The Fat Secret Foods


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weightloss tips to help you in the new year

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The Fat Secret Foods

  1. 1. ==== ====Discover The 37 Foods that KILL up to 11 Pounds ====It shouldnt really be a secret, yet so many of us dont know it. The secret - locked deep inside ourbodies - might have been known to us in our youth but weve lost it along the way.You might, in fact, even think you know the secret, but I can almost guarantee that if yourecarrying an extra 5 pounds or more or if you have a modern sickness or allergy, youre not thinkingcorrectly about food.Here is the secret: Food is nourishment for bones, muscles and organs. Food is not an excuse tospend time with other humans, something to do when youre bored, or meant to be a steadyexplosion of robust or sinful flavors in your mouth. Yes, food can be part of a celebration, can bean event shared with others and can taste fantastic but - outside of cooking class and family meals- it should never be used as the only thing we have in common.When you look at food this way - nourishment for your body - the stuff you put in your mouth andstomach will naturally change. At first youll look at the extra treats such as chocolate bars andpotato chips and realize that they provide no nourishment. Next youll start to look at the staplessuch as white bread and white rice and the processes used to make them - eventually realizingthat this also is not the best you can do for your muscles, bones, and organs. Finally, when all ormost of the food youre currently consuming has been eliminated youll be hungry and wonderingjust what is left? What will be nourishment?At that point youll have enough love for yourself, love of your life, respect for your time and health,that youll uncover just how to feed your body the way it needs to be fed.When you take that step I promise you three things:that food will not be boring (there are lots of great flavors and foods youll love here),you can explore and share it with friends (knowing that when you do so youll be gifting them withhealth instead of killing them with processed junk and fats),and you can eat as much as you want if youre ever bored (but you will not be bored because asyou eat better youll have more energy, youll discover new interests, and the old couch potato lifewill naturally fall away with the weight youve packed on over the last few years)That my friend is the food secret. It is a new way of life, of loving yourself and ultimate health. It isnot hard, not restrictive, and not boring. What it is, really, is completely natural, empowering, andjoy filled.
  2. 2. Laura Childs is a 46 year old work at home mother who has unlocked the secrets of weight lossand shares the truth with her website visitors. At the beginning of her own journey to lose weightshe lost 10 pounds in 7 days and continues to drop unwanted fat while firming her musclesthrough easy exercise and proper eating. Visit her website, to learn how to loseweight with great dieting tips and recipes.Article Source: ====Discover The 37 Foods that KILL up to 11 Pounds ====