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Self-Organizing Wholo'Team Intelligence. Natural Principles have been used for millions of years. They work. This points to Global Action through Team Evolution.

Self-Organizing Wholo'Team Intelligence. Natural Principles have been used for millions of years. They work. This points to Global Action through Team Evolution.



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Wholo'Teams Wholo'Teams Presentation Transcript

  • FlownetWholo’TeamsWholonomicsPhilip Randolph Lilien
  • Principles of Self-Organizing Wholo’Team Intelligence The fastest computers are flows processing simultaneouslythrough multiple dimensions. As does Collective Intelligence. Collective intelligence is much greater than the centralized controlgrid.We can learn to manifest at a faster rates. Arrive at solutionsno individual can have conception of. Collective Creation dwarfindividual concepts. Wholonomic Flownet Wholo’Teams will allow us to make criticaldecisions correctly even if we all can not agree. InWHolomidSpace, no one is in charge.The Whole is the Charge. We have no over-aching priests or politicians nor presidents orcommissars. Each is manager of their sovereign domain across thescale and chain and grid of Being.
  • The Changing Nature ofTeams It is now rare to find a team who all know each other, sit in the same workarea day by day, work the same hours, work within the one organization,have a common business culture and enjoy prior history of workingtogether. Wholo’teams are complex alliances with coreWholoship commitments withdifferent organizations, professions, locations, using different technologyplatforms.Wholoships have different technology backgrounds.Theyengage levels of involvement from aWholo’core to the occasional reviewersfrom global concern to the concerns of a neighborhood. This is a very different model.The difference is so profound that we need anew name - Virtual FlownetWholo’Teams.
  • NetFlowed NetFlowed rather than Networked means that the team ismade of individuals who are not always part of the sameteam and even when they are, rarely share commonreporting lines rendering command and control methodsmute. Instead we use Manifestream Actions and Results that aremaintained until resolved. Actions and Results are the basisof communication.
  • Virtual State ofWholo’Teams Virtual means that the team is more than less dependent on Internettechnologies.Virtual also means that the team operates with virtualcapacity that is not physically present.This means each team growsand shrinks its membership. This can make it harder to maintain a coherent sense of team andpurpose unless we can understand certain core principles.
  • The Challenge of Learningto ManifestCollectiveVisionTogether Wholo’teams are more distributed and more complex. Despite the number of technologies available to assist team andgroup working it is still exceptionally difficult to manage such teams. In some ways these technologies make things worse by distractingthe team members into technology experimentation rather than theharder challenge of learning to work together and creating theCollectiveVision. Wholo’teams understanding require a set of instructional guidelinestoWhat areWholo’Teams and How they operate.
  • Nature’s Secrets areThe Missing Ingredient Even if we master the technology of teams there will still be somethingmajor missing that will stop our operating with the speed and agilitywe need. Looking to natures most successful teams we can see what are thesecrets of their longevity and dominance over millions of years ofchanging environments. They all share a number of common natural principles that we canapply to ourWholo’teams.
  • MatchingAncient PrinciplesWholo’teams match these ancient principles tobe faster and more responsive.Wholo’Teams get Manifestreams resolved andWholo’Current flow.
  • The Right Size is not Preordained Membranes that circumvent Whol’Teams are open to energy andaction (positivity) but closed to waste (negativity) but are not limitedto a certain size.They will organically grow to the size needed tocomplete Actions and Results. Wholo’teams are composed of Wholoships. Right team size andparticipation only emerge over time. Wholo’Teams keep looking foruseful new members until the actions and results of theManifestream are completed.Throughout the whole team lifetime,part-time members, advisors and experts, guides and allies areinvolved. Manifeststreams are like water within water. Manifeststreams arecomposed of membrane braids of Actions and Results.
  • Assume Leadership - Empower Others Great players make other players great too.To reach yourbest you will need support. Empower others to do their bestand they will free you up to do your best.
  • Co-operating Manifests Wholo’Teams align together by one or more Co-operatingManifests, streams of action to achieve some important, urgentand specific objective such as: Planning and launching of a major event Designing and running of a new program or initiative Developing and testing of a new process Running a campaign to open up new sectors Design and implementation of improved functional processes Planning and execution of managing and training initiatives
  • Challenges and Problems Faced byWholo’teams Why is it more difficult to operate a Wholo’Team than a traditionalteam? The Flow Factor A Flowed team does not share common accountability structures, businesscultures and professional sensibilities.This makes it hard to agree standards,accountability structures and sanctions for non-performance. TheVirtual Factor It is very difficult to manage the involvement, commitment and trust buildingof a team operating "virtual capacity" because members constantly dip in andout of the team and some of them may never be present together in anyphysical meeting.
  • Challenges and Problems Faced byWholo’teams The Speed Factor Todays rapidly accelerating environment with its "Just do it -now" business culture is not news to anybody. When you overlay this on top of the complexity already there inWholo’teams due toVirtual NetworkTechnology Factors it justmakes things all that more difficult. Doing a complex thing is ok ifI concentrate and take my time. Doing something very fast is oktoo if I can focus on it. But doing a complex thing very fast isaltogether much more stressful. TheTechnology Factor It would be great if the team could learn the team technologies
  • Wholo’Team Dynamics Recognition of the dynamic and living nature of the team itselfseparate from its members. AWholo’team is a living thing in itself, more than the sum of itsmembers.The Wholo’team is whole.This allows more insightfulselection of the best course of action. Wholo’Teams are colonies which must be nurtured whilerecognizing they are inherently unpredictable. TheWholo’Team is a kind of super-organism and needs to betreated in ways that enhance and support its complex andinterconnected nature.
  • See the Wholo’team as a WholeOnce we can see the Wholo’team as a whole and not as the mere aggregationof the individual parts that make it up, we can discover how much morecapable, reliable and efficient a Wholo’team can be. This forces you to rethink how you should nurture, organize and supportsuch teams and implies radically new approaches to: Team Mobilization and Change Management New Processes and Practices Team SupportTechnology OngoingTeam Coaching
  • Self-Management or Autonomy EachWholo’team Zero Point manage themselves in the context offeedback so does not need to be directly told what to do. No more wait till told and obey orders. Wholo’teams are self-managed teams.This does not mean that thereis no leader but that every member is a leader in some domain Application of this trait allows aWholo’team to successfully addressthe fundamental problem of accountability in a FlowedTeam Context.
  • JustAct Wholo’teams act according to simple agreements.They donot seek permission from higher authorities before acting -they just act. Communicate information not orders.
  • Non-verbal Broadcast Communication Wholo’teams develop superb communications that do not rely ondirect member-to-member communications. This is relevantespecially with teams at multiple locations with every one workingdifferent hours and where members cant physically meet that often. Application of this non-verbal broadcast trait helps us to design theteams communications in a way which eliminates communicationbottlenecks and redundancies. Wholo’Teams are built on signals notorders.
  • Action Focused Wholo’teams solve problems and learn by rapid experimentation andevolution. Wholo’teams have very concrete goals which are hard-wired into themembers but the members dont have any actual strategies or plans forachieving them.They work by rapid experimentation and feedback. Ifsomething works and solves the problem it gets reinforced within theircollective set of responses for the next time - if not it dies.This broadcastacross the entire Wholomid Field increases wealth potential. Wholo’teams are action-focused.They act first and ask questions later. Application of this trait enables us to design simple team member rules ofamplified behavior and feedback mechanisms enabling teams to rapidlyevolve improved effectiveness.
  • Wholo’teams Only have Leaders Everyone contributes to the well being of the team and to achieving theagreed goals. In aWholo’team there are no leaders issuing orders, as everyone isbroadcasting relevant bits of information just-in-time to all other teammembers. Leaders are not needed as there are no rigid permission structures and anyteam member can take timely action relative the information received. Directresponsible individual action is supported, acknowledged and facilitated. This is further supported byWHolomidValue. Transparency and clearly agreed policies are the foundations for this tohappen.
  • Sending OutTimely Information Wholo’Teams broadcast information bits and expect receivingteammates to take appropriate action just-in-time. Wholo’teams evolve simple approaches to communicate urgentinformation widely and instantly without doing anything morethan sending out just-in-time information bits and lettingeveryone take action in an independent fashion. AValueWealth Field.
  • Wholo’Teams do not need to take Orders Orders have higher information complexity than situational informationand are more difficult to assemble and broadcast quickly to teammates. Orders are more likely to contain errors and to be misunderstood. Check this out by experimenting with work colleagues by giving outalternatively information bits and order information.You will discoverthat when you give order information you inevitably have to supplyconsiderable more situational information to ensure that the order isproperly understood. Nature has evolved an distributed approach to message transmissioncoupled with enough distributed self-intelligence within each of thereceivers to be able to know what to do with the transmission.
  • Distributed Intelligence Wholo’Team members have enormous local distributed intelligence with theirmind and spirit and tools for working out the required action. Learning from nature means that teammates must be trained to expectinformation rather than orders and must be able to quickly work outappropriate responses without having to be told. If we start providing just-in-time information bits to a newWholo’team whichhas been exposed only to receiving "orders" and "instructions" there will onlybe one response, team paralysis. The team members will digest the information but will not take
action. Henceeducation is needed here.
  • Speed is the Essence Information needs to be communicated to all teammates quickly Members of a team are generally very busy and they dont have the time toread and understand complex instructions. They want brief, synthetic, focused, short messages. One-way is okay.When an ant or a bee broadcasts a message to anotherant or bee it doesnt wait for a response. Why? In Nature speed is the essence. If natures teams waited for a response they would probably get eatenbefore it arrived.They rely on razor sharp fast responses to survive.
  • Nature’sTeams Natures teams subjugate everything to speed. Speed enables living animals to move to more powerful positions further uptheir ecosystem. Speed is the essential difference between the species at the top and bottomof the food chain. The difference between a plant and an insect or animal is speed. Natures teams are communicating information rather than orders, it followsthat their communications are broadcast rather than conversational. Therefore these messages do not need responses, being
one-way.Thisenables very fast team reactions.
  • NotWaiting for a Response Waiting for a response to electronic communicationsdrastically hampers the Wholo’teams speed, agility andresponsiveness. Everything stops while somebody does notreply or somebody is away from his or her screen orsomeones email gets bounced. Wholo’teams adopt information for action and one-waymessaging.
  • Wholo’teams expect information not orders Aviation has two critical communication terms universally used in allradio transmissions - Roger and Wilco. Wilco means I have received your message andWill Comply with it. Roger means I have received your message but I may or may not act onit. AWholo’team needs to find a way to automatically achieve Rogerminimizing all communications requiring aWilco. Use two-way messages where you absolutely need to have a clear-cut response, where there is unavoidable complexity or where yourequire a particular bit of info.
  • DistributeWisdom Wholo’teams model nature by becoming teams of peers and leaderswhere every member understands that it is central to their role as aWholo’team member on the look-out for just-in-time criticalinformation which may be of value to the whole. In an ant colony, the Queens job is to reproduce not try to controlwhat all the other ants do. Some colonies can have 200 million members with the Queen havingno idea what each of colony members are doing at any moment.TheQueen Bee does not find the good nectar source or dance the dance.The ant queen does not spot the ant from a rival colony out on ascouting mission.
  • Vital Signs How do we make sure team members will know what info to sendout? How can we prevent them from constantly spamming with pettopics, irrelevancies and trivia? Well, we need to clearly know what is vital and what is not.Tosupport this we need to have aWholo’team dashboard of vitalsigns which always require immediate attention.
  • Act dont ask (permission granted) One way organisational teams protect themselves against the riskof an individual making critical mistakes that can significantly affectthe rest of the team or theWholomid is by using PermissionStructures. A permission structure is a structure regulating where action cannottake place without some other approval. As far as possible thisshould be minimal.
  • Permission Structures Effective teams constantly challenge their existing permissionstructures, where an action cannot happen without somebodyelses permission. For each of these structures teams should ask, if the cost of thecontrol is greater than the cost of the potential losses if someoneacts without permission?
  • Act dont Ask raises Issues ofTrust in Wholo’teams It is OK to use permission structures where you dont trust a team members skills. It is not OK to use permission structures where you dont trust a team membersmotives or commitment. In these situations you need to challenge motives issuesand if necessary find replacements for such team members. Let team members act with as much freedom as possible but log all actions and whotook them. Recorded information available to all team members, transparency with feedback. Wholo’Teams through their Wholomid portal engages in a review process whereteam member actions are regularly reviewed by the whole team in the spirit ofopenness and learning.
  • Not about Issuing Orders Instead of issuing orders, natures teams function by providing timelyinformation to the team members and then expecting them to takeappropriate action where needed Accountability is achieved through transparency systems.
  • Three Action Rules Rule 1 - Send out timely information

- Communicate Information not Orders
-Use 1-way messages
- Develop member autonomy and self-management Rule 2 - Everyone must broadcast
- Enable "every member broadcasting" toand from any device
- DefineTeams "Vital Signs"

- EstablishTeam Etiquetteand Behaviors Rule 3 - Act dont Ask, Permission Granted
- Permit but log and track actions
-Challenge Permission Structures
- Regular team review sessions Treat all members as leaders.
  • Wholo’IQ Everyone looks for team threats and opportunities It is not just forthe focalizer to share information on potential threats oropportunities for theWholo’team. Every member’s responsibility is to constantly tap this teamintelligence making sure it is rapidly effectively communicated toother team members who might need to know about it.
  • Always On 24/7 message hotlines for team members. Wholo’teams take the messages via whichever device suitseach member best at any particular time in their day.
  • Syn’Optic Union External to theWholo’Team partners as treated as fullytrusted team members. Wholo’teams treat them identicallyto their own internal team members in terms of transparencyand trust.
  • Flowitecture Wholo’team internal and external Flows Holo’teams pay attention to the collective flows and the flows ofeach team member. This ensures adequate ties to get Manifests done well. Able to tap favors as needed from external parties. Ensures sufficient ties to quickly spot important changes andwarning signals from external market /operational environments.
  • Consistent Behaviors To be really effective Wholo’teams first put in place the foundationsby ensuring there are a basic core set of member behaviors which canbe guaranteed to be executed consistently by members at all times. Wholo’team members take an interest in anything which might affectthe ultimate success of their Manifests whether it’s within theirdefined role or not.
  • Learn Co-operation Strategies Wholo’team members learn co-operation strategies. Real, raw, basic and undeclared motivations of each teammember is important to include. Win-Win is used as a collaboration strategy not as anoutcome. Whats in it for me question important to address and fulfillfor each team member.
  • Action not Analysis isTheWay to Get It Done Act and move on. Don’t wait for feedback. Act again.This our formula forrapid manifestation. Signal with directive information not as an order.Then we can learn how hack the whole system. Experimentation, mutation and team review, not extensive planning,design and preparation before trying out new things. Wholo’teams know that live controlled experimentation gets things right. Most things don’t work out as planned. No matter how well they areanalysed and designed. Wholo’teams quickly try out alternative actions in parallel in small safeways to find out what works best and then they build on and adapt themost promising results.This is accelerated directed evolution in action.
  • Autopoiesis of Flow Goals and roles are in terms of the transformations intended in thelives of the people and partners they engage with. Self-organizing Wholo’Flows enliven the IQ intelligence of theWholo’Team base.
  • FocusYour PotentialPotential is like light. It shines bright but becomes mostpowerful and real when focused like a laser. An activatedWholo’team knows its core values and life purpose.
  • CreateYour Strategy CreateYour Strategy. PlanTo ReachYour Potential.The quickest route to failure is not having a game plan thatyou follow. It will keep you clear. It will capitalize on yourstrengths and compensate for your weaknesses.
  • Focus is achievingActions and Results Wholo’Teams Utilize Support. No one need Do It Alone.Life is a team sport.We want great players as part of allWholo’teamswhose focus is achieving Actions and Results.
  • Build Momentum Take Action. Build Momentum. Execute. Execute. Execute. Abody in motion stays in motion.That means momentum.Once you begin to execute your game plan things will beginto happen effortlessly.
  • Just keep moving forward Keep DoingWhat Works. Learn From What Doesnt.Continue moving forward. If something isnt working,examine why not and choose an alternate approach. Justkeep moving forward with the valuable new information youare acquiring.
  • Manage Opportunities Prepare for Greater Results. Momentum will accelerateresults - and naturally produce more opportunities.Think ofriding a bike down a big hill. It can be effortless whileproducing great velocity, but if you take your eyes off theroad too long - watch out! Maintain your values and narrowyour focus!
  • Become SuperConductive Become SuperConductive to the Best in Life.You are a leader now.You are a winner.This may be a new feeling.Stand in it. Expect the best from life, yourself and those around you.Reduce resistance and friction. Let the energy flow. A winningattitude triumphs over talent alone.
  • Contribute Acknowledge WhatYou Have. Contribute to Others.Whats the point of playing if you dont relish the joy ofhaving played it well? And, there is no joy so great as sharingthe experience with others, contributing to their successes aswell.
  • Quotes Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail. -- Charles F.Kettering, 1876-1958, American Engineer, InventorWhen you get into a tight place, and everything goes againstyou, till it seems as though you could not hold on a momentlonger, never give up then--for that is just the place and timethat the tide will turn. - Harriet Beecher Stowe, 1811-1896,American Novelist, Antislavery CampaignerLeaders think and talk about the solutions. Followers think andtalk about the problems. - BrianTracy, AmericanTrainer,Speaker, Author, Businessman
  • Naturally Clean Up our Messes We naturally Clean Up our Messes. Make Space For PlayingFully.Before you can put new goodies on your plate, you need toclean up your act.This includes closets and anything yourehiding in closets.To play fully you need a clean slate ofintegrity as well as a clean environment.