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Home Grown Cow ( is the first national web site focused on connecting meat, poultry and cheese producers with customers who care where their meat comes from. We welcome all farms and all farming practices as our goal is to offer as much choice as possible to our customers. We also empower many small farms to use the Internet to market and sell their products.

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WFU news june2011

  1. 1. Home Grown Cow teams- upwith, NFU to provide farmerswith E-Commerce opportunities By John Aikman concept of knowing where the food on HomeGrown ones table comes from. Cow CEO Consumers can browse farms by product, farm practices, farm size, and location, thus being afforded transpar- At the summer ency and choice when it comes to the the end of ineat and cheese on their table. How- last year, I met with Wisconsin ever, despite the growing demand for Farmers Union to farm-direct meat from family farms, introduce a new virtual farmers mar- many consumers are unsure of how to find and purchase directly from them. ket for meat, poultry and cheese called Farms on the,other hand are often too Home Grown Cow. With the support ofWFU, Home Grown Cow and NFU busy, on too about a budget or lacking information tight how to attract these have developed an alliance to alert customers or engage in Internet Mar- Farmers Union producers about a keting. great opportunity to participate in e- _ Home Grown Cows features for Commerce, and to share with Home farmers include marketing, credit card Grown Cow producers the benefits of processing, order conveyance and Farmers Union membership. shipping facilitation. Both "Farmer" is a Wiscon- and "Eater" are protected by Home sin-based web site that provides meat, Grown Cows payment "safety net" poultry and cheese producers with a full-service e-commerce.sales channel which keeps consumers billing in- formation safe and protects farmers nationwide. It costs nothing for farm- ers to participate,.is available to farm- by ensuring customer commi~ent. Farmers can also list pre-order Items ers without Internet access, and opens well ahead of time to help manage in- a national marketplace for farmers ventory. and consumers anywhere in the U.S. to come together. Home Grown Cow is live and ac- Home Grown Cow offers meat, tively recruiting farms to support - poultry and cheese l?roducers ~heop- hence the new relationship with Na- portunity to list therr farms, .Illclu~e tional Farmers Union. The demand a brief profile on their operatIOn, list is there and we need as many farm- their products, and set their own price ers as possible looking to add to their for direct purchase by consumers. Its revenue stream and sell their products free for farmers to sign-up and farmers can choose how much of the modest through Hom~ Grown Cow, so ~e service fee that is briilt into the retail can begin marketing to consumers IIIprice is paid by the farmer and how earnest and successfully support the whole group. Once we get going the much is paid by the consumer. number of farms and cheese produc- With consumers paying as much as ers that we welcome and support can $28.00Ilb for beef in retail stores, and be limitless. - a predicted $4.2 billion dollars to have been spent on food, beverages and pet food online in 20 I0* there is growing demand from consumers everywhere for food that comes directly from the Find Home Grown Cow at NFUs AL- farm. Studies also show that more than liances page (www.nfu.orglabout-nfu/al- eight in ten consumers say they trust liances) smaller scale farms to produce safe nu- *Globa1market review of online grocery tritious food**., Home Grown Cow is retailing -forecasts to 2014: Chap- here to help family farms prevent ~eir ter 4, Consumer dynamics, Jonathan share of the retail dollar from shrink- Thomas. Just -Food. Bromsgrove ing even more than it has over recent **Food and Farming 2004 Roper Public decades and revive the once-common AffairslNOP World
  2. 2. Fresh from Farm to TableBy Amy CzerniakParmersmarkets are places ers can purchase directly consum- from theproducer with no middleman to com-plicate matters. The two original goalsof farmers markets, to bring freshfruits and vegetables to consumers andto support small family farms, still re- Wisconsin has a strong backgroundmain the base behind current markets. in farmers markets. The Dane CountyRecent years have shown an increase in Farmers Market is the. largest in the na-the amount of people selling and shop- tion and has been rated as a top marketping at Wisconsins farmers markets. by both Good Housekeeping and FoodWhy? and Wine. There is a waiting list of On average, food travels 1500 miles nearly five years to become a vendorfrom field to kitchen. Buying locally at the Dane County market, but thatreduces energy emissions that other- doesnt mean you cant get involved orwise occur in the transportation of that begin your own local farmers market infood. Some people think more consum- . your local area. Because the number ofers have become aware of the benefits people wishing to sell goods is grow-of purchasing locally grown food due ing, waiting lists are fairly common,to the recent attention the media has but may make it easier to find vendorsbeen giving to local and organic pro- if youre interested in starting your ownduce. The idea of eating healthier is market. In the past ten years, the num-certainly being promoted and markets ber of farmers markets in the U.S. hasmake it easier to put that idea into prac- increased from 2,863 to 6,132.tice. Farmers markets give consumers Increasing interest has been fueled _ •. - -to ee 0 know by echnology that makes it easier toproducers on a personal level, they also find, start, and promote farmers mar-give assurance of food quality and pre- kets. Go to the local food heritage. to learn more about the .Farmers Mar- Reducing the amount of processed ket Promotion Program, which wasfood in the diet has been found to im- created to promote sales directly fromprove health. Food is more nutritious producers to consumers in agricultUral,and tastes better when it is fresh. The markets. FMPP awarded over $4.5 mil-existence of farmers markets means lion in grants in 2009. Additional sup-the general public has better access to port and information can be found at.healthful, quality foods. Markets also sustainability, which is de-fined by Madisons Research, Educa- Other websites to check out: .on. Action, and Policy on Food Group as the methods of growing and . .- . ution "that protect the environ- and support a high quality of life e ommunities in which food is -ed. processed, and distributed." markets.htm . . . goods at farmers markets ::upplemental income for farmersmarkets.html ::e. ommercial farms have www.reapfoodgroup.orgc~,~ha£IoI.<ii amily farms for years, pnxhlce directly from ven- *Amy Czerniak is a Collegiate Farmers Union member attending UW La Crosse with a upports their liveli- major in communications. She grew up in the -e found that money Taylor County Farmers Union Juniors, received unity tends to stay the Farmers Union Torchbearer Award and was timulating the local elected to both the WFU and National Farm- es even estimate ers Union Youth Advisory Councils. A former . 85 to 90 cents WFU camp staff member, Amy was selected as one of two individuals nationwide to serve as a remain in the 2011 summer intern with the National Farmers Union office in Washington, DC.