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Tweeting your way to the top mixwest13
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Tweeting your way to the top mixwest13


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. @drelevance | @haleighvic Holly Hammond » Who is this girl? » Indianapolis born & raised » Marian University Grad, Writing Major » Soccer Player » DigiRel employee for 2+ years » Zac Efron is my soul mate » And the most important thing: I’m addicted to baking
  • 2. @drelevance | @haleighvic Tweeting Your Way to the Top » How to Utilize Social Profiles for Rankings #Mixwest13 #SocialRank
  • 3. @drelevance | @haleighvic In the past, this is what Search looked like: » Owning a website/posting online was for the tech savvy » Tech savvy individuals were the ones figuring out what works » Webmasters were able to manipulate websites and backlinks were a huge part of determining what was popular
  • 4. @drelevance | @haleighvic And now: » Social media accounts and blogs allow everyone to have an opinion, not just the tech savvy » Relevant content has taken center stage with the idea of link earning » Consumer shopping habits have changed
  • 5. @drelevance | @haleighvic Where do we start? Google’s Answer to Social Facebook Search Monster Google’s Courtship of Twitter
  • 6. @drelevance | @haleighvic » Orkut o Not very popular in the US, but very active in Brazil/India o Early social network » Opensocial o Deemed as the war on Facebook o Make it easier to build apps on social networks, etc. » Google+ o “In this basic, human way, online sharing is awkward. Even broken. And we aim to fix it.” o The idea was simple. Make online sharing customizable based on the network you were sharing with
  • 7. @drelevance | @haleighvic Google Wants to Earn Your Trust » Google knows consumer habits are changing » People do research, people read reviews » People trust what other REAL people are saying » Google+ is an opportunity to authenticate people & gain trust with consumers
  • 8. @drelevance | @haleighvic Case Study: Google+ » Jeff Sauer’s post on YouMoz created buzz for a case study with 4 websites to show correlation of Google+/rankings (
  • 9. @drelevance | @haleighvic
  • 10. @drelevance | @haleighvic So How Do You Mimic These Results? » Be on Google+ and be real » Add Authorship Markup » Focus on local » Encourage reviews
  • 11. @drelevance | @haleighvic Accept Google+ for What it’s Worth
  • 12. @drelevance | @haleighvic
  • 13. @drelevance | @haleighvic Specially Packaged Results
  • 14. @drelevance | @haleighvic
  • 15. @drelevance | @haleighvic Google acknowledged that Carousel is only 1% of what they would like it to be, meaning it’s something to keep your eye on & try to evolve with it
  • 16. @drelevance | @haleighvic Key Takeaways? Don’t fake it Encourage Reviews Utilize Google+ Add Authorship
  • 17. @drelevance | @haleighvic
  • 18. @drelevance | @haleighvic Tiny Prints Case Study » Set targeted goals for Twitter activity » Identify how Twitter will drive rank, traffic » Uncover page and keyword opportunities » Deliver the right message through Tweets
  • 19. @drelevance | @haleighvic So How Do You Mimic These Results? » Optimize Profiles » Utilize Content Sharing » #Hashtags and Keyword Rich Tweets » Link to yourself
  • 20. @drelevance | @haleighvic Optimizing Your Profile » Use a real picture NOT » Add your real name & real location » Utilize bio space » Share!
  • 21. @drelevance | @haleighvic
  • 22. @drelevance | @haleighvic Rule of Thirds Your own content Content relating to your followers from 3rd party Being you
  • 23. @drelevance | @haleighvic
  • 24. @drelevance | @haleighvic Keywords are still a thing » Share what you know » Take into account why people follow you » Target keywords and #hashtags that relate to you/your website » If you tweet targeted kw’s, Google picks up on that! » Encourage followers to share
  • 25. @drelevance | @haleighvic Link to Yourself! » Don’t forget… links still matter!
  • 26. @drelevance | @haleighvic Key Takeaways? Create an effective profile Share your content #hashtag Utilize keywords Don’t be shy
  • 27. @drelevance | @haleighvic
  • 28. @drelevance | @haleighvic
  • 29. @drelevance | @haleighvic » Story Bumping » Last Actor » Chronological by Actor ANOTHER New Newsfeed…
  • 30. @drelevance | @haleighvic #theconjuring
  • 31. @drelevance | @haleighvic
  • 32. @drelevance | @haleighvic Key Takeaways? Know your audience Utilize hashtags Encourage sharing via promotions Garner recommendations
  • 33. @drelevance | @haleighvic Questions?