Holly Nichols Portfolio \'07-\'09


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Very small sampling of completed projects over the last two years

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Holly Nichols Portfolio \'07-\'09

  1. 1. WEBER SHANDWICK A corporate office switch between two large firms created a request to make the relocation space flow for Weber Shandwick, but to do so with minimal cost and a quick turnaround.
  2. 2. WEBER SHANDWICK RECEPTION AREA In keeping with the contemporary feel of this advertising company and maintaining the design directive, certain pieces of furniture were selected for relocation to the new office. This included the reception desk shown in this slide, which was enhanced with a new finish coat to give it a fresh new look. Lighting was existing on site and was relocated as necessary to accommodate the new layout, but with careful planning, even this was kept to a minimum.
  3. 3. WEBER SHANDWICK BREAK AREA/ OPEN COLLABORATION AREA With such a great backbone in place, minimal design changes were needed to update the look of this break/collaboration space to fit within the new Weber Shandwick culture. Scope of work for this area included re-facing the existing millwork, repurposing the furniture that was left by the previous occupant, changing the upholstery on the existing banquet, painting, and changing out the flooring under the barstool table areas.
  4. 4. WEBER SHANDWICK BREAK AREA/ OPEN COLLABORATION AREA Here the upper cabinets were re-faced, and the backsplash changed to give some life and punch to the space A full height tile backsplash was added above the existing millwork base cabinets to give a cleanable surface with a contemporary appearance.
  5. 5. WEBER SHANDWICK CONFERENCE ROOM The Conference room was designed around a set of furniture and accessories that functioned for the client at their previous location, yet they needed better accessibility to their media from not only within the conference room but also from the corridor. In order to achieve this, the built-in credenza at the front of the room was designed to be a full pass-through from the corridor to the conference room that would allow easy access without disturbing any ongoing presentation.
  6. 6. FOUNTAIN PLACE A fabulous Dallas icon looking for an update along the pathway where potential new tenants get their first impression of the building and its management team; therefore the garage and underground tunnel access to the building were given a facelift.
  7. 7. FOUNTAIN PLACE B1 – B3 ELEVATOR LOBBY With a modest budget in hand to accomplish the renovation of the three garage elevator lobbies, the underground tunnel access, and enhanced way-finding in the parking garage, the design criteria were developed to include the following: changing out the flooring and ceiling tiles, updated vital signage, and an updated paint pallet of warm tones. The elevator lobbies were enhanced with a rich and inviting contrast of colors and textures surrounding the elevator door entrances to give a dramatic focal point to the room.
  8. 8. FOUNTAIN PLACE B1 LOBBY AND CORRIDOR With new carpet, new paint, the removal of some abandoned public phones to create a sitting niche, the space has a warm and inviting feel for all potential tenants. Way-finding signage was added to help visitors find their way to the building amenities, and frosted film was added to the windows to create movement and provide separation.
  9. 9. FOUNTAIN PLACE UNDERGROUND TUNNEL Previously a drab and dreary, very long underground tunnel connecting Fountain Place with other local buildings, has now been enhanced to be a rhythmic walkway that is not only pleasant to the eye, but with added graphic story board collages, a slight history of the Dallas iconic building begins to be told as one is led to the grand lobby and the famous fountain plaza.
  10. 10. TOWER AT CITYPLACE Though this was a very challenging project with its multitude of consultants, vendors, and contractors, it was nonetheless a fabulous experience. The list of projects running simultaneously included upgrading public spaces, creating new amenities, and adding conference room space.
  11. 11. CITYPLACE GROUND FLOOR LOBBY Several ideas were discussed and studies were done prior to finalizing the design criteria for this vast space. The conclusion reached was to reupholster the existing banquet but to update the back to a more contemporary form, reupholster the chairs in the seating area, replace the rug, refinish the tables and replace the tops, change out the plant design and rotation and most importantly redesign and build out a new concierge desk.
  12. 12. CITYPLACE ATRIUM REMODEL With an out of town owner with a distinct design preference it became a challenge to provide the best solution that would work for the owner and still maintain the regional design expectations. New furniture and plants were added to the large five-story atrium space to make it more inviting. Elevator lobbies were given a new porcelain tile, and all the walls on the atrium floor level were painted to coordinate with the existing paint of the upper floors.
  13. 13. TOWER ATHLETIC CLUB – ELEVATOR LOBBY VESTIBULE The Tower Athletic Club offers its patrons several opportunities for relaxation, fitness, and competitive sports activities. With its Yoga/Spin area, weight area, treadmill and bike equipment area, free weight area, and Pilates rooms, your personal exercise needs are more than met. After completing your personal exercise, you can head off to one of several saunas or steam rooms, or relax in the Aqua Grotto room and lie back and listen to the sounds of water or sit and enjoy the hot tub area. However, if you are more of a group sports fan, you can get your friends together for a game of virtual golf or a 3-on-3 basketball game in the half court provided at the CLUB.
  16. 16. TOWER ATHLETIC CLUB – MASSAGE, YOGA, SAUNA AREAS Tower Athletic Club offers women’s steam and sauna rooms, men’s steam and sauna rooms, and co-ed steam and sauna rooms. There are two separate yoga/spin areas that offer a variety of different classes. The massage area provides a secluded and comfortable lounge area as you wait for your facial, manicure, pedicure, or massage.
  17. 17. TOWER ATHLETIC CLUB – CORRIDOR TO FITNESS AREAS AND SECOND FLOOR SPA AREA This corridor is not only a wonderful extension of the warmth that is felt throughout this spa, but it is the vital connection between the three workout areas provided on the third floor, and the stairs that lead you to the additional spa equipment and facilities provided to the patrons on the second floor of this building.