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“Official Kick-Off to Another Season of the USDA Farmers Market”U.S. Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack will ring the opening bell a...
the land. USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service is also a sponsor ofthe award program.Dave Petty – past award winn...
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Home Grown Cow ( is the first national web site focused on connecting meat, poultry and cheese producers with customers who care where their meat comes from. We welcome all farms and all farming practices as our goal is to offer as much choice as possible to our customers. We also empower many small farms to use the Internet to market and sell their products.

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All Ag News NFU

  1. 1. RSS All Ag NewsCategories All Ag NewsAg MarketNetworkAll Ag News AG NEWS 06/02/2011Podcast “Corn Farmers Coalition Brings Educational Program to D.C.”Sponsors The Corn Farmers Coalition has returned to the nation’s capital – this time at Union Station – with an educational program that provides information about corn growers. Growers from 14 states – along with the National Corn Growers Association – support the coalition’s program that introduces facts essential to decision making – while showcasing advances today’s family farmers have made. The coalition will meet with Congressional members, environmental groups, the media and others to focus on how U.S. farmers will continue to increase yields using new technologies. NCGA President Bart Schott says the coalition received a good response to its positive and proactive efforts last year – and there are more people to educate this year. Schott says it’s time for everyone to return to the agricultural roots that made the U.S. strong and come home to the farm. ************************************************** “Agriculture is Anything But Useless” A few college degrees that fall under the agricultural umbrella recently made the list of twenty most useless college degrees in The Daily Beast. Kay Johnson Smith – Animal Agriculture Alliance Executive Vice President – says the article is laughable to those who understand the importance of agriculture – but she fears it could deter potential farmers, botanists or animal scientists from the field. Smith says the article is a reminder of why everyone must do their part to help bridge the urban-rural gap. Young people from all walks of life need to be encouraged to pursue a careerPages in the ag industry – Smith says – noting the aging farming population. She emphasizes that the industry isn’t just a college major or career – but a way ofAg Calendar life impacting millions of people around the globe every time they sit down toAg MarketNetwork eat. She says food production is a key to the nation’s security – and theAg Weather world’s – since the UN estimates food production will need to increase by 70-Agribusiness percent throughout the next 40 years. Smith says telling the story of America’sReportAgriculture Today farmers and ranchers – how they are contributing to solving the global foodCommodity supply challenge – is very important.
  2. 2. Markets **************************************************Contact UsListen Live “Public Patent Foundation Magnifies Suit Against Monsanto GMOs”Market Recap The Public Patent Foundation has filed an amended complaint on behalf ofSearch for: family farmers, seed businesses and organic agricultural organizations against Monsanto’s genetically modified seed patents. The original suit – filed in MarchSearch – questions whether or not Monsanto has the right to sue for patent infringement if the company’s transgenic seed or pollen lands on a farmer’s property. The foundation is asking it be declared that organic farmers can’t be accused of infringement if their fields are contaminated by Monsanto’s GMOs. The plaintiffs in the suit feel Monsanto has not addressed their concerns in a reasonable manner and believe their lawsuit needs to move forward. ************************************************** “Some REAP Funding Restored in Ag Spending Bill Approved by House Approps” Ohio Representative Marcy Kaptur successful restored some funding for the Rural Energy for America Program – or REAP – during Tuesday’s House Appropriations Committee meeting on the ag spending bill. The Ag Appropriations Subcommittee had eliminated all REAP funding the previous week – but Kaptur and her colleagues were able to restore 1.3-million dollars for fiscal year 2012. Environmental Law and Policy Center Senior Policy Advocate Andy Olsen says keeping the program alive will benefit greenhouse growers, dairy farmers, solar manufacturers and other businesses in the heartland. The next actions will occur when the full House considers appropriations and in the Senate – where work on ag funding has not started. The ELPC expects the Senate to propose higher funding for REAP. REAP provides grants and loan guarantees to agricultural producers and rural small businesses for a wide range of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. The program has funded projects across a diverse range of agricultural sectors in every state. ************************************************** “NFU Promotes Further Connection Between Consumers and Producers” National Farmers Union is partnering with Home Grown Cow to not only provide an opportunity for family farmers and ranchers to create additional revenue and market their products to a larger market – but also enable consumers to know the farmer they purchase their produce from. Home Grown Cow is a website that allows consumers to browse products by location and farming style – connecting producers directly to their consumers. John Aikman – CEO of Home Grown Cow – says everybody wins in this partnership. **************************************************
  3. 3. “Official Kick-Off to Another Season of the USDA Farmers Market”U.S. Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack will ring the opening bell at USDA’s 16th annualfarmers market season at USDA headquarters Friday. He will also signal theofficial debut of D.C. Central Kitchen’s Truck Farm with a ribbon-cutting. TheTruck Farm – a garden in the back of a 2002 Dodge Ram – is a traveling,edible exhibit that teaches urban kids about healthy food.There are several other activities planned for Friday as well. The People’sGarden is hosting a Kids Corner with seed planting. The Veterinarian Divisionof USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service will host an information boothfor visitors – and Feds Feed Families will have folks on hand to start theirsummer food drive for food banks across the National Capital Region andaround the country.**************************************************“Northwest Region Farmer Mom Wins Farm Mom of the Year”Monsanto’s America’s Farmers Mom of the Year 2011 is Bette Lu Lerwick ofAlbin, Wyoming. Lerwick raises wheat, corn, dryland beans, hay, sunflowersand beef cattle with her husband, son and daughter-in-law on their Wyomingranch and feels honored to be the 2011 Farm Mom of the Year. Lerwick wasnominated by her daughter – Kosha Olsen – who said in her 300-wordnomination that the best way to educate consumers about agriculture is toshare your story and lifestyle with them.Olsen says family farms remain viable because of American farm moms likehers. Monsanto spokesperson Chris Chavis says women are the backbone ofthe family farm – passionately speaking for the ag industry. She says Lerwickexemplifies the impact that one woman can have – extending from her family –throughout her community and on to consumers from across the country.Five regional winners received a five-thousand dollar cash prize fromMonsanto. The other regional winners were Kerri Vander Poel from California;April Hemmes of Iowa; Teresa Chambers of Georgia; and Jennie Schmidt ofMaryland. Lerwick receives an additional 25-hundred as the winner of thenational title.**************************************************“ESAP Awards Now 20 Years Old”The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association is celebrating the 20th anniversaryof the Environmental Stewardship Award Program. During these 20 years –more than 130 regional winners have been selected for caring for the land;protecting water; enhancing wildlife; fostering innovation; improving grazing;building partnerships; telling the story; and leaving a legacy.Stan Howell – Vice President of North America for DowAgrosciences – aprimary sponsor of the award – says the award not only honors outstandingcattle-producing families – but also encourages others to be good stewards of
  4. 4. the land. USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service is also a sponsor ofthe award program.Dave Petty – past award winner – says no one knows how to care for the landbetter than the families who live and work on America’s ranches and farms. Anew documentary salutes the winners of the past 20 years and allows theirstory to be told once again.**************************************************“Growers Can Now Have Access to Crop Management Tools Via MobileDevice”Growers now have the ability to access crop management resources,customized information and other tools while in the field from their phone.Pioneer Hi-Bred is delivering information growers can use to makemanagement decisions on the go by offering a mobile-optimized version ofPioneer dot com ( for the iPhone, iPod Touch, Android,Blackberry and other feature phones.Pioneer Senior Marketing Manager Monica Patterson says the mobile versionprovides geography-specific content that helps growers complete many tasks– such as identifying pests while scouting in fields. It also provides customerswith tools to access field-by-field records to track growth stages, accumulatedgrowing degree units and precipitation on the go.To learn more about the new, mobile-optimized website – growers can contacttheir local Pioneer sales professional or visit Pioneer’s website.**************************************************“CCC Rates Announced for June”The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Commodity Credit Corporation hasannounced interest rates for June 2011 – and the word of the month isunchanged. The CCC borrowing rate-based charge is .250-percent – the samerate as May. The rate for 1996 and subsequent crop year commodity andmarketing assistance loans is also unchanged from the May rate at 1.250-percent.The interest rates for farm storage facility loans approved for June are downfrom May. In accordance with the 2008 Farm Bill – rates are 2.625-percentwith seven-year terms; 3.250-percent with 10-year terms; and 3.500-percentwith 12-year terms. The rate for sugar storage facility loans for June is downas well at 3.750-percent.The maximum discount rate applicable for June for the Tobacco TransitionPayment Program remains unchanged at five-percent. This rate is based onthe 3.250 prime rate plus two-percent – rounded to the nearest whole number.**************************************************Posted in: All Ag News | admin | Comments ( 0 )
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