The Lost Children Ch. 1


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The Lost Children Ch. 1

  1. 1. Emily didn’t want to be here. Dust was kicked up by her footsteps as she walked the perimeter of the lot. So, this was to be home, she thought to herself. Home. She hadn’t had a real home in years, being shifted from one foster home to the other after her mother went missing when she was eleven. Her last foster family had signed her up for the Copper Hills Experiment. Atomic testing had been performed in the area years ago, and it had recently been deemed safe for habitation. The government decided that it would be a great place for the Lost Children, children that had aged out of foster care, to be moved to, and Emily was the first chosen for the experiment. The government had “generously” given her a piece of land and a few hundred simoleons to start her “new life”.
  2. 2. Although the lot was quite large, it was empty. Empty like her life. Emily sat on the ground and looked up into the sky. If only happiness would fall into her lap. She gave a rueful shake of her head, “Stop daydreaming, there’s work to be done.” Emily had enough money to start building a house, and quickly the contractor she hired had the foundation poured and a few walls up. Townies started dropping by, anxious to introduce themselves to the newcomer.
  3. 3. Emily was intrigued by one of the Townies, Nery Turner. Days after they met, she found herself thinking about him. He had been very complimentary when they first met, and when he looked into her eyes, she felt like she was the only woman in the world. At odd times throughout her day, she’d imagine running her fingers through his hair. She was scared to call him though. What if he turned her down? What if he had forgotten who she was, after all they’d only met once. Emily paced through her house, unsure of what to do. It took her awhile, but finally she worked up the nerve to invite him over.
  4. 4. It didn’t take long for a relationship to develop. Emily had reservations about it though, because although she was physically attracted to him, she didn’t feel a closeness with him. His kisses made her heart beat faster, but he seemed aloof and out of touch when they weren’t being physical. Emily decided it was just her imagination, and after dating for a few weeks she invited him to move in. She hoped having him close to her all the time would help them to feel more connected.
  5. 5. Emily was surprised by how much she enjoyed sharing a home with Nery. There was no doubt he was very messy, but he seemed to pay more attention to her. They only had a few hours a day together, her job required her to work days, and his for him to work nights, but they made the most of the time they had.
  6. 6. Emily decided it was time to take their relationship a step further. They had been living together for months, and she felt things were fairly stable. “Heya Nery, you have a minute?” Emily said as Nery tried darting out the door. “Uh, not really, babe. Gotta go to work, can it wait?” “I know we don’t have much time to spend together, I wanted to find a better time to do this, but with all our rushing around, there just never seems to be a better time.” Emily kneeled on the floor, looking up at Nery.
  7. 7. “Your shoe need tied, babe?” “No you dunce, I’m proposing. Will you marry me? We don’t have to do it right away, just someday.” Nery was in a hurry, and knew that being engaged would make Emily happy. He could care less about the whole ring and wedding thing, but if it made her feel better, then he could go along with the act. “Sure, babe. Let’s do it. But I gotta run, okay?” “Yeah, okay. Uh, Nery, I uh, I love you.” Emily glanced down at the floor, not wanting to look into his eyes when she said it. “Me too, babe. See ya later.” The door slammed behind Nery as he ran out to catch his carpool.
  8. 8. Emily didn’t want to pressure Nery about getting married. After all, he had said yes, so she figured that should make her happy. But as the weeks and months went by, she realized she wasn’t happy. And then she found out she was pregnant. At that point she knew that the marriage needed to happen soon. She didn’t want her children born without being married to their father.
  9. 9. When a fire was started one night in the kitchen, Emily panicked. By the time the fireman had put out the fire, Emily had made up her mind. It was time for them to get married. They hadn’t said a word about it since the day she proposed, but it was time to talk. The baby was due any day now, and she wanted everything settled before it arrived.
  10. 10. “Do you love me Nery?” “Yeah, sure babe, you know I do.” “Well, what do you say we get married then? I want everything to be final before the baby comes.” Emily smiled at him. Nery rolled his eyes. “Come on babe, why do we need to get married? The baby will know I love him. No need for all that legal stuff.” “I need that legal stuff Nery. I need to know that you aren’t gonna walk out on us.” Emily felt her cheeks growing hot. She couldn’t believe what Nery was saying.
  11. 11. “Why can’t you just believe me? Listen, I only said yes to you so you wouldn’t pester me. I don’t believe in marriage, Emily. Anyway, everything is good the way it is. Why mess it up.” Trying to hide the tears in her eyes, Emily turned away. “Really, that’s how you feel?” “Being married won’t change anything between us, babe. And it won’t change anything with the baby either. I gotta go to work, I’ll talk to ya later.”
  12. 12. Emily sat on the couch and tried not to cry. How come Nery always ended arguments by walking out? He always claimed to be going to work. Her mind started racing. Maybe he wasn’t working, maybe there was another woman. That had to be it, he wasn’t interested in her anymore, that’s why he didn’t want to get married. He wanted to move on. It was almost more than she could handle. She laid down on the couch and soon her soft sobs quieted as she fell into a restless sleep.
  13. 13. The next morning Emily awoke to find Nery chatting on the computer. “What are you doing?” Nery jumped at the sound of her voice, he hadn’t realized she’d woken up. He was trying to look up baby names on the internet without bothering her. “I was-“ “Forget it Nery, I don’t want to hear any of your lies. I’ve had enough. Who is she Nery?” her voice shook with her hurt and anger.
  14. 14. “What? There is no one, Emily. I don’t know what your talking about.” Nery moved to pull Emily into an embrace. Backing up, Emily raised her hand and pointed at the door. “I’m done, I can’t live this way anymore. You need to leave, Now.” “Is this about not being married? I guess I didn’t realize how much it meant to you, I’m sorry.” “This is about you sleeping with someone else. Don’t think I haven’t noticed. I’m not stupid, I can see what’s going on.”
  15. 15. Nery stepped backwards, as if he’d been hit. Sleeping with someone else? There was no one else in his life except for her. What was she talking about? Why was she so upset? Sure they had an argument, but that was over getting married, why was she going on like this? “Go, Nery, get out.”
  16. 16. Feeling he had no other choice, Nery packed up a few things he’d brought with him, and called the taxi. He loved Emily. He didn’t understand how she could think he’d have an affair. The one thing he knew was that Emily wouldn’t let him back in. Not back into her home, and not back into her heart.
  17. 17. Emily watched the taxi pull away from the curb, the snow filling in the tracks it left. Slowly the tears began to fall, then faster until she couldn’t see through the tears. How could she have pushed Nery away like that. She had no proof that he’d betrayed her. But she had just been betrayed. She thought back to all those who should have loved her and left or hurt her. Her mother, the numberless foster families, and Nery. No, not Nery. Herself. This last betrayal was a betrayal of herself. Perhaps she truly was a Lost Child.
  18. 18. A low moan escaped from Emily’s lips as the first labor pains struck. Without thinking she cried out, “Nery!” before remembering she had kicked him out. He wouldn’t be here to see the birth of his child. She was alone in this, as she had been alone most of her life.
  19. 19. With a spin, her son was born. He snuggled into his mother’s arms. Emily looked down at him in wonder and awe. No, she wasn’t alone anymore. Now she had Amil. His name meant hopeful. He was her new hope, and her new family. She needed no one else but him. Emily knew she wasn’t so lost anymore. You can’t be lost when your home, and she knew that wherever Amil was would always be home.