Sg retail leisure wi-fi info pack march 2013


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Sg retail leisure wi-fi info pack march 2013

  1. 1. WI-FI ON THE HIGH STREETGiving customers what they want & building aplatform for mobile customer engagement
  2. 2. SG-Retail: Wi-Fi for Retail & Leisure 1. The Wi-Fi Opportunity 2. Introducing ZapFi 3. Find out More 4. Introducing SG-Retail
  4. 4. Customers want constant mobile access• Customers want to stay connected via social media, email and apps and informed, researching products and services as part of the shopping and leisure experience.• They wish to do so via a free to use Wi-Fi service, that provides a quick and reliable connection, whilst freeing them from concerns about data limits.• Expectations (and investment) are greatest at locations with:  Larger sites  Leisure activity  Longer dwell times  Higher priced products / services  Social element  Premium or “here to help” positioning
  5. 5. More than a customer convenience• Providing a customer convenience is only the most passive use of a guest Wi-Fi solution though.• Used proactively by retailers, it can transform customer service and engagement, bringing digital content instore, integrating with multichannel offers and sending targeted messages and more.• Retailers believe it will contribute in an increasing number of ways over the next five years.
  6. 6. Helping staff and generating revenue too• In addition to the direct customer interactions, Wi-Fi can also be used to improve the ease and efficiency of many staff operations. – Queue bust with payment via tablets – Store score cards and store review surveys – Online training facilities – Stocktaking with wireless devices – Wireless label printing Revenue Generation Wi-Fi’s ability, with the right platform, to deliver relevant messages to appropriate customers at targeted locations or times, can also create significant supplier partnership opportunities.
  7. 7. Companies are increasingly investing in Wi-Fi• As a result of such opportunities, across sectors, UK organisations have been announcing Wi-Fi projects or trials … Sector Example Department stores John Lewis, Debenhams Shopping centres / parks Value Retail Supermarkets Tesco, ASDA High street / specialist Reiss, WHSmith, Game, Maplin, Wilko’s Banks Barclays Hair salons Toni & Guy• In a trend that is only set to continue, as wireless solutions become a mainstream offering.
  8. 8. Introducing ZapFi:Wi-Fi platform details
  9. 9. ZapFi: powerful infrastructure connected to a sophisticated marketing and insight platform• ZapFi, supported by SG-Retail, offer a solution that differentiates itself by the: - High performance of its infrastructure - Sophistication of its analytical and customer engagement capabilities.
  10. 10. Listen to, understand and engage with multi- channel customers• We can install a secure wireless network, powerful enough to support both customer and corporate projects, that is then connected to our unique central platform (ZapCentre).• This intelligent, marketing platform has been designed specifically for the modern retail environment and allows companies to listen to, understand and engage with their multi-channel customers. • Launched initially in Europe, their clients include banks such as Belfius and BNP Paribas, retailers such as C&A, TOTAL, Quick, Delhaize, CORA shopping centres, as well as bars, colleges and football grounds.
  11. 11. ZapFi gives retailers control, flexibility andinsight• The ZapFi solution differs from many offers, by giving retailers the: Control To brand and shape the digital experience in their stores Flexibility To deliver targeted messages throughout the surfing experience Insight Into customers’ on and offline behaviours to optimise that access • As well as the versatility to deliver new staff and corporate Wi-Fi services.
  12. 12. Better performance for customers, companiesand suppliers• The platform: – Satisfies customers’ demands for a premium and secure service – Optimises the channel for marketing and CRM purposes – Creates targeted, relevant access to consumers that boosts acceptance and monetization opportunities.
  13. 13. 3 key features to the ZapFi technologyBenefit CharacteristicsLight Touch - Plug and play simplicityInfrastructure - Powerful hardware means fewer access points. - Just 1 or 2 items to connect and cover average convenience store. - Quicker and cheaper installation - Less store disruption. - Up to 3 SSID’s mean only one solution needed for staff, corporate and customer needsHigh Performance - High performance Wi-FiCustomer Wi-Fi - Capable of handling heavy use from a large number of concurrent users - Fully secure (trusted by two European banking chains for their Wi-Fi provision) - Filtered contentIntelligent Marketing - Control to brand and shape the digital experience ofPlatform customers - Branded landing page and ability to serve messages throughout customer visit.
  14. 14. Plug-and-Play simplicity
  15. 15. Fully managed and no interference to existing infrastructure
  16. 16. Secure Wi-Fi for customers and the provider
  17. 17. Gain new insight into your customers’ branchbehaviour• ZapFi, via its intelligent marketing platform, can also provide a full insight into both the on and offline behaviours of your customers. ONLINE OFFLINE What sites? Where are customers going online? Understand: • Who is coming into which branches? What role in How much of the online behaviours are related to the shopping or leisure mission? • When? the target Are they using your services for information • For how long? activity? or entertainment, or looking at competitor sites? If so, which ones? The central platform also allows insight into the offline behaviours of visitors. As Role of Social How much social media activity is there? long as they have previously registered, Media even if they do not log in, their And which sites do certain customer segments tend to favour? movements can be recorded by the Wi-Fi platform.
  18. 18. An unparalleled overview of your customers• Combining the online and offline Wi-fi insights can help organisations without a loyalty scheme to extend its insight and CRM.• For customers that do use a loyalty scheme, the insights from the off and online Wi-fi information, combined with existing information provides an unparalleled, multichannel, overview of customer behaviour.
  19. 19. Insight to engagement: Branded messaging,tailored by segment, can be placed throughout • Branded, dynamic, landing page: Use the insights to tailor the branded landing page according to customer segments, store characteristics and more, providing relevant and targeted messages or offers. • Videos and Dynamic Adverts: Messaging can continue during surfing including short video pieces or dynamic adverts alongside the viewed content.
  20. 20. Insight and engagement – supplier partnershipopportunities• Advertiser Offers: The insight created by the Wi-Fi system, integrated with existing CRM information and combined with ZapFi’s ability to deliver targeted messages at any stage of a customers Wi-Fi use, creates a powerful promotional tool for suppliers.• Monetization Potential: Steve Gray of SG-Retail has an unparalleled expertise in the monetization of customer insight and access, having led supplier projects as part of the Tesco Clubcard, Boots, Carrefour and Kroger loyalty schemes. If required, SG-Retail will explore the opportunities and evaluate the revenue generating potential.
  21. 21. Next Steps:Find out more
  22. 22. Please get in touch to find out more• If you would like to explore the opportunities of Wi-Fi for your store further, please get in touch. – By Email: – By Phone: 0208 643 1537 / 07906 905 537 – SG-Retail Website:
  23. 23. Introducing SG-Retail
  24. 24. SG-Retail was founded by Steve Gray extensive expertise in data, analytics, insight, loyalty, CRM & retail solutions Company Role Sector Proposition key clients FocusPreviously Managing Director Retail Consulting & Tesco, Kroger Director Fmcg Analytics P&G, Nestle, Coca Cola, Unilever etc Services BA/Air Miles, Vodafone, BT CEO & Chairman Retail Consulting & Carrefour, Metro, Morrisons, Waitrose, Fmcg Analytics Boots, DSG, British Gas, BA/Air Miles, Services Pizza Express, BP CEO & Chairman Retail Mobile CRM Sephora, Total, Go Outdoors, Decathlon P&G, Nestle, ArlaCurrently Senior Adviser All Consulting Many of world’s leading companies Founder & Retail Consulting, Poundland, Pets at Home, ZapFi, owner Consumer Analytics, Sephora, Camelot, Avios Services Solutions NED Fmcg Consulting, Nestle, Unilever, Britvic, BAT, Diageo, Agency, Energizer, Nintendo, EA Games Outsourcing
  25. 25. “Customer engagement” creates value, commitment and advocacyWhat is “customer Understanding and interacting with new and existing customers,engagement ? in order to earn and grow their lifetime value, commitment and advocacyValue how much customers spend, how frequently they visitCommitment how they spend across all channels, and share of spendAdvocacy what customers say Value Commitment Advocacy
  26. 26. 4 key building blocks1 2 3 4 “Customer Centricity” Organisation Multi Activation Alignment Channel Data, Solutions Philosophy, & Analytics & Innovation Purpose, Insight Insight Content Goals, Capability Management Partnering Strategy & Development Value Measures Commitment Advocacy
  27. 27. Our 4 core propositionsService TopicsConsulting - “Customer Centric” strategy - Organisation alignment & change - People, process & capability building - Data monetisationInsight & - Analytics / “Big Data”Analytics - Segmentation - Multi-channel “SCV” - Consumer Research - Social mediaData Services - MasterCard Services - Integration & 3rd party data - Data monetisationSolutions - Mobile/Wi-Fi - CRM / Loyalty - Vouchers/Couponing - Database management - Customer KPI delivery & reporting - Data monetisation
  28. 28. We have worked with many of the world’s leading retailersRetail UK Retail International OtherTesco Kroger Avios (British AirwaysSainsburys Woolworths Air Miles)Asda Australia British GasMorrisons Metro HomeserveWaitrose Carrefour SSEBoots Dm PAYBACKDSG Axfoods NokiaBP Sephora BskyBTotal Kesko Pizza ExpressSainsburys at Jacksons NectarDecathlonGo OutdoorsPoundlandPets at Home
  29. 29. How can SG-Retail help with Wi-Fi?• Creating the business case for Wi-Fi – Costs / benefits / ROI – Aligning the organisation• Leverage data, insight and customer engagement opportunities – Who’s shopping, when and where – What are they researching & buying ? – How can I reward and incentivise spend and visit frequency ? – How can I improve commitment and advocacy ?• Partnership with ZapFi• Tailored solutions that optimise mobile engagement – Mobile CRM; loyalty & digital vouchers – Mobile payments