Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner Review


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Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner Review

  1. 1. Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner Review Our Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner review is intended to give you all the facts you need to decide whether the Mint floor cleaner is the product for you. Since first being introduced at CES 2010 the Mint automatic floor cleaner has gained a lot of interest and praise within the popular robotics market. Produced by Evolution Robotics the Mint cleaner at aimed at the hard surface flooring niche of the cleaning market. This includes laminate, concrete, vinyl, hardwood, terrazzo and tile floors to name a few.
  2. 2. OverviewBecause the Mint automatic floor cleaner isnot a vacuum cleaner it certainly isntintended for anyone with carpets. But whenit comes to hard floors it is ideal for day-to-day cleaning to keep your floors dust anddirt free.Of course there will always be times whenyoull need to make a more thorough cleanbut these times can be reduced to weeklyrather than daily with the Mint cleaner.
  3. 3. Operation If you have pets then youll know how much hair they can leave around the house. Its a constant struggle to keep up with the mess that they leave but the disposable swiffer® pads used by the Mint robotic floor cleaner are perfect for picking up the majority of the hair. When its finished you just need to pull off the old cleaning cloth and throw it in the bin. Youre done in seconds, no messy chemicals or solutions.Evolution Robotics advancedNorthstar® Navigation system acts likean internal GPS unit, guiding the Mint 4200silently around your room.The separate beacon unit shines two infra-red beams onto the ceiling of the room. Acamera on the top of the main unit seesthese beams and use them to provide anadvanced navigation system whencombined with it various onboard sensors.
  4. 4. Mint 4200 Cleaning Cloths There are no dust bags or separate chemical containers on the Mint cleaner. The cleaner uses readily available cleaning cloths from Swiffer® or Pledge®. The magnetic base plate can be removed in seconds and a new cleaning cloth added.If you dont want to use the regularcleaning cloths then you are free to usethe machine washable cloths that shipwith the unit.There are both wet mopping cloths anddry sweeping cloths included with theunit.Both types of cloth can be can bewashed and reused hundreds of time.
  5. 5. Wet & Dry Cleaning ModesThe Mint automatic floor cleaner canoperate in one of two cleaning modes.In DRY Sweeping mode the 4200 will runup and down the floor quickly passing overeach area once in the most efficient patternto clean the floor as quickly as possible.Smart sensors help Mint slow downbefore bumping into walls and furniture andin detecting areas that are too low for theMint Automatic Floor Cleaner to enter,including avoiding rugs and falling downstairs.In WET mopping mode the main unitperforms a back-and-forth motion acrossthe floor so as to scrub more stubbornstains from the surface.
  6. 6. Benefits of the Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner No more Backache from bending down to clean under furniture Whisper quiet operation Cleans up to 3 hours on a single charge Compact size gets under furniture and other hard to reach places. Special mopping motion gets deeper dirt and grime off your floor PerfectEdge™ technology cleans along edges and walls. Square shape reaches all the way into corners Smart sensors avoid stairs and area rugs Cleaning pads can be changed in seconds. Compatible with most brands of dry and pre-moistened wet cleaning cloths including Swiffer® brand More Free time. More time to enjoy yourself
  7. 7. Weaknesses of the Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner The sensors on the Mint floor cleaner are not perfect. It can still get confused around low lying areas of carpet and end up getting stuck, so it is better to roll back any rugs before starting to clean. You will have to plug it in to charge it up yourself as there is no automatic recharging station The Wet Mopping Mode is not as effective at scrubbing the floor as a human as it lacks the weight to push down very hard. Leaving inquisitive pets in the same room as the Mint 4200 can lead to increased cleaning times as it tries to maneuver around them, but this can be said of most cleaning robots today. You need to move the Navigation unit between rooms so that the Mint 4200 track correctly.
  8. 8. Overview of the Mint Automatic Floor CleanerThe Mint automatic floor cleaner (Model 4200) is one of the most advancedfloor cleaners on the market today, but it is not for everyone.It has been designed exclusively for households that have mostly hard surfaceflooring such as laminate or hardwood floors.Its advanced Northstar navigation system is fast and adaptable, maneuvering therobot quickly around rooms. When cleaning multiple rooms it is necessary toreposition the tracking beacon so that the infra-red beam remains visible to therobot.The Mint 4200s diminutive size enables it to clean under low lying furniture suchas sofas and beds. Whilst the high capacity battery allows the robot to run for 3hours between charges. There is no automatic recharging function, the main unitneeds to be plugged into the power supply manually. This is also a design featureas the unit was never intended to be left lying around the room after use.
  9. 9. Overview of the Mint Automatic Floor CleanerThe 4200 is extremely quiet in operation so it is possible to set it running whilstyou are sleeping at night. This cannot be said for robotic vacuum cleaners. Thelack of the vacuum system also makes the unit more reliable.The wet mopping mode is quite effective but it will never be a full replacement fora human operator. The Mint floor cleaner is good at removing dust, dirt and pethair but there will always be a need to have a good clean yourself from time totime.So if you are looking to save some time and backache cleaning your house thenthe Mint automatic floor cleaner may just be the latest addition to your cleaningarsenal.The Mint automatic floor cleaner is competitively priced when compared toother robotic floor cleaners and the cleaning cloths can be purchased easily frommost retail stores.
  10. 10. Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner Coupon Codes For a more in-depth review and the latest coupon codes and promotional offers visit: