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Quick Setup Blogging

  1. 1. Quick Blogging Setup Learn the simple steps to blogging. Blogging is the fast way to share your info online. Http://www.quicksetupblogging.info
  2. 2. Web Hosting ● ● ● ● Pick a good web hosting company Make sure they have the blogging software Hostgator has quick installs for wordpress Wordpress, Blogger or Joomla for quick blogging
  3. 3. Blog Domain Names ● You need a web address / domain name ● Domain Registration is easy ● Get started the first year for super low prices ● Check for domain name availability ● Be ready to buy when you find the domain you like ● Pick a dot com domain name. ● There are lots of new domain name extensions.
  4. 4. Pick Your Blogging System ● Wordpress – Super popular blogging system ● Wordpress Advantages – – Lots of wordpress plugin designers – ● Lots of wordpress themes Super easy to use Blogger – Get started in minutes – Lots of blogger templates – Easy way to learn how to blog – It's Google
  5. 5. Blog Systems ● Joomla – Content Management System – – Easy to learn – ● Just like an online file system Lots of designs, but more clunky controls Try each type of blogging system and make your own decision ( Wordpress, Wordpress)
  6. 6. Blogging Content ● You can blog from anywhere ● Write Content ● Post Pictures ● Video Blog ● Add your podcasts ● Blogging is easy
  7. 7. Adding Your Content ● ● ● ● ● Write blog posts Optimize Your Blog Titles Find The Keywords You want to focus on Tag Your Content with Keywords Create Blog Drafts and Proofread Your Work ● ● ● ● ● Schedule Your Posts for future publishing Add pictures or create your own images Get lots of content Use Private Label Rights Get freelancers to write articles
  8. 8. Making Money with Your Blog ● ● ● Join Google Adsense Create your own products and sell them through your site Join Affiliate Programs and add links to products ● ● ● ● Build a mailing list Always look for new ways to get more income from your blog Make your blog mobile device ready. Get up to speed with Pay-per-call ads.
  9. 9. Read Other Blogs and Information ● ● ● ● Keep learning Read books and blog focused on internet marketing Read online forums related to your blogging niche Comment on other blogs related to your niche and link back to your sites.
  10. 10. Keep a Business Mindset ● ● ● ● ● Your Blog is Your Business Work from home Blogging has a low cost start up Post on a regular schedule Take your online business seriously
  11. 11. Videos! - Don't forget about video ● ● ● ● ● Leverage the power of online videos Use youtube Turn your blog posts into online videos Create a video channel Videos are easy to make
  12. 12. Blogging and Mobile Devices ● ● ● Don't miss the growing mobile market Make sure your blog is viewable on different devices Easy to do with blogger and wordpress has plugins
  13. 13. Focus on Web Traffic ● ● ● Try different methods for getting people to visit your blog Use Free and Paid Marketing methods Keep testing to find what works for you!
  14. 14. Useful Links ● Logo Creator ● Domain Name Codes ● Private Label Rights ● Cost Per Action ● SEO ● Video Marketing Tips ● Marketing Basics Mobile Marketing