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Christmas in the UK

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    1. 1. 17 9 11 10 23 8 4 2 6 15 20 19 1 12 24 21 13 7 14 5 3 1622 18©www.teach-ict.com This resource must not be posted on another site or VLE
    2. 2. Santa is also Santa Claus! known as Saint Nicholas!Santa Claus, also known asFather Christmas, lives in theNorth Pole in Lapland. He givesgifts to good children and helpedby his reindeer on his sledge inthe late evening on ChristmasEve. When everyone is asleep Santa getsthey fly to every house and, so help by havingthey say, the big man goes down elves makingthe chimney. He gives the toys!presents and fill the stockingsand goes back up! Before hegoes with Rudolph, some peopleput out wine and mince pies out Santa Claus Peopleand maybe a carrot for Rudolph. write letterThey eat quick and then go to to Santathe next good child! and might get a reply!
    3. 3. Christmas crackers are quite popular in England. Families normally pulled the crackers before or after the Christmas dinner.In Christmas crackers you can getChristmas hats, jokes and a little toy.The toys are normally different.When you pull them a bang goesoff and one person gets the toys
    4. 4. Rudolf Reindeer are essential for Christmas because then Santa Claus will have no transport to deliver the presents all around the worldReindeer are infused There are 9 reindeers Dasher, Blizenwith magical energies Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet,to fly across the sky to Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and ofmake it quicker to course.....Rudolf!, the leaderdeliver all the presentsof the children of theworld
    5. 5. CHRISTMASDINNER This is a Christmas dinner, it is usually served at lunch time on Christmas dinner by the mother. In Christmas dinner, there is a turkey, vegetables, potatoes and gravy poured over it. The parents usually have a glass of wine and the children have water or juice to go with dinner. This a turkey. lots of people have huge turkeys so that people can have all their family round. Some people have sprouts with their Christmas dinner
    6. 6. The nativity is the bible storyNativity explaining why we celebrate Christmas day.It is all aboutwhen Jesuswas born. Jesus Mary was told the she was going to have a baby and she must call it Jesus and it would be God’s son.
    7. 7. Traditionally boxing dayis a day for fox hunting.Horse riders dressed in BOXINGred and white ridinggear, accompanied by anumber of dogs called DAY HUNTfoxhounds chase the foxthrough the countrysidein the hope of tiring itout.
    8. 8. RudolphThe history of Rudoplh,Rudolph theRed-nosed Reindeer is a fictionalreindeer with a glowing red nose. Heis popularly known as "Santas 9thReindeer" and, when depicted, is thelead reindeer pulling Santas sleighon Christmas Eve. The luminosity ofhis nose is so great that itilluminates the teams path throughinclement winter weather.
    9. 9. Some people believe in Elves and Santa butElves are some do not!believed to befriends withfairies andotherunidentifiedcreatures!
    10. 10. Holly & IvyOne of the most popular Christmas time accessories, holly has sharp edges, symbolic of the crown of thorns worn by Jesus at his crucifixion. The red berries represent blood.
    11. 11. CHRISTMAS TREE ANGELAn angel or star is usually put on the verytop of the Christmas tree to symbolise theangel who brought glad tidings of greatjoy to the shepherds in the fields.
    12. 12. Some people put upChristmas lightson the house and trees to makethere homes look nice andwelcoming.Some people put lots of lightsup but others put very little ornone at all.
    13. 13. In England when it comes to Christmas weeat a load of mice pies. Mince pies are alsothe favourite of Santa. Mince Pies are anessential part of Christmas and they aremade from minced fruit not meat. MincePies became a regular part of Christmas inthe early 16th century.
    14. 14. Inside Christmas decorations A Christmas decoration is any of several types used at Christmas. The traditional colours of Christmas are green, white, and red. Blue and white are often used to represent winter. Gold and silver are also very common, as are just about any other metallic colour.
    15. 15. The Christmas tree was made in Riga 1510. The tradition of theChristmas Christmas tree istree were you decorate a evergreen tree. The tree is usually in doors so Santa an put his presents under them.
    16. 16. Some pets like dogs or cats sometimes have christmas stockings.it is the same as humans but they get there toys or treats.Stockings comein all differentshapes and sizes This is a traditional christmas stocking, we get a few main presents and some mini ones in there. like sweeets or little toys.we hang it up in our house,we hang it up on christmas eve and in the morning it is full up with presents.
    17. 17. Christmas pudding On the 25 of December we have Christmas dinner then after we have a chat then haveChristmas pudding put brandy over it and set it on fire
    18. 18. Every year on Christmas day people get together and eat Christmasdinner. Christmas dinner is a very fun time because we all get Christmascrackers which have jokes and small gadgets inside. After the food wehave a fantastic tasting Christmas pudding . Christmas dinner is great! ! !
    19. 19. PRESENTSI like opening Christmaspresents everyonedoes.