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  • Treatment
  • U.S.P
  • Technical
  • Producer profile
  • Concept
  • Treatment
  • U.S.P
  • Strategy
  • Technicality

Ashok B4u Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Stories
    Story Tellers
    A Mega Project Comprising An Influential Series Of Documentaries On South East Asian Storytellers And A Path Breaking Film Series Based On Their Outstanding Stories.
  • 2. An Auto Biography Of Unknown
    Documenting Biographies Of Globally Celebrated Contemporary Indian Authors In The Form Of A Phenomenal Television Series.
    • Salman Rushdie
    • 3. Kiran Desai
    • 4. Anita Desai
    • 5. Rohinton Mistry
    • 6. Amitav Ghosh
    • 7. Amartyasen
    • 8. Hanif quereshi
    • 9. Jhumpa Lahiri
    • 10. Vikram Seth
    • 11. Ved Mehta
    • 12. V.S. Naipaul
    • 13. Nirmal Verma
  • Concept
    Indian authors writing in English language have conquered the world. These eminent writers have won coveted national and international Literary Awards, attracted vast media attention and made the publishing industry breath afresh. With rising readership, they are the centre of critical attention, scholarly works and research activities of International academia.
    Interestingly, there exist another common thread among most of these contemporary Indian writers.
    They all have foreign acquaintances in one form or the other, and as a result their work often reflects a brilliant introspection on cross cultural issues.
    But unfortunately their personal expeditions and experiences in life which largely acts as the intellectual fodder to such incredible literary pursuits, are still very much unexplored in public.
    So, an honest attempt to unravel the personal journeys of these celebrated writers, is bound to draw huge global attention.
  • 14. Treatment
    • Season one will feature 13 episodes of 21 minutes each.
    • 15. Each episode will showcase one of the eminent author. A probable list with the brief biographical details along with their noteworthy works and critical response are also furnished along.
    • 16. A narrative style with pleasant voice over in English language complimenting an iconoclastic camera and edit work.
    • 17. Shootings will be largely done in Europe and America since most of the featured authors are based there.
    • 18. Testimonies from family members, celebrity fans like film actors and directors, sportsman or leaders from both national and international arena, ardent readers, teachers and friends etc. will be smartly incorporated.
    • 19. An emotional journey of their erstwhile life featuring both failure and success.
    • 20. An inspiring tale for budding writers and scholars.
    • 21. A bibliography of their work and honors.
  • Opportunities
    A Subject Of Global Interest
    Involvement Of International Literary Figure
    Catering Niche Audience
    Promoting Indian English Literature To A Broader Audience
    Pioneering Effort To Archive The Personal Lives Of Contemporary Literary Giants
    A Unique Television Show
    Branding Opportunities Specially For Big Publication Houses Along With Other Regular Clienteles.
  • 22. Scenario
    This series of documentary is just a strategic tool to warm up with these writers to achieve a much larger vision in future. A vision to produce a series of brilliant features to be based on the best work of each of these internationally acclaimed writers.
    Intensive research along with an internet based public forum will also be introduced in future to select the best work of these writers.
    Campaign will be launched in book stores such as, land mark, crossword,
  • 23. Technicality
    • Video Portable Lights
    • 24. Panasonic Ag-hmc150(will Be Shot On Two Camera Setup)
    • 25. Sennheiser ew100-eng G3
    • 26. Shot Footage Will Be Send Through FTP
  • Producer’s Profile
    Offshore carrier
    • Cameraman ,U.K
    • 27. Producer Talk of The Town, U.K
    • 28. Producer, Acquired properties in India, middle East, Europe
    • 29. Media Planning, U.K
    • 30. Tamil Feature film Cinematography,U.K
    • 31. Official Cameraman For Unforgettable World Tour
    • 32. U.K, U.S.A, Canada, Caribbean
  • Beyond Horizon
    feature film series
    An Epoch Making Film Series, Based On The Finest Stories Evolved Around Foreign Neighborhoods, Written By Eminent Authors Of Indian Origin
    • The Inheritance of loss
    • 33. The Shadow Lines
    • 34. That Summer in Paris
    • 35. Freedom song
    • 36. Red letter
    • 37. Solitude of Emperors
    • 38. American brat
    • 39. Babyiji
  • Concept
    Today, when the intellectual brigade of the west are spinning towards the east in search of rich dramatic contents and chronicles of multi-ethnic and soulful credentials; we in INDIA feel blessed with the existence of a huge warehouse of modern authors, whose works are critically appreciated worldwide. These authors have frequently been producing immense literary works of unmatched international quality. Most of their works consist of unadulterated human stories which reflect diversified socio-cultural issues of universal significance. And many of their plots revolve around the conflicts of Indians or South- Asians in general, who are settled in different parts of the globe. So, a series of feature films, each based on these highly commendable literary resources will be worth pioneering because of several lucrative factors, both in terms of creative and commercial aspect.
    In creative perspective, it’s a great opportunity to explore strong dramatic contents, accentuate multi-cultural cohesiveness, expose various locations in Europe, America or Africa and absorb artists and technicians from different part of the world for a single project. While in terms of commercial perspective, substance of each film will automatically make the entire sequel truly international in form and nature, thus bringing in a huge global business and exposure along with a strong hold in the domestic market too.
    The content of each feature will profoundly be based on a brilliant story, published or unsullied, written by one of these prolific writers. Though each film will be very unique from the other in terms of storytelling yet there will be something common in characteristics between all of them which will make them an integral part of a large and beautiful motion picture sequel.
  • 40. Treatment
    • Each Feature Will Be Based On A Story By A Different Writer And Will Be Filmed In A Different Country.
    • 41. They Will Very Independent In Content But Common In Form So That They Remain An Integral Part Of The Entire Sequel.
    • 42. Technical Excellence And Aesthetic Finesse
    • 43. Outstanding Background Track And Musical Scores
    • 44. Performance Based Dramas
    • 45. Importance To Finer Details Of Life In General
  • Opportunities
    • Powerful Story Telling
    • 46. A Huge Fan Following Of The Said Authors Across The Globe.
    • 47. A Subject Of Critical Speculation Because Of The Involvement Of Big Contemporary Names Of Literary World.
    • 48. Catering Multiplex Audiences
    • 49. Gateway To Various International Film Festivals
    • 50. Huge Dvd Market
    • 51. Telecast Rights In All Foreign Territories
    • 52. A Very Unique Concept, A Very New Approach
  • Scenario
    • Assimilate Brilliant Theatre Artists Of Indian Or South Asian Origin,
    • 53. Based In Different Parts Of The World.
    • 54. Incorporate Skilled Technicians, Musicians And Researchers From Across The Globe.
    • 55. Popular Actors Suitable For Specific Characters Will Be Included
    Keeping Their Huge Fan Following In Mind.
    • Inspire Authors To Bring Forward Their Best Unpublished Manuscripts.
    • 56. A Special Marketing Cell To Enclose Top Travel Companies
    • 57. Like Keoni For In Film Branding.
    • 58. A Special Website And Internet Forums For Viewer’s Opinion.
    • 59. Campaign Will Be Launched In Book Stores Such As, Land Mark, Crossword,
  • Technicality
    Red one Camera
    Motion Graphics
    Assimilate Scratch
    Final Cut Pro
    Digital workflow
    Visual Effects
  • 60. Crew
    Durey shevar
    Executive producer
    Sukant Panigrahy
    Production Designer
    India, Australia
    Nitin Sawhney
    Music producer
    Riaz khan
    Series Producer& Director
    India, U.K, U.S
    Patrice Lucien Cochet
    Director of photography
    Sandeep dey
    Digital workflow artist
    U.S, India
    Yusuf H.Khan
    Arvind Arumugam
    Visual effects Director
    Karsh Kale
    Music producer
    Manish Pingle
    Sound Designer
  • 61. Business Perspective
    Documentary Broadcast
    • Documentary Broadcast
    Feature film Broadcast
    • Feature film Broadcast
    • 62. Feature film Production
    For world wide Distribution
    • World Wide Distribution