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How to-get-stuff-online-ebook
How to-get-stuff-online-ebook
How to-get-stuff-online-ebook
How to-get-stuff-online-ebook
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How to-get-stuff-online-ebook


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  • 1. How to get free stuff onlineGetting stuff online is not as hard as you would think.There are lots of websites that will gladly give yougift cards for things that you do online.Gift cards can be earned for various online tasks thatyou complete. You might already be doing some of thesethings anyway. So it only makes sense to get somethingfor it.Free Stuff Option 1 : Online SurveysComplete online surveys and get points that you canredeem for gift cards. Filling out information aboutyourself and answering a bunch of questions can lead togetting points which can lead to gift cards.Free Stuff Option 2 : Online TasksSimple tasks like visiting a website and answering somequestions can be a way to earn points. This can betime consuming and you have to pay attention to thepoint totals. Some of the directions can be difficultand you might want to give up after a while. Try tohang in there and get those points.Free Stuff Option 3 : Online SearchesYou are already searching the web with the top searchengines. Everybody does it. Now you can get pointsfor your searches. Each company will be different inhow they award points. This is an easy way to getpoints. If you are constantly looking up informationonline, this will be very easy to do.
  • 2. Free Stuff Option 4 : Bring ReferralsYou can normally get more points for bringing yourfamily and friends along to the site. Some might giveyou points directly or you might a percentage of thepoints that your referrals bring. If you can getreferrals, it is a nice way to add to your point totalswithout having to do anything extra.Free Stuff Option 5 : GamesSome companies will have games that you can play toearn points. You might find some interesting gamesthat you like to play. The point totals might not betoo high, but every little bit counts towards reachingyour goals.Free Stuff Option 6 : VideosWatching videos can earn you points. The point totalscan be low for some companies. You might have to watcha certain number of videos before you get the points.Plus some companies make you enter verification numbersto make sure that you are watching the videoscompletely till the end. Just try to find the videoson subjects that you would normally watch and get a fewpoints.Free Stuff Option 7 : Daily PollsAre you up for visiting a site everyday and answeringone question. A lot of these reward sites offer a freedaily poll. They pose a question and you give youranswer. It is simple to answer. Just make sure thatyou keep going back to the site daily to get yourpoints.
  • 3. Free Stuff Option 8 : Completing OffersYou can earn points on sites for trying out differentservices. An offer might be a trial for Netflix orsome other service. I don’t really sign up for those,but if they have a service that you want to try, youcould potentially earn points for doing it through therewards site.Free Stuff Option 9 : CouponsDo you shop with coupons? Rewards sites might offeryou points for using their coupons in stores. All youhave to do is view the coupons and print them out.This can save you money and earn points at the sametime.Free Stuff Option 10 : Special CodesOccassionally rewards sites will post special codes totheir social media accounts like facebook and twitter.The only thing about these social media posts is thatthey have time limits on them. So you have to watchfor the codes and enter them before they expire.Free Stuff Option 11 : ContestsRewards sites might offer special contests online. Itmight be trivia questions or earning a certain amountof points within a given time frame to get even morepoints. The games might be simple. Some even randomlypick winners for points. For example, you might evenget points for your birthday.
  • 4. Ready to start earning free gift cards? Sign up atthis site.More rewards sites to considerSwagbucksGiftHulkSuperPointsInboxDollarsCashCrate