How to Increase Revenue Or Decrease Expenses From Social Media


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Social media is distrupting businesses and is empowering customers in ways previously unimaginable. In recent years, organizations have started to be present on social; creative ideas have emerged but only few companies have been able to approach social systemetically and measure their own results. During this session, Marcus Ho (author of the national bestseller Secrets to Facebook Marketing) will reveal The C³ System, the world's first measurable methodology for social media marketing to best engage consumers, build loyalty and create brand advocates.

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How to Increase Revenue Or Decrease Expenses From Social Media

  1. 1. How toIncrease Revenueand DecreaseMarketing ExpensesThrough Social Media Marcus HoDirector(Client Leadership)
  2. 2. LEARNINGPOINTSWhat you will learn•  Get more raving fans and high sharing rate on their socialequities•  Smashing sales records through social media in a shortperiod of time•  Dominant brand among your industry on social media•  Create a strong TOMA (Top-of-mind awareness) brand•  Specific techniques to measure ROI from social media•  And a lot more...
  3. 3. LEARNINGPOINTSWho will benefit from this?•  Business owners, entrepreneurs, sales & marketingprofessionals, managers who are looking to improve results•  If youre frustrated of slow or no results from your socialequities. Or hit a plateau. Dont know how to achieve abreakthrough.•  If youve just started with social media and dont have aclear step-by-step blueprint for creating tangible results. Oryou want to avoid all the pitfalls and wasting time andmoney on trial & errors...and still not get the results•  If youre doing well but want more; the next level of successon social media
  4. 4. AGENCY PORTFOLIOIntroduction toSocial Media Hub1
  5. 5. ABOUTUSWho is Social Media Hub?Social Media Hub establishesits business of performancemarketing in social and searchmarketing.We also have presence inAustralia, Hong Kong,Malaysia, Philippines and UAE.Our vision is totransformcompanies to becategory leadersand maintaincategoryleadership.
  6. 6. ABOUTUSWho Are Our Clients?
  7. 7. ABOUTUSIndustry RecognitionFinalist of theShorty Awards forBest Small SocialMedia Agency 2013Marcus Ho, Junior Chamber International’sTop Ten Outstanding Young People of theWorld From SingaporeRunner Up forBest Social MediaPromotion of TravelDeals by Travel+LeisureS SMITTYs AwardsOur Proprietary C3 System Was ProudlyFeatured in Singapore Business ReviewHomepage Feature by Tech In Asia for thesuccess behind Qatar Airways CampaignFinalist of theMARKies Awards forBest Use of Social 2013
  8. 8. MARCUSHOPROFILEMarcus HoMarcus Ho
  9. 9. 2REASONS2 Biggest Reasons Why People FailOn Social Media•  Video campaign with afunny script that will goviral!"If it doesnt sell, its not creative"- David OgilvyReason #1:Too focusedon ideas•  Implement a game onFacebook Page•  Reaching out to famousbloggers and influencers  
  10. 10. 2REASONS2 Biggest Reasons Why People FailOn Social Media"Organize around business functions, not people. Build systems withineach business function. Let systems run the business and people runthe systems. People come and go but the systems remain constant”Michael Gerber,E-Myth"A bad system will beat agood person every time”W. Edwards Deming,Total Quality ManagementReason #2: Lack a step-by-step system toapproach social media
  11. 11. 2REASONS2 Biggest Reasons Why People FailOn Social MediaToo focused on the hype of socialmedia and doing all sorts ofc r e a t i v e i d e a s t h a t o t h e rcompanies forget that social is justanother platform to communicatewith customers and to grow theirbusiness…If you apply The C³ System, 3 step process,you will get major results in a short period oftime
  12. 12. Qatar Airways: Sales take offOver US$1.1 million ofticket sales fromFacebook in less than 48hoursTESTIMONIALS
  13. 13. Education & Careers: SMUTrue Value of Social Media ROITESTIMONIALS0119002004006008001000120014002010 2012LeadsLeads
  14. 14. Education & Careers: SMUTrue Value of Social Media ROITESTIMONIALS01010204060801001202010 20121000 word Business Proposal Submissions1000 word Business Proposal Submissions
  15. 15. Education & Careers: SMU“… Proved the true value of social media ROI…”"We realized how social media could be so usefulto us after working with Social Media Hub. Althoughthey exceeded expectations in the number of likesand engagement, they didnt just stop there. Theyeven went on to quantify and tie everything intoour organizations objective and proved the truevalue of social media ROI from there.”Arifin ChiaMarComms, Singapore Management University,Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE)TESTIMONIALS
  16. 16. METHODOLOGYThe C3 System
  17. 17. 1How ToLISTENUsing The C3 System
  18. 18. To begin, decide on anobjective for yourcampaign.Objectives can be1.  Brand Awareness2.  Sales3. Consumer RetentionIdentify Strategic ObjectiveTHEC3SYSTEM
  19. 19. Establish KPIsTHEC3SYSTEMNext, decide on how tomeasure your successon social mediaTo do this, establish yourKPIs and social mediametrics.
  20. 20. Establish KPIsTHEC3SYSTEM
  21. 21. Set Social Media Monitoring ToolsTHEC3SYSTEMPeople are talkingabout your brand,products, competitors,and industry real-timeon social media.Start listening to whatthey are saying beforeyou embark onanything.To do that, you needto use social mediamonitoring tools.
  22. 22. Winston Churchill on ListeningTHEC3SYSTEMWinston Churchill"Courage is what it takes tostand up and speak; courageis also what it takes to sit downand listen."
  23. 23. Real-Time Media MonitoringTHEC3SYSTEM
  24. 24. 3INFLUENCECase Study - OPIPositive social brand mentions means finding out how many people arepositively talking about your brand online050100150200250300350400450Pre-Purchase Nail PolishExperienceCollectionPositiveNegativeNeutral
  25. 25. 3INFLUENCECase Study - OPIDistribution of Sentiment for Pre-PurchaseComments aboutPre-Purchase“Im gonna do my nails , multiopi nude colors ! #Bored”@lilMISSDesired1, Twitter“Loving the new OPIcollection!!! Going to get ittomorrow”Janice Yeo, Facebook, Photo“Damn it. Shud I get ChinaGlaze or OPI? Cant make upmy effin mind!”June Ooi,,Photo0 200 400 600Pre-PurchaseNail PolishExperienceCollectionNeutralNegativePositive
  26. 26. 3INFLUENCECase Study - OPIDistribution of Sentiment for NailPolish ExperienceComments about Nail PolishExperience“why the **** does it take solong for opi nail polish to dry.#completePISSOFF”@momolotfi, Twitter“Nails are done, and don’tknow why it takes so long todry…#yawn #opi#germanicure”@ehlubk, Twitter“Ew, we played around withOPI Halloween nail varnishes,and this is what we got… ”Estelle Lim,,Photo0 200 400 600Pre-PurchaseNail PolishExperienceCollectionNeutralNegativePositive
  27. 27. 3INFLUENCECase Study - OPIDistribution of Sentiment forCollectionComments about Collection“Check out Mariah Carey’s OPIcolours!!!”Noka Pennsauken, Twitter“Skyfall nail color!? WOW! Nowthat is product placement.Check out the cool colors allnaned for 007 movies! Its a chickthing. ;-)”Lisa Chelenza, Facebook, Link“Boredom = Holiday Nails#halloween #nails #essie #OPI#SinfulColors #candycorn#bored”@Malditalokaaa, Twitter0 200 400 600Pre-PurchaseNail PolishExperienceCollectionNeutralNegativePositive
  28. 28. 2The C3 SystemHow ToGROWUsing The C3 System
  29. 29. Problems with GrowthPROBLEMSWITHGRWOTH•  Run Facebook Ads, no one orvery few people click on them•  No budget for Facebook Ads•  “Tried everything but can’tgrow my Facebook Page!”Solution:3 steps to growth
  30. 30. THE C3 SYSTEMMedia BuysG1
  31. 31. Beauty & Skincare: Pernod Ricard“… Exceeded the agreed KPIs by over 100%...”“I worked with Social Media Hub with theobjective of boosting the awareness of one ofour upcoming product launches. Overall, theteam has exceeded the agreed KPIs by over100% and turned the whole campaign into anoverwhelming success. Very impressive indeed.”Maybelline TanBrand ManagerPernod Ricard / AbsolutTESTIMONIALS
  32. 32. Media BuysTHEC3SYSTEMBegin by growing yoursocial equities throughbuying ad spaces onsocial mediaplatforms.Increase your successrate by doing A/BTesting.
  33. 33. Buying Facebook AdsTHEC3SYSTEM
  34. 34. Buying Facebook AdsYou can eventarget on yourcompetitors’fans!THEC3SYSTEM
  35. 35. THE C3 SYSTEMIntegrationG2
  36. 36. IntegrationTHEC3SYSTEMEnsure that you offlineand online brandexperiences arealigned andcompliment eachother.Your offline campaignshould reflectinformation on youronline activities andvice versa.In doing so, you createan integratedcampaign.
  37. 37. Online IntegrationTHEC3SYSTEM
  38. 38. Offline IntegrationTHEC3SYSTEM
  39. 39. THE C3 SYSTEMEngageInfluencersG3
  40. 40. Engage InfluencersTHEC3SYSTEM1.  Approach yourbrand influencers,offer them whatthey need2.  Engage them tospread the voice ofyour brand3.  Nurture andmaintainrelationships
  41. 41. Influencer Services: Freshkon“…Increase in visitors & page views…”“… Through the expertise and dedicated work ofSocial Media Hub, we dominated the 1st page ofGoogle with multiple keyword rankings within 1month.We are very impressed with their service, and alsoexperienced an increase in visitors & page viewsto our website"Adele TanSenior Brand Manager, Oculus Private LimitedFreshKon® Cosmetic Contact LensesTESTIMONIALS
  42. 42. InfluencersTHEC3SYSTEM
  43. 43. 3The C3 SystemHow ToENGAGEUsing The C3 System
  44. 44. Problems with EngagementTHEC3SYSTEM•  Got some likes on contentpublished, but no one iscommenting or sharing•  Dont know how to monetisethe fans and drive salesthrough content•  No time to produce contentor to look at social mediasites everyday
  45. 45. Problems with enagementTHEC3SYSTEM“Yesterday home-runs willnot win todays games”Babe RuthSimilarly, you CAN’T usetraditional marketingtactics on social media.
  46. 46. THE C3 SYSTEMMap ContentStrategyE1
  47. 47. Map Content StrategyTHEC3SYSTEMMap yourengagementfoundation within 3areas:1. Buyer Avatar2. Brand Persona3. 100 Topics
  48. 48. Buyer Avatar – Learn About Your AudienceTHEC3SYSTEM
  49. 49. Brand PersonaTHEC3SYSTEM“Your brand is what people say you about you when you’re not in the room” –Jeff BezosStart documenting down your brand’s characteristics if it was an actual person.
  50. 50. 100 TopicsBased on your Social Media Analysis Report, formulate a list of 100Topics of conversations which your audiences are talking about. Fromthere, you would be able to produce relevant content for them.THEC3SYSTEM
  51. 51. 100 TopicsTHEC3SYSTEM
  52. 52. THE C3 SYSTEMSet Up AnEngagementFrameworkE2
  53. 53. Set up Engagement FrameworkTHEC3SYSTEMRelationship is King,Content is Queen.To accomplish both,there are 3 facets tothis.
  54. 54. Engagement FrameworkSocialRelationshipsManagementWord-of-MouthCampaignsContentManagementDailyOperationsMonthlyOperationsDailyOperationsTHEC3SYSTEM
  55. 55. Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp.Savings of S$743,000 inmedia acquisition costs.SOCIALMEDIARESULTS
  56. 56. Beauty & Skincare: Nuline“…Overwhelming response that server crashed…”Social Media Hub has been a great partner inachieving our online objectives and we valuetheir insight and input.We have seen an quantifiable boost in awarenessfor both our brands. In fact, during one of thecampaigns, we received such overwhelmingresponse that our web server crashed briefly. Itwas such a great success and it is now beingfeatured in a global case study for other countriesto adapt.Wendee LeeManaging Director of Nuline ProductsTESTIMONIALS
  57. 57. WacoalOver S$3,600,000of savings forinternational lingeriebrand, WacoalSOCIALMEDIARESULTS
  58. 58. Beauty & Skincare: Wacoal“…High response in 1st week surpassed expectations…”Social Media Hub helped us revamp andlaunch new initiatives for our Facebook Pageand the high response in the first week alonesurpasses our expectation! No regrets workingwith Social Media Hub. Keep up the good work!MikkiMarketing Manager of Wacoal SingaporeTESTIMONIALS
  59. 59. Content Management:Focus on adding value to customer’s livesTHEC3SYSTEMAdvise Warn AmuseInspire Amaze
  60. 60. Content Management:Focus on adding value to customer’s livesTHEC3SYSTEMUnite Trending News EngagingGive Greeting
  61. 61. Editorial CalendarTHEC3SYSTEM
  62. 62. Engagement FrameworkSocialRelationshipsManagementWord-of-MouthCampaignsContentManagementDailyOperationsMonthlyOperationsDailyOperationsTHEC3SYSTEM
  63. 63. Word-of-Mouth CampaignsPhoto/Design ContestHow it works: Contest whereby winner(s)are selected based on judging and/orvoting.Video ContestHow it works: Contest whereby winner(s) are selected based on judging and/or voting.Essay-based ContestHow it works: Contest whereby winner(s) are selected based on judgingand/or voting.QuizHow it works: Quiz enabling consumers toshare their personality with friends.TriviaHow it works: Multiple choicequestion trivia where consumers canmeasure their knowledge.Favorite PicksHow it works: Promotions enablingconsumers to share their favorite items withfriends.SweepstakesHow it works: Consumers enter asweepstakes. Winners are randomlyselected.OthersHow it works: Let your creative juicesflow!THEC3SYSTEM
  64. 64. Case Study – Qatar Airways- 150K+ fans added in1 month- 100 free air ticketsgiveaway- Campaign won aSmittys AwardVoted as World’s Best Airlines bySkytraxPrimary Objective: To IncreaseSalesSecondary Objective: To reducemarketing expenses (cost-per-email)THEC3SYSTEM
  65. 65. Case Study – FreshKon-Product images were“censored”- “People TalkingAbout This” scoreincreased 354%- Return on Investmentof 548%Internationally known cosmeticcontact lensesPrimary Objective: To reducemarketing expenses (cost-per-activation)Secondary Objective: To increasebrand awarenessTHEC3SYSTEM
  66. 66. Earned Media Click RateTHEC3SYSTEM
  67. 67. Engagement FrameworkSocialRelationshipsManagementWord-of-MouthCampaignsContentManagementDailyOperationsMonthlyOperationsDailyOperationsTHEC3SYSTEM
  68. 68. Social Relationships ManagementBuilding advocacy is really all about nurturing yourcustomers’ relationships and experiences. Whencustomers seek you out via social, they’re looking foran opportunity to build an emotional connection.What does that mean? It means responding promptlyto messages, making an effort to reach out and addvalue to these conversations through our proprietarymodelThe RSRQ Model:Reward – Light compliment for their responsesStatement – A short neutral statement on the topicof conversationReflection – Reflecting on the topic of conversationand steering it to your top topicsQuestion – Asking a question to continue theconversationSee this framework in action –   Statement   Reflec.on   Ques.on  THEC3SYSTEM
  69. 69. Social Relationships ManagementTHEC3SYSTEM
  70. 70. Social Relationships ManagementPositive comments can be responded too!THEC3SYSTEM
  71. 71. Social Relationships ManagementTrue advocacy isn’t a numbers game. It’s the natural byproduct of developing goodrelationships, providing great consistent service, and delivering on your brand promise.By seeing your top most engaged fans, you would be ableto further engage them through your brand advocacyprogrammesScreenshot from MeltwaterBuzz platform – How engagedand conversational is eachconsumer?THEC3SYSTEM
  72. 72. THE C3 SYSTEMMonetiseAndMeasureE3
  73. 73. E3: Monetise and MeasureTHEC3SYSTEMCreate actionablesteps that driveconsumers throughyour funnels.
  74. 74. Establish KPIsMETHODOLOGY
  75. 75. Education & Careers: Jobstreet“…Calculate ROI with a quantifiable method…”“Thanks to Social Media Hub, we understand thetrue value of social media. Yes, we got a lot oflikes and a very high engagement rate thatboosted our brand awareness in a veryquantifiable method.But the amazing team even added more valueand calculated the actual Return on Investmentsthat we received from our social mediacampaigns and the results were phenomenal.”Cindy LauSenior Marketing SingaporeTESTIMONIALS
  76. 76. Education & Careers: Mages Institute of Excellence Pte Ltd“…Got the value for every cent spent…”"Initially, I had my reservations on outsourcing the socialmedia marketing, but having gone through theexperience with Social Media Hub, we were amazed!Not only could we utilize the power of social media, myteam also learnt proactive customer service solutionsfrom the Social Media Hub team. It have been a verypositive experience working with Social Media Hub andwe believe that we got the value for every cent spenton the project."Neeru Bahl,Director Mages Institute of Excellence Pte Ltd TESTIMONIALS
  77. 77. Home & Living: Home-Fix“…Showed us the Dollars and Cents of ROI”“… The team quantified the value ofeach like, and showed us the dollarsand cents of ROI we got from our socialmedia campaign.”Gordon LeeMarketing Manager of Home-Fix D.I.Y. Pte LtdTESTIMONIALS
  78. 78. Thank You!Marcus HoE: Marcus@internet-success-hub.comD: 6315 4384 EXT 702H: 93210312