Easy Weightloss Motivations


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weightloss tips to help you in the new year

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Easy Weightloss Motivations

  1. 1. ==== ====Discover The 37 Foods that KILL up to 11 Poundshttp://tinyurl.com/895t44t==== ====Weight loss motivation is a BIG problem especially if you have a lot of weight to lose. The problemcan just seem IMPOSSIBLE. This is part 3 of our 8 part series exploring the 7 most cripplingproblems faced by people trying to stick to a weight loss plan and offer the solutions that allowedme to break free of the weight loss plateau. What is the BIGGEST problem that kills the weightloss motivation of thousands? Problem 2: I don’t have time for preparing healthy meals!Weight loss solution No.1 – AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! I sympathize with you COMPLETELYif the last thing you want to do is slave over a hot stove after a 10 hour (or more) workday. Buteven if you do work multiple jobs and need to eat out or get take away for almost every meal thereis no excuse for poor eating. We live in the 21st century and in one of the wealthiest countries inthe world. Almost every type of food available is within close proximity to many of us who live inthe city and even semi rural areas these days. There are choices and we need to carefullyconsider the cost of constantly choosing foods that are stealing away our weight loss solutions.SCARY FACT: It is possible to buy take away foods EVERY DAY of the week and still lose weight.How did I do it? I stuck to the plan that I have outlined below. The weight loss secret is all aboutsmall portions, light healthy meals and WHAT TO AVOID! Top 4 types of foods to AVOID whenbuying take aways: AVOID FRIED FOODS Fried foods are everywhere. Hamburgers, fish andchips, chicken, spring rolls etc. the list just goes on! But have you noticed the local sandwich shopoffering chicken salad, whole wheat wraps, salads with wholemeal bread… there are morepossibilities out there than you think. Anything steamed, grilled or baked rather than fried willmake a BIG difference to your fat intake. AVOID EXTRAS SUCH AS SAUCES AND TOPPINGSThat chicken schnitzel with cheese and parmigana sauce may make your day but it won’tmake your weight loss solutions become a reality. Other weight loss killers include butter, sourcream, full cream yoghurts, mayo, tartare sauce and relish. The general pattern is to avoid extrasbased on sugars and dairy products. The worst thing is we often underestimate the effects ofthese items on our weight loss solutions. We think “they are so small, how can they affectthe overall result?” Let me tell you that in the past I have been guilty of eating a wholecarton of sour cream with a plate of wedges and it adds up big time! Avoid these extras altogetherand if you can’t then be very mindful of the amount you are using. AVOID LARGESERVINGS AND UPSIZING It is very tempting when the larger size is only 50 cents more but thenumber of calories you are adding can be much more expensive to your diet than 50 measlycents! The best piece of advice someone ever gave me is “you have to learn to sayNO”. The food servers are trained to ask you to upsize. They are simply doing their job.They won’t be the least bit offended if you say no. You won’t look rude or like a foolespecially if you add a “thank you” to that “no”. Don’t be afraid tosay it. No-one is making you say “yes”. AVOID SUGAR AND DAIRY BASEDALCOHOLS After we have had a few too many drinks, worries about calories go straight out thewindow. Irish Cream and milk may taste great but all that milk and the sweet Irish Cream itself isloaded with all the wrong things if you have too many. If you must drink choose a low carb beer or
  2. 2. a dry wine (preferably red). Diet soft drinks are not ideal but preferable to their sugar loaded fullsoft drink counterparts. Nothing beats a nice cold glass of filtered water. It tastes great and youcan enjoy it to your hearts content!HELP! How can I ease the pain? Don’t let your weight loss motivation fall if constantly beinghungry is getting you down. An adjustment period is normal when you are embarking on any majorlifestyle change.Many people turn to an appetite suppressant called Hoodia to help them through this adjustmentperiod. This natural dietary supplement is a form of the Hoodia Cactus that is famous for its abilityto suppress hunger and thirst. Hoodia has been used by the Bushmen of South Africa forhundreds of years to suppress their appetite during long hunting trips through the Kalahari Desert.The hoodia has the effect of fooling your brain into thinking you are full. It has allowed thousandsof Americans to get their food cravings under control and not feel the physical anguish of hungerpains from eating smaller meals. It will allow you to get used to healthier and lighter meals and is afantastic way to start your diet or start to actually see success in your diet if you have previouslymade no real progress.It is not a miracle. You will still need to have mental weight loss motivation but the physicaladjustment difficulties will be much easier to conquer when using Hoodia. It turned the weight lossbattle on its head when hoodia was discovered in 2003 and for many people it was thebreakthrough that allowed them to finally experience the elusive weight loss solution. There aremany hoodia extracts you can choose from tablets to capsules to liquids and even patches but BECAREFUL.WARNING: Some Hoodia supplements contain little or no authentic Hoodia. Hoodia is very rareand many companies are selling fake Hoodia products to jump on the popularity of this product asa weight loss solution.Unless you plan on losing your money rather than your pounds there are 3 things you absolutelymust AVOID when purchasing Hoodia supplements! These clues on a manufacturers website willhelp you to identify the scammers and which products to stay away from.Visit Trusted Weight Loss Review [http://www.trusted-weight-loss-review.com/Hoodia-Report1.html] and discover what you need to know.This article only addresses one of theproblems that can destroy your weight loss motivation. You can also download the full ebook The7 Problems that can CRIPPLE your weight loss efforts for free at Trusted Weight Loss Review[http://www.trusted-weight-loss-review.com/Hoodia-Report1.html] and get the full story.Weight loss "wanna be" or weight loss success? Discover a wealth of resources and reviews ofthe products that have helped our readers to attain a slimmer, healthier, sexier you. There are nogurus here. No hype. Just real people who have achieved the body they have always wanted.Discover how at [http://www.trusted-weight-loss-review.com/Hoodia-Report1.html]
  3. 3. Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Terrie_Davis==== ====Discover The 37 Foods that KILL up to 11 Poundshttp://tinyurl.com/895t44t==== ====