How to Start a Blog from Scratch


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How to Start a Blog from Scratch

  1. 1. Start a Blog from Scratch: How I Built My Blog in 26 DaysDo you like writing? I do! Ive always had a thing for writing. I know I amnot the best writer in the world but it is something that I truly enjoy (which Ithink is the most important thing). After all, it is always good to dosomething you enjoy otherwise youre in for some rough mornings. Youdont want to wake up every morning thinking, "Man, I have to write againtoday!?", do you?I started this blog because I enjoy writing. I was a member of eHow untilDemand Studios bought them. I really loved writing eHows but I justcouldnt get into Demand Studios platform. When I did decide to give it ashot there were never any article titles available and so I decided to start ablog instead. I figured by having my own blog I could write about whateverI wanted and not be stuck into certain topics or layouts. I can be my ownboss in a sense.You may be wondering what steps are needed to start a blog. Everyonestarts their own blog in basically the same way. I am not sure how everyoneelse did it but I can tell you the steps I took to start this blog. Blog TopicOne of the first things I had to do was decide what I was going to writeabout. You can not start a blog without knowing what you are going to writeabout. I choose to write about the many jobs of a mom because thats all Ireally know. I am a mom. Thats my life and I wouldnt have it any otherway. Check out: How to Choose What to Blog About Domain NameOnce I thought of a topic for my blog I had to buy a domain. A domain isyour websites address. For example, my domain I chose to buy my domain through Go Daddybecause they are the most well known domain registrar (and they werehaving a sell at the time!). It costs me less than $10 per year and I dont haveto worry about my content being deleted because I dont own the site. Checkout: 12 Rules for Choosing the Right Domain Name
  2. 2. Website HostingThe next thing I had to do was find a host for my domain. Let me be honest.I really had no idea what website hosting company I should choose since Ihad never created a website before. I decided to go with HostGator becausemost of my fellow moms on my Work Place Like Home forums had theconsensus that HostGator was the best company to go with. None of themseemed to like Go Daddys hosting services so I just went with the popularvote. The plan I chose costs me about $10 per month. Check out: Top 10Web Hosting-Best Website Hosts 2012 Blogging PlatformThen I had to choose a content management system for my website. Ablogging platform is used to create and maintain your blog. The two maincompanies I had heard of before I started blogging were Wordpress andBlogger. Everyone that I talked to seemed to think that going with the paidversion of Wordpress was the best choice so thats what I did. Check out:What Blog Platform Should You Use? AppearanceThemes. Now that I had my blog site up and running I needed to make it"perty". Right now, its not how I would completely like it to look but it willserve its purpose for now. Maybe after I have been blogging a while I willinvest in a paid premium theme that I really like.I spent quite a few hours just switching themes in and out just to see howthey worked. I decided I wanted a theme that I could add a header or logo to,had a slideshow, that I could change the color of, had tabs that could havemultiple subtitles, and a layout that allowed sidebar and footer widgets.Getting your site to look the way you want can take quite a bit of time. Justplay around with it and you will find something that fits you. Check out:Free Themes DirectoryPlugins. Next, I played around with some plugins. Plugins allow yourwebsite to perform various tasks. The plugins I am enjoying so far are:  Akismet- It protects your site from spam. It has already caught 12 or so comment spam on my blog
  3. 3.  Broken Link Checker- It has helped me find two broken links right so far  CommentLuv- Seems like a great idea! When people comment on your blog it puts a link to their recent blog post in the comment they posted. Sharing the love is great!  Display Widgets- Lets you choose if you want a certain widget to be displayed or not.  Page Links to- Great for connecting blog posts to tab catagoriesCheck out: 20 Best Wordpress Plugins MonetizeAnother thing you have to decide when you start a blog is whether or notyou want to make money on it. Are you just writing for fun? Are writing tomake money? Or maybe both? Ive made about 37 cents so far but my blogis new and it takes time to build a readership. Blogging is not a get richscheme. I would suggest that you actually like writing if you are going tostart a blog because it can take quite some time to make money fromblogging if that is your goal. I have heard you can make money from a blogin several ways. Ads Affiliate Marketing Selling a productCheck out: How to Make Money Blogging ContentAnother thing I had to concentrate on was actually putting content on myblog. Its great to have your website up and running but it isnt really a blogunless you actually have some posts and pages with content on them. Mygoal was to at least have something on each of my pages before I launchedmy blog. Check out: When Should You Launch Your New Blog Final ThoughtsI have been working on my blog for 26 days now so I am far from ablogging expert. I have spent hours and hours working on my blog-seeinghow everything works. When I start something new it is all I can think
  4. 4. about. I have found it useful to have a piece of paper laying out next to mybed at night. My brain has been running a mile a minute causing me not tosleep. I keep thinking of things I should do or things I should look up whichgives me busy brain. When I write out all these things out on paper my mindstops running and I am able to sleep.Being sleep deprived has also caused me to lose some weight. I have lostabout 6 pounds since starting this blog. Please dont get too consumed withyour new project. Now that my blog is more or less ready to go I am goingto focus on spreading out my time commitments. There needs to be abalance between all of your many jobs. You dont want to end up like this,do you?Okay, okay. I will fess up. Yes, you can start a blog in less than 26 days.You could do all of the above steps in a day if you wanted to but I like toover think things. I also wanted to officially launch my blog on the 1st of amonth to keep better track of my stats. The time you put into your blog iscompletely up to you. It is your choice on how quickly you want or needyour blog to go public. Just remember to have fun! Written by Krystle with