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meso IMPACT Finance helps SMEs grow while generating a measurable social and environmental outcome. Focus areas are : South-Est Asia, Europe

The author, Xavier Heude has been entirely dedicated to the development of Responsible Finance by the mean of promoting Impact Investing, mainly. He is convinced that Private and Institutional investors are growingly interested in putting some part of their money in business activities or projects where they can themselves follow up the financial performance, and last but not least, the social and environmental outcomes generated.
He is Co-founder of meso IMPACT Finance, a Luxembourg-based holding company aimed at taking stakes in SMEs that generate a social and environmental (measurable) impact. MIF helps them develop through a financial and extra-financial support (i.e. technical assistance).
He is also Délégué Général of SAKURA Initiative, a Luxembourg-based non-profit organisation promoting social and responsible practices in the economic and financial sector, through various means such as conferences and communication.

Xavier Heude founded also the “PEERS Direct Investment” – registered trademark in 2011, after having stated for many years, that there are still quite few incentives and operational frameworks and guidelines allowing and encouraging a large public to invest in socially responsible business activities or to support valuable social initiatives.
A network is being built, in order to contribute to expand the mark and get it known worldwide.

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Brochure mesoimpactfinance

  1. 1. meso leading IMPACT Finance sustainable investments Today prosperity has to go hand in handInvestment with sustainabilityObjective / Opportunity meso IMPACT FinancemesoIMPACTFinancean innovative investment opportunityHuman being and Earth are our most important asset.With increasing poverty and challenges arising froman ever larger world population, the requirementsfor food security and renewable resources to covereven basic human needs is intensifying. The challengeswe are facing today can no longer been solved with apurely philanthropic approach.Our solution - directing investment capitalto sustainable SME businesses Rice planting (Vietnam)Finding a way to meet those needs without exhaustingour resource base is imperative. Everywhere, creative, mesopassionate entrepreneurs are working towards IMPACT Financeinnovative market solutions and new businessmodels that can provide better living conditions forlocal communities and preserve critical ecosystems.mesoIMPACTFinance aims to direct mid- to long-term investment capital – including purchase of fixedassets, expansion financing and working capital – tothese sustainable businesses that support livelihoods,mitigate climate change and develop social andenvironmental services. Ploughed field (Romania)Our objective – generating profit and measurablebenefits for our societyThe notion that the success of an investment shouldbe measured by financial return alone has always mesobeen contested and has been more hotly disputedin the wake of the financial crisis. Specifically, there IMPACT Financeis a growing belief in certain financial and politicalcircles that investments should be judged by theirability to generate both a profit and a positivesocial impact. The innovative methodology used bymesoIMPACTFinance provides an analytical frameworkfor impact investing which could measure both financialand social impact. Bamboo workshop (Indonesia)
  2. 2. Investing in sustainable growth and development of the private sector in growing countries Investment Processing Eligible businesses Financing The main targets are small- and medium- The financing will include equity, debt, scale companies operating in any economic quasi-equity instruments. Exit mechanisms will be sector – industry, agriculture, services – that structured to achieve the optimum upside for the generates social and environmental measurable Shareholder / Investor. outcomes. The focus is put on this type of structures Participations of mesoIMPACTFinance are in the as they can easily capitalize on operational range of € 100,000 to € 1,000,000. efficiencies, create jobs, serves as the engine for local economic growth and effect lasting change. Our geographical focus: Europe, South-East Asia, Africa. Agriculture Community-based and rural development renewable energy Services to theelderly or disabled Education and Health people Clean Technological transportation solutions products & services Creating a shared-value with the investee enterprises mesoIMPACTFinance is entirely dedicated to the provides an analytical framework and tools for realisation of a blended return shared by all the impact investing: parties: ■■ an appraisal check-list along with a scoring ■■ a social and environmental positive impact in system aimed at screening valuable projects the locations where the investee companies likely to deliver a significant social / environmental operate outcome ■■ sound financial returns for the investee ■■ a monitoring toolbox (including Key Performance companies as well as mesoIMPACTFinance. Indicators) following up progress of the projects over time. The project’s assessment is to be seen as a mesoIMPACTFinance fosters working-relationships constructive dialogue where every parties tend between all the stakeholders to enhance returns, tap to reach a common and unique objective : how additional professional services, and reduce risks. to develop economic activities being socially and To achieve this goal, mesoIMPACTFinance utilizes environmentally sustainable, resulting in better the “PEERS Direct Investment”(PDI) methodology, livelihood for the population and a good financial one of the most innovative in the industry, that return on the investment.
  3. 3. Insight into the PDI – Extra-financial Indicators Number of questions Dimensions Sub-categories Total and/or indicators GOVERNANCE 15 Governance structures and transparency 4 Relationship with stakeholders 7 Customer relationship (CRM) 3 Legal and related matters 1 SOCIAL 20 Production Operating efficiency 2 Supply chain 3 Human resources Administration of staff and subcontractors 10 Skills management 4 Miscellaneous Civic engagement 1 ENVIRONMENT 2 Internal processes and resources 1 (multiple sub-questions included) Products and services 1 GRAND TOTAL 37The PDI tools will be applied during all site visits and also annually by mesoIMPACTFinance as part of reportingrequirements in order to measure progress on key-benchmarks over time and identify any environmental orsocial needs to be addressed.Furthermore a PDI-approved specialist will apply the tool each year as part of an independent assessment. The advantages of mesoIMPACTFinanceProjects sourcing and selection mesoIMPACTFinance benefits from a long- For shareholders standing and reliable network of collaborations A chance to invest in the real economy ofwith numerous stakeholders to generate the deals growing marketsflow and identify strong transactions. The prospect of financial returns throughAn Investment Committee supports the Company participation in the growth and expansion ofin the projects’ selection process. The principle innovative businessesof geographical and sector-based diversification The opportunity to make an active impact onapplies, as it allows to meet the largest spectrum economic and social structures in growingof shareholders expectations in term of investment countriesopportunities. For SMEs mesoIMPACTFinance takes a hands-on role inmonitoring and working the portfolio, relying on Access to a broader range of products andthis Committee and the network of local advisors, serviceslegal counsel, and specialists. Efficient and affordable products adapted to local needs Real and sustainable development prospects
  4. 4. Financing SMEsat the starting and the growth phaseMain factsCompany name meso IMPACT Finance, CoopSADate of incorporation October 12, 2012 The Company is a holding company incorporated under the name of meso IMPACT Finance on Luxembourg, for an unlimited period under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as a Cooperative constituted as a Société Anonyme («CoopSA»). The Articles of Incorporation have been published on 23 October 2012 in the Mémorial C,Structure Recueil des Sociétés et Associations (the «Mémorial C»). The Company is a commercial corporate vehicle not subject to the supervision of the CSSF, the Luxembourg financial sector supervision authority. It is governed by the Law of 10 August 1915 and 10 June 1999 on commercial companies and pertains to investments in qualifying financial participations.Currency of valuation EURInvestment’s duration Unlimited with lock-up of 5 years for shareholdersMinimum investment From EUR 10,000 With a portfolio of 8 to 12 companies within three years, meso IMPACT Finance will be able to be engaged in each of the investees and build relationships with all projectInvestment targets principals through monitoring visits, reporting requirements, and objectives-setting against which to measure progress.Investment guidelines Equity and debtContribution to the 3,50 % at the subscription dateprojects monitoring Expected IRR of 10 % to 15 % in EUR (net of fees). No historical performance data isTarget return/ available. The indicated figure is based on assumptions for asset-class specific grossperformance returns for individual investments, expected success rates and company costs. meso IMPACT Finance intends to invest in companies and financial instruments that may pose higher risks in comparison to investments in more mature markets or developedRisk countries. The shareholders may therefore lose part or all of the investment. Reference is made to the risks described in the private placement memorandum. The Company’s sole corporate purpose is to hold and manage financial participationsEligible Investments in other undertakings. Apart from that, no investment restrictions or risk-spreading requirement applies to the Company. This document cannot disclose all of the legal, tax, or other consequences. Reference is made to the private placement memorandum.Tax considerations This means that shareholders should seek professional advice on the regulations pertaining to securities and taxes, as well as on other statutory provisions applying to their own circumstances, before making the investment decision. meso IMPACT Finance is committed to regular reporting on its investment products inReporting the form of semi-annual reports including social performance. Michel Vandevoir Director meso meso IMPACT (+352) 621 294 980 IMPACT Xavier Heude Finance Director Finance 68, rue de Beggen (+352) 661 100 289 L-1220 Luxembourg All rights reserved. © mesoIMPACTFinance