Discover The Missing Link To Your Own Weightloss Problems


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weightloss tips to help you in the new year

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Discover The Missing Link To Your Own Weightloss Problems

  1. 1. ==== ====Discover The 37 Foods that KILL up to 11 Pounds ====Diets dont work!!!We all know this to be a fact but we still keep looking for the next new diet to try.Some diets have been around for years and are still going strong. Im not talking about diet plansbut silly little diets.Take the Cabbage Soup Diet for instance. This diet has been around for at least 15 years that Iknow of. Does it work? Yes it works. As long as you are eating only cabbage soup you will loseweight.The problem is you cant just eat cabbage soup for the rest of your life. Or maybe you can but itsnot likely that you will. Eventually you have to go off this diet. You start eating like you used to eatand the pounds gradually climb back on.Other diets like the rice diet, the oatmeal diet, the raw foods diet, the low carb diet, the high carbdiet, and any other diet you can think of will also work. They work as long as you are dieting. Whydo they work? Because you are controlling the amount of calories you consume. Even if the dietsays eat as much of the food as you want, you can only eat so much rice before you get tired of it.So you naturally eat less and less.These diets try to make you think the foods are special and have magic properties that make youlose weight. There are no secret foods that will draw the fat from your cells. There are noforbidden foods either. All foods are ok to eat as long as you are eating because you are hungry.As soon as you stop the diet, you are right back where you started from.So if diets dont work, and you know they dont, what do you do if you want to take off the weight?You have to change your bad eating habits.Fact: If you are overweight it is because you have eating habits that are causing you to eat morethan you body needs. (Unless you have a medical condition, of course. Most of us dont.)Many of these habits started when you were a child. Finishing everything on your plate is one bigbad habit. Hurrying through your meal is another. Eating on the go will always add extra pounds.Eating out of boredom, eating while you watch TV, eating socially, these are all going to make youbigger.
  2. 2. Eating was meant as a means to sustain life. We must eat to live. Most overweight people will eatfor any reason or no reason at all. Nothing else to do? Lets eat! Need to kill a little time? Have asnack! Watching TV? Grab a bowl of ice cream.If you break these bad habits, you will lose weight. Make food a necessary part of your life ratherthan the only driving force and you will lose weight.If you decide to go on a diet, you will increase you obsession for food. You will think of nothing butfood. You will cheat because you can and you deserve it and you are the boss of you and formany other reasons. Dont go on a diet! You will only get fatter!Learn how to make eating a normal function in your life and you will be the right size for you. Howare you going to do that? Change those old, defeating habits into new, helpful habits. Its as simpleas that. Eat when you are hungry and eat what you want to eat. Just do it right.For free information and many helpful tips on changing those bad habits, visit and Discover the Missing Link in Weight Loss!About this author: Margaret Albright is a student of Naturopathy and an editor for the website AllNatural Cures | Home Remedies and More ( - All safe, natural curesand home remedies.Article Source: ====Discover The 37 Foods that KILL up to 11 Pounds ====