The C³ System - How Brands Achieve Strategic Objective On Social Media

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  • 1. The C3 System How Brands Achieve Strategic Objectives in Social Media Marcus Ho Director of Client Leadership Social Media Hub
  • 3. 1st VentureMARCUS HO PROFILE
  • 5. They’ve Become Category Leaders INTERNET SUCCESS HUB
  • 6. What is digital? ISH CASE STUDY Over US$1.1 million of ticket sales from Facebook in less than 48 hours Full case study:
  • 7. What is digital? 578%  ROI  for  Interna0onal   Cosme0c  Contact  Lenses   ISH CASE STUDY Brand,  FreshKon   Full case study:
  • 8. What is digital? ISH CASE STUDY Over  S$3.6  million  of  savings   for  interna0onal  lingerie   brand,    Wacoal     Case Study coming soon on
  • 9. 1 The C3 System L1: Identify Strategic Objectives L2: Establish Key Performance Indicators L3: Set Social Media Monitoring Tools
  • 10. THE C3 SYSTEML1 Identifying Strategic Objectives
  • 11. The C3 System THE C3 SYSTEM
  • 12. Identify Strategic Objective To begin, decide on an objective for your campaign. THE C3 SYSTEM Objectives can be 1.  Brand Awareness 2.  Sales 3. Consumer Retention
  • 13. Establish KPIs Next, decide on how to measure your success on social media THE C3 SYSTEM To do this, establish your KPIs and social media metrics.
  • 14. Establish KPIs THE C3 SYSTEM
  • 15. Social Media ROI THE C3 SYSTEM 23 Ways to Measure Social Media ROI
  • 16. Set Social Media Monitoring ToolsPeople are talkingabout your brand,products, competitors,and industry real-time THE C3 SYSTEMon social media.Start listening to whatthey are saying beforeyou embark onanything.To do that, you needto use social mediamonitoring tools.
  • 17. Adoption of trends THE C3 SYSTEM
  • 18. Social Media Analysis Report THE C3 SYSTEM
  • 19. Social Media Analysis Report THE C3 SYSTEM
  • 20. Social Media Analysis Report THE C3 SYSTEM
  • 21. Social Media Analysis Report THE C3 SYSTEM
  • 22. Social Media Analysis Report THE C3 SYSTEM
  • 23. 2 The C3 System G1: Media Buys G2: Integration G3: Engage Influencers
  • 24. THE C3 SYSTEMG1 Media Buys
  • 25. Media BuysBegin buy growingyour social equitiesthrough buying adspaces on social THE C3 SYSTEMmedia platforms.Increase your successrate by doing A/BTesting.
  • 26. Buying Facebook Ads THE C3 SYSTEM
  • 27. Buying Facebook Ads You can even THE C3 SYSTEM target on your competitors’ fans!
  • 28. Ads in Specific Communities THE C3 SYSTEM
  • 29. THE C3 SYSTEMG2 Integration
  • 30. IntegrationEnsure that you offlineand online brandexperiences arealigned and THE C3 SYSTEMcompliment eachother.Your offline campaignshould reflectinformation on youronline activities andvice versa.In doing so, you createan integratedcampaign.
  • 31. Online Integration THE C3 SYSTEM
  • 32. Offline Integration THE C3 SYSTEM
  • 33. THE C3 SYSTEML3 Engage Influencers
  • 34. Engage Influencers1.  Approach your brand influencers, offer them what they need THE C3 SYSTEM2.  Engage them to spread the voice of your brand3.  Nurture and maintain relationships
  • 35. Engage UsersTHE C3 SYSTEM
  • 36. Engage Influencers THE C3 SYSTEM
  • 37. 3 The C3 System E1: Map Content Strategy E2: Establish an Engagement Framework E3: Monetise and Measure
  • 38. THE C3 SYSTEME1 Map Content Strategy
  • 39. Map Content StrategyMap yourengagementfoundation within 3areas: THE C3 SYSTEM1. Buyer Avatar2. Brand Persona3. 100 Topics
  • 40. Buyer Avatar – Learn About Your Audience THE C3 SYSTEM
  • 41. Brand Persona “Your brand is what people say you about you when you’re not in the room” –Jeff Bezos Start documenting down your brand’s characteristics if it was an actual person. THE C3 SYSTEM
  • 42. 100 Topics THE C3 SYSTEMBased on your Social Media Analysis Report, formulate a list of 100Topics of conversations which your audiences are talking about. Fromthere, you would be able to produce relevant content for them.
  • 43. 100 TopicsTHE C3 SYSTEM
  • 44. THE C3 SYSTEME2 Set Up An Engagement Framework
  • 45. Set up Engagement FrameworkRelationship is King,Content is Queen. THE C3 SYSTEMTo accomplish both,there are 3 facets tothis.
  • 46. Engagement Framework Daily Operations Content Management THE C3 SYSTEM MonthlyOperations Word-of- Daily Mouth Operations Campaigns Social Relationships Management
  • 47. Content Management“Focus on others, what you cando to help them. Act like you’rea new arrival in a cocktail party.Don’t draw attention to yourselfor your business, but be sure to THE C3 SYSTEMbe helpful by sharing informationon how to solve their problems”– Patsi Krakoff• Share tips and advice based on whatyour target audiences wants to know(tips, inspiring, funny stories, trivias, etc.)• Push press release and announcementsout via social media• Content to be prepared every 30-daysthrough Editorial Calendar• Social content to drive traffic to otherweb properties
  • 48. Content Management Matrix THE C3 SYSTEM
  • 49. Editorial Calendar THE C3 SYSTEM
  • 50. Word-of-Mouth Campaigns Photo/Design Contest Video Contest How it works: Contest whereby winner(s) How it works: Contest whereby winner are selected based on judging and/or (s) are selected based on judging and/ voting. or voting. THE C3 SYSTEM Essay-based Contest Quiz How it works: Contest whereby winner How it works: Quiz enabling consumers to (s) are selected based on judging share their personality with friends. and/or voting. Trivia Favorite Picks How it works: Multiple choice How it works: Promotions enabling question trivia where consumers can consumers to share their favorite items with measure their knowledge. friends. Sweepstakes Others How it works: Consumers enter a How it works: Let your creative juices sweepstakes. Winners are randomly flow! selected.
  • 51. Case Study – Qatar Airways Voted as World’s Best Airlines by Skytrax Primary Objective: To Increase Sales THE C3 SYSTEM Secondary Objective: To reduce marketing expenses (cost-per- email) - 150K+ fans added in 1 month - 100 free air tickets giveaway - Campaign won a Smittys Award
  • 52. Case Study – FreshKon Internationally known cosmetic contact lenses Primary Objective: To reduce marketing expenses (cost-per- THE C3 SYSTEM activation) Secondary Objective: To increase brand awareness -Product images were “censored” - “People Talking About This” score increased 354% - Return on Investment of 548%
  • 53. Earned Media Click Rate THE C3 SYSTEM
  • 54. Rate of Sharing by Campaign Type THE C3 SYSTEM
  • 55. Social Relationships ManagementBuilding advocacy is really all about nurturing yourcustomers’ relationships and experiences. Whencustomers seek you out via social, they’re looking foran opportunity to build an emotional connection.What does that mean? It means responding promptlyto messages, making an effort to reach out and addvalue to these conversations through our proprietary THE C3 SYSTEMmodelThe RSRQ Model: Reward   Statement   Reflec0on   Ques0on  Reward – Light compliment for their responsesStatement – A short neutral statement on the topicof conversationReflection – Reflecting on the topic of conversationand steering it to your top topicsQuestion – Asking a question to continue theconversationSee this framework in action –
  • 56. Social Relationships Management THE C3 SYSTEM
  • 57. Social Relationships Management THE C3 SYSTEM Positive comments can be responded too!
  • 58. Social Relationships Management True advocacy isn’t a numbers game. It’s the natural byproduct of developing good relationships, providing great consistent service, and delivering on your brand promise. THE C3 SYSTEMBy seeing your top most engaged fans, you would be able Screenshot from Meltwaterto further engage them through your brand advocacy Buzz platform – How engagedprogrammes and conversational is each consumer?
  • 59. THE C3 SYSTEME3 Monetise And Measure
  • 60. E3: Monetise and MeasureCreate actionablesteps that driveconsumers throughyour funnels. THE C3 SYSTEM
  • 61. Social Media ROI THE C3 SYSTEM
  • 62. Social Media ROI THE C3 SYSTEM 23 Ways to Measure Social Media ROI
  • 63. Thank You! Marcus Ho E: FB: D: 800-852-3869 (SG Toll Free Number)