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Phoenix Park Golf Resort & Spa Investment 080609



Investment opportunity where you become part of the resort owning team. long term residual income stream and accommodation benefits

Investment opportunity where you become part of the resort owning team. long term residual income stream and accommodation benefits



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Phoenix Park Golf Resort & Spa Investment 080609 Phoenix Park Golf Resort & Spa Investment 080609 Presentation Transcript

  • “Phoenix Park Golf Resort” Phoenix Park Golf Resort is Thailand’s premier golf destination resort. Integrated resorts – where a combination of residential, commercial and Hotel accommodation is mixed in one location – is singularly the most effective investment vehicle one can find in today's troubled times. Location- Phoenix Golf & Country Club – only 90 minutes from Bangkok Thailand has consistently out-performed most regional resort areas in terms of tourism growth and spend per head from the tourists it attracts. This ensures that the property investment in a unit at Phoenix Park Golf Resort will secure a consistent rental yield over any other type of property investment currently on offer in Thailand. We have designed Phoenix Park Golf Resort with the International & local Thai population as our primary ownership base at prices less than 25% of similar resort properties in the local region. We reduce the cost of ownership by Directly marketing the resort to pre- selected prospects such as you. In this way we pass on the savings directly to the owners.
  • “Phoenix Park Golf Resort” The combination of Villa-Hotel accommodation, Lagoons and swimming pools, themed restaurants, wellness centre, Spa, boutique shop, nightly entertainment and a conference meeting Hall, all located overlooking a 27-hole Golf & Country Club is proving to be highly attractive to vacationers around the world. Phoenix Park Golf Resort is such a resort overlooking Phoenix Golf & Country Club, 5 minutes south of Jomtien. The opportunity to own villa-hotel suites or join The Phoenix Residence Club is now open to individuals and corporate investors who can benefit from the huge Capital appreciation that can only be achieved by getting in at the ground floor, now. Lifestyle resorts such as these are rare in this part of the world and in fact this will be the first in this region.
  • “Phoenix Park Golf Resort” The concept for the resort is to offer 5-star hotel accommodation through garden suites, villas and lagoon suites. There will be a total of three restaurants; Phoenix from the flames, Inn on the Park and Phoenix Thai Bistro. A Phoenix Spa will be created offering a range of massage treatments and herbal products. A beauty Parlour will operate alongside the Phoenix Spa as will a Boutique shop offering branded beauty products under the Phoenix name. In addition there will be a central lagoon, reflection ponds and a natural watering hole pool complete with lush landscaping and a natural rock water fall.
  • “Phoenix Park Golf Resort” The guests and residents will be transported around the resort by golf buggies or may hire there own buggy from reception. Prior to completion car parking will be allocated centrally on one of the vacant plots of land. As we near completion additional adjoining land will be acquired to house the parking of guests vehicles. This will be operated by valets and cars will be brought to reception at the request of the owner. A resort concierge will be available for the booking of local attractions, tours, and all golfing requirements. The concierge will act as a shared butler to all guests, ensuring their stay at Phoenix Park will be one to remember. Porters will be on hand to assist all guests with their luggage, shopping or golf bags. An in-house golf valet will clean clubs, shoes and store golf bags in a central golfing store.
  • “Phoenix Park Golf Resort” Phoenix Wellness centre will house our non-invasive treatments for guests to rejuvenate themselves and leave feeling younger, fitter and relaxed. Phoenix Fitness Centre will house our air-conditioned Gymnasium, steam room, sauna and an outdoor infinity edged lap-pool with views overlooking Buddha Mountain and the Kings Temple. Phoenix Great Hall and Library will be centrally located and offer a haven of peace and tranquillity. A place for private business meetings, receptions, fashion shows or parties. A full service office centre will be housed here also for those that can not leave business at home but want professional staff to ensure that you can still relax but stay in touch.
  • “Phoenix Park Golf Resort” The location, set-up and exclusivity of this project makes it a benchmark property in the region. Word-of-mouth advertising will exponentially increase the effectiveness of marketing as we know that even if people can not join us as owners the project will be discussed at great length by the people who have seen it. Referral business from owners is expected to be very high as people that join us will want their friends and family to join them in this great project.
  • Location - Access from Bangkok Located only 90 minutes from Bangkok and 60 minutes from it’s International Airport, Phoenix Park Golf Resort is easily accessible. Au Tapao Airport, Pattaya’s local airport is only 15 minutes from the resort. Au Tapao has just been upgraded to International status and more flights will come directly into here in the near future. Pattaya’s famous nightlife is a short 15 minutes away by car or limousine and a regular shuttle-bus is available to guests every hour. Golf shuttle service will operate between Phoenix and all of the local golf courses and discounts can be obtained from our concierge. You can also sign-up for tournaments or friendly 4-balls can be arranged with our own guests through the services of the concierge.
  • “Phoenix Park Golf Resort”- benefits Resorts such as Phoenix Park Golf Resort are exclusive by design. With five 5-star villa-hotel elements this project offers a perfect investment opportunity. The villas and Suites will offer fully furnished, Hotel ready to occupy units with full hotel services to owners and guests alike. Our research has shown very clearly that resorts on Golf Courses benefit from room occupancy uplift and room revenue is increased, which will reflect in the rental yields achieved by investors. The Phoenix Park Golf Residents and guests will benefit from the year round direct access to the resort facilities and green fees at Phoenix Golf & Country Club at reduced prices. Priority access and reservation into all resort facilities; restaurants, wellness centre, etc. are the privilege of the membership, guests and owners.
  • The methods of purchase are as follows: Villas and Hotel suite Residences can be purchased Freehold ownership for Thai Residents on the villas and 90 year leasehold ownership of Hotel unit/(s) in Suites and Villa Hotel unit/(s) is available for foreign buyers. Entire Hotel units can be purchased by initial deposit, installments throughout construction and balances paid on completion and hand-over. This will be of interest to investors that are looking for a longer term, sustainable return on their money that will be available from vacation rental income. Membership to The Beaches Residences Club The member enrolls in the membership package that best suits him and his family.
  • “Phoenix Park Golf Resort” – Investment Offer As always, “it is the early bird that catches the worm”, we are currently offering unparalleled investment incentives to the first ten investors. We will offer the initial investors an opportunity to invest in either individual units or purchase shares in the entire resort development. The project will be nominally valued at THB 100 million with up to 49% available to investors. These shares will be secured with hard assets (namely the land and any retained buildings and improvements on this land) and investment starts at THB 1 million for a 1% share. Each share is therefore secured initially against the equivalent of 80 Twah (320 sqm) of total available land for every THB 1 Million invested.
  • “Phoenix Park Golf Resort” – Investment Offer As land is sold the funds will be paid into the company and then reinvested in our own hotel suites and villas after all operating expenses have been deducted. This will attract an income from rentals and allow for capital appreciation when 2nd tier investors purchase ready to rent units at a premium. Villa and suites will come with land ownership on which they stand. The units will be constructed in under 5 months and will therefore be rentable and earning rental yields almost immediately after completion. We would expect a rental yield in excess of 5% net in the first year and steady increases up to 8-10% soon thereafter. With 20 rai available initially inclusive of all communal and road and pathways and a density of construction at 55% there is 4,400 Twah of sellable land.
  • “Phoenix Park Golf Resort” – Investment Offer With the sale of 70 units at THB 4.75 million each the project will generate enough profit to build the retained 50 units for the rental pool which will generate income for the shareholders. The shareholders will own resort properties to the value of THB 115 million from their collective initial investment of THB 49 million – almost a 235% gain. We expect to be sold out of the 70 units prior to November 2010 and that 2011 will be the first full rental year. We have been conservative in our estimates in that we will calculate returns on a room rental rate of THB 4,500/night (similar property rents for more than double this amount) and an occupancy level of 35%. Even in these gloomy times 5-star hotels/resorts are achieving higher occupancy rates than this. An income of around 10% is achieved after all deductions (except taxes) even on these low projections.
  • Investors and long-term lease clients Second tier investors could come from industrial estate companies from Mathaphut and Rayong. There is a positive shortage of high quality rental properties available on the current market. The proximity of the development to the Eastern Seaboard Industrial Area, where the likes of Ford, GM, BMW, Bosch etc are located provides a pool of potential lessees We have been approached by one such global corporation who will have over 3,000 expatriate workers within 3 years who will need to be housed in quality accommodation. It is our experience that the expatriate executives of these companies, here on fixed term contracts (minimum 2 years), have as part of their package a disposable rental allowance of between 65,000 THB and 120,000 THB per month. This type of investor would also be interested in being 1st tier investors to achieve a reduced cost of housing for their managers and executive workers.
  • Rental Marketing We will be marketing the rental of units directly to golfing vacationers from overseas, regional golfers and Thai national golfers. We see medical tourism as another market to approach for longer term rentals and are looking into strategic partnerships with top hospitals in Thailand and medical insurance companies from abroad. The Spa market has consistently grown year on year within Thailand and it is predicted to grow over the next 5 years. We will be directly marketing our Spa product separately and jointly with the resort. Expansion into treatments and healthcare products is another revenue stream yet to be explored by the resort.
  • “Phoenix Park Golf Resort” – Investment Offer Investment Return (APR) Year of Return 10,000,000 2009 500,000(5%) 2010 700,000(7%) 2011 800,000(8%) 2012 1,000,000(10%) 2013 1,000,000(10%) 2014 4,000,000 (40%) Investment 10,000,000 Total 5 yr Return 4,000,000 Net Investment 6,000,000 The unit is entered into the rental pool from opening and a return of 10% PA is achieved almost immediately. Within 11 years the initial investment is returned and producing a healthy income. This is without taking into consideration the value of the properties owned and the capital appreciation on them..
  • Capital Appreciation at 5% PA Growth: (100 sqm) Garden Suite Unit Investment Unit Value Year 4,702,500 4,702,500 2009 4,937,625 2010 5,184,506 2011 5,443,732 2012 5,717,918 2013 Five Year Investment Point 6,001,714 2014 6,301,800 2015 6,616,890 2016 6,947,734 2017 7,295,121 2018 Ten Year Investment Point 7,659,877 2019 8,042,871 2020 8,445,014 2021 8,867,265 2022 9,310,628 2023 Fifteen Year Investment Point 9,776,160 2024 10,264,968 2025 10,778,216 2026 11,317,127 2027 11,882,983 2028 12,477,132 2029 Twenty Year Investment Point 13,100,989 2030
  • Rental Yield at 5% PA Net: (100 sqm) Garden Suite Unit Investment Rental Yield (5%) Year 4,702,500 2009 235,125 2010 246,881 2011 259,225 2012 272,186 2013 Five Year Investment Point 285,795 2014 300,085 2015 315,089 2016 330,844 2017 347,386 2018 Ten Year Investment Point 364,256 2019 382,994 2020 402,143 2021 422,250 2022 Fourteen Year Investment Point 443,363 2023 Total Return of investment 4,608,128
  • Investor Financial Benefits A ten million baht investment into Phoenix Park would attract 10% of the development and operating profits. This will not only produce an excellent return through development but through the retained rental units, bars, restaurants and Spa operations ongoing revenue stream for years to come. It is our intention to either form or find a REIT to invest in us at a future date post completion. This will offer an exit strategy to early investors that wish to recoup their profits or to the company should any units under their operation be offered for sale. A long-term lease will be offered to a global hotel operator at a future undetermined date which will attract further investors.
  • Resort investor benefits summary Located adjoining a 27-hole Dennis Griffiths designed Golf & Country Club – adds value and sustains green views 5-star accommodation – luxurious setting Fully furnished hotel suites not just unfurnished condos Memberships at affordable prices – opens ownership to a larger market and builds higher capital appreciation for earlier investors Direct Marketing – cost savings are passed on to investors and members 5 month construction of each unit resort – no time delays in getting a rental return for investors. Easy access from Bangkok (1.5-2 hrs) and airport (1-1.5 hrs) by road. Land/villa freehold ownership options – secure investment from day 1. Additional close by water park to be constructed within 7 Km’s of resort which will increase desirability for both investors and rental guests (possibly operational by March, 2010).