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  • 1. UNITED NATIONS – Background Information – HOW DOES THE UN WORK?Instructions: Use the links provided to answer the questions which follow. Type your answers directlyinto the space after the questions. Answer all parts of the question in your own words. It will be easyto see if you have just copied and pasted information.Due – Tuesday.Link for the following questionsUN AT A GLANCE When was the UN created and by how many member states? /1The UN was created by 51 member states in June 26 1945 in San Francisco2. What were the 3 main goals of the original members of the UN as a group? /3The three main goals of the original members of the UN are maintaining international peace andsecurity, developing friendly relations among nations and promoting social progress, and better livingstandards and human rights.3. How many member nation-states does the present day UN have? /1Current day the UN has 192 member states.4. List 6 of the “wide range” of world issues that that modern UN works on with its memberstates./3 Six of the wide range issues that modern UN is involved in would be· Peacekeeping· Peace Building· Humanitarian Assistance· Disaster relief· Counter Terrorism· Gender Equality.5. Look in the bullet box on the right side of this page and list the 4 main goals of the modern UN. /2 The four goals of the Modern UN are· To keep peace throughout the world· To develop friendly relations among nations· To help nations work together to improve the lives of poor people, to conquer hunger, diseaseand illiteracy, and to encourage respect for each other’s rights and freedoms· To be a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations to achieve these goals.
  • 2. The Secretary General of the UN What is his name and where is he from? Paste a picture of him below. /3The Secretary General of the UN is Ban Ki-Moon who is from South Korea. What are four of his resoultions as General secretary of the UN? /2Four of his resolutions areFour of his resolutions are ● Lead by example ● Seek Excellence with humility ● Set the highest ethical standard ● Pursue Dialog and engagement.8. What are the Secretary Generals 8 categories of priorities for action? /4These Categories are ● Climate Change ● Disarmament ● Combating the Financial Crisis and Poverty ● Global Health ● Peace and Security ● Women ● Responsibility to Protect ● Un reform and accountabilityStructure and Organization – an overview Looking at the blue underlined headings on this page, what are the 6 main structural parts of theUN? /3]· General Assembly· Security Council· Economic and Social Council· Trusteeship Council· International Court of Justice
  • 3. · SecretariatGeneral Assembly Under the heading “forum for multilateral negotiation” explain in your own words the 2 mainfunctions of the General Assembly. /2 The general assembly enables all 192 member states tospeak equally to all other nations and also to discuss and establish the standards for all memberstates to follow and to establish international law11. Summarize the 8 main functions and powers of the General Assembly in your own words (look atthe bullet points). /4 ● Consider and make recommendations on the general principles of cooperation for maintaining international peace and security, including disarmament; ● Discuss any question relating to international peace and security and, except where a dispute or situation is currently being discussed by the Security Council, make recommendations on it; ● Discuss, with the same exception, and make recommendations on any questions within the scope of the Charter or affecting the powers and functions of any organ of the United Nations ● Initiate studies and make recommendations to promote international political cooperation, the development and codification of international law, the realization of human rights and fundamental freedoms, and international collaboration in the economic, social, humanitarian, cultural, educational and health fields ● Make recommendations for the peaceful settlement of any situation that might impair friendly relations among nations ● Receive and consider reports from the Security Council and other United Nations organs ● Consider and approve the United Nations budget and establish the financial assessments of Member States ● Elect the non-permanent members of the Security Council and the members of other United Nations councils and organs and, on the recommendation of the Security Council, appoint the Secretary-General.12. The Search for Consensus – Read the final 2 paragraphs on the General Assembly Page and explaintheir gist in your own words. /2
  • 4. Ever Member state gets one vote on an issue and that issue becomes resolved when two thirdsof the member states agree on one solution. Now recently the president has been given powers toresolve an issue without a vote.Security Council Who are 5 permanent members and the current 10 non-permanent members of the SecurityCouncil?The five permanent members of the security council are Russia, China, France, U.K., and the U.S.A./514. How do the non-permanent members get a position on the Security Council and how long do theirterms last? /2 The non-permanent members have two year terms and they are voted in by regionalgroups and confirmed by the UNFunctions and Powers of the Security Council In your own words type out the meaning of the 10 functions and powers of the UN SecurityCouncil. /5 The UN security council is pretty much the world police. The look to maintain international peace andsecurity through investigation, intimidation, involvement and military action.Economic and Social Council What is this council responsible for? (4 points) /2this council is responsible for ● promoting higher standards of living, full employment, and economic and social progress ● identifying solutions to international economic, social and health problems ● facilitating international cultural and educational cooperation ● encouraging universal respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.17. What 3 powers does the UN Economic and Social Council have and what percentage of all UNhuman and financial resources can it draw upon? /4
  • 5. ● powers to make or initiate studies and reports on these issues ● It also has the power to assist the preparations and organization of major international conferences in the economic and social and related fields ● With its broad mandate the Councils purview extends to over 70 per cent of the human and financial resources of the entire UN system.International Court of Justice Where is it located? /1 The seat of the Court is at the Peace Palace in The Hague (Netherlands).19. What is its main functions? /2 The Court’s role is to settle, in accordance with international law, legal disputes submitted to it byStates and to give advisory opinions on legal questions referred to it by authorized United Nationsorgans and specialized agencies.20. How many judges does it have and how long do they serve for? /2 The Court is composed of 15 judges, who are elected for terms of office of nine years by the UnitedNations General Assembly and the Security Council.Secretariat21. Who is the head of the Secretariat? What is the main function of the Secretariat? /2 Ban Ki-Moon (secretary general) is in charge of the Secretariat who carries out most of the samefunctions as the United nations itself but do not take any orders from any nation or flag other than fromthe UN.22. List 4 jobs that members of the Secretariat may perform as duties for the UN? /2 ● administering peacekeeping operations ● mediating international disputes ● surveying economic and social trends ● problems to preparing studies on human rights and sustainable development.23. How many staff did the Secretariat have around the world as of 2010? /144 00024. What is the gist of the oath that members of the Secretariat take? /1 To be awesome and not take orders from any nation, flag, country or anyone other than from the UNitself.
  • 6. 25. Where is the UN’s headquarters? Where are 7 other places in which the UN maintains a significantpresence? /4 The headquarters is in New York and has significant presence in Addis Ababa, Bangkok,Beirut, Geneva, Nairobi, Santiago and Vienna