe search. Others would documents? Some are RAFTY ECRETS Vintage Paper Arts Using Clear Art Stampsattend society meetings to found in archives, others RAFTY Farm Chicks Stampsget advice. Today, there are in public or society librar- ECRETS Vintage Paper Arts Clear Art Stampsmany options to learn how ies and in Family Historyto do it right, from the be- Centers of the Church ofginning! After all the chas- Jesus Christ of Latter-daying you will do, you want Saints. And today, we Farm Fresh Creative Scraps Card above created by Pam Hooten 8” x 19” double sidedto make sure those you also find some of these created by Lisa Zappa. ☛see Free! Card above over Farm Chicks - SL37believe are your ancestors, documents on the Internet. Idea Card withare truly your ancestors! Beware! What sites can every Farm Chicks stamp set Researching your ances- you trust on the Internet? Farm Chicks - SL37tors can be quite challeng- There’s so much inaccurate Little Girls - SM37ing. You need to be a good information online -- you Little Boysdetective, turning all the need to learn how to sort SM36stones, looking at all the out the bad sites from theclues, and analyzing each good ones.document you find. Imagine finding a docu- You will run into ‘brick- ment signed by your great-walls’, but you should not great-grandfather on thegive up, there are so many day his daughter, yourdocuments created about great-grandmother, wasan individual during their married! Imagine read- heartwarmingvintage.blogspot.comlifetime. We think of the toLL Free 1-888-597-8898 continued on page 80 (855) 499-3306 • Page 59
  • 58. Get Back to Basics Yes, My Grown Homeschooled Children Are Odd -- And Yours Will Be Too! with...Quality continued from page 19 pared to the schooled pop- without question. They haven’t had to Kitchen Products ulation because they have not experienced ongoing school-based socialization surrender their individual- ity and will to an authority figure who may not have and standardization. their best interests at heart. When you consider that They aren’t subjected to the homeschooled popula- judgment, grading, and tion makes up only 3-6% the bestowment of rewards of the entire school-going and punishments without population, you may begin the ability to object or ap- to understand just how peal. different your kids are or They haven’t been con- will be. ditioned to be passive and Interestingly, you can compliant or dependent on even pump them full of others to tell them what to standardized curriculum do or how to spend their • BOSCH MIXERS and their homeschooled time. They are not power- experience will still be so less. They have the choice • GRAIN MILLS far outside the norm that to remove themselves from they will always think and bad situations or people • GLUTEN FREE act differently than those and change the curriculum who attend traditional PRODUCTS schools. when it’s not relevant, in- teresting, useful, or mean- • WHOLE GRAINS How could it be any dif- ferent? They haven’t been ingful. I don’t know about your • BAKING SUPPLIES indoctrinated in the same way. They have not been kids, but mine were never taught not to question the • JUICERS steeped in the popular consumer culture to the control and power of au- thority figures. Heck, the • STAINLESS STEEL degree that most schooled kids have been. They are very act of homeschooling questions the power and BAKEWARE not adult-phobic and peer- authority of government dependent. and societal norms. By Call Us For a Catalog 419-542-6275 T h e y h ave n’t b e e n grouped and sorted accord- ing to age and academic choosing to homeschool, you have set an example for your kids to defy con- Shop Kitchen Specialties and Granary at: track. They haven’t been ventional wisdom and not expected to know their to accept the status quo. place and stay in the “class” What part of any of that to which they have been as- is typical? Why would Want to work out of your home for extra money? signed. They haven’t been anyone expect that such a Contact us for dealer information. trained to respond to the marked divergence from Linda Yoder, P.O. Box 100, Mark Center, Ohio 43536 bell and do assignments the norm would produce aPage 60 • (805) 499-3306
  • 59. person who is so common conventional notions andor usual – or so “well- limitations on behavior or WHO Needssocialized” – that they fit thought are not within their A Hugg?right into the mainstream? liberated comfort zone.Homeschoolers may devel- Unless you are an adult ...WEop skills that allow them to parent who was home- ALLcovertly blend in, but mark schooled, you cannot begin DO!my words they will always to understand how yourbe different. kid’s brain operates with- Loved Others may ad m i re out the opiate of schooling. By ALLhomeschoolers’ unique You can insist all you want Agesperspective or intellect, that your children are well-respect their individual- socialized, but the truth is Education Starts Earlyity, appreciate their accom- they haven’t been assimi-plishments, and even be lated. and Continues Forever!attracted to their quirkiness And just to throw an- Learning is Real with-- but they will definitely other fly in the ointment, HUGG•A•PLANET®know that something about if you have dared to chal-homeschoolers sets them lenge government school- For discount enter codeapart from the rest. ing or conventional private “peace” at checkout As one twenty-year-old schooling, I suspect you Also Hugg-A-Marshomeschool grad (who aren’t normal or especially Hugg-A-Star Offered Hugg-Americanow attends Brown Uni- well-socialized either.versity) proclaimed to an Somehow you were imper- huggaplanet.comaudience at a homeschool vious to social condition-conference recently, “Yes, ing enough to think outsideI’m odd. So what? Get the box. You’re probably aover it! I’m glad I’m not little odd too. No offense,like everyone else!” We but most of the homeschoolcould all take a lesson from parents I know, are. I in-that young woman’s self- clude myself among them.confident mind-set. We’re either deliberate, ac- A homeschooler’s life cidental, or reluctant socialexperience and perspective misfits who imbue our chil- Give your high school studentis vastly different from a dren with a set of values a head start on college.mind that has been shaped and beliefs that resist the Your home-schooled student deserves every advantage available. And what couldand formed by the social siren songs of government be better than earning college credit and high school credit simultaneously? ACCELERATE Dual Enrollment Online makes it possible.conditioning of school. schooling, pop culture, and Benefits of TROY’s ACCELERATE My own sons (now adults social engineering. Dual Enrollment Online program: For more information about registration, please contactin their twenties) are keenly Rather than worry that • Preparation for college Troy University’s ACCELERATE Coordinator directly:aware of the fact that their your kids won’t “fit in” or • Higher grade point averagesexperience set them apart be “well-socialized,” cel- • Enriching courses, such as upper-level 334-808-6228 math and foreign languages accelerate@troy.edufrom their schooled peers. ebrate their deviant behav- • Save time and money • Continue your active role in your For assistance 24/7,They think differently. ior! Say it loud, “I’m odd student’s education please call 800-414-5756They don’t see the world and I’m proud!” To find out if your student is ready for onlinethrough the same filters. learning supported by an accredited university with a 120-year tradition of excellence, pleaseThey are perfectly capable Copyright 2011, Diane take our readiness survey.of “fitting in” to any social Flynn Keith, All Rights Visit, click on eCampus and then click on A future of opportunitiessetting when necessary, but Reserved ACCELERATE. (855) 499-3306 • 9525.1_eCampusAcceleratePrintAd.indd 1 Page 61 AM 12/20/10 11:23
  • 60. Inspire with Wall WordsIn only a few minutes you can haveprofessional looking lettering andgraphics that will help decorateyour home, business or school. 56 Birds Partying on the Power Lines Halloween B Chalks-A-Lot is vinyl with a African Tree WD-110 chalk board finish! We also have Dry Erase Vinyl. Pick from a variety Giraffes FB-33 of animal groups: Birds & Princess DL-63 Butterflies, Land Animals, Sea Creatures, Pets & Farm Animals. Autumn Leaves DG-1 Tree wit Good quotes to remember when studying.#ED7- The best things in life aren’t things. #ED138- Words are, of course, the most powerful drug use#ED38- If you think education is expensive- try ignorance. -Derek Bok - Rudyard Kipling#ED45- Books are food for the brain. #ED160- If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably d#ED55- Truth is not always popular, but it is always right. anywhere. -Frank A. Clark#ED60- Books are like imprisoned souls till someone takes them down #ED172- Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of - Chinese proverb from the shelf and frees them. - Samuel Butler#ED74- Minds are like parachutes - they only function when open. #ED187- Pay attention and you will learn something new e - Thomas Dewar your life.#ED82- Learning is weightless, a treasure you can always carry easily. #ED194- Life is a journey and only you hold the map.#ED85- You don’t learn when you’re talking. -Watts Wacker #ED199- Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.#ED97- You are the only person on earth who can use your ability. #ED209- Don’t raise you voice. Improve your argument. - Zig Ziglat #ED210- If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it. -Jonath#ED104- Try not to have a good time...this is supposed to be educational. #ED212- It is our choices that show what we truly are, far m - Charles Schulz abilities. -J.K. Rowling#ED108- Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just #ED213- The world is but a canvas to the imagination. -Th sit there. -Will Rogers #ED123- Imagination is more important than knowledge. -
  • 61. R Custom Monograms ub-on transfers for walls! We have: • trees • logos • banners • vines • animals • domain names for cars • full size cars • motorcycles • babies’ names and their meanings • monograms and more Preview your phrase, check the lengths, colors and fonts before buying at our website. For a FREE Catalog call 888 422-6685 or babies’ names and their meanings Visit wallwords.comBanners Custom Monogramsth Flowers WD-96ed by mankind.doesn’t leadf standing still. Love Birds FB-43every day of. -Babe Ruth As Seen on – HGTV –han Winters For a 15%more than our Discount r online, ente 1119096horeau Albert Einstein SC-23
  • 62. AHA! Unit-based Instruction The Recipe for Homeschoolingcontinued from page 33 performance from the learners. in Elementary Schools: The Activityintrapersonal and naturalist intel- When using the integrated, inter- Structure of Classrooms.” In Timeligences are developed as part of the disciplinary approach for unit-based and School Learning, ed. Lorin W.learning process. With these multiple instruction, there will be unique Anderso. Osford, England: Croomintelligences, learners are validated “AHA!” moments on a daily basis Helm, 1984.and reinforced in each lesson while that excite even the most reluctantthey are simultaneously challenged learner. Students become producers Gardner, Howard. Frames of mind:and stretched to think in different and creators of ideas rather than rote The theory of multiple intelligences.ways. Assessment is included in each consumers of knowledge. It’s a key New York: Basic Books, 1983.lesson so that each part of the teach- to life-long process has formative assessment Go to Taylor, Roger, Differentiatingand feedback to correct misinforma- to view, download and print out the Curriculum: Using an Inte-tion and to “fix it before it is broken.” sample curriculum units. Click on grated, Interdisciplinary, ThematicThe hands-on project-centered learn- “Homeschoolers” on the homep- Standards-based Approach (Sum-ing is validated by a rubric, which is age. mer Resource Handbook) CDE, Inc.determined before the project starts that each step of the project is as- Bloom, Benjamin S. Taxonomy ofsessed to assure the ultimate product Educational Objectives, Handbook Taylor, Roger. (December 16,is excellent. At the end of each lesson 1: Cognitive Domain. Addison-Wes- 2008). If Kids Do Not Learn the waythere is a summative assessment not ley Publishing Company, 1956. you Teach, Teach the way they Learnonly from the teacher but, more im- [Webinar 02]. www.rogertaylor.portantly, a reflective summation of Burns, Robert. “How Time is Used com.Page 64 • (805) 499-3306
  • 63. Giant Energy Bubbles in our Milky Way Galaxycontinued from page 57 He said scientists didn’t spot these weren’t real, to thinking they werepicture something that is exploding bubbles before now, because they real. And that just had to do withoutward into space. The edges of the didn’t have the right telescope. The looking at the data, getting more dataexplosion would indeed be very sharp gamma ray vision of the Fermi – because the telescope is always get-as the explosion pushed outward. “It Telescope was needed to make this ting more data. Finding the bubbleslooks to me like something that’s cur- discovery.rently exploding. It looks like a shock “Astrophysicists have been lookingwave propagating out from some at gamma rays for years, decades,” heburst of energy,” said Finkbeiner. He said, “but the machinery gets bettersaid scientists are throwing around with each generation. This currenttwo ideas about how these bubbles gamma ray telescope is about 100formed. times more powerful than its prede- One relates to the supermassive cessor. Using this telescope is likeblack hole thought to reside at the cen- putting on your glasses for the firstter of our galaxy. This gigantic Milky time.” The Andromeda Galaxy - thoughtWay black hole – which contains mass What was the discovery like for to resemble our Milky Way - asequal to millions of times the mass of Finkbeiner and his team? He talked seen through a small telescope orour sun – might have “burped,” said about the moment his team realized binoculars.Finkbeiner, spewing out light and they had found the bubbles.electric particles at incredibly high “Well, there’s a great quote from was about analyzing the data morespeeds. The remnants of this cosmic Isaac Asimov which is that the sound carefully.”belch might be the mysterious Milky of discovery is not ‘Eureka, I found Finkbeiner and his team publishedWay bubbles. it!’ but ‘Hmm, that looks funny!’ And their findings in November 2010 in Or, the bubbles might have nothing that’s really how it was! We were star- The Astrophysical Journal. Nowto do with our galaxy’s central black ing at the computer screen and said, other astronomers will also use thehole. Another idea is that a group of ‘Hmm, that looks funny…is that re- Fermi Space Telescope, and othergiant stars near the center of the Milky ally an edge to something?’” It turned telescopes, to study the region ofWay might have space around the bubbles, searchingexploded all at for clues about their origin.once to for m In the meantime, the rest of usthe bubbles. As- can gaze at old images of our Milkytronomers will Way galaxy and imagine somethingbe searching for new, something our eyes can’t seemore evidence -- something the gamma ray vision ofof such an ex- an orbiting telescope has seen for us.plosion, which We can look and imagine and won-might have hap- der what new surprises our universepened long ago, might hold.although they arenot sure when. In 2010, astronomers discovered two large, mysterious Beth Lebwohl and Deborah Byrd “What seems “bubbles” erupting from the Milky Way’s center. are producers and hosts for the inter-clear is that the out to be an edge to the bubbles. nationally syndicated science seriesbubbles were caused by some huge “Discovering the bubbles was a EarthSky - A Clear Voice for Science,energy injection at some point in the progressive thing,” said Dr. Fink- heard on 1,500+ radio stations acrosspast. Whether they were caused one beiner. “But there was a particular the U.S. and the world. Visit them onmillion or 10 million years ago, we day when I went from thinking they the Internet at’t know,” Finkbeiner said. (855) 499-3306 • Page 65
  • 64. Waiting for “Superman” be their child’s first and foremost TEACHER, en- gaging, empowering and continued from page 47 in the leadership positions inspiring their child every on a foreign battlefield; it inside Corporate America; day to succeed. will be determined in a those highest paid Ameri- Many critics have con- battle over who controls can jobs in America are not veniently missed the truth America’s classroom. being filled with Ameri- about Waiting for “Su- Failing to make these cans. perman”. No one really hard changes in our public It’s time for the ho- knows how many count- educational system is al- meschooling and virtual less, nameless administers, ready crippling America’s schools community to be educators, parents and status as a superpower. vindicated for those old teachers have tried and Many leaders, such as wounds at the hands of failed to change the cur- Bill Gates, believe that if public education and join rent public educational we continue to settle for forces with public school system. They have all failing schools we will not families that still hear “no, failed because the top be providing competitive, no, no” from those who tiers of education -- those skilled workers to oper- were being paid plenty who are paid the most to ate in the highest-paying with taxpayer funds to say care about education, care jobs in our country and “yes, yes, yes” to make more about protecting thus, changing our world sure no child in America their own jobs. They have dominance. This move has is left behind. It’s also enabled a powerful ally in already been happening time to finally silence that the teachers union with the misguided public school counterproductive stance stereotype always crying that all teachers should be that public education is protected regardless of per- underfunded. The ho- formance. Thus Guggen- meschooling family has heim’s agenda is simple: already proven that they Create a firestorm so hot have the voice, the spirit that it smolders and burns and the DNA makeup to down the current failing galvanize and create suc- and crumbling foundation cessful change in educa- formally know as public tion without spending a education. The goal is that dime of taxpayer money! failure to change is not Homeschoolers hold the an option and we need an key to education solutions uprising so big that change that work. It’s about creat- is the only solution. It is not ing a system that really about teacher bashing; it is puts America’s families about a system that needs and children first in the to crumble from the top. equation from birth to col- T he on ly way for lege or trade school to ca- Guggenheim to succeed in reer. This “birth to college” his quest for change was to concept has been missing keep it simple. He did. The in public education but is film does not get into the part of the homeschool- politics of any of the issues ing DNA: Parents need to except blaming a systemPage 66 • (805) 499-3306
  • 65. set up to fail. Contrary to them to jail. example to galvanize thesewhat you may have heard, We owe it to the future public school families to Lekhait is not about blaming prosperity of America to be part of taking charge School ofteachers! It is not about help all children succeed of education along with Creativethe success and boom in and rise up and collectively fixing each of their own Writinghomeschooling! It is not stop the insanity that is failing schools. Maybe by Spring & Summer Campseven about the fight be- happening within the walls harnessing the power of in the Bay areatween public and charter; of public education. As all homeschooling, virtual 25 Locationsthe need for special needs; taxpayers we need to strip and public school families Over 500teaching to each child; the waste from the top working together might we students published!healthy lunches; exercis- tiers of education and put finally force public educa- www.lekhapublishers.coming during gym; national our might, power and re- tion to really change?standards on the table that sources inside each class-are still immeasurable and room at home and school St acey K a n nenbergendless other areas that for all families and kids to “Ready To Learn Mom”are all important issues in excel. Kryptonite can hurt was motivated to move offeducation. Had the film in- Superman in the same way the sofa by Oprah eighttroduced any or all of these public education has hurt years ago and get involvedissues, the masses would America. Our leaders have in education with solu-have had a field day debat- known for the last 40 years tions for change. She is an Interested in starting aing instead of fighting as a that our public educational author, publisher and Mom Writing Camp in your area?united force. system has been failing! CEO making a difference We can help! While watching Waiting Let’s not let 2011 be more at www.cedarvalleypub- Call us today!for “Superman”, I cried of the same. If only we can 408-429-8880at the injustice of living utilize the success of thein the greatest country in homeschooling movementthe world, in the land of to stage a national interven-freedom and opportunity, tion by helping all publicyet the hypocrisy for these school families stay homefamilies and millions more on that first day of schoolcomes down to a bounce and hold out until publicof a lottery ball? In the school finally, Anthony has the best How long would it takeodds of that lottery ball to force public school tobeing his ticket out of his change when no studentsfailing public school. He are showing up on the busis among 64 kids who vie or inside the buildings? Byfor 24 spots and Francisco leveraging the help andhas the worst odds, with support of the homeschool-792 applicants for 40 spots. ing and virtual familiesFrancisco’s mom broke to offer a temporary solu-my heart when she said, tion by organizing school“That ball could mean the help for America’s publicdifference between my son school families. Thesegraduating from college or public school familiesgoing to jail.” It is actually would be under the collec-cheaper on the taxpayer’s tive wing of virtual classesburden to send a child to and homeschooling to em-college that it is to send power, inspire and lead by (855) 499-3306 • Page 67
  • 66. Scheduling a Charlotte Mason Day continued from page 23 (Home Education, p. 142). appropriate. Requiring ing “dawdling”. Another After the age of eight, a shor t nar ration will asked for help with her the lesson can be length- demonstrate whether you daughter who was unable ened to twenty minutes. need to adapt the material to focus on one thing. For children ten years of or find other material for Charlotte Mason wrote of age and up, thirty to forty- the work you want to ac- the importance of secur- five minutes is sufficient. complish. A child cannot ing a child’s full attention Care should be taken narrate what she does not in order for them to learn that if a child appears know or understand. and to establish the habit idle or not accomplishing • Alternate disciplinary Quality Sewing Kits of finishing things. the work with full atten- subjects with inspirational * Easy-to-follow instructions The answer lies in the tion, the work should be subjects. Charlotte Mason * All supplies included length of the lessons them- * Developed especially for changed to something as recommended a disciplin- educators selves. When the lessons unlike it as possible. ary subject be followed by * Reinforce learning by are short and varied, your stimulating your child’s Using short lessons is an inspirational one. Dr. imagination child’s interest is always more than mere technique; Jack Beckman, Professor fresh and ready for what Charlotte Mason calls this of Education at Covenant comes next. Charlotte approach a “root prin- College in South Carolina Mason recommended les- ciple”. By using short les- and a Charlotte Mason sons be no more than ten sons, the child is permitted scholar, reminds us that, minutes in length for a to bring the full power of “Inspirational subjects child under the age of eight his attention to bear on a touch heart and mind and subject. Doing on his own are ref lective of things The LATIN Road what is often coerced or persuaded, brings inner such as art, music, litera- ture, history, etc. Disci- to English Grammar strength to the child. “To make yourself attend, to plinary subjects are those in which teacher-student make yourself know, this interactions are necessary indeed is to come into a as students are unable to kingdom, all the more apprehend their concepts, satisfying to children content, and/or skills alone because they are so made – mathematics, languages, that they revel in knowl- handwriting, certain as- edge.” (Charlotte Mason, pects of science, etc.” A Philosophy of Educa- • Establish the habit of tion, p. 77) finishing work in a timely If your child is “taking way. Charlotte Mason said, A complete Latin language more time than neces- “Habit is ten natures.” In and English grammar study sary”, try these methods in other words, once the habit in one curriculum your planning: forms it is as if it were the • Use 20-minute lessons. child’s very nature to be For a FREE brochure/sample packet: If a 20-minute lesson is that way. To read more on too long, shorten it. Set an habit formation see Home Schola Publications egg timer for your child, so Education, p.96-134. Full 215 Lake Blvd. #610, Redding, CA 96003 he has a clear sense of how text can be found online at long the lesson is to be. http://www.amblesideon- 530-275-2064 • Use material that is 68 • (805) 499-3306
  • 67. • Each new lesson should a short break after the some outdoor activity. ing our Sampler at: www.recall the last. When start- completion of a term, or Take the opportunity to go a new lesson ask your conversely you may want on a nature walk instead of com. There are other ex-child to recall the lesson to push ahead to have a the planned readings. amples of schedules foundthat came the day before. longer break later in the Remember that most ev- in A Charlotte MasonRecollection of the previ- year. erything takes longer than Education (Sourcebooks,ous lesson gives a context Organizing by Day you think it will. If you Inc, 2000), More Charlottefor the new knowledge. and Week plan well and adhere to the Mason Education (Sour- Planning for Learn- Though a CM curricu- principle of short lessons cebooks, Inc, 2001) bothing™ lum may at first appear to you will find teaching a by Catherine Levison and Living Books Curric- be relaxed in form, it is in pleasure. Flexibility is When Children Love toulu m uses a 36 -week fact highly structured. But key. You and your child do Learn (Crossway, 2004)schedule divided into four it is structured along the not need to rigidly adhere produced by Child Lightterms. Each term is eight lines of a child’s nature. to a schedule. There will Foundationweeks of instruction, with The guiding principles are be times when you forge Sample Weekly Sched-the ninth being what we those inherent in every ahead and times when you ulecall a “flex” week. The flex human being. To accom- may feel behind. Do not The following is a sug-week permits the student plish the task of teaching worry, your long term goal gestion of how you mightto complete unfinished you must be clear where is to finish the year. Keep organize your week. Pleasework; it gives the teach- to begin and where you that in mind if you have a note that, except for Bibleing parent time to assess hope to end. The best way few days that do not go as Study and Math, not everylearning through end-of- to do that is to understand smoothly as you wish. subject is taught every day.term narration questions, the CM principles, have a Below is an example of If you are new to organiz-and also allows time for regular plan and adhere to a schedule from the Liv- ing your time in this way,field trips. You can begin it, yet save some room for ing Books Curriculum start with our suggestedand end each term as best flexibility. For example, Teaching Guides. Other schedule and then adjustfits your schedule. For there are days when the examples can be found on it as you learn what worksexample, you may take weather is perfect for our website by download- for you. Bible Study (daily) Scripture Reading Journal Journal Jim Carroll is a professor8:30–9:00 OT NT X Heroes of the Faith Entry Entry of Educational Psychology Practical Work for Walden University.9:00–9:45 Math (daily) X X X X X Sheila Carroll has master’s Language Arts (daily) degrees in Children’s Lit- Dictation-Spelling Intro-Dict. Dict./Spell. erature and in Educational Leadership. She and her Storytelling X X 9:45-10:30 husband are founders of Poetry X X Living Books Curriculum, Recitation Practice X X which produces a home- Grammar (daily) X X X X X school curriculum inspired Science: Astronomy10:30–11:00 (daily) X X X X X by the work of CharlotteArranged Picture Study X X Mason. The proceeds of11:00–11:10 Copy work (10 min. daily) X X X X X Living Books Curriculum World History X X X provide their CM-based11:15–12:00 American History X X educational materials toArranged Music Study X X families and schools in de- Book of the Centuries veloping nations, through NatureAfternoons Nature Study (daily) X X X X Journal their non-profit organiza- Handcrafts X X X tion, Education in a Box. (855) 499-3306 • Page 69
  • 68. Our Learning Folio of theirs asked them to develop a similar tool, but more homeschool port group meetings, you name it. For example, a homeschooling group inthe perfect tool for Transcript-building TrackingPO Box 510526 friendly. The design team the San Jose, CaliforniaMilwaukee, WI 53203 met with many, many area that gets together877-836-9960; homeschooling parents to per for m histor icalT from varied backgrounds r e - e n a c t m e nt s c o u ld wo of the most t-r-a-n-s-c-r-i-p-t, which and all over the U.S. to use OLF to create and i mpor t a nt non- is a pretty scary endeavor gain feedback about what maintain a shared group teaching aspects for the ill-prepared. The these potential everyday calendar to manage theseof homeschooling are creators of Our Learning users wanted in suc a activities. By using OLFplan ning and record- Folio have created a web- t rack ing system. The in this way, the programskeeping. A well-thought- based software program program would not be creators hope it will aidout plan can make ac- to help parents plan their one to direct what was families in developingquiring materials and instructional journey and taught, but would stay fo- communities and net-t e a ch i n g t h e m mu ch begin preparing for the cused on helping families works to enhance theireasier and more efficient. Day of the Transcript to manage, organize and homeschooling lives.After completion, the from Day One. present the child’s ac-years and studied sub- Prior to creating Our complishments and work Ou r Lear ning Foliojects slip by much too Learning Folio (OLF), the in any homeschooling also provides a Summaryrapidly and before a par- team had developed two philosophy or practice, Report and the regularent knows it – it is time other software programs, whether Charlotte Mason act of tracking helps tofor high school or college Project Foundry and Se- or unschoolers. complete the Repor t.admissions and time to nior Project Tracker. But With O u r Lea r n i ng Therefore, five years increate the often-dreaded homeschooling friends Folio, the family can the future, the student create a showcase port- can assemble a grand folio, weaving the child’s summary of his/her ex- interests and accomplish- periences. The creators ments into an overview state that a parent doesn’t for admissions people to have to use the tool every examine. This provides day, but as people use it a clea r a nd complete and have children in the view of the prospective upper grades, the chil- student as a person as dren will get involved in well as a scholar. Most their own tracking and colleges and universities planning. The designers seek students who have of OLF feel that educa- depth of personality and tion is preparing people life experience, as well to be self-directed, in- as academ ic prowess dependent citizens and and OLF allows parents this hands-on application to show their child in provides such indepen- his/her best light. This dence. OLF is also very makes OLF’s portfolio affordable and payments deeper than a mere tran- are flexible. Please visit script template. the website, www.our- OLF also offers parents lear for a useful planning tool for complete information. field trips, activities, sup- MjLPage 70 • (805) 499-3306
  • 69. How Much History Do Kids Need? understand its relevance – which only comes fromcontinued from page 73 kind. Having acquired the grasping the “big picture”ability shattered the bal- “history habit” at a young first.ance of power in the entire age, gained a strong base of With ten to twelve yearsAncient world. knowledge through “upper of proper history instruc- Junior high students elementary” history, then tion under their belts, stu-who are taught this same intensified and integrated dents can emerge with amaterial a third time can that knowledge through wide base of knowledgetake the sequence and junior high, she is ready for of the past, and an under-see how it translates into strive for the deeper insight standing of how its lessonsvarious phases of develop- into history that comes and causal progressions arement, such as the “Theban from studying the thoughts embedded in every aspectSupremacy,” the “Rise of and actions of its pivotal of life around us. TheyMacedonia,” and “The characters. know history. They knowAlexandrian Period,” and It is at the high school what drives it. They knowhow these are periods that level that the student is how to use that knowledge.can be subsumed under ready to start reading the And they are ready toa more abstract heading, Inquiries of Herodotus to explore the vast treasure-i.e. the decline of Greece see why Greco-Persian trove of humanity’s experi-towards the Hellenistic Wars occurred, Pericles’ ences independently. TheyPeriod, and ultimately how funeral oration to see what emerge as adults guided bythey all connect to the fall drove the Athenians to a keenly developed sense ofof Greece by later Roman empire, Plato’s Crito and historical-mindedness. S.P.conquest. Phaedo, to see what mo- Students at this level who tivated Socrates to accepthave done the prerequisite the injustices of unlimited pineapplework have had repeated democracy, and Demos-exposure to the necessary thenes’ Philippics, to un-facts and the instruction toorder and make sense of derstand more precisely how the Greeks responded la piñathose facts so that they can to the growing threat ofindependently describe the Macedonian power, etc.general flow of history. But this type of work Learn Spanish Imagine a st udent can only be done with theequipped with this level of necessary prerequisites inknowledge entering into place. Reading Herodotushigh school. Given cur- or Demosthenes without with ourrent educational standard, knowing Greek history audio-visual &this is precisely what we may yield literary enjoy- interactive resourcesmust do–imagine–because ment, but their writing is used by hundredsstudents rarely know this focused on episodes far too of schools,much when graduating remote from the present homeschoolersfrom college! But a student language academies, to motivate students who university programs such as • Texts • Audio CDsso-equipped is ready to don’t understand why they the Johns Hopkins University • Activity Booksunderstand what moves matter. For such reading Center for Talented Youth • First Poems in Spanishhistory. She is ready to to provide real, lasting • Parent-Teacher Guides Agesgrasp the intellectual roots knowledge to a young stu- 4 andof the progress of human- dent, that student must first above (855) 499-3306 • Page 71
  • 70. How Much History Do Kids Need? Need Tutoring? continued from page 16 about events that occurred ing the material previously learned to help the students We Come 2500 years ago!) Emotional moments create a basic framework of To You! such as these demonstrate knowledge. When students repeat the same material just how relevant history they once studied just three In-Home and can be to a young audience. years earlier, they get to Indeed, such moments are Online Tutoring what history at the lower el- have their first experience of being historically-mind- • All Subjects - All Ages ementary level is all about. ed, i.e. of applying histori- I made sure to commiser- cal knowledge. They hear • Portfolio Services ate. (Whenever I return a story, which they learned • HQT Grading to study Ancient history, not long before, and they In-Home Services I always find myself sad- are able to recall parts of it. in These Counties: dened that Athens was not In addition, they can antici- able overcome the limita- pate what is coming. • Alameda • Contra Costa • El Dorado • Nevada • Placer tm tions of its historical setting This is like watching a • Sacramento • San Joaquin and achieve an even deeper favorite movie again. The 530-878-1014 imprint on Western civi- • Santa Clara • Stanislaus first time around, you get to • Yolo • Yuba and more 888-368-8867 Toll-Free lization.) I explained that experience the story as new there’s nothing wrong with and intriguing. The next having favorites in history, Serving homeschoolers since 1997 time, you get to recall and and admiring certain in- predict those enjoyable as- dividuals and cultures, but pects of it, but you also find that history is about what yourself seeing things you actually happened, and we hadn’t seen before, and rev- have to stick to the truth. eling in a heightened appre- When children experi- ciation of the whole. To use ence these moments of an example from Ancient great value-significance as history: The student hears they learn about the past, the name “Epaminondas” they are on their way to be- and vaguely remembers coming successful students it. She is reminded (by of history. They are fueled me) that Epaminondas de- by lasting impressions and feated the Spartans–whom even armed with some spe- she remembers in greater cific knowledge, but most detail, because they were importantly they have a so important to the story desire to learn more. They of Greece. She is also re- have the “history habit.” minded that the infighting Once children have a taste between the Greeks led for history, it’s important to to their takeover by Alex- continue providing for their ander the Great (who was intellectual growth. The Macedonian, not Greek) second stage of a proper but her recollection is im- history program, which I perfect. Then she is further call the “upper elementary” reminded that Philip of level, focuses on reinforc-Page 72 • (805) 499-3306
  • 71. Macedon was taken as a was that they had beenhostage by Epaminondas properly guided since theyas a youth and learned the were elementary-grade stu-art of war from the great dents. (Conversely, I mustgeneral. Then it clicks. The say, such mastery is neverstudent recalls that Philip achieved without that priorwas Alexander’s father. instruction.)She sees the connection. Let us look more closelyShe grasps a causal chain at some of the elements ofof events that unites all the Greek history discusseddifferent pieces of the story. above to elaborate on this(It’s not uncommon in my later stage. Lower elemen-experience to have kids’ tary instruction yields anhands shoot up in class, or awareness of certain unitfor them to interject and facts such as that there wasinterrupt the lesson when a man named Epaminon-these identifications strike das, and that there was anthem. It’s exciting to real- event called the Pelopon-ize that you are beginning nesian War. It also famil-to understand how history iarizes the student with theunfolds!) names of places such as This is the beginning Sparta, Thebes, and Mace-of an integrated aware- donia. At the upper el-ness of the past. Content ementary level, this knowl-previously understood edge is reinforced and moreis revisited and tied to carefully ordered. Thenew identifications. The sequence of developmentsold knowledge and new from the Peloponnesianawareness complement and War (between Athens andreinforce each other. When Sparta)–to the Battle ofthis occurs, students expe- Leuctra (371 BC), in whichrience a sense of efficacy, Thebes defeated Sparta byof wielding knowledge as the innovative use of thea tool, and–once again–a phalanx by Epaminondasdesire to learn more. This – to the hostage-takings byis the second stage in the Thebes in Macedonia dur-development of historical- ing their period of ascen-mindedness. dancy – to the instruction Armed with this level of of Philip during his youthawareness, a student who as a hostage by Epaminon-enters the junior high his- das – to the Battle of Hera-tory program is ready to clea of 338 BC (when Philipachieve mastery over histo- applied his knowledge tory’s essential content. This defeat the Greeks)–andmay seem like a bold claim, finally, after the assassina-but it is possible, and I have tion of Philip, to the ascen-seen it. I have seen students dancy of his son Alexander,achieve this mastery, and whose prodigal militarythe reason they did so continued on page 71 (855) 499-3306 • Page 73
  • 72. When All Else Fails, Play a Game! TEACHERS! continued from page 20 partly because the game ing it. There are numerous TEACHERS! commercial variations on TEACHERS! HOMESCHOOLERS! is fun and the child has no trouble paying atten- this game, from Chips, a little $6.00 game, using HOMESCHOOLERS! tion, and partly because HOMESCHOOLERS! poker style chips in place the game usually allows a of the levers in the box, Volume II: The Next 100 Root Words learning curve while the TEACHERS! double-sided wooden ver- flash cards demand that heVolume II:II: TheNext + $5Root Words Volume The Next 100 Root Words sions ($26.95) so two can 100 S&H already knows the material. play at once, to Double HOMESCHOOLERS! Volume II $29.95 All you accomplish with Shutter ($19.95) which has Volume II $29.95 + $5 S&H most flash card activity Volume II 29.95 + 5 S&H $ “English from the Roots “English from the Roots $ is speed. The most useful a double row of levers for higher numbers and more “English fromII isRoots Up” Volume the now Up” Volume II is now available! II: The Next 100 Root Words Volume Homenow games allow a child to interesting play. You can available! Home schoolers Up”have eagerly is school- Volume II awaited this learn while playing. Speed devise your own home available!eagerlyschoolers + $5 S&H ers have advancement from logical Home awaited Volume II $29.95 comes naturally – in time. version with a pair of dice havelogical100 root words thisthe basic advancement eagerly awaited this Math and some playing cards (in “English from the Roots logical advancement root from Volume Volume I from Up” the basicis now that made II 100 a best- There is an ancient game place of the box and levers) the basic across the country. seller 100 root words words thatHome schoolers available! made Volume called Shut the Box which or you can purchase the thatbestsellerawaitedathis I a made Volume I the have eagerly across best- is played with two dice and commercial version of your seller across the country. logical advancement from country. a box containing levers choice. “Roots” teaches the the basic 100 root words “Roots” teaches the labeled 1 through 10. The Shut the Box can be that made Volume I a best- valueof understanding value of understand- player rolls the dice and addicting. If you don’t seller across the country. the origin and defini- flips down levers to equal ing the origin and “Roots” teaches the tion of words. Kids tell your children that it defi cannot pronounce, who nition of words. the amount shown on the is educational, they will value of understanding Kids who and defini- dice. He continues rolling almost certainly love it. thealone usecannot pro- let origin big words “Roots” teaches thelearn- get excited about the dice and flipping down You may even be able to SPECIAL value words let alone use nounce, tionof understanding ing of words. Kids and their numbers until he can’t con- talk your teen into playing OFFER the origin and get excited big who cannotdefi Using component pronounce, tinue. Whatever is left over with your six-year-old. This tion of words. the empha- let alone Kids about learning words Both Volumes who cannot use big words “Roots” puts is his score. Then another game will take the place of sis theirpronounce, andexcited about learn- component geton comprehension SPECIAL letparts. Using words I & II Direct and logical big their alone use ing words spelling and player takes a turn. At the end of the game, the low- 50 worksheets. If you want OFFERfrom the get excited about learn- your children to learn the SPECIAL Publisher* ing words and parts. em- component their to Using “Roots”web site Visit our puts the est score wins. This game addition facts to 20 instead OFFER Both Volumes Two Volume component puts the empha- “Roots” parts. Using phasis on about “Eng- learn more comprehen- forces children to practice of to 12, simply purchase a sis on comprehension sionfrom the Roots Up,” lish and the I Both Volumes sisdownload pagesempha- & II$49.90 Set Direct “Roots” putslogical spell- and comprehensionfrom on logical spelling their number facts to sums pair of 10-sided dice to use, I & II Direct ing Visit our web site of 12 without even realiz- instead of the normal dice. from the plus $7.50 and logicaland learn how the book spelling tocan help your children from the it learn more about For practice with subtrac- S&H Publisher* Visit our web site to Publisher* “English from the Visit our literacy. to master web site learn more about “Eng- A Toy Garden tion, allow your players Two Volume Two Volume learn more about “Eng- Roots Up,” download the option of using addi- LITERACY UNLIMITEDlish from thethe Roots Up,” lish from Roots pages from the Up,” tion or subtraction when Unique selection of Wooden Set $49.90 Set $49.90 download pages book from download pages from Toys, Puzzles, Books & Music, flipping the levers. If you andWA and how how how plus $7.50 278, Medina, 98039-0278 learn learn it can the book and learn natural fiber Dolls, Woolens, plus $7.50 P.O. Box the book Play Silks, Dress-Ups, DIY use Double Shutter with 425-454-5830 it help your children Faxcan help your children it 425-450-0141 can help your children S&H S&H Craft and Activity Kits, Art Supplies, Baskets, and More. its double row of levers, it master literacy. master literacy. master literacy. is even possible to practice $5 off with code Homeschoollink509 multiplication by having LITERACYUNLIMITED LITERACY UNLIMITED Order online or call Sonya 916-390-5320 players multiply the num- P.O. Box 278, Medina, WA 98039-0278 bers on the dice roll. Again, P.O.425-454-5830 Fax 425-450-0141 Box 278, Medina, WA 98039-0278 if you substitute 10-sided 425-454-5830 Fax 425-450-0141Page 74 • (805) 499-3306
  • 73. dice, you can practice all 10 thusiastic children. Create-times tables automatically, a-Story ($44.95) is an easyjust by playing a game. solution to this common Actually, any game that problem. This engaging,uses a pair of number dice easy-to-play game, teaches(with dots or numbers that the players all the essentialyou add to see how far you components of creativeget to move) will teach your story writing. By providingchildren addition facts. intriguing prompts, includ- Learning To ReadYou can play Parchisi or ing the always-painfulMonopoly or any board opening sentence, andgame with a path to follow encouraging cooperative Improve reading skillson a dice roll and it will interaction among the play-help your children learn ers, Create-a-Story pulls with mulitsensory(memorize) the math facts. interesting original stories teaching methods.I’m sure many of you are from children of all ages.thinking right now that But don’t spoil the fun Use the same program that 25,000this method is too slow. If by making your children educators are using to improve reading for their are a paperwork-loving write the story out eachparent/teacher, playing a time you play. Most of the The author - Arlene Sonday has workedboard game like Parchisi components of creative with struggling readers for 35 years. Shedoesn’t sound educational. writing will be learned is one of the nation’s leading experts inThe whole idea of discard- simply by playing the game multisensory teaching a day’s worth of math and telling the stories atworksheets in favor of the end. Once the children Settings:playing a game sounds irre- feel comfortable creatingsponsible. Here’s a thought a story, they can start to • Begining Reading + ELLfor you: Which is more practice filling out the out- • Intervention for Struggling Studentseducational as defined by line that is provided. Oncelearning and remembering the outline is filled in, withthe subject matter, a trip to the help of cards from theYellowstone National Park game, writing the finished All lessons are ready to use.during which your child story is a snap.acts as the family naviga- Have patience and let the 5 minutes of prep time.tor, reading the road maps learning happen naturally.and telling you where to Shakespeare’s genius didn’t All materials are provided.turn, or a few days reading happen all at once. Haveabout the geography of the fun with the game; let thesame region and filling in story elements gradually Learn more atworksheets? become imbedded in your Personal, practical expe- children’s brains. If you 800. 321. 7585rience will almost always try to force it and hurrybe a more effective learn- the process by asking foring experience than text- too much at once, you willbooks and worksheets. Creative Writing spoil both the fun and the learning. Winsor ,INC. Creative writing is anoth- Remember that creativeer area which often elicits writing is nothing morecries of protests from unen- continued on page 76 (855) 499-3306 • Page 75
  • 74. When All Else Fails, Play a Game! continued from page 75 with placemats or even wall than story telling. Most maps. Twenty Questions is children will regale their always fun. It teaches chil- parents with endless tales dren the logic of deduction of their activities, dreams while encouraging map and ideas. But, put a piece study. Have one player pick of blank paper in front of a location on your map. the same children and they The others can begin with freeze up. Story games are questions to narrow down a way to take the anxiety the choices: Is it North of out of creative writing. the Equator? Is it East of With a game, you can the Prime Meridian? Is it gently introduce all the im- a landform? Is it a body of portant elements of a story. water? . . . and so on. This way, learning is a joy Always play with a map instead of a chore. within sight until your Geography children have a pretty good Geography can seem map of the world in their pretty dry if all it involves is heads. copying maps and memo- A really fun beginner rizing capital cities. For game for U.S. geography most children, geography is Scrambled States. There is very abstract and, there- is a card, which contains fore, difficult to grasp. a stylized map for each of Make geography fun and the states. The states have memorable with games and silly faces which are a part activities. If your children of the game. Four United are young, a good starter States maps are provided game is Explore! Photo for reference. Another card Safari. The game board is deck is used to give direc- a colorful physical map of tions for each round. Play- the world with several doz- ers each have state cards in en animals pictured on the their hands. When a leader appropriate continents. As turns over and reads a di- a leader reads clues, players rection card (Example: “A compete to find the animals state that begins and ends described. Gradually, chil- with a vowel” or “A state dren learn the continents with 4 or more syllables”) and many of the animals the players race to slap which inhabit them. down a card that fits the de- It is important to have a scription. Scrambled States map to look at when learn- is a big hit with children: It ing geography, so games combines a little bit of skill which include a map as part with just enough silliness of the play are very effec- and surprise to make it tive. You can devise your very fun. There are a wide own map games to play variety of directions, manyPage 76 • (805) 499-3306
  • 75. of which require children to and an effective learningrefer to the map (Example: tool. As a regular part of“A state that is east of Kan- your homeschool routine,sas”). Although this is an games will lighten youreasy game for beginners, day, bring your familyit is fun enough for teens closer and yield educationaland adults to play, too, fruit. Now, go play a game!which makes it a great fam- C.F.ily game. It teaches states,capitals, locations in the Carolyn and husband,U.S. and state nicknames. Martin, homeschooled If you want a game with their now-grown daughterschallenging strategy (for and also own and operateage 10 and up) that will Excellence In Education,teach you world political an Independent Study Pro-geography, try the 10 Days gram and bookstore/learn-In … series. Choose from ing center in Monrovia,Asia, USA, Africa, Europe California, a suburb of Losor The Americas. These Angeles, where Carolyngames require strategy, a developed a game-basedpoker face and nerves of curriculum. Please visit thesteel as you discard a coun- Fortes’ website, www.ex-try you need and hope no cellenceineducation.comone takes it or covers it up for much information.before you can retake it, toplace it where you want it.All the games have similarrules, but they use differentmodes of transportationthat you can use to createa 10-day journey. A two-player game lasts about 20minutes, but you won’t beable to stop at one game.Up to four can play – themore players, the moredifficult the strategy. Thisgame is great for teens andadults. I guarantee thatif you play these gamesoften, you will soon knowpolitical geography verywell. Not only will you andyour kids recognize thenames of most countries inthe world, you will knowwhere they are. Games can be both arefreshing change of pace (855) 499-3306 • Page 77
  • 76. What Do You Mean by “Normalization?” An academic continued from page 53 Going Out: summer camp and more “you” than any other time. When we do The idea of going out is very different than the that works! what we love and love do- ing it because we have the typical field trip that tradi- tional elementary students skill and self-discipline take. Students in a Mon- Change your teen’s to do the activity well, those are the blissful mo- tessori elementary class- room will go out in small life in 10 days ments of being human. In a Montessori school we groups of two to perhaps six students into the com- are trying to help the child munity to gather infor- attain a natural or normal mation or experiences in developmental process, an area of interest. For which is referred to as example, some schools are normalization. able to let students walk Four Planes of Devel- a few blocks to the city opment: library. Other schools al- Dr. Montessor i saw low students to take public Thirty years of Making Great Kids the human being going transportation to go to Greater! From sixth grade through through four planes, or museums or college cam- college, SuperCamp will give your stages, of development puses to visit with experts homeschooled son or daughter an with each plane having in their field of study. Oth- academic and personal edge at unique characteristics and ers have a system of par- our exciting 7-10 day teen summer opportunities for learn- ent volunteers who drive programs. ing. and chaperone students First plane: from birth to going out. A going out Camps are located at prestigious six years program is possible due universities around the country: Second plane: from six to the child’s developing • Stanford to twelve years freedom and responsibil- • UC Berkeley Third plane: from twelve ity over a period of many • Brown to eighteen years, and years. Students must earn • Wake Forest Fourth plane: from eigh- the right to go out. • University of teen to twenty four years Continued in next issue South Florida of HomeschoolMagazine. • San Jose State • UCLA Middle School Science com 1.98 • Loyola Marymount Home $ — Maren Schmidt with • Kent State of the Dana Schmidt, Under- Get more information today by visiting Science standing Montessori: A Guide for Parents© 2009 or calling 800-285-3276 experiment by Maren Stark Schmidt; supercamp® reprinted with permission of the publisher. Please inspiring brilliance www.MiddleSchool see www.montessoriser- for f ur ther information.Page 78 • (805) 499-3306
  • 77. Art Instruction School –Distance Education Since 1914!continued from page 26 “ W hat I le a r ne d islearning programs. that when you call, you In a shor t time, the get real instr uction…g raded assig n ment is not just a quick answer. Invest in the Biblical, classicalreturned to you, typi- It is a valuable asset…I curriculum that instills wisdomcally along with the next would be more advanced and knowledge of God—thetextbook. AIS returns if I had used this featureyour assignment draw- from the start” – John, Principal Approach®ing to you, and if the Buhl, IDinstructor has comments “I am ever so glad toor remarks, s/he makes have enrolled in your Start building your child’sthem on a transparent most excellent course. I mind and heart TODAY!plastic covering, so your have never received so Order now and receivedrawing is never marked fine an art education, to 25% off your entire order.up or altered. You will date, as yours. I know I Use coupon code HSC1receive a letter grade on will carry these lessons terms apply - expires 4/30the plastic covering, too, learned throughout myalong with a personal ent i re a r t ca reer a ndletter from your Art In- life. I recommend yourstructor, discussing your cou rse to ever yone Iwork and progress. know that loves art.” – Once the student com- David, Chicago, ILpletes all the lessonsin the Fundamentals ofArt course, including afinal exam, which is his/ Your Familyher portfolio, AIS will AFFORDABLE, UNIQUE CURRICULAaward the student a Cer-tificate of Completion. A l l of t he I n st r uc -tors at A IS have metthe teaching standards The Best They Can Beestablished by the Min-nesota Office of HigherEducation and are quali- Visit Our Website for: •Natural Speller Sea Mineralsfied to teach at the post- •Comprehensive Composition Nature’s Super Nutrientse cond a r y level. See •Critical Conditioningsome test i mon ials of •Maximum Math Food & Agricultural Grade • Affordable •Science Scope Excellent Nutrition and Resultssatisfied students from •Guides to History Plus •The Maya: Unit Studythe AIS website. •Teaching Tips & Techniques Salt-Reduced Solar “I feel that I learned •Workshop Audio Cassettes Concentrated Sea Watera lot from my lessons… Movies As Literaturethank everyone for the Grade level: 9-12time. I feel like that now Price: $32I’ve taken your course,I will do better.” Larry, 1.800.965.2719 1-877-835-5555Benton, AR (855) 499-3306 • Page 79
  • 78. Genealogy: A New HomeSchooler Opportunity continued from page 59 stories get embellished ing the will left by one of --- and the information is “Probably the most comprehensive your ancestors! Imagine recorded incorrectly. tool for teaching expository writing looking through military There is also proper re- at the lowest price!” - Cathy Duffy documents describing your search methodology. This grandfather! Genealogy could include how to ac- Why Are People research is not just about curately transcribe a docu- dates and locations. It is ment, or how to prepare Making Such a Fuss also important to ‘flesh- an abstract of a document, the-bones’. By searching and citing your sources is About This Book? through a variety of re- so important. And what cords, you will be able to are you going to do with a. It’s a top 100 pick visualize your ancestor, the the mountains of paper you by Cathy Duffy. Supplemental DVD Now Available! type of person he or she will accumulate? How will b. Students are writing was, the type of life they you organize it all? better because of it. led. This is how you will I know, you just want to c. Teachers love the analytical keys. make your ancestors come jump in and start finding d. Ever yone recognizes its practicality. back to life; this is when those ancestors. But you e. All of the above. the rewards of climbing know the value of doing it your family tree will be right the first time around, *Correct Answer: “e. All of the above!” evident. and, therefore, learning Just like with any re- what you need before get- • Paragraphs • Five Paragraph Essays search project, there are • Research Papers • Resumes ting ahead of yourself, is steps and procedures to quite important. • Business Letters • Book Reports follow. Proving your re- So, where do you turn? • Answering Essay Questions search is very important. There are genealogical Certain documents are It’s All Covered more credible than others. societies and public librar- ies that offer seminars, and and put to work in.. For example, a document your local college or com- that was created at the time Jensen’s Format Writing! the event occurred is much munity center may have a class on genealogy. more reliable than one Here’s a solution right created years later about from your own home! that same event. Memories In 1999, The National fade, facts get distorted, Institute for Genealogi- cal Studies offered its Award-Winning first genealogy course Interactive Media online. Today, we offer We also carry other books and writings on: over 175 online courses. *English Fun Stuff *Journey Into Grammer Land But why would you want *Sound Spelling *Writing to Change the World... & More to take an online home study course in genealogy? call: 541-476-3080 Because it’s convenient! or visit our website: Providing a Relevant All courses are delivered Pulse of America’s entirely over the Internet, Schools, Libraries, and Resellers: Past that Engages Today’s kids there is no need to inter- institutional discounts are available! rupt your busy schedule www.FindTheFunProductions.comPage 80 • (805) 499-3306
  • 79. to attend classes. You par- forefathers. You won’t haveticipate on your own time, to wait until you are in theand at your own pace. We classroom for next week’shave successfully mar- lesson to find out why yourried the traditional con- ancestor decided to go outcepts of in-classroom and west - you will know bycorrespondence courses. simply logging on to theYou can sit at your kitchen website and communicat-table in your PJs, have a ing with others who arecoffee, and learn how to taking the genealogy. There are How do I know whichcourses on how to conduct courses to take?research, how to search Maybe this question isfor land records, and what best answered by asking,to look for when trying to “What do you need tofind out who was in the know? What do you wanthousehold in the 1901 cen- to find in your family his-sus, for example. tory? Who do you want to The objective with our find?”.courses is that you learn If you want to knowhow to use the resources when your ancestor camethat are available to you to the US from Canada,- not simply that the re- or why they came to thesources are available. You States, maybe the bestcan find that out on your course to take would beown, but we take you one one on migration. Or may-step closer to your goal be you want to find outof finding your ancestors: where they lived during theThat is, how to search the first years that they were inrecords. the States. If you have an The courses have been idea, but are not quite sure,developed by experts in then a course on census re-their field. You are invited search may be just the oneto go to our website www. for you. Decide what genealogy objectives are,and see how the top ge- look at the topics, then joinnealogists in the United the two together. That’s theStates, Canada and the UK course you need!have designed the courses You are invited to go toyou would be taking. the website and see what You can associate with other people are sayingother genealogists from about the online courses.all over the world. You are You can e-mail the Insti-free to ask questions, and tute for more informationhave a free interchange on the courses which inter-of ideas right in your own est you, or call the office tohome. You will not feel discuss your objectives.alone in your quest for What types of cours-information about your continued on page 82 (855) 499-3306 • Page 81
  • 80. Genealogy: A New HomeSchooler Opportunity Institute’s WebBoard, and shared with the instructor America to Europe and Australia and all over thecontinued from page 81 are also available from the and other students. We en- world. Students enjoy thees and programs does Institute. courage all of our students flexibility of our coursesthe I nst it ut e of fer? Having indivudal cours- to read assignment submis- and are taking advantageIndividuals may sign up to es and certificate programs sions from other students, of this convenient andtake a single course to en- available, offers the flex- as valuable information practical way of masteringhance their knowledge on ibility needed to accom- can be found. the techniques of genea-that topic. You know your modate both the family There are also optional logical research.ancestor was in the mili- historian as well as those interactive online live After all, to do the verytary, taking the military who would like to get their meetings. Both the as- best family history re-record course will help you professional designation. signments and the live search, you have to haveunderstand those records. The certificate courses meetings enable students the best courses on how toFour online ‘Live Meet- may be taken on a stand- to learn not only from the conduct the research avail-ings’ are available when alone basis by those who reading materials, but also able to you.taking the Short Term do not wish to complete the from real-life experiences Complete informationIntensive Courses so that full certificate load. Com- other students and the in- on our courses and ouryou can discuss with your pletion of the assignments structor may have had. programs may be obtainedinstructors your personal and the exam is required We suggest that students by going to the Nationalgenealogy problems. for the Certificate in Ge- allow between five to eight Institute for Genealogical Courses are available for nealogical Studies. This is hours each week to com- Studies website at www.the records of many dif- optional for those register- fortably cover the material countries including ing simply to enhance their and complete the assign- About the Institutethe United States, Canada, knowledge. ments. The National Institute forEngland, Ireland, Scotland, A student registers for a After 10 years of see- Genealogical Studies is aGermany, Poland, Slo- Certificate Program in the ing the program go from Toronto-based internation-vakia, etc. There are also record courses most appro- a fledgling organization al organization mandatedcourses to show you how priate to their research goal offering a few courses to to provide educational op-to get started research- or their personal interests. a full-grown organization portunities for anyone in-ing, how to organize your The Basic Level Certificate now offering over 175 terested in genealogy, fromresearch, how to prove it, Courses are the first stage. courses, I firmly believe family historians to profes-how to read the old hand- Those aspiring to become the National Institute for sional genealogists. www.writing, how to understand professional genealogists, Genealogical Studies has,genealogy and genetics, or those who wish to com- revolutionized the teaching 1-800-580-0165, admin@etc. There are also some plete their family genealo- of one of my favorite hob- that are general in gy as a professional would bies -- family history! Ab out t he Aut hornature, such as Creating a also complete the Interme- It has enabled people Louise St Denis, ManagingFamily Website, or Plan- diate and Advanced Level from remote locations to Director of The Nationalning a Fabulous Family Certificates. participate in genealogy Institute for GenealogicalReunion. Here’s how the courses courses, which are usu- Studies, is an international If you prefer a more work. Each Monday morn- ally only available in larger speaker, the author of sev-formal education program, ing, a new module of in- centers. Ten years after eral books, and publisherprograms leading to a formation is available. Stu- offering its first course, of the Heritage Book Se-Certificate in Genealogical dents work with the lessons mainly as a result of word- ries with over 100 geneal-Studies in affiliation with and the course material. of-mouth testimonials, the ogy titles. Louise can bethe Continuing Education Next is the interactivity be- Institute has students from reached at stdenis@genea-unit of The University of tween classmates and the Texas to the Yukon, from logicalstudies, or toll-freeSt. Michael’s College in instructor. Weekly assign- California to Newfound- at 1-800-580-0165. ♦The University of Toronto ments are submitted to the land, from all over NorthPage 82 • (805) 499-3306
  • 81. Dr. Maria Montessoricontinued from page 54 Dr. Montessori’s theorywould work together and that, given the right envi-also help teach each other. ronment and the freedomOlder children would learn to explore that environ-teaching and nurturing ment, children can learn toskills; younger children read, write and calculatewould see new ways of as easily and naturallylearning and playing. The as they learn to walk andfunction of the teacher is to talk. For those who haveprovide didactic material, made the effort to un-such as counting beads or derstand, her concept ofgeometric puzzles, and act “freedom within limits”as an adviser and guide, re- is as valid today as ever;maining in the background good Montessori environ-as much as possible. ments still offer the child Souns is an evidence based literacy program that builds letter Dr. Montessori believed an experience that builds sound associations without TV, flash cards, or pressure.that a child’s innate pow- competence and confi-er for learning worked dence with unsurpassedwhen the child was turned effectiveness—a timelessloose in a safe, hands-on gift from one of the world’slearning environment. great educators, Dr. MariaMontessori found that Montessori. L.F.given small, child-sizedf ur nit ure, equipment,and supplies, children arenaturally self-motivated to H av in g t r o u b leexplore, experiment, andunderstand their environ- sment. Young children fin di ng re so ur ceare very hand-minded fo r yo ur au di to ryand materials should be le ar ne rs ?geared accordingly. Dr.Montessori stressed the Sing ‘n Learnimportance of beauty inthe classroom and stressed has the answer!the importance of well- www.SingNLear n.commade and well-maintained 1.800.460.1973materials. She believed Learn throughthat everything in the Music: Geographyclassroom had a specific Historyuse and there should not be Mathanything in the classroom & more!that the child could not seeand touch. Over sixty years of ex-perience with childrenaround the world proved (855) 499-3306 • Page 83
  • 82. Michigan Technological University Pre-College Outreach continued from page 41 gan Tech’s scholarship metallurgy by taking part programs, the summer in a hands-on demonstra- camps and explorations are tion of molten metal cast- set up for plenty of hands- ing. “I look at some of the on, innovative activities, Over 4,000 stuff we’re doing and it’s group projects, and field like, I can’t believe they’re trips. Students don’t just Online Learning letting us work on things learn about the subjects— like this!” they program computers, Activites... Summer Camps and solve mock crime scenes, And You Can Career and Adventure Ex- backpack through a scenic plorations wilderness area, cast mol- Make Your Michigan Tech’s WIE, ten metal, and more. ESP, NSTI, and other It may sound like seri- Own Games! The scholarship programs are ous business for a summer Place to just one way for students vacation, but the students • Instructional Games to get active and involved will be the first to tell you • Fun Tutorials Play, during the summer. In ad- that when learning is this • Interactive E-Books Make, & dition, the Center’s Youth much fun, it hardly feels Learn! Programs division offers like work at all. • Electronic Worksheets more than 50 weeklong “Coming to this program summer camps (for stu- at Michigan Tech was one Easy to Use, dents in grades 6-8) and of the best experiences I’ve For You career and adventure ex- ever had,” says 17-year-old And Your plorations (for students in Angelo, of Atlanta, Ga. “I Children grades 9-11). met so many great people Programs are offered in a and made new friends. The wide variety of concentra- program not only equipped tions, including engineer- me with some great tools, Enhance ing, digital photography, but it tipped my decision to mobile robotics, aquatic attend college.” Learning in K-5: ecology, forensic science To learn more about • Reading • Math and CSI, blacksmithing, Michigan Tech’s Center and more. And like Michi- for Pre-College Outreach, • Phonics • Writing including the Mind Trek- • Spelling • Science kers road show; Women in Engineering, Engineering • Social Studies Scholars, and National Summer Transportation Think Flink, Try Flink for Institute scholarship pro- Think Fun! Free! grams; and summer camps and career and adventure explorations, visit www. u. edu or contact the Center 30-day money back guarantee at 906-487-2219 or yp@ 84 • (805) 499-3306
  • 83. Primary Sources and a Virtual Congress Hold a– New Resources from the Center on Congress ipper FunnelGr ce ®continued from page 11 Congress on their main rienrooms, a Member’s office website at and Expe on... ripin DC and back home in These a Firm G ip! ansh Good Penmtheir district, the House resources include interac-floor, and the Senate floor. tive learning modules,Students’ experiences in videos, lesson plans, ar-the Virtual Congress can ticles, and professionalrange from a one-class- development opportunitiesperiod tour of the various for educators. The Centerlocations to a multi-session was founded over a decadeunit involving committee ago by former representa- Quality Sewing Kitshearings and debate on tive Lee Hamilton as a / Helps improve handwriting * Easy-to-follow instructionsthe House or Senate floor. legibility and control * All supplies included non-partisan source of in- * Developed especially forYou can watch a short / Provides better gripping educators formation about Congress,video overview of the support as it trains the finger * Reinforce learning by representative democracy, muscles to stay in position stimulating your child’s imaginationVirtual Congress at www. and citizen participation. / Aids children or adults The Center on Congress special fine motor difficultiesvirtual_congress.php. TPS project is provided Many colors to choose from! Whether you are looking free of charge through order online at:for some new online inter- funding from the Library www.deewalden.comactives to teach about the of Congress. Nationally, For large/wholesale orders, callhistory of our government TPS is managed and imple- (813) 988-5872or to help students under- mented by an educationalstand the role of critical consortium comprised of Quality Products for Science Teaching, Learning & Morethinking and compromise universities, libraries, andin the legislative process – K-12 school districts. Theor you would like to delve Center on Congress hasinto a virtual experience been a member of this con-of Congress – the Center sortium since 2004. non Congress Teaching withPrimary Sources website To get more information about these resources, in- D ig it a l D is e c t iogives you options that can cluding upcoming informa-meet your needs. tional webinars, contact the Teaching with Primary Center on Congress at 812-Sources is part of the larger 856-4706, or congress@collection of resources, or visit www.provided by the Center on Online!Hemisphere Educational Travel –Offering Custom Educational Tourscontinued from page 56 and FUN!!is a member of SYTA and call 800-323-6439 for freeNTA, and among the top CLEANER!! quote and consider a tour as w w w. S c i e n c e C l a s s . c o meducational touring com- an important educational w w w. S c i e n c e C l a s s . c o m NEATER!!panies in the U.S. Please w w w. S c i e n c e C l a s s . c o m supplement for your sup-visit their website, www. port group. MjL w w w. S c i e n c e C l a s s . c o m (855) 499-3306 • Page 85
  • 84. Do Smart People Play Chess or Does Playing Chess Make People Smart continued from page 21 an inexpensive bag for creasing because of the In- pieces to be carried in. ternet and computers. Play- “Wholesale Chess has a ers are able to play a game very basic chess curricu- at any time online and can lum that we recommend to use computers to help them work with beginners,” she train and learn. There are said. The suggested cur- huge numbers of software riculum is as follows. Only programs, some that even move to the next step when pit a player against famous you know your child has a grandmaster games. There real understanding of what are also many hand-held you have already taught. computer games for chess that give those die-hard 1. How the pieces move electronic users a chance to and how to setup the board have chess on–the-go with- 2. How to capture out the need of a partner. pieces (its ok to capture If you see the benefits the King before you learn of chess and want to teach checkmate!) them to a child you don’t 3. Check and check- have to be afraid of not mate knowing what to do or how 4. More advanced rules to play, Graham said. There of castling, en passant, and are plenty of resources to pawn promotion help you. 5. The values of the “Remember that you are pieces and making good passing on a wonderful captures and trades gift to them,” Mrs. Gra- 6. Developing your ham said. “Learn or renew pieces and controlling the your skills right along with center them. Make sure you use 7. Using multiple pieces care, patience and respect to attack and defend while teaching. Also, try to 8. Basic tactics – forks be interesting! Use humor, and pins funny voices, cartwheels 9. Basic strategies – — whatever it takes to controlling squares, diago- Eliminate the mystery behind fractions make your chess students nals, and files pay attention and have a 10. Basic opening prin- • What Is - Invert and multiply • Hands On good time.” ciples – control key squares, • What Is - A Common Denominator • Engaging Mrs. Graham suggests activate your pieces, get • What Is - An Abstract Algorithm • Fun each child have their own your king to safety • Why - Doctor Loyd’s? chess set. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. To be a good chess par- Fax orders to: 314-275-7657 Most students use a roll-up ent or teacher you must Mail orders to: Dr Loyd c/o Pegasus Publications Ltd vinyl board, plastic pieces, be sure to get plenty of PO Box 410193 St. Louis MO 63141-0193 either weighted or not, and feedback from the student,Page 86 • (805) 499-3306
  • 85. Mrs. Graham said. “Make “A nother impor t antsure you know how your thing, perhaps the most im-children feel about chess. If portant, is to always makethey are feeling burned out, sure that your child knowsthen pressuring them mayjust turn them off more. If how much you love them regardless of whether they Youth Programsthey are hungry for chess are winning or losing theirand you are not feeding chess games,” she added. • Summer camps and career andthat, they may become “Never show disappoint- adventure explorations forfrustrated. ment at their performance “If you have a child who — they are most likely students in grades 6–11enjoys learning and play- frustrated enough on theiring chess, you should en- own!” • More than fifty hands-on programscourage that as much as is “Chess will certainlyhealthy,” she said. “Chess grow in the future,” she in exciting areas like engineering,has great social and intel- said. “Players will have to outdoor adventure, creative arts,lectual benefits that can be more accurate in play, asaffect other aspects of life, computer training becomes technology, and businessbut remember that chess more available. But mostis a part of life, not the of us hope that the essencepurpose of life. I suggest and fun of the game doesn’tchess parents watch or read change at all!” Please visitSearching for Bobby Fis- Wholesale Chess’ website,cher with their child. It is a www.wholesalechess.comgreat story. We also recom- Copyright, 2009 by Themend the book, Survival Link Homeschool Publica-Guide for Chess Parents. tions. All rights reserved.Flink Learning -the place to play, make, learn and share for Free!continued from page 42 ers have little time tochild can go to view the teach, so one parent canphonics activity. create a math project and Parents who subscribe his community can cre-to Flink Learning have ate 4 or 5 other projects3 sources for material – and they can share all of4,000 professionally cre- them. Or, they can use theated activities by Flink already-existing projects.Learning; their own ac- This is perfect for the al-tivities and what other ready-existing atmosphere Start planning yoursubscribers have written. of homeschooling and,Children don’t have access summer adventure now at since subscribing is free,to the 2nd and 3rd options, what more could one ask?only parents have access Please visit www.f lin-and can police the content and seethemselves. for yourself the potential it • 1-888-773-2655 • 906-487-2219 Sharing activities can holds for increasing your Michigan Technological University • Houghton, MIbe very important because homeschooling! E.S. Michigan Technological University is an equal opportunity educational institution/equal opportunity employer.sometimes homeschool- (855) 499-3306 • Page 87
  • 86. Now Homeschool Students Can Earn UndergraduateCredit for Subjects They Already Know.The UExcel credit-by-examination program gives your homeschool student the chanceto turn academic knowledge into real college credit on transcripts, saving thousands ofdollars in college tuition. Save money – Just $85 per exam, a fraction of the cost of a university course. Save time – Test out of college classes while in high school. Seven subjects – Calculus, College Writing, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Statistics and Spanish Language—earn three to six credits each. Prove you are prepared – UExcel helps homeschool students demonstrate their ability to master college-level coursework. Convenient – Exams can be scheduled at thousands of Pearson VUE test centers with immediate test results after completing an exam. Earn undergraduate credit – Exam results are reported on an official transcript from Excelsior College, an accredited American institution of higher learning. Help your homeschool student earn the undergraduate credit they deserve. Learn more at